My Fantasy Ch. 02


Again let me state that this is a fantasy….Nothing more…. Nothing less.

You made special plans to take me out for the evening; a night filled with romance, dinner and dancing. I dressed in the new dress you bought me just for this occasion. The dress is beautiful, a black silk that hugged me in all the right areas. The dress left little to the imagination to say the least.

Nevertheless, I come out from our bedroom. My hair is styled but left down just the way I know you always like it. Our eyes lock, your eyes devour me, looking up and down. I turn around letting you see all of the dress. The sloping back is now however covered from my long hair.

I come over to you, without a moments notice, you grab me, your lips cover mine. Your kiss filled with pure desire. Your tongue presses against my lips. I open my lips only slightly. Your tongue enters my mouth. Our tongues dance together, taunt and tease each other.

I break our kiss knowing if we continued the night would be spent in our bedroom and not out dancing. You look into my eyes, eyes so dark and filled with need and desire that I shiver. I quickly walk out of your reach, knowing if I stay we would kiss again.

By the time we arrive at the restaurant, I am so hot for you because of the little remote control that you played with, that controls the vibrator in my panties. You help me from the truck and into the restaurant.

We are seated, and start looking over the menu. I look up from the menu and see my friend (the friend we had a threesome with about 3 months ago). She approaches the table with her husband. ucuz escort We invite them to join us. She sits beside me, him beside you. We order.

While we wait for our food, you ask me for a dance. We dance to a slow tune, you holding me so close to you. You whisper in my ear that you would like to make love with me right here, right now. I tease you by saying how my pussy is so wet for you, and how I am eager to get home and ride you all night. With that I feel the vibrator tease my clit. I moan in your ear. The vibrator continues to tease my clit, I moan more into your ear. You know I am about to cum, you stop the vibrator. The song ends and we go back to our seats.

Our food is served to us. We eat without to much conversation. After we have finished, my friend and I excuse ourselves to go freshen up.

We get to the ladies room she presses me up against the wall. Our lips meet. My hands go in her hair, hers to mine. We moan, both needing what the other is willing to give. Our kiss deepens. My hands travel to her breasts, I tease her. She whispers that she wants to go home with me. She wants to lick my pussy and wants to be fucked so hard by you. I moan, wanting nothing more than to let her lick me right here. I kiss down her neck. I want her so badly it hurts. Our lust session is disrupted by someone walking into the ladies room.

We go over to the sinks to freshen up. She asks, “Why do you jerk every so often?”

I tell her I have a vibrator in my panties controlled by my husband.

Her jaw drops to the floor and then ümraniye escort she says, “That sounds like fun.”

“It is,” I respond.

Now I have an idea. I take the vibrator out of my panties and I place it in hers, giving her clit some attention before taking my hand out and licking my fingers.

We quickly rejoin the table. You give me a suspicious look, I smile.

You look over to me. I can only guess that you pressed a button for the vibrator to come on, getting a moan from her and no reaction from me, your eyes become big and dark.

My friend thinks of a reason to come with us to our house. Her husband is so blind to what is going on anyhow. He would rather flirt with other women than to bed his own beautiful, breath taking wife.

During the car ride home, my friend and I could hardly keep our hands off each other. We finally arrived home.

You lead us in; instead of stopping at the living room you lead us to our bedroom. I sit on the bed. My friend comes over to me. “Do you know how my body aches for you?” she asks. She kisses me once again. Oh God, how her kisses drive me wild. She takes my dress off. My breasts are now open to her assault. Her mouth eagerly takes my left nipple, sucking on it, biting at times. She lays me back and joins me in bed.

Her kisses slowly trail down my body. She quickly frees me of my panties. And her lips lightly kiss my clit. You come over and tease my breasts, rolling my nipples between your fingers. My friend continues her assault on my pussy, her tongue fucking my hole üsküdar escort then coming up and sucking my clit into her mouth. It wasn’t long until I was moaning and not wanting her to ever stop. My hands go into her hair, forcing her head further down.

I let her know that I want to lick her sweet pussy, that it was no fair that she is the only one having the fun. She busies herself with undressing herself. Your lips come down to claim mine. We kiss briefly. She joins us again on the bed. She is now on all fours, her pussy directly above my face.

I start licking her. And you start teasing her ass with your finger. How I have missed her sweetness. A moan escapes her. I continue flicking her clit with my tongue, until I know she is close to cumming. You are now fucking her ass with your finger. My tongue seeks out her pussy hole. I start fucking her pussy with my tongue. She starts sucking on my clit harder. Her muscles start to jerk and she moans, I tell her to eat my pussy that I needed her. She returns to eating my pussy and I continue fucking her pussy.

We both cum at the same time, she cums with such vigor; her nectar flooding my mouth. Our moans feel the room. You stop finger fucking her and quickly undress. You lube up your now hard, aching penis, you position yourself at her ass, and gently start pushing yourself into her ass. I start licking her again. She quickly relaxes for you to enter her. You gently start fucking her ass. She loves what you are doing to her. “FUCK ME HARDER!” she yells.

You take her hips and start fucking her so hard and fast that it isn’t long that she cums, flooding my mouth once again. You slam into her ass one last time, erupting deep inside her ass. Slowly you slip out of her ass.

We all get up and shower together.

She joins us in our bed. I sleep in the middle of the two people who know how to please me.

We sleep until morning….

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