My Day in Panties


I’m a 21 year old sales rep for a drinks supplier. I’m tall and skinny, and love little sexual secrets….today was just another day in this secret life.The alarm clock rang out like a drill sergeant screaming at his soldiers. 6 AM and it was already light outside. It looked like it would be yet another clear sunny hot summers day and I awoke laying naked in my bed. It appeared that my head wasn’t the first part of my body to wake today! My erect penis gazed up at me begging for release. I fought hard to stop myself from bringing myself to a huge orgasm, I had already left it a little late for work. “There will be plenty of time for that later.” I convinced myself. How right I’d prove to be.I got out of bed and began to dress myself. After a night of taking photos of me in my panties the night Çukurambar escort bayan before the underwear lay on the ground filled with dry semen. The look of my cum stained panties turned me on and for the second time that day I fought the urge to grab my hard cock and rub until I was satisfied. I fought hard, and I won that battle. Yet, a thought crossed my mind….”I could wear a pair of panties today and no one would know, it could be my little secret. A day spent in my cum dried panties.” The thought seemed entirely possible and I loved the idea of knowing that I had a sordid little secret with me all day. I gazed over the selection, a pair of black french knickers, white ones, and then a baby pink thong with a silver heart just above my Escort demetevler tight virgin hole (I loved the feel of the cold steel against me).I knew immediately that my mind was made up. I was going to wear panties all day at work, for the first time. I reached out and picked the black french knickers. They were crispy from the dried cum, but I thrust my skinny body, my 7 inch shaft and little ginger balls into them. It felt good to be wearing ladies clothes again.I continued to dress and raced out the door. I sat in the morning traffic with a hard cock as I knew the secret that no one else did. I reached my first call at around 9 AM, and as the meeting went smoothly I realised no one could possibly know my secret. Part of me wanted people to know dikmen escort that secret. As the day wore on and the desire for people to know became stronger I became braver. After lunch, I decided that I couldn’t bear it anymore I needed someone to know, someone to see me wearing my panties. So, just before my call, I untucked my shirt, and pulled up the black lace nice and high. I re-tucked my shirt back into my panties. My next customer was in for a treat. As I walked from the car park to my meeting, I heard a few murmurs, a few “Am I imagining things or was that man wearing panties?” I even watched one man, take several glances, and smile. I knew I would be in his thoughts tonight as he tugged away at himself.I walked into my final meeting, I was sweating, so nervous I thought I was going to die. It was too late to turn back now. The meeting went well, and as I stood up I made a point of turning around, with my back to the customer (a mid 30’s man, who was tall, dark, and very muscular with the most piercing blue eyes you’ll ever see, the sort of guy I would do anything for a night of hot passion with).

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