My Father’s Daughter Ch. 04


We were not a normal family. I had four brothers and at least three of them were lusting after me. They put me in humiliating positions, gave me no privacy in the bathroom or shower and forced me into sexually compromising positions. The exception was Mark, who was aloof and always regarded me at a distance. When Dad made requests at the breakfast table (“Mark, feel between your sister’s legs to see how wet she got last night”), he looked like he was in physical pain.

And that brought me to Dad. He rarely touched me himself, but watched riveted when George or Kevin snapped my bra, then scooped my breasts. He loved making comments to embarrass me. Was I outgrowing my bra? Did I need new panties? When was I expecting my next period?

In some ways, though, we were like a normal family albeit without a mom (she passed away). We each had chores. I was in charge of dishes. Dad cooked meals (which I was still on the fence about. I had been having so many upset stomachs that Kevin and George planted permanent air freshener in the bathroom and loudly let the family know why). Mark did outside yard work (which would explain why he was so built). Connor did vacuuming. George did bathrooms. And Kevin was in charge of laundry.

I was unwilling to hand over my large bras and panties to a guy who made my life a living özbek gaziantep escort hell. But I knew that complaining was a good way to get punished. And I convinced myself nothing nefarious was going on….until I walked in and saw Kevin inhaling heavily, sniffing the gusset of my latest pair of panties.

“Kevin!” I felt humiliated once again. I expected Kevin to laugh, to mock me, to say something snarky about the state of my panties. They weren’t the cleanest. I had only been recently re-toilet trained and I sometimes still had dribbles, forgetting I wasn’t wearing my diapers. Plus I was easily aroused. And it was hard not to be. My brothers (God forgive me) were sexy. They were strikingly so. And they were always touching me. George loved showing me the comments people left on his blog (BabyBecky). People thought I was attractive. I was practically a porn star. And part of me really liked it.

But I really didn’t want Kevin exploring my panties. Because at the back were several faint skidmarks. I knew I should take better care of my bathroom hygiene but I wasn’t allowed to lock the bathroom door and I was always worried about my brothers bursting in. Mark was the only one who knocked. George took pictures.

But I was surprised to see that gaziantep özbek escort Kevin looked embarrassed. He dropped the silk panties instantly. I cringed at the yellow on the gusset. What a baby I was!

“I’m sorry Becky. They just smell so good,” he shuffled his feet nervously. I was bowled over. Kevin of all people was apologizing to me. Kevin?!! The same brother who gave me diaper rash?

“You can’t do that anymore,” I refused to look at him, sure he was putting me on. Any minute he’d start taunting me about my skidmarks. Instead he said, gently, “Are you still having trouble holding it, Becky? And wiping?” Tears filled my eyes but after all this time, I would NOT give him the satisfaction.

“None of your business,” I said, angrily. To my horror, my voice wavered.

“It is my business. I’m your brother,” he said, approaching me. I held him off.

“Then why are you sniffing my panties?” I accused. His face went red. He looked mortified.

“I don’t know. I’m just so attracted to you, Becky,” and he kissed me. And it felt really good. To be kissed by a man who had seen (and smelled) my skidmarks and still found me attractive. I was dimly aware he had pushed me backwards onto the bed. I was dimly aware he had removed his shirt. gaziantep özbek escort bayan I stopped and admired. He didn’t quite have a six pack but he had a nice body. Muscular. Then he removed my shirt. I didn’t stop him when he unhooked my bra and began to nibble on my tits. The whole time he was muttering things like “You dirty dirty girl,”

Last to come off were our pants. This had been a long time coming. Kevin had clearly been craving this for ages. I couldn’t deny my attraction to my big brother. He climbed on top of me.

“Is this okay?” his voice was shaking, “I mean I don’t want to rape you or anything,”

“This is fine,” My voice didn’t waver. What are you thinking? But then he was inside me, moving, moaning and it felt exquisite. All the sexual tension my brothers had built up that had gone unsatiated. Now it was finally being addressed. And God it felt good. As he moved in and out, I keened and arched my back. He put his mouth on my nipple, sucking fiercely. And then we were not alone.

“Jesus, she’s wild,” George said from the doorway. I looked over. My entire family was witnessing Kevin fucking me. George looked impressed, Connor looked disgusted and Mark…well, Mark looked impassive. Dad looked smug.

“I always knew my daughter was a slut,” he said with a sense of pride. Mark turned and left the room just as Kevin shot his load inside me. For the first time, I was glad Dad had put me on the pill when I arrived at his house. He said it would come in handy. Now I believed him. Kevin rolled off me panting and sweaty. I hadn’t come yet, but he didn’t seem to care. He gathered up his clothes leaving me on the bed, naked, panting, exposed and totally unsatisfied.

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