My First Confession


You know those guys that wash windows up on the really tall skyscrapers? That’s how I describe my passion for giving head. At first it’s really scary but after doing it time and time and time again you get so used to it that you don’t even think about it and yet there’s still a thrill to it, especially for me. I’m married, so sucking cocks behind my husband’s back could really be a bad thing for me. Yet, I can’t stop. There was actually a time when I tried to stop but just couldn’t. We’ve been together for 7 years and married for five. To confess, I never really stopped from the moment we were dating. There just would always be some guy that I knew that knew just what to say or do to get my head in his lap. Doesn’t take much really, I know it. I’m a sucker for attention and flattery for one thing. Tell me how pretty my eyes are or how soft my hair feels and I’m hooked. Not that I get conned into it. I want to do it. I need to do it. It’s where I feel most natural. It’s what makes me feel complete. It’s my best talent. It’s what I do to celebrate a job well done and what I do to pick myself up when I’m feeling down. I love it more then sex. Always have.

From the first time I did it I knew blowing guys would be an obsession. My first time I wasn’t expecting it. I was at a party with this guy I thought was cute. We went out into the backyard of this house we were at, just to Uşak Escort make out. I guess it must have something to do with my mouth because just kissing like we were was getting me so wet, so hot. I was moaning and pressing against him. As he sat there with his back against the tree and me beside him, our tongues mashing together I felt him take my hand and cover his hard-on. I guess I should have known it was coming but never thought about it beforehand. I rubbed it through his jeans, feeling the heat come off of it and pressing my mouth against him harder. He stopped kissing me to whisper in my ear, “Feel that?”

“Yes,” I hissed.

“You did that.” I smiled and kissed him with even more passion as he opened his zipper to let his throbbing member out. He was so seamless doing it that I didn’t even realize that I had wrapped my little hand around it.

I’m a petite girl, 5’3″, which is good for me because pretty much every cock I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing has seemed quite huge in proportion to me. Yes, it’s true, size counts with me. I like them big but even more I like them thick. Thick as my wrist if you please.

He did not disappoint. It felt so perfect as I stroked him. After a couple of minutes of slow, loving pumping with my fist I came to my senses and realized what I was doing. He had stopped kissing me to lean back his head Uşak Escort Bayan and just moan. I rested my head on his shoulder and just looked down and watched what I was doing. At 18 I was a slow beginner but I knew enough about what a good cock should be and his was perfect. I just stared, hypnotized, down at it in the darkness. Watching ever vein pulse. It felt like a steel shaft of a solid flashlight coated in a thick silk case. So soft to the touch and yet like fondling a cement block. I could feel myself start to breathe heavy as I stared, wanting to look closer at his perfect manhood. At the same time I was too scared.

He made up my mind for me, pushing me slowly down towards it. At first I gave some resistance but did just as he said when he gasped, “Kiss it.” I kissed the shaft, trembling from how nervous I was. He moaned for me to make out with it. I just kept kissing lightly and stroking, thinking it would be over quick, until he pushed me down more onto it, awkwardly as it forced past my lips. For a couple of moments part of me wanted to back of and say no but, like most of my turns sucking, I found I couldn’t say no and became lost in it.

I was sucking lightly as he took my head and started pushing me down and pulling me up on his cock, lost in the motion. Faster and faster. I couldn’t keep up but did not want to stop. My hips Escort Uşak quivering on the inside the faster we went, me all the way down making obscene, sloppy wet noises. Little grunts when he hit the back of my throat with it. I could feel his smile behind my head as he groaned suddenly and started spasming into my throat. I wasn’t expecting it and started coughing some but never unlocking my lips from his cock as strand after strand was shot into me. I could hear him chuckling as I started seeing stars and realized I was cumming myself from him cumming. I was in love. In love with cock. In love with cock sucking.

That’s what led me down this road to the point where I had given so many blowjobs that I was known among the guys I knew as the blowjob queen. I would give them on dates, after getting a ride, at parties, while studying, in parks, in cars, in theaters, in the mall. I had gained a reputation and I didn’t mind one bit. Guys that I had known my whole life would still be friends but deep down inside I knew what they wanted it to always lead to. It would be me with the boys and we’d get high and watch porn and they’d start stroking, knowing I would want to sample each one. They’d come up behind me while we’d be watching tv and beat off behind my back and tap my on the shoulder for the surprise facial. The one thing I love even more. I love to feel it on me. Love to see a big load coming at me, hitting me, spasming with each blast.

I’ll admit it. I’m an addict. And just like with this little confession I feel I will need to confess more here. Confess that I’m addicted to cocks. Confess that I’m addicted to being a cocksucker.

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