My First Gay Anal Ch. 04: Surprises


In the months following my first meeting with Archer, Charles and I fell into our old routine, only with snow on the ground there was no lawn to mow and I started my new job of shoveling snow and deicing his sidewalk and those of his neighbors. Being that this was not a weekly event our private excursions into his hot tub, bedroom or garage were less frequent. We would make up for the reduced frequency with passion, energy and enthusiasm when we did get together. Everything seemed fine until one day Charles was not himself, his mind was elsewhere and his enthusiasm was…well…distant.

Something was distracting him. It would turn out that his ex-boyfriend Jacob had been dealing with an influx of refugees, who were vandalizing his home because of his homosexuality. The problems were only getting worse as the months went by until one night in early December Charles, took a leave of absence and went to Europe to see Jacob after he had been badly beaten by a gang of refugees and was likely to either have permanent brain damage, if he lived, or never walk again. In any event his prognosis was anything but good so Charles went to him.

Weeks turned to months and then summer was upon us again. I went to mow the lawn as I had been doing only to find the house for sale and a moving company moving his things out. I had not heard from Charles since he’d suddenly left for Europe. Archer was busy and we rarely saw each other and then only in passing. The firm that hired Jacob was moving Charles to Europe, Belgium specifically to take care of Jacob who was still able to do his job for them remotely. Only his injuries were taking longer to heal, but was expected to make a full recovery, but it would take some time.

I learned this through Archer who came by the house one evening in July when my folks were out on errands. Charles had sent him a letter explaining things and had prudently not sent a letter to me because getting a letter from my former gym teacher, whom I was supposed to only work for, would raise suspicions.

“Hello,’ he said ‘Charles sent me to let you know what is going on with him. He suspects that finding his house for sale, was something of a shock. He also knows that if he sent a letter to you your parents might not understand why your gym teacher is writing you and might get suspicious. ” I nodded my head to indicate that he was correct. “He told me to tell you that he was going to be in Europe for a while, that he and Jacob have reconnected and that it looks serious. So…’he paused nervously ‘he says he may stay there indefinitely, if things work out with Jacob. He said you’d understand.”

Well, I wasn’t heartbroken because the relationship wasn’t that kind of relationship. I’d miss our times together. It wasn’t like I was trolling for prospects because there just weren’t any in that small, very conservative town. It was then Archer put a hand on my elbow and said “I know this must come as a shock. I know you really enjoyed his…er…company’ he paused ‘If it makes any difference I really enjoyed it when you two invited me to join you…er…and…well…I haven’t been able to…well…find any companionship of my own since.” He was nervous and swallowed. “So…if…you want…maybe…we could…get together some time and I could…take care of you…like he did.” He was turning red as he finished the sentence. It was clear that he was nervous. I could tell that he wanted to fuck me again. I remembered how it had felt when I had his 14″ cock buried to the hilt in my ass. It was something I had hoped we could do again…but the circumstances were such that it never did.

It was early on a Saturday and my folks were in town and would be home at any time, so as tempted as I was to take him inside and introduce him to my bedroom, I thought better of it. The thought of having a 6′ tall muscle bound Swede fucking me in my room was a huge turn on. But the fact was my parents would likely barge in my room just as things got going. “What are you doing today?” I asked.

Archer perked up and smiled, “I was going to spend the day at home…alone. You are welcome to join me” he said at length. He then added “I may have need of my lawn being mowed.’ He smiled then continued ‘Oh, Charles also gave me his ‘irrigator’, he said that it was what he did to you before…well…you know” he blushed.

My lawnmower was already loaded up in my truck so I reached for his wrist and said “I have not been to your house, so I have to follow you to know for sure how to find it.” At this Archer perked up and led the way. I was expecting drive to the more affluent part of town and that is where we were headed until he turned onto a gravel road on which we drove nearly 20 minutes before we turned onto another road that went up a hill with twists and turns through the woods where we drove through a gate and onto an impressive estate.

The residence was surrounded on all sides with trees with a nice log house in the middle with at least 5 acres of lawn with a garage, barn and a stream that dissected the property. It would turn out that Archer had bought 50 acres most of it wooded with the 5 acres cleared for the construction Ankara Escort of the house. The people who had built it had divorced and had to sell the house to split the profits. From all appearances it was a brand new house.

Pulling up to the front door behind Archers Rolls I took in the place. It was massive and beautiful. Walking through the front door it opened to a massive living room, fire place and the same play pen sofa that Charles apparently had sold to Archer. The kitchen was done up beautifully. Stepping out onto the back deck I noticed his hot tub, flush mounted with the deck and, of course, ready for instant use. This I knew because I noticed a bottle of champagne, in an Ice bucket with most of the ice already melted. I smiled “You were expecting company I see.”

Archer stepped up behind me and pressed his hardening cock against my ass and whispered “I was hoping I could convince you to come by, so I made preparations…just in case.”

I was always aware that Charles lived alone. So when he and I were together it was known that we were the only people in the house. But I did not know that about Archer so I asked “Are we alone? I would feel better if I knew we weren’t going to have ‘company’ show up just as things got interesting.” Pulling the remote from his pocket he hit the button and I heard in the distance the estate gate close.

“We are now, totally alone.’ He paused ‘I hope that you and I can become good friends” and he hugged me close from behind. I unbuttoned my jeans and Archer who was also wearing jeans did the same and soon we were again back to front with his hardening cock pressing against my waiting, hungry ass. We took in the late spring sunshine and eventually Archer took off my shirt and his so that we were both naked in the sun. Archer kissed my neck and whispered “S-so should we go use the irrigator?” I felt his cock stiffen as he asked the question. I nodded my response unable to form the words. I was overdue…and I wanted him…bad.

In due course we returned to the hot tub 20 minutes later this time entering the tub. Archer then opened the bottle and poured each of us champagne Only Archer did not get into the tub but sat on the side and dangled his legs in the water. His muscular body glistened in the sun not from sweat but from sun tan lotion. The smell of coconut scented oil filled my nostrils. It was then I noticed the gallon sized pump bottle of lube with hose and applicator attached. Archer came prepared. I sat in the tub opposite Archer whose cock was now at full attention only due to his length was pointed down and directly at me.

Sipping my champagne I looked him over getting acquainted with his physique, which I had always enjoyed. Again his cock was devoid of public hair as was the rest of him. I to, because of Charles preferences, had taken to waxing my regions. Looking up our eyes met and he smiled a charming smile, I was his. I swallowed my glass and moved slowly to him put my glass down next to him pushed his knees apart and took his cock in my hand lifting it up and began to lick the underside of his shaft. He let out a low moan of approval and leaned back on his hands and looked down at me as I got acquainted with my new toy. Moving up and down his shaft I licked and sucked the under belly and then stroked his balls which felt like velvet in my hands and then moved to the head and took his cock into my mouth.

It had been a long time since I had been with Charles and I missed doing this for him. Now I had Archer and I found that I enjoyed sucking his cock as much as I did Charles. Only Archer made noises that I really enjoyed, a soft moan here, a sigh there…and a whispered “Oh God” every so often. I had deep throated his cock once already, but I had been helped along by Charles. This time I was in no hurry, so I took my time and eased his cock down my throat as I once again got used to sucking cock. It wasn’t long before I had my rhythm and felt his head touching my tonsils. It was a few minutes after that that I felt my throat give way as the head of his cock slid smoothly down my throat. Archer moaned out “Y—essss” and I in my enthusiasm forced his cock even deeper still.

Opening my eyes I looked at his shaft and I had maybe 10″ of him in my gullet. I’d had him all once, only then I had the help of Charles pushing on my ass and forcing me onto Archer. But without the added force I was not able to get more of him into my throat, though I vowed that I would one day take him whole and without assistance. I lingered for only a second I pulled off enough so I could take a breath and slid back down onto him enjoying the warmth of his flesh against mine. We were at the perfect angle for his cock to line up with my throat so I rocked back and forth on his cock for a good long while, stopping only long enough every third stroke to take a breath. For a man who had not been with anyone for a while he had stamina, not that I was complaining, it had been too long since I’d been with Charles, so I was enjoying myself.

Then I began to detect the tell-tale signs of an orgasm approaching first his breathing Sincan Escort quickened, and I felt his nuts contract, but what gave it away completely was when he grabbed hold of my head, held on and shoved his cock down my throat so deep that my lips hit his pelvic bone as his cum jetted down my throat as he moaned out “Ohhhhhh…fffuuck!” I felt his warmth hit my esophagus as I squeezed his nuts as he released another jet. When he was done I pulled off of him and watched as his cock slowly dipped its head into the water. I poured more champagne and swallowed it down…then poured another. He panted for a bit, unable to speak and just stared at me then smiled. “I needed that, I really did…thank you” he said.

I leaned my upper body onto the deck and felt the warmth of the sun baked wood on my skin, which exposed my ass to world. I felt his hand on my back and make its way down my to my cheeks and curious fingers probing my opening. Leaning in he whispered “I hope you will let me fuck you also” he said.

I rolled over to look at him and said “I’d be disappointed if you didn’t. I loved having your cock buried inside me…nothing ever felt so good,” I said rolling back over as his hand reacquainted itself with my ass. I then added “I hope you have enough cum left”.

“Oh, I think I can manage,” he said. One of the nice things about Archer was that he didn’t have to have conversation with his intimacy. Charles both liked to talk and sometimes he liked to just enjoy the moments without any talk. Where Charles liked to work up to something, Archer liked to ‘do’ what was on his mind…now. He was poking around my entrance dipping a finger to the knuckle, pulling out…shoving it in deeper…pulling out…when suddenly I felt him shove three fingers to the knuckle all at once. Not that it was painful, just unexpected and I howled in bliss “Yes!” and he started rolling his three fingers into me like turning a doorknob eventually adding a fourth. He had lubed his hand while I was enjoying the sun and decided to see if I could handle a little fist action.

Charles had once talked to me about it…but we never went far with it. We had only gotten as far as four fingers to his knuckle but we never went passed that. Well, Archer started where Charles had stopped…only he did not work me up to it and just shoved his fingers as deep as he could. But we did not go any further. I was not quite ready for that because that was a bit too extreme and given the girth of his arms…well…no. So he finger fucked me for a while. He had me sit up and face him and had his fingers in my ass again…watching me…as I enjoyed his finger fucking me. We finished the champagne and he went to get another, already chilled. By the time we had half that bottle down, we were tiring of the hot tub. We both got out and left our clothes were we took them off and headed inside. I noticed that Archer had taken the gallon jug of lube with us. It was clear that his intentions were to use it on me. I had no objections.

By the time we were inside it was obvious that Archer was ready for something to happen by the fact that his cock was once again at attention. Where Charles was patient and methodical, Archer was impatient and…well…horny. He was a very good looking guy, with all the right stuff, only he had been unsuccessful in his attempts at finding someone he could see regularly. His choice of moving to our small town was so that he could have a nice quiet place to come to on occasion. I later learned that he kept an apartment in the city where he often stayed for reasons of business, but never for ‘private’ entertaining. He was all business and he was serious about it…so serious that it was detrimental to his personal life.

He worked out every day, cycling through the circuit maintaining his physique, usually with his head set on while conducting business. It was clear by the way he broached the subject of having sex that he was nervous about talking about it. Luckily, we were already acquainted and he was able to get his desire stated. What made it easier was that we had already been introduced and we both very much enjoyed what we had to offer. Though I will admit he wasn’t as smooth as Charles had been.

Entering the living room where he kept the playpen sofa, I noticed that there were cushions on the end of it that were rather obvious in their intent. The main cushion was large with two smaller ledges on each side, for someone to straddle. The length of the cushion was big enough for a person to lay on it, with a whole for the face and/or head to rest in depending on the orientation of the occupant. There were also ledges for the occupant could rest his arms while lying face down. Walking up to the couch, I smiled knowing exactly what this was for and ran my hand over the velvet. Coming up behind me I felt his arms wrap around my shoulders and is cock press between my cheeks, his arousal obvious. “Charles had that made for the couch, but had to leave before he had time to use it on you. He said that it might make things easier ‘if’ we got together.”

I leaned my head back onto his Etlik Escort shoulder and turned to his ear and whispered “don’t you mean ‘when’?’ I stroked the length of his cock with my open palm then said ‘I think we might want to try it out…now.” I was going to crawl onto it myself, when I felt Archers muscular arms lift me and gently place me onto the cushion. He then took the lube and gently shoved the applicator deep inside me and then started pumping lube deep inside me. I could feel the cold lube hitting my insides as he pulled the applicator out pumping as he went. Upon pulling it out he coated his cock with it. Soon his entire length was glistening and ready.

I had been a while since he and I had hooked up via Charles request, but I had also recently sucked his cock so he was ready for a long haul fuck. I was hoping for exactly that.

Now, as I said before, Archer was not as patient or smooth about sex as Charles was, mostly because he was so rigid and business like all the time. Still, what he lacked in smoothness he made up for in passion and desire. He had already stretched me out some with his finger fucking so I was ready for him. Taking no time, he moved up to where I was lying to see if we were properly aligned and we were. He then grasped my cheeks and spread my cheeks apart as I felt his head touch my entrance. Not waiting at all he buried the head of his cock into my ass and started to slowly, ever so slowly bury his cock into me.

It had been several months since Charles and I had been together so I was both ready and a bit sensitive to his intrusion. Thing was, at the time, I was in the mood for a bit of aggressive fucking. I felt his hot, pulsing shaft slide into me and I pushed myself back against him savoring the hot flesh now entering my hungry, wanting ass. Only this time was different, instead of the spasms that usually hit me when he penetrated deep my body was wracked with an explosion of spasm as his cock slid deep and I let out a howl of pure bliss “Ohhh My God…Archer!! You feel so fucking good!!” I exclaimed. He responded by gripping my upper thighs and pushing his cock deeper still.

He chuckled in a husky, impassioned voice “God…you have such a nice, sweet ass” and pulled my ass onto him while shoving his pelvis forward causing his cock to burrow even deeper causing me to arch my back as I cried out in bliss “Yes, God…yes—more…god please more!!”

Raising my body up I was forcing myself onto him which in turn caused by body to respond with more spasms which were nothing short of orgasmic bliss to me…though it wasn’t the same ‘bliss’ typical of a guy. I was having the equivalent of a blissful release…that just would not stop. The deeper he went the more intense the spasms became and soon I was pressing my back to his chest holding his neck as my weight forced his cock into me even deeper and deeper. My mouth was open in a silent, blissful explosion of passion as inch by inch my Swedish muscle bound stud impaled me with 14 inches of exquisite, pulsating cock.

When his cock reached the deep barrier, where he had first penetrated deeper than Charles had ever been, I was met with an intensity of explosive release that I cried out to heaven “God…Oh…My God…Archer…Archer…Oh please…please…f-f-fuck me…forever!!”

His lips reached my neck and ears as I felt my ass press against his pubic bone and his arms reached around my torso…as I quaked and moaned in bliss.

I rested my head on his shoulder and lost myself in his touch as he whispered “I will fuck you for as long as you wish…forever…if you really want me to” he said in a passionate and emotion filled voice.

I was upright with my back against his chest, his right arm across my chest and holding onto my shoulder pulling me down onto him as his left hand stroked my hip and thigh as his pelvis arched up and drove his cock just an inch or two deeper to which I responded with a moan of bliss. “Ohh Archer…Archer” I moaned.

For the next few minutes we ground ourselves together, my hips moving in a circle as he moved his hips in the opposite direction, forcing his cock to move ever so slightly one way and the other deep inside me. By this time I was a quivering mass of ecstasy as our bodies mingled together. Then it came, the jolt of ultimate ecstasy, as my body responded to our connection I let out a moan as my body quivered in a massive shudder that was anything but painful, it had the energy of a massive release, yet none of the ebbing that comes from an orgasm…like before…I came…but not in the usual male sense, I was not ejaculating, nor was my sexual desire ebbing or easing off. It was, in fact, exploding my mind with a deep, deep desire to be soundly, savagely and completely fucked…by a Viking cock. I arched myself backwards I cried out “Aaaahahhhhhhh!!” feeling his cock moving inside me and pressed my ass hard onto his cock causing me to feel it move deeper releasing another blissful spasm. I was amazed that I felt such pleasure. Yes, I had always enjoyed Charles and his cock and I had come from his attentions. This was different, wholly different with my mind exploding with hyper awareness as my body responded his cock buried deep inside me. I was running my hand over my abdomen seeking out a way to feel his cock through my stomach muscles when on a whim I decided to press myself down hard onto his cock, pressing my cheeks hard onto his pubic bone causing my body to respond with another explosive release.

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