My Diapered Boyfriend Ch. 02


After Bobby had cum in his diaper, and I had cum with him for the first time, my whole body screamed to keep doing this, take it as far as my desires went. At first, I believed that just meant ‘make him cum in his diaper even harder’ but I soon learned it involved a whole lot more.

By the time we had dressed and went downstairs, my parents had returned home, yet to my surprise Bobby chose to introduce himself to them as my boyfriend, and that he had a medical condition that required him to wear diapers. I knew how nervous he must have felt saying this by the way he played with his hands at the front of his pants, shielding his diaper, but he wanted to be honest, so there wouldn’t be any serious surprises later.

My parents took it in stride, giving me the impression, they felt proud of me for overlooking Bobby’s embarrassing disability by complimenting me on my choice of boyfriend. It made me want to cringe. Still, I felt proud that Bobby showed such courage in front of my parents that I could not help believing I had some role in unlocking it for him.

Almost getting caught by my parents, and our relationship becoming public knowledge amongst our friends and family in the coming week embarrassed us into not getting too close for a bit. Apart from meeting up before and after school, we kept our dates clean. All the while the looks and touches on our hands and elbows we gave each other only increased our eagerness to take off our pants together.

We got our chance when one morning I did not see Bobby before class. I heard he missed first period too, so I asked him later where he went, to which he replied he had a surprise he wanted to show me.

Once our classes ended, Bobby lead me to the forest in the hills just beyond the boundaries of our neighborhood. He took my hand as we went off the beaten path into a patch of dense brush. We crawled beneath it through a tunnel of twisted leaves and branches. I watched Bobby’s butt; his pants stretched large by his diaper. I listened to it crinkle. It got me excited. We held ourselves back for so long I wondered what he had in mind.

The brush tunnel delivered us to an open space in the middle of the large expanse of shrubs where the sun shined through the tall trees onto the soft ground below. Bobby told me as a kid he explored here a lot, finding cool places like this. I then noticed a big, puffy blanket spread out for us to lie on, which was why Bobby missed class earlier. He wanted to set up a secret place for us to be alone together.

The only way I thought to express my gratitude was to take Bobby’s hand, pull him onto the comfy blanket with me and make out. Our legs entangled as we held each other close. I felt the hardness in Bobby’s diaper against my crotch. I knew then what I wanted to do.

“All that walking, and crawling got my legs sweaty,” I said breaking our long kiss to pull off my pants.

Bobby froze while he watched me reveal my baby blue panties.

“You should take yours off too,” I told him, which was the real goal in order to get another gander at his diaper.

I noticed he wet it quite a bit since he did not get a chance to change it since this morning, but I did not care. I snuggled right up to him with my baby blues touching his diaper.

Bobby could not take his eyes off my panties. He squirmed in his wet diaper trying to stop himself from bursting. I knew all I needed to do was rub my baby blue panties against his bulge, and Bobby would have no choice but to cum in his diaper. I wanted more than that though. I decided to tease him till he wanted that to happen.

“Why don’t we just relax and take a nap for a while,” I said wrapping around his arm and leaning my head against his shoulder.

“S-sure,” Bobby replied, desperate to not sploosh in his diaper too soon.

When I felt sure he closed his eyes, I unbuttoned my blouse within Bobby’s field of vision, just enough to reveal the top of my breasts cupped into my baby blue bra. Then I waited, feeling giddy at every passing second for what would happen next.

Once he opened his eyes, he squeezed my arm while letting out surprised, staggered breathes. Bobby was consumed by the tantalizing sight of my breasts. He even clutched the bulge in his diaper with his free hand in a doomed attempt to not cum in his diaper. I knew that was pointless. Bobby had been on the verge since we laid down on the blanket.

Instead Escort Bayan of waiting for him to want it to happen, I decided to let him get the most out of his inevitable cummie diaper. (I loved how cute ‘cummie diaper’ sounded.) I guided his hand that gripped my arm up to my chest. He slipped it beneath my blouse all the while squeezing the hardness in his wet diaper, breathing hard and fast with eyes mesmerized by my breasts. He only got as far as the cup of my baby blue bra before I made him cum in his diaper.

“A…a…a…a…h…h…h!” Bobby moaned in a high pitch stammer like a chugging train.

His bulge rose a little as he squirted once, twice and a third time into his diaper. He removed his hand from my blouse, rolling over on his side to clutch both hands against his diaper like he needed to pee, but I knew it was because he thought I was too much for him despite the control he showed till now. My panties and my baby blue bra were enough to make him give in to me. All the confidence he showed till now got erased by one cummie diaper.

I switched onto my side just far enough apart to not press against his back. I needed to give him a moment to recover from how hard I made him squirt into his diaper. I waited till his breathes steadied and his shoulders loosened up. He still held his hands to his cummie diaper, but he no longer squeezed it like a painful wound.

I ventured to rest my hand on his shoulder asking, “How do you feel?”

“I…feel…in…” his said in between still catching his breath, “…my diaper…” He repeated, “…my diaper…”

I forgot what he said next hearing the echo, “My diaper. My diaper,” inside my head. It sent a jolt of ecstasy through my body so intense my hand wandered down to my panties and slipped beneath it to follow where this pleasure was taking me.

“Bobby, can you do me a huge favor?” I asked, “Can you keep saying, ‘My diaper?'”

He obliged, not knowing what I was doing yet, but he caught on while I had my eyes closed, losing myself in unbridled joy. I’m sure the chance to pleasure me would make him feel better. He continued saying it as he rolled me onto my back, and ever so slow kissed me from my forehead on down repeating, “My diaper,” kissing my cheek, “my diaper,” kissing my neck till he reached my blouse.

He kissed my lips, ever so gentle, while unbuttoning it till, he fully exposed my breasts heaving up and down in my baby blue bra as my breathes quickened along with my hand down my panties.

I opened my eyes to see him staring at me, mouth open in aw, and it did not go unnoticed that the bulge returned in his cummie diaper. I smiled, reaching out my free hand to stroke it, catching Bobby off guard.

He looked me in the eyes, and in the sweetest, pleading voice possible, I said, “Join me.”

He knew what I meant, leaning over me with one hand on the blanket and the other replacing mine, so he could rub the hardness in his cummie diaper.

Since Bobby went along with me, my excitement grew till I sensed my climax rushing toward me. I glanced at Bobby’s eyes, which he kept opening and closing to stare at my boobs puffing up and down in my baby blue bra. I grinned at how transfixed he was by my breasts that I knew by now meant he would soon cum in his diaper.

I thought of a way to get the most pleasure out of my climax and make Bobby really want to cum in his diaper.

“Bobby,” I said high pitched and pleading to rouse him further, “I’m gonna cum. Please, look at my boobies.”

His eyes shot open, staring at my breasts as he stroked the front of his diaper ever faster.

“Is masturbating to my boobies gonna make you cum in your diaper?” I asked.


“Then…please…Bobby, say, ‘My diaper,’ when you do.”

He gave me a furious head nod.

His reassurance pushed me ever the edge. My back arched, and I clenched the fingers inside me tight upon wave after wave of euphoria over taking me. Bobby went right along with me. I believed I heard the sound of Bobby cumming in his diaper while he shouted: Squirt. “My diaper!” Squirt. “My diaper!” Squirt. “My diaper!”

After he finished squirting into his cummie diaper for the second time, he collapsed on top of my breasts like they were pillows relieved from all the intense pleasure in his wet diaper.

I played with his hair while he recovered telling him, “You were fantastic, Bobby.”

I Bayan Escort kept thinking how I could never do this with any other boy because of the mess it would make. Bobby’s wet cummie diaper made this possible, and it bamboozled me how much his diaper turned me on.

When he at last rolled off my comfy breasts, I saw new darkened spots and how much thicker his diaper got since we arrived. Bobby had not just cum in his diaper, he had to wet it a couple of times as well. His diaper had to absorb a lot since this morning to set all this up for me, and I noticed the tapes on his diaper also loosened a bit from when he masturbated to my breasts. It’s like his diaper punished him for receiving pleasure from me.

“How’s your diaper?” I asked, regretting even saying anything because it didn’t seem like my business.

Bobby checked the front of his diaper. He looked surprised at how much he wet it, and his hand kept touching his tapes like he worried they might come undone at any moment.

“I…I really need to get it changed,” he at last told me looking away.

We got dressed. I could not help noticing how Bobby held up his diaper while he put on his pants.

“You know,” I said, “my panties got pretty wet.”

“Really?” He said, perking up a bit.

“Yeah. Maybe I need to wear a diaper too.”

He laughed at that.

I’m not sure where that idea came from since I at first just wanted to cheer him up, but it refused to leave my thoughts even after we made it back to the main trail. What would it be like to wear Bobby’s diapers? Would it make him happy? Upset?

The possibilities swirled in my head as we walked home, hand in hand, but Bobby’s other hand kept adjusting his diaper within his pants. I felt bad for what I did to his diaper: for letting him get it so wet, for making him cum in it so much and encouraging him to masturbate in his diaper to my breasts when it was already so used up.

“Listen,” I told him, “since I live closer, why don’t you leave some fresh diapers at my house in case you need to do a quick change?”

I threw out the first suggestion that came to mind, but he really seemed to consider it.

“Well,” he replied, “you really wouldn’t mind?”

“Of course not. I’d be happy to.”

Not long after settling that, Bobby came over with a stack of diapers we decided to keep in my room. However, after that I did not see him as much since he started hanging out with his friends when school ended, which he almost never did till now. I worried he put distance between us because of what happened in the forest, but I convinced myself that wasn’t the case since why else would he leave a stack of his diapers in my bedroom drawer?

The longer I thought about it, the oftener I returned to his diapers. I opened my drawer to see them next to my bras and panties, which I told him to do as a joke to see the blush on his face. I held one of his diapers in my hands for the first time, unable to stop picturing Bobby in it, and me wearing one along with him. I jostled to put it back in my drawer when I realized these thoughts were getting me horny, but the one that kept coming back was: ‘he won’t miss one.’

I took Bobby’s diaper and opened it becoming mesmerized by the sounds of it crinkling. I took off my skirt and panties, and I lay on the soft carpeted floor of my bedroom, ignorant of anything else in the house. I put my bottom on the back of his diaper and pulled the front up over me. I remembered how he had fastened it in place to the best of my memory. When I finished, I stood up to adjust it till it felt right.

I touched it, feeling the way it hugged my butt and groin in such a warm, comforting way I could not help giggling. I fell back onto my bed, kicking my feet in the air from jubilation.

“This feels so good!” I shouted.

I rocked back and forth then rubbed my legs together, feeling Bobby’s diaper against the radiating warmth of my body that escalated my pleasure. My hand found its way to the front of Bobby’s diaper where I stroked it against me, mounting the intensity inside. I told myself to stop, but Bobby’s diaper just felt too good.

I closed my eyes picturing Bobby kissing me and fondling my breast while I cupped it in real life with my free hand. I imagined him cumming in his diaper because of that, but he had enough left over to rub his diaper against the one I wore.

“Bobby, Escort I’m gonna cum in your diaper,” I said aloud the same time the strokes of my hand quickened. “Please. Please, Bobby cum in your diaper with me! Ah!”

I hit my climax. It took me a few seconds to catch my breath, but once I opened my eyes, I was horrified to see my mother staring at me; mouth wide open. I forgot to fully close my door, and she must have heard everything.

“Mom!” I said sitting up, panicked. “This is…you see…I…can…” I trailed off unable to think. Before I knew it, I shut down, unable to do anything except cry from guilt, embarrassment and revulsion in myself.

My mother rushed over to me and took me into her arms, not caring what the situation was at all, just that her daughter was crying. I clung to her, emptying my crying heart until I got it all out and calmed down.

When my mother believed I was ready to talk, she asked, “Katy, is there anything you want to say?”

The way she spoke, she was not pressing me for answers. How quick she just accepted the situation gave me courage to tell the truth.

“I…I wanted to try on one of Bobby’s diapers,” I began, “and that sort of encouraged me to…do what I did. Mom,” I added, “is there something wrong with me?”

“There is nothing wrong with you, sweetie,” she told me. “You’re just exploring what you like and who you are, no different than anyone else. If this is what you enjoy then you should do it regardless of what I, or anyone else, including Bobby thinks. However, you should not use Bobby’s diapers without his permission. He needs them, and he trusted you enough to leave them in your care. I think you should show the same trust in him that he shows to you.”

“You’re right, mom,” I said. “I’m gonna tell Bobby when I see him.”

I called up Bobby the next chance I got, telling him there was something important I needed to talk to him about. I arranged a time for him to come over to my house again when we could be alone.

As soon as I closed the door behind him after he arrived, he said, “You’re breaking up with me, aren’t you?”

“What? No!” I said. “Why would you think that?”

“Because of how you looked at me the last time we were together. My wet diaper grossed you out, right? It sagged and came apart because I lusted after you. I know you were just being nice letting me keep some here just so you wouldn’t have to see how dirty it got.”

I took his hands in my own, telling him, “That’s not true. I was worried and guilty you felt uncomfortable wetting and…cumming in your diaper because of me.”

“My diaper…really doesn’t bother you at all?”

“Of course not, silly.”

He hugged me. “Thank you, Katy. That makes me feel so much better.”

“There is something I have to confess to you. Is it okay if we go up to my room?”

Once I reassured myself my door was closed this time, Bobby and I sat on my bed where I spilled the beans about what happened.

“You see, I…put on one of your diapers. It felt so good to wear it that I…I masturbated in it.” I stared down at the floor. “I want to wear your diapers and seeing you in your diaper really turns me on.”

Bobby held my hand, taking it all in, and when I finished, he squeezed it and said, “I see. You know I have to wear diapers, so you can’t just put mine on whenever you feel horny.”

I nodded, still looking down.

But then he added, “Which means we’ll have to buy some diapers just for you.”

I gawked at him unable to believe what he said, but Bobby just grinned and gave a little nod to tell me he was serious.

No sooner did I get that reassurance than the distance between us crumbled, and I tackled him onto my bed, smothering his face in kisses. I unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down, doing the same to my own, so I could thrust my wetting panties into his diaper. We did not even get them fully off, hanging by our ankles as we lost ourselves in a passionate embrace.

The ecstasy inside me climbed and climbed as I rubbed Bobby’s diaper faster and faster, feeling my climax emerging as our faces rested cheek to cheek.

“Katy,” I heard Bobby say, “I’m…I’m…gonna cum…in…in…my diaper…MY DIAPER!”

I loved that he remembered what got me off because that was enough to push me over the edge along with Bobby. I felt his new cummie diaper shaking against my panties as he squirted, and squirted again, into his diaper while holding on to me for dear life because of the awesome euphoria I gave him.

I held him just the same way enthralled by our entangled passions. Soon I would get to wear diapers with Bobby.

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