My Date with Heidi

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We pulled into my driveway, coming to a stop at the garage door. Heidi was less nervous about this part of our date as I was. My mind was racing with sexual thoughts. You see, our dinner and a movie date was cut short by a power outage at the theater. I suggested we just catch something on pay-per-view.

Let me give you a little background on her. Heidi was not the gorgeous girl that every man in the world chased. However, she was pretty enough to catch your eye. She didn’t have the knockout body that attracted the masses. Again, she was just enough to get your attention. She stood 5 foot 7, her straight blond hair hung to her shoulder blades. She had a little extra weight to her, but far from being considered fat.

As we walked to the door, she moved with a sexy swagger about her. She never thought of herself as beautiful, but I did. Her innocent confidence drove me crazy with attraction. I’ve known her for 6 years, we shared high school and college classes and lived in the same town. We knew everything about each other.

Almost everything…as we were about to find out.

The front door closed behind me as we walked into my living room. Heidi tossed her little purse onto the couch and plopped down.

“Want a drink?” I called out from the kitchen, swinging a bottle of rum.

Her cute grin peeked up, “sure…I’m off tomorrow, why not.”

The glasses clanged in my hand as I put them on the counter. As I mixed our drinks, the pay-per-view channel’s noise filled the air. I saw her browse through several categories while I waited for the fizz of our drinks to settle before topping them off.

“Rum and Coke…” I said handing her a glass.

She sipped and scrunched her face, “holy cow,” was all she mustered as she traded our drinks. “You’re crazy,” she chuckled after sampling mine.

“You like that?” I laughed as she traded back. I had made mine stronger than hers.

“How about a comedy,” she asked after another sip, “or an action flick.”

I made her pick, I didn’t care what we watched. I was sitting two feet from a girl I had dreams about for years. I wasn’t in love, but it would have only taken minimal effort on her part to make me fall…and here we are drinking together and on a date.

After she picked, I shut the lights off. The tv was the only illumination the room got. As the previews rolled, she touched my hand and knee, laughing and pointing out the other movies she wanted to see. Flirtatiously, I might add.

Halfway during the movie, she wanted me to make her another drink. I refilled our glasses and rejoined her on the couch. The rum was working its magic, as she cuddled beside me once I settled. She looked so cute with her head perched on my shoulder.

After the movie ended, we talked about the film. Trading our receptions and thoughts on a sequel. We playfully laughed and argued our points but ultimately laughed more.

She shuffled in her spot and laid her head in my lap, looking up at me with a smile. The back of her head was dangerously close to feeling any arousal I’d get. I knew I had to control myself or that would be embarrassing. She upped the ante by draping my arm over her soft stomach, my hand coming to rest just a couple inches from her ample chest.

I looked down at her face as she was relaxed in thought, staring at the roof. I took in the view: her sweet half grin, her scattered hair across my lap, the way the round tops of her breasts swayed just above the cut of her shirt as she gently shuffled her feet. At that moment, no finer beauty existed.

“What?” she chuckled with a smile up at me.

“Hmm?” I stammered, as if I’d been snapped out of a trance.

“You’re drunk!” she mused as she sat up, turned partially to me.

“No I’m not!”

“Yes,” she laughed. “You totally are!”

“Tipsy maybe…” I joked.

“Tipsy nothing!” she snickered grabbing a pillow and lightly clubbing me with it.

“Oh its like that, is it…” I grabbed a pillow and playfully clubbed her harder than she hit me.

We slung our shots for a few. Fuzz flew as I tackled her down to the couch. Kneeling over her and placing my pillow over her midsection, I raised my arms in victory. She had other plans, and her pillow connected with my stomach with a thud. Playing along, I rolled off and she Urfa Escort followed. She quickly overcame me and before I could react, had straddled my stomach. She raised her arms in victory like I had.

My view was dominated by her beauty. Her big D’s stuck out like mountains, and her shirt raised just enough to see her belly button…which I promptly tickled. Her collapse onto my chest brought us face to face. There was that sensual moment as we looked into each others eyes. Interrupted by me swinging us back around to me on top.

She gazed at me with a submissive, bit-lipped smile, beckoning for my next move. I gently brought her arms up past her head. For that moment, she was completely in my control. Leaning in close, my lips grazed her nose. We felt each others breath, intoxicated with the moment. I kissed her.

I was in the dominant position, so I struck. She met me 100%. Our lips passionately wrestled each other, she was a great kisser. When our kissing slowed, I leaned up and noticed her pill sized nipples were poking hard through her shirt.

“Well look here…” I laughed dragging my fingers gently along them. She sighed her approval as she closed her eyes in pleasure.

“Kiss me again,” she demanded.

I obliged her, while lightly cupping her 36D’s. She moaned softly thru our kiss while my thumbs stimulated her stiff nipples. I broke our kiss to bury my face in between her tits, I squeezed and wrapped my head with them. They were so soft and inviting, her moaning indicated how much she liked it too.

“Wait,” she softly pushed me up, “I’ll be right back.” She stood and scampered off towards the bathroom. I walked over and sat on the couch, my raging hard-on tented my loose shorts. No way could I hide it. My mind began to ponder her escape. Did she not want to continue? Did the alcohol begin to win? Before I could continue, she ran back in the room with a big smile. She seemed to glide along the floor, her chest bounced as she leaped into my lap.

We both tumbled to the floor, resting face to face beside each other. I kissed her again. Reaching up, I surrounded her breasts with my hands. What a cool chick! She must have gone into the bathroom to remove her bra. Her delicious melons were clad only in her thin, fuzzy shirt. Awesome!

I intertwined our legs and pulled her in close. She reacted to being stabbed by my clothed manhood with a giggle. Breaking our kiss, she looked down at my tent. I didn’t care, I wanted her so bad right now, she could have all she wanted.

“Well look HERE!” she grinned, wrapping her hand around it. We continued our lip battle fondling each other for a few minutes. The sexual tension was reaching a boiling point. Without breaking our lip-lock, I sat us both up. My hands instinctively went under her shirt. They were soft, big and soft. Her breasts held their shape well, no sagging, but soft and saucy like putty in my hands.

She pushed me back down to the floor, keeping herself sitting. Her hair was frazzled and spread from our wrestling as she lifted her shirt up and off. Her arms came to rest slightly behind her, propping herself as she leaned back. The view she gave me was magnificent! She knew exactly how to look sexy as hell. With her shoulders perched back, her breasts were large, perfectly round orbs of flesh…complimented by small oval shaped areola.

She swung her hair around behind leaning her head back, begging me to worship her like a sexual goddess. I didn’t disappoint her. I leaned up and again buried my face. My hands caressed them with love and care, briefly sucking and licking her nipples.

She answered my sexual aggression by grinding against my tented shorts. I could feel her warmth against my groin and it was doing wonders for my erection. I had to have her…now.

“Lay back…” she whispered softly to my ear.

My back came to rest on the floor while she moved herself to my thighs. Her fingertips dug under the waistband of my shorts, pulling them low. My dick was hard, the outline was imprinted into my boxer-briefs…pulling the elastic up from my skin.

“Oh wow, you are really excited!” she chuckled digging her fingers under the elastic band and pulling me to freedom. The elastic band snapped into my upper thighs unexpectedly, I looked up at her to see a Urfa Escort Bayan surprised look. Heidi was knelt over me with big eyes, one hand on my thigh and the other covering her mouth.

“What?” I asked.

“Holy…crawl!” she gasped, “your big!”

I snickered in relief. I thought I did something embarrassing.

“Don’t laugh at me!” she cooed. She wrapped her hand around and gently stroked it. Her thumb and index barely met around my girth. “How big is it?” she asked with a big grin.

“Eight inches” I answered.

“Its like, a banana!” she pushed her hand down to the base, leaving half of it exposed. “Good gravy, look at this thing!”

I peered down to try to see it in her eyes. Her hand barely covered half the length, my girth kept her hand from closing around it as she yanked it. “Do you like it?”

“What’s not to like?” she kids.

I was still in awe of her upper body. Her hair was lightly draped in front of her right shoulder, her breasts bounced with her hand movements, and her sexy eyes were fixated on her new toy.

She climbed off me to the side, laying her head on my stomach. Never letting go of in, I could see my head sway in and out of view as she stroked it. Then she stood and wiggled her way out of her tight jeans. Her panties did little to hide her round ass as she kicked her pants to the side.

I sat back on the couch watching her undress. I lightly stroked on my curved erection, making sure she could see how impressed I was with her. She smoothly crawled in my lap as she slid off her panties in one quick motion. Her legs and arms wrapped around me. I pulled her in close for another kiss, pinning my stiff pole between our stomachs. She did her best to move her hand up and down between us, but I knew what she wanted.

“You ready?” I asked her.

“Hope so,” she responded lifting herself off my lap. She reached a finger into herself and lubed up, then back in, coating the head of my dick with her fingers. She spread her lips, and lowered down onto me slowly. A moan escaped her as inch by inch she accepted my shaft inside. The lower she went, the longer it took her to let more in, plus the moans got sexier.

I made a gentle thrust upward and she froze with a sharp inhale. I pulled down on her legs and she shuttered. She already had 6 inches inside her, but she was still adjusting to the width. Her eyes were closed, a look of sheer pleasure was on her face. I continued small thrusts up, trying to get all the way inside. I felt her tighten and release, and a wave of warmth flooded my crotch. She spasm and moaned in orgasm as her love took the rest of me in. Her voice was like an angel singing pleasure to the heavens, her orgasm lasted a good 15 seconds.

Opening her eyes, she rocked back and forth with me still inside her. She stared at me with raging lust in her eyes. Without a word, I lowered our joined bodies to the floor. Resting her gently on her back. A small slurp escaped as I withdrew from her moist pussy.

“No,” she whined trying to pull me back in.

I leaned in and lightly kissed her puckered lips to soothe her. Still drunk with orgasmic passion she held me tight to her. Her legs were wide open as an invitation for more. I wanted to fuck her hard and fast, I’m pretty sure she wanted that too. But I also wanted to make love to her. To give her solid, earth shaking orgasms that would rock her world.

When I pulled away, she looked up at me with pouty lips and the cutest begging face. How could I resist her? Plus she was circling her clit with her finger and tugging on me with her other hand. Enough holding back, I decided. If she wanted to be fucked so hard, then I’m going to give it to her.

I slid back inside her with little resistance. Her pussy was wet and ready for me. She caressed her tits and twisted her nipples as we resumed. Her breaths got deeper as my dick did the same. We rocked in unison as I filled her up with each slow, full thrust. This time she was accepting most of my length, and vocalizing her approval.

“It’s so deep,” she whined out during my thrusts, licking her lips. “Oh shit…”

Our pace was somewhat slow, but she was loving every bit of it, and so was I. It was so encouraging watching and hearing her enjoy my penis. In just a couple of Escort Urfa minutes, she moaned out that she was going to orgasm again. When I saw her orgasm take her, I quickened my pace and began fucking her hard. She responded in kind with loud squeals of delight, her body thrashed to my assault…her face read nothing but overwhelming pleasure.

Her orgasm concluded and I pulled out. She continued to massage her big breasts and tease her nipples. She was on cloud nine and I loved getting her there. When she sat up, she looked straight at my dick hungrily. “Get up on the couch,” she sexually commanded, “its your turn.”

I obeyed. I sat with my manhood reaching for the sky. She mounted me and smothered my face with her soft globes. She wildly rode my dick, bouncing up and down on it. I could feel her insides teasing every inch of me. Her chest jiggled and swung with every hop. She began to get lost in her quest, radically mauling my length with her pussy. Suddenly she stopped and succumbed to another orgasm. It washed over her with a slight shake.

“Holy fuck, oh god!” she shouted as she came.

I lifted her off me and began jerking myself. She quickly took over, sucking what she could fit in her mouth and pumping the rest. She was very talented with her lips. Every downward motion with her lips could have pushed me over the edge. My vocal approval seemed to build her confidence even more. She looked up at me, begging me to cum.

My orgasm was building fast as she worshiped my dick in thanks for all the pleasure it gave her. Her hand quickly pumped the top 5 inches of it, the point of no return was imminent…and she wanted it more and more with every second.

She climbed up into reverse cowgirl position, but sat on my stomach instead. Jacking me off furiously, I gave in. Streams of cum soaked down her tits, and stomach. She kept slamming my dick with her hand as I shot. Four good streams wet her down, then she swung around and sucked me dry. Her lips felt insane as she sucked. She was in love with my parts as I was with hers.

We both relaxed as she sucked until I was soft. Even flacid, it was still a good 5 inches. She stood to show off her cum covered tits to me, squeezing and massaging them for my enjoyment.

“Wow…” was all I could muster after such an intense orgasm.

“I love this dick,” she said while moving around my soft member. “I want more of this…”

“Oh you’ll get plenty more,” I mused.

“I better!” she replied, “I didn’t cover myself with your cum to be a one night stand!”

“You know I’ve liked you for a while now. I’ve had many dreams of fucking the hell out of you…” I told her.

“Really…how come I never knew this?”

“Well that would seem pretty creepy, don’t you think?”

“No, I meant this,” she pointed at my waist. “That’s a big dick! How have we been friends for this many years and I didn’t hear about this?”

She fondled my defeated warrior while I tried to cook up an answer.

“That would be creepy to I’d think. Hi, I just wanted you to know that my penis is 8 inches long.” I joked.

She just laughed and invited me to follow her to the shower. After warming the water, she went in first as I gathered some towels. When I joined her, I was greeted by the sight of her glistening body under the running water. She washed her hair under the hot water as the steam made the environment more sensual. Her body was perfect to me. Her tummy wasn’t flat and her legs weren’t bone thin.

With a sly smile, she handed me her soapy loofa and requested that I help her wash herself. I gladly accepted and soaped my hands up. Dropping the loofa to the floor, I massaged her soft breasts as she chuckled at me.

“Like that wasn’t what you were going for…” I smirked.

“…no it was.” she replied.

Her big tits felt so loose and slick in my hands. I loved every second. Then she reversed roles and washed me. I pulled her close and kissed her gently, the running water splashed our shoulders.

We dried off and settled into my bed. She snuggled into the blankets wearing nothing but a smile. Her legs intertwined with mine as our new love was born. I knew she always had my eye, but it was that night that sealed our love for each other.

“Guess I better get used to crashing here, eh?” she laughed.

“Only if you want more of this,” I moved her hand onto my growing shaft.

“I definitely want more of this,” she agreed by sliding her hand across my length.

We both slept wonderfully. She’s the one for me.

…and damn could she fuck.

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