My Dirty Diary


I get really turned on by shocking and surprising men; I love to make them feel good. This is a real extract from my Dirty Diary.

To help you get the image right….I was 25 at the time, I am a tall, slim blonde with medium sized tits and a large round ass, I lived with my boyfriend at the time and he thought I was at work….


Dear Dirty Diary

I have been a very naughty girl!

Three months ago we had a girl’s night out and bumped into a colleague, Martin, who was in the bar with his brother and nephews. The nephews pounced on us ladies instantly but as they stood mumbling in my ear about how beautiful I was, I fixed my eyes on their father, the much older brother of my colleague.

He was drinking his beer and looking the other way, uncomfortable watching his sons chase their prey. He caught my eye and smiled but quickly turned away. I could see that he wasn’t even going to attempt to talk to me. I studied him, he was very tall, grey hair, a bit of a belly on him, dressed smartly in a suit, and I guessed he was about 55. My friends and I made our excuses and left as it was already quite late.

The following Monday when I went to work, I saw Martin in the kitchen

“Good night out Natalie?”

“Yes thanks Martin, drank far too much as always, how about you?”

“Oh it was crazy, my nephews ended up dragging me to a strip club, didn’t get home until 7am, Joanne went crazy at me when I got in.”

“Oh no! Did your brother go with you?” I asked.

“No Dan left us to it, wanted to see his wife, she works away a lot and is off for a few weeks tomorrow so he didn’t want to stay out all night.”

“Oh, I thought you said he had left his wife?”

“Yeah this is his second wife, she is from Morocco, only 45.”

“How old is Dan? He made me laugh on Saturday, think he was scared of me.”

“Ha ha, that’s because you are a little minx Natalie, give him the come on ha ha, that would be so funny, he is 59 now.”

“Ok, bring him out one night” I added quickly.

“Why don’t you email him?”

“Ok give me his email address and I will think about it” I giggled.

I have had the email address for three months and didn’t do anything, I hadn’t realised he was married and felt a bit strange about contacting him now.

Yesterday, I was really bored at work and found the email address on a scrap of paper stuck to my packet of blu tac. I was feeling naughty so I sent this email….

Hi Dan

My name is Natalie. I work with your brother Martin. I met you very briefly in Dixy’s Bar a few months ago but you didn’t speak to me. Not sure if you remember me but I was the blonde one with the short red dress.



He replied about an hour later….

Hello Natalie

Yes I remember my sons were very excited to meet you and your friends. I am sorry but I don’t remember you as an individual but do remember meeting you. Has Martin told you to email me to be funny? I know him too well.



To Dan

I have never done this before but I would love to meet up with you, no questions, just go with the flow. I have the day off work tomorrow if you want to meet for coffee? This is nothing to do with Martin.


I sat nervously waiting for a reply….

Dear Natalie

I work from home so come to my house tomorrow morning at 9am alanya escort if you want to. I will put the kettle on and we can have a chat.



He sent me his address and my heart was pounding, I was going to a man’s house who I had seen once briefly from across the room and he didn’t even know what I looked look.

This morning I woke up early, waved my boyfriend off to work and then ran upstairs to get ready. I had a long soak in the bath, waxed my complete pussy so that it was totally smooth, covered my body in lotion and then dressed in a hot pink basque and matching thong panties. I put on my black lacy top hold up stockings and stepped into my killer heels. I brushed my long blonde hair and touched up my makeup; I looked so hot and felt even hotter.

I slipped on my 3/4 length red mac that just covered the tops of my stockings and tottered out to my car.

I drove to his house, I was so nervous but so turned on at the thought of what I was doing and how brave I was being.

As I drove down his street I felt like a porn star and so damn hot.

I saw his house, very impressive! I pulled onto his drive and stepped out of the car, I could see him through the window waiting nervously for me; he ran towards the door and opened it just as I pressed the bell.

“Natalie I presume” he smiled

“Yes, hello Dan, nice to meet you properly”

I knew I was blushing slightly; he didn’t look as nice this time, he had not made any effort and was wearing a tracksuit but I didn’t care because I was now the leading role in my own erotic movie and I felt like a million dollars. The contrast of his casualness with my well groomed sexiness made me look even hotter.

“Come through to the lounge, I have put the kettle on already so would you like tea or coffee” he said.

I stopped in the centre of the lounge and unbuttoned my jacket as he shuffled nervously to the kitchen; I let my jacket fall to the floor and replied “I haven’t come for coffee.”

Dan turned round looking puzzled and then his mouth dropped open as he saw me standing there, my tits pushed up above the basque, my teeny little panties with a little frill along the inner thighs, my long legs covered with silky black stockings.

Dan was lost for words, the way he looked at me made me even hornier than I had made myself feel with my daring ways.

He walked towards me, so nervous, he just didn’t know what to do with me first. He took my hand and pulled me to the sofa, eyes flicking up and down my body the whole time. I could see from his face that this had never hapened to him before.

He leaned forward and kissed me hungrily and started to rub my tits, it went on a bit too long and I decided to take lead, after all this was my erotic moment and I had done so much to shock. I wanted this to be wild so that he would have plenty to wank about once I had left.

I stood up and slipped my fingers in the sides of my panties and slid them down my legs, I placed one leg on the sofa and pushed my pussy towards his face “look what I have for you” I said. He sat back and stared at my sexy pussy, all smooth and juicy; he stuck his nose against it and breathed in sharply, closing his eyes as if recording the smell in his memory.

I leaned down and pressed my hand against his crotch and started to move it around as I kissed him and then he spoke “there’s nothing there, is there?”

I replied “Pardon?”

pretending not to hear him while really there were a million things racing through my head as to why I could not feel a big hard cock through his trousers.

My heart was pounding and I was so scared about what he was going to say. He stood up and took my hand and said “Let’s go upstairs,” I followed him up to the bedroom and didn’t speak. I was now so hot and horny and also very scared about what was coming next.

He stood before me and took off all his clothes, my heart was pounding “look” he said, my eyes nervously lowered down to his groin and he waggled his small shrivelled cock between his fingers, “you see it doesn’t work anymore,” I smiled nervously and there and then all the spotlights on me in my debut horny bitch porn star dream flickered out.

I sat on the edge of the bed thinking how I had never for one second imagined impotency would become an issue in my sexual fantasy, I said to myself “what the fuck am I going to do now?”

I saw Dan’s face drop, so I quickly stood up and demanded he lye on the bed. This was my fucking moment and I was going to enjoy it even if I wasn’t going to get the big hard cock I had imagined.

I straddled Dan’s face and dipped my pussy low onto his lips, he opened his mouth wide and sucked my full cunt in his mouth. He gently bit my swollen lips together that squashed my clitoris inbetween and sent shivers of pleasure all over my body.

He rammed his tongue up into my hole, he licked and sucked my clit until I cum all over his face. I lost any inhibitions that I had, If Dan could share with me that he was impotent, he wasn’t going to judge me whatever I did. I also quickly clicked on to the fact that he now felt duty bound to please me with his mouth to make up for his limp dick.

I turned my body to face away from him and dropped my pussy onto his face; he slid 2 fingers inside me and finger fucked me hard while he licked strong at my clitoris. I was now face to face with his dick, I was so horny I didn’t care if it was soft, I slipped it into my mouth and sucked it, it was so small I just swallowed it whole into my mouth, it made me feel fantastic.

I started licking on his balls, up and down, so they were as wet as my pussy. My pussy was like a magnet to his cock, I needed it. I told him to ram more fingers inside me to make it feel the same, he slid four fingers deep inside me, I moaned so loud…

“Fuck me Dan”

“Oh my god, you are so good with your mouth”

“Lick my juice, swallow my cum”

“Ahhhhh who needs sex with that tongue.”

The more I moaned the more excited he got and his tongue flicked against me like crazy and he wriggled about underneath me as I pushed my pussy down hard onto his face.

I had never been so wet before or had as many orgasms in a row. The juices were pouring out, the bed was soaked and his face looked like he had been caught in a monsoon.

After my next orgasm, I dropped back onto the bed to recover but he didn’t let me, he moved down onto my pussy again and lapped it up. I could hardly get my boyfriend to go down on me for a minute, Dan had been licking and sucking my pussy for 3 hours without stopping.

I was throbbing and felt drained from the orgasms and really did want a rest but him ignoring my requests for a break and eating me continuously drove me insane.

I wriggled over the bed and tried to pull his head up but he massaged my clit with his tongue and poked my hole fast, it was uncontrollable and I couldn’t fight it and squirted all over his face again.

I was panting hard and so so hot, the windows had all steamed up. I asked Dan to open the window to give me some air and when he got up, I picked up a small battery operated machine from his wife’s dressing table. It looked a bit like a lady shave but with extra fixtures.

“What’s this” I asked through panted breaths.

“A face massager for the eye area or wrinkles I think” Dan said.

I flicked the button on and three small white prongs started to vibrate and twist,I placed it against my cheek, “Oh my, that’s too good for the face” I said. I handed the machine to Dan and demanded “massage my clit”.

I climbed on all fours so my ass was against his face, he took the machine and placed it exactly on my clitoris. One of the prongs slipped straight into the hood of my clit and rested against my bud. He turned it on and I screamed. It was instant pleasure. The vibrating was so strong and the prong moved in a circular motion hitting the spot, my body shook and I gripped the bed tight. I orgasmed like never before, the satisfaction rushing through my entire body. I even felt like my teeth had gone weak! My juices gushed over the machine.

Dan held the machine under my nose and said “smell what you have done to my wife’s face massager,” I took it out of his hand and flicked my tongue through the prongs that had just made my body sizzle. It tasted both tangy and salty, and my body shuddered.

Dan pulled it off me and said “let me massage your total pussy now, get you ready for some more licking.” I didn’t have any objections and got back on all fours. He turned on the machine and slid it all around my pussy lips and then placed the prongs at my hole entrance, “that’s not good” I said, “I’m soaking wet, I can’t feel that,” Dan grabbed the machine and pushed the whole thing into my wet cunt….

“can you feel that” he said

“huh, can you feel me fucking you now.”

Dan rammed the hard plastic machine in and out of me rough as I felt my body tense and held my breath, my pussy had been craving to be filled by something hard and this was doing the trick.

As I reached orgasm, my total body was hot and wet, I arched my back and flicked my hair back and groaned into the air as I clenched my pelvis tight and then collapsed onto the bed.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and saw a very different woman to the one who entered the house, I was now sweaty and breathless; my eyes sleepy from pure satisfaction, my teeth clamped together, a wild look on my face, my hair everywhere. Dan had been eating my pussy for hours.

I took a few minutes to catch my breath and then I said to Dan “I will have that cup of tea now please.”

Dan headed down to the kitchen, I followed him quietly to the lounge and found my knickers and my jacket. I slipped the knickers into my pocket and pulled the jacket over my hot body. I quietly slipped out of the front door and drove away.

I am so turned on with what I did; I know I have rocked this man’s world and that he will be thinking about me a lot now. He can’t contact me and I do not want to see him again. I feel so damn sexy!

I like to give men a little bit of the unexpected and today I received it too.


I stole the face massager!


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