My English Class


All characters depicted are 18 years of age or older.


11:30, half an hour longer then out of this class and into a lunch break. Junior college could be a real drag. The droning sound coming out of Ms. Tiff’s mouth formed into rules for the proper usage of commas. My fist was resting against my cheek as I tried to keep myself awake. I hadn’t gotten much sleep recently as I kept delving into porn late into the night. Three hour nights weren’t cutting it for my mood, lively hood or grades. I needed to break the cycle, and I needed something to hold my interest better.

“Mr. Roderick… Mr. Roderick?” Ms. Tiff’s hand was on my shoulder, shaking me awake.

“I think, Mr. Roderick, that you will find this useful in your life, as thanks to the digital age everyone you know will see both your grammar and the way you use commas in your posts, blogs and any other form of modern penmanship you may find yourself stroking away at your computer.”

I snickered, along with half the class. “I was thinking along the same lines Ms. Tiff”

“Well you looked as though you were nodding off.”

She raised her eyebrow then walked back to the head of the class. I noticed her ass was pretty thick in her cream colored khakis. As I looked a little closer I thought I spied the top of a pair of thongs forming there too. I pictured what color thong she might wear, black? Red?

She turned around having reached the whiteboard and I snapped my eyes up quickly. Not quick enough though, she caught my gaze on her rear! Or maybe my shocked look gave me away. She frowned a little, then turned her frown up into a smile. What was that about? As she continued telling us of the rules of grammar I felt her attention was more pressed to me. Her eyes seemed to watch me almost quizzically. She turned to write on the board and scribbled a few sentence examples a little frantically. As she did her ass jiggled around, and my eyes were locked on it. I thought about how that ass would feel against my palm, then I imagined pulling it to my hips, putting my hand into her pink thong strap and holding her against me.

My cock began to rise in my jeans, I tried to distract myself. I already had a reputation for popping boners almost daily; that was one of the reasons I stayed so regularly into my porn schedule trying to diminish the effect. If I could only get off more quickly I could have a better sleep schedule, but good porn was getting harder to find. Speaking of harder, my boner was now at full mast.

Reaching the end of the examples Ms. Tiff went to place her green dry erase marker back on the sill attached to the whiteboard, she however missed and the marker plummeted beginning to the floor. As she turned and stooped down to pick it up her cleavage became visible. Her mounds were amazingly full. How had I not noticed before?! Her shirt must have taken at least a full cup size off as she was a beautiful C cup, I could now see. She had a low trimmed bra on, almost not visible but I just made out the pink lace. Pink!

I throbbed a little as she fumbled the marker and her breasts jiggled. What a beautiful sight. What was not a beautiful sight was as the marker escaped her fingers it started rolling, right in front of my desk. While a taying low Ms. Tiff began to move on all fours the few feet to my desk. I tried to kick at the marker to keep her back but it was just out of reach. She came to it and grasped it.

“Thank you Mr. Rod-…” she stopped for a moment, I knew she must have spied my erection. “Dick! Mr… Mr… Rooood- Roderick. Thank you, but I- I have it.” She stood up sharply and turned without facing me then went back to the board and stopped for a moment. The lunch bell rang. As everyone rose to leave I stayed put, waiting to be the last as even in exposure my cock had not subsided. As I watched everyone leave, seemingly unaware of what had transpired I looked to Ms. Tiff in mild embarrassment. She still had not turned around. As the last student other than myself left the room the door closed, and she sighed heavily.

“They’re teenaged boys. I knew what I was signing up for. All hormones. I knew this.” She then sat Ataköy escort down at her desk, then looked up slightly alarmed to see me. “And here he is! First you gawk at my ass, then I guess you worked yourself up is that it?”

“No-!” I started.

“Ha! I saw you staring. And that, that-” she pointed to my crotch. “Dick! That dick of yours proves it.” She muttered to herself about not being able to say that, sighed heavily again then looked at me. “What are you still doing here?! Go to lunch.”

I packed my binder into my book bag and zipped it. My dick was still standing, I hesitated then stood myself and started for the door.

“Mr. Roderick! Stop! Stop!” I stopped and looked at her, then turned toward her.

“Don’t point that… that thing towards me!” I started again for the door.

“No! You cannot leave like that. If anyone sees you leave like that after staying behind I could lose my job. I knew I should have worn more discrete clothes. Just… just sit for a moment.” I sat back in my desk and placed my book bag on the floor.

“Now you just wait there a minute, let it subside. Then you can head to lunch.” I looked at her and nodded. She looked a little ruffled. I couldn’t help picturing her cleavage again. And her ass. A few minutes went by, my penis was not the least diminished. I couldn’t keep my thoughts off of her.

“As soon as it subsides Mr. Roderick, you’re free to go you know.”

“Yeah that’s not happening yet.”

“Well! Do… do something. Just. Go sit back there.” She threw me some Kleenex off her desk. “Just, handle it, you have a little while. But do it quickly.”

“You… you want me to- In here??! In front of you?”

“I won’t look! You just need to get rid of it and go. So sit back there and think it away, or… or do whatever you have to, just quickly.”

I took a seat as far away as I could and tried not to look at her. I tried to think it away for a few minutes. I couldn’t believe she would suggest pulling it out and beating off here, in the classroom! But the thought of just touching it. Just grabbing it- made it so enticing. I started rubbing the outside of my pants. I don’t think I’ve ever been this hard. I looked up and saw Ms. Tiff’s eyes. I was 19, she didn’t appear to be much older than me, but looks can be deceiving. She looked down quickly. I turned to my side and smiled. I unzipped my pants, and had at it. I thought about Ms. Tiff’s breast’s, how they looked jiggling away in her blouse. Not to mention that ass. Being hard this long it didn’t take long to reach the end of the rainbow. I grabbed some Kleenex and fired away. Then some more Kleenex. Then some more. I don’t think I’d ever came this much. I looked back up and Ms. Tiff was sweating a little. I looked her over, she was jutting a little in her seat, biting her lip. Was she? She was! She was getting off too. I couldn’t believe it! I kept watching her, her eyes were closed, she grunted a little here and there. This was amazing. I zipped up and looked for the trash can, the only one was right by her desk. I stood up and walked over to her, trying to get a better look. I dropped the Kleenex and nearly gave her a heart attack as my splooge hit the bag.

“Oh! Ohhhhh! Uhh.” It took her a moment to pull her from herself. Her hand shot up to the desk, then I saw it was dripping wet.

“Oh, oh. Good. Oh thank God. You’re done. That was so quick! Such is youth I suppose. I thought that… I thought…” she looked down at my jeans. “I thought that THAT would have gone away! Didn’t you…” she peered into the trash can, then sniffed. “Oh! Yes, you did. You sure did. Then why? I… I guess. I wasn’t. I wasn’t. I guess you, you must have seen that I was.” I looked at the floor, noticing my once again engorged penis.

“What was I supposed to do! You with this, this massive… your- erection! I… the natural thing was to become aroused myself. Somewhat! And now, again, you have…” she grimaced “this erection.” She squirmed in her seat a little and bit her lip again. “I still can’t let you leave like this. And you saw me. So… so what I suggest. Is you just do it again, if Ataköy escort bayan you must. Just sit and do it again.” I was so unbelievably aroused. This teachers pussy was soaked to the thought of my dick, my dick! I twitched in my pants. I reached down and touched it without thinking. It was a little sore, but it felt amazing touching it again. I stopped suddenly, realizing I just touched myself in front of my teacher, again. I mean, she had watched me, and she was currently watching me. I looked at her. Her gaze was on my dick, she was leaned forward a little and her mouth was open. I spied down her shirt at those amazing breasts. Those beautiful breasts. I unbuttoned my jeans. She moaned very quietly. Her hand went to her pussy again. I pulled my zipper slowly, when my pants moved down enough my penis snapped up and I moaned too.

“What! What are you doing?!” She came back to reality for a minute. “You… you can’t. Aw who cares.” She reaches forward and pulled my jeans to the floor. She knelt down in front of me and looked up at my cock in my briefs from underneath it, her mouth in an agape smile. Then she peered beyond it into my eyes. “I know you’ll like this, you just have to keep it between us, do you understand?”

“Y-yes! Yes!”

She kissed the underside of my cock, then pulled my briefs down. My cock was larger than I’d ever seen it before, it was dripping with both post and precum. I looked down at my deep red cock and beyond it to Ms. Tuff’s beautiful mounds of cleavage. She kissed it again, then grabbed my base. It was the most electric, the most tantric glorious feeling. She licked it from the middle to the head, tasting my juices. She put her other hand on my hip and opened her mouth. Then she pulled me in. Her mouth was warm, and wet. She grazed over it, moving back and forth slowly. Then she sucked hard. The vacuum she created was powerful, I felt her tongue run up and down my bulging veins, around my head, flicking underneath my head. She was incredible, a natural and mesmeric talent. She pulled it back out of her mouth, sopping wet.

She pulled her hands off me and went for herself. She plunged two fingers into her pussy, then back out and to her lips as she stared at me. She cocked her head and looked into my eyes as she dipped her juice covered fingers into her mouth- slowly, then pulled them back out. She then pulled her blouse off, I hoped I’d never forget the look of her breasts falling out. D’s, they must be D’s. She stooped down again and brought her cleavage to my cock. She smushed them over my cock, mashing and twisting them and my dick. Then she put my hard penis under the band of her bra, back between those lovely gorges. I groaned, I thought when I was to come it may kill me, it may actually kill me. She started pumping her breasts, her hands holding her bra just above the cup. She began with pumping the full length of my cock, then focused on the lower half of it, slamming her breasts against my hips. Her rhythm was amazing, going slowly, then speeding up and then slowing again; it was like the movements of the ocean. Looking down she was eyeing at my cock like she was a snake charmer, trying to coax my cum out, but gracefully, in the right time as with a performance. She was so focused. She was a professional, a goddess. A gift to men- to myself.

When my precum would start to bead, she would lick at my head as she continued to pump me When I got close to the edge of orgasm she would slow again, tantalizing me and holding me at the edge. Then suddenly she stopped. “Lay down” she told me. I did.

“I know you haven’t had much practice at this, just do your best.” My best at what? I wondered. Then she lowered her drenched thong to my face as she took my penis back into her hands. In a sixty-nine position I pulled her thong to the side and looked into her world. It was amazing to behold in person, this other halve to what I had resting between my legs my entire life. I ran my finger along her outer lips as she pumped again, slowly. The smell was a clean smell; like a kind of lotion, and somehow earthy as well. I slowly put my finger inside of her, then moved it around exploring escort Ataköy the inner contents. I found a softer wall along her front and as I touched it she started rubbing my dick at a quicker though still moderate pace. I stayed on the wall and rubbed along it, back and forth, up and down. She started moaning. I pulled out and dove back in with a second finger to the same spot. It was so tight, so unbelievably warm and wet. She pumped faster, so I stroked her faster as well. She clamped down on my fingers, increasing the pressure. I imagined what that would feel like on my cock. I started going faster and faster. She was quick, but she would still slow down as if she was imitating the fazes of the moon or some other cosmic occurrence then quicken again faster. It was as if she knew how to keep me from orgasm.

Now knowing what I was looking for I pulled my fingers out again and licked my lips, then plunged my tongue in as far as I could. Ms. Tiff moaned loudly and leaned back so my tongue could reach farther for a moment, then I felt her hand go to her outer vagina and start flicking wildly.

“Yes! Yes! Just like that! Don’t stop, don’t you dare stop.” I went faster and faster, grabbing her ass with one hand and my dick with the other. I was pumping wildly. “No!” She slapped my hand, and indecently my cock. I pulled my hand away.

“That’s mine.”

She lowered back down and took me into her mouth. She grabbed my balls with her free hand, gently pulling them away as she brought me deeper and deeper into her mouth. I heard her rhythmically gagging. I must be in her throat! It was tighter than her mouth. She rubbed my balls as she brought by dick in and out, in and out. I was so close! I took my hand and put a finger into her pussy along with my tongue. I worked them in tandem, then alternating them in and out of her pussy, pressing hard along that soft wall. She moaned on my cock, the vibration from her throat with the sound made me shiver in delight! I went faster and faster. She did as well. She started grinding herself against my face, her labia rubbing against my lips. I started jutting my hips forward, reaching deeper and deeper into her throat. Suddenly she brought it out of her mouth and started pumping it with her hand furiously. “Do it! Do it!” She yelled, her voice was vastly different. She sounded desperate, begging. “Cum! I want it! I need it now, I need that hot cum! I need it on my face! I need it in my mouth!”

She plunged back down and bobbed so fast it seemed impossible. She held her tongue against my base as she went back and forth, back and forth. Her lips ground faster against mine as my tongue started moving left and right wildly as far as I could reach it in, while two fingers rubbed that silky soft wall as quickly as I could. Suddenly I couldn’t hold it any more, I moaned with tears in my eyes as I came. It felt like eternity as it shot, and continued shooting. As she pulled out my dick her lips made a loud pop sound while she continued pumping out my load. Suddenly her pussy filled with liquid! Then it started gushing warmly onto my face. It flowed continually just as I did. “Yes! Oh god, oh god yes. Oh fuck! Oh Fuck!”

We stayed there until our juices stopped flowing, slowly stopping our work on each other. I felt like I could sleep so easily. Then after a moment she stood up. Sitting up I looked at her face again. Her makeup was running terribly, her face and chest was covered with my spunk. She looked at me and laughed. “Sorry about that” she said, “I’m a squirter.” She walked over and grabbed the Kleenex off the desk, then handed me a few. I wiped off my dick and put my pants back on, then wiped the liquid from my face. She licked at her own face, wiped down her breasts and whatever else her tongue couldn’t reach, then her makeup. She redressed herself.

“Now, obviously, you can never speak of this to anyone. If you do, I’ll just deny it, and you’ll look like a liar.”

“I won’t” I told her “I won’t tell anyone. No one would believe me anyway.”

She came close and kissed me. I didn’t know how I felt about her mouth touching mine at first after all she had done to me with it, but then decided I didn’t mind it at all. The bell rang again, the end of lunch. “I better go” I said simply, grabbing my bag.

“I better go home sick” she told me, then we laughed. Smiling back at me as we left the class room, she told me “I’ll see you tomorrow, Mr. Roderick.”

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