My Daddy is my Mommy (Rev3


My Daddy is my Mommy (Rev3Authors Note. This is story of my life so far. It is essentially true though there is only the odd embellishment and it is just Joanne’s dream of having a full transplant. One day it will be possible no doubt. At present she only has had SRS. Rev3 has only added a few more memories.Hello my name is Sally. I am 12 years old and I love my Daddy to bits. He is so kind and does his best looking after a little girl whose mommy had died a year ago. The trouble is he doesn’t really know how I like to feel feminine – all my nighties are flannel and my panties are white cotton ones, though they do have a rosebud in the front! My skirts are much longer than my friends and my blouses are very plain. He seems not to have noticed that my breasts are growing – they are not very round but are very pointy like volcanoes with large dark brown nipples. They are so sensitive and excite me when I stroke them – so I need to wear a bra to stop them rubbing on my blouse which can be excruciatingly erotic so I can’t concentrate on my lessons.I think of my Daddy as my Mommy nowadays and when we recently made Mother’s Day cards in school I gave mine to my Daddy saying “You are my Mommy now”. He was so touched and smiled at me saying “OK Sally I will be your Mommy too”.Well one night we had a huge thunder and lightning storm and I went into Daddy’s bedroom saying I was very frightened and could I sleep with him. Imagine my surprise when I saw that he was wearing one of Moms transparent nylon nighties and some lacy panties underneath.“Dad why are you wearing Moms clothes” I said. He looked embarrassed saying “I hope you don’t mind love but they make me feel good and help remember your Mom”. I said “No I think you look lovely and you did say you would be my Mom!! You look really womanly. Will you be wearing her other clothes around the house then? “ “If you like” he replied.So I snuggled into Dads bed and he felt so good with a silky feel when I cuddled him. I said “You feel so lovely and silky compared to my pajamas”. Dad said why don’t you look through Moms lingerie drawer – I know there are some Babydoll nighties which are too small for me”. So I found the nighties which were made of pink chiffon with a nice bow on the front and totally transparent – I also found some lovely shiny pink organza panties to go with the nightie. I took them over to Dad who admired the look. I took off my PJs and stood naked in front of Dad. “Wow” he said “your brown nipples are so cute and your breasts so grown up – go and put the nightie on”. I pulled the nightie on over my head and it felt wonderful and came down almost to my knees – I slowly pulled the panties up my long thin legs. I felt so sexy – you could see everything. I climbed back into bed with Dad – he said “Sally you look so sexy dressed like that “. I said “My nipples have grown really hard Dad and sticking out”. Dad started stroking my nipples which made me feel so good so I started stroking his nipples which also went hard and jutted out some. “Sally darling that feels so sexy” he said “don’t stop”. Dad started stroking my silky panties pulling me closer to him. – my nipples looked so nice and strokeable through the nightie and my breasts were swelling with pride??? As Dad pulled me closer with one hand on my pantied bottom I felt his cock pressing against my tummy – it was much bigger than before and had gone all hard. I noticed that his cock was sticking out of his panties. I asked “Why is your cock so large and hard” Dad replied “ It’s because I am happy and love cuddling my Sally”. With Dad’s cock now out of his panties he rolled onto his back and it stuck straight up making his nightie look like a tent. He pulled his panties back up but it still stuck straight up. I was intrigued as I had not seen one before and I started to stroke it though his panties. It got even bigger and much harder and Dad started to groan. “Am I hurting you Dad?” ”Oh no darling” he replied “ It is so lovely to have you stroking my cock” he replied. I thought that maybe it is like me stroking my nipples. Dad’s groans got more intense and then he made an almighty shudder and his panties and nightie became all wet and slippery. I asked “What has happened?”. “It is baby juice” he replied “what a man puts into a woman to make babies – it only happens when you are with someone you love”. I didn’t really understand but my fingers were all sticky and when I smelt them there was a delicious odour. “It smells lovely” I said “can we do it again please”. “Oh yes my love as often as you like” he said. I kept stroking his panties which felt all slippery – I said “Can I try your panties on Dad they feel so nice and silky”. So Dad took off his panties and we swopped. I pulled on the sticky panties and the feeling stroking my tummy was sublime – I moved my hand down to my slit and rubbed there too while Dad stroked my nipples. We fell asleep.The next morning I awoke and the room smelt of Dads baby juices. My panties were still sticky. Dad had on my pink organza panties. I asked Dad “Can I have a closer look at your cock” “Oh yes” he said. I lifted up his nightie and pulled back his panties. When I stroked it Dad started groaning again. Dad put his hands under my nightie and gently rubbed my nipples which felt sooo good! So I bent to have a closer look as his cock got bigger and harder and then suddenly as Dad groaned again great jets of baby juices shot out all over my face, hair, nose and in my mouth which was wide open with astonishment. More juices dribbled down my face and into my mouth – I gulped. The taste was exquisite – I just loved it and told Dad how wonderful the baby juices tasted. He kissed me hard and put his tongue deep in my mouth and we had baby juices all over both of us. “Sally I just love it when you do that to me” Dad said. “So do I “ I said “Can we do it again”. Oh yes and if you really like the taste you can use your mouth to suck my cock the you will be able to swallow it all “ he replied. I couldn’t wait.We got dressed and at my insistence Dad tried on some of Moms clothes. Most were too small but a skirt and blouse fitted but none of her shoes. I said “Dad we will have to get you some clothes and shoes that fit and I would love a nightie and panties like you were wearing – perhaps we could have a matched pair like we were twins!! Also I would like some lacy blouses and shorter skirts please.” “Anything you want darling”. At breakfast Dad was looking quite feminine in Moms clothes – I cuddled him and put my hand under his skirt to feel his lacy panties. I stroked his cock through the panties and it got hard again – Dad put his hand under my blouse and rubbed my nipples again which made me start moaning with happiness – I thought how nice it would be to have his baby juices for breakfast!! “You had better stop darling or there will be more baby juices” he said “and we have much shopping to do.” “Another thing” I said” I think I need a Bra – my nipples are just so sensitive”.So we had a great day shopping. I got some silky skirts and some mini-skirts also some lovely blouses and tops, a beautiful shimmering prom dress and some Mary Janes, some small heels and a pair of thigh boots in shiny leather. Also tons of panties many of them sheer and see thru which Dad seemed to like – also some matching sheer Bras. To top it all lots of silky nighties in satin and sheer nylon with matching panties making sure that Dad had some matching sets of nighties and panties. Dad bought a whole wardrobe of dainty and smart clothes as well and various court shoes including some 4 inch heels and matching thigh boots like mine. We both also bought some lacy hold up stockings and some sheer to waist shiny tights in various colours. We arrived home completely exhausted but exhilarated.We bathed together and I remarked “Dad we will have to get rid of all your body hair if you are to be truly feminine – and we will both have to learn about make up” “Yes “ he said “ I thought about that while we were shopping and saw a lady about a course of electrolysis but that will take some time and in the meantime I have bought some hair removing cream. Also I have enrolled us both on a beauty course so we can practice our make up on each other”. “Goody” I said “where is the cream – we will do it now”. So we both stood up completely naked whilst I applied the cream all over Dad’s back, chest, arms and legs – and because I couldn’t stop it going everywhere all over his pubic hair too. Well If I haven’t got any hair on my vagina why should Dad have some on his cock?? Dad got quite excited by this attention so his cock got all hard again. He said “I had not realised my lovely Sally how beautiful your breasts are” as he stroked my nipples which got hard as well. After 10 mins Dad ducked in the bath and all his hair came off – he looked like a newborn baby I put some moisturising cream and the some talc on him whilst he did the same for me. Then we both squirted perfume over each other and put on Etlik Escort our matching sheer nighties and panties. Dad said he had never felt so sensuous before as the nylon moved across his skin, his cock and his nipples – the hair had shielded the skin before – I felt the same because I had never worn such delicate clothes before.We walked hand in hand to the bedroom and climbed into bed. Dad had made the bed with a set of silky shiny sheets which in themselves made me feel erotic and when Dad started stroking my nipples through my nightie I felt like I was in heaven – I also stroked Dads nipples through his nightie and he started moaning again and his cock was huge and rigid. “Dad” I said “you promised that I could suck your cock – can I please” “Oh yes darling” he replied. So I lifted his nightie and pulled down his panties. His cock was so lovely without any hair and so smooth. I licked the end and gradually put it in my small mouth – it was not easy but I gradually got it mostly in – it felt so lovely I nearly cried – I then moved up and down as Dad went frantic – he grabbed my head and pulled me further in – I thought I would choke but I could breathe through my nose Ok – his cock was right down my throat as I moved my head up and down while I licked the cock in my mouth. Eventually Dad shrieked as gallons of Baby juices filled my mouth I had to swallow some as my mouth was full as Dads cock just kept pumping more in. I kept a mouthful of his juices so I could savour the taste – it was a wonderful feeling and so delicious. I lay back on the pillow and asked Dad to kiss me and as he drew closer I pushed the mouthful of cum out of my mouth so it lay in a white puddle around my lips – Dad smiled and then brought his lips to touch the puddle which he tenderly swirled around our lips and then gently kissed me with his cum making our lips very slippy sliding across both our mouths which was so erotic it felt sublime. To have both our lips shiny with cum-lipstick was really sexy and we had our mouths locked together deeply in love. I let his juices mix in both our mouths and dribbled down our chins. As we lay side by side I swallowed the rest of his juices. I noticed my panties were all wet. “Dad “ I said “will I get pregnant from swallowing your baby juices?” ”No my darling for you to get pregnant the baby juices need to go in your vagina” he replied. When I awoke in the morning Dad was still asleep so I played with his cock through his panties and it was hard even though he was still asleep and then he had an orgasm and squirted Baby juices in his panties. The juices spread out around his cock and made the panties completely transparent – I carried on stroking as the juices made the panties mould tight around his cock – so slippery and erotic I couldn’t help myself and stroked my nipples and put a finger in my vagina thinking “so that is where the baby juices go”. Dad then woke up and saw what I had done – he smiled “Oh I love you so much Sally please can we sleep together for the rest of our lives” “You are my Daddy and my Mommy and I am never leaving you” I said. Dad then moved down the bed and gently pulled off my panties and lifted up my nightie. He put his mouth on my vagina and pushed his tongue in what I now know is my clitoris. The feeling was sublime as he worked his tongue in and out of my vagina stroking my clitoris. And then an indescribably beautiful orgasm caused my juices to flood out. I love my Daddy.We had a shower together and dressed in our new clothes. Dad wore a smart straight beige skirt with a white silky blouse through which you could see his bra which had gel inserts, and his court shoes with a low heel and beige lacy top stockings and lacy sheer panties. I put on a pink mini-skirt, pink sheer tank top which showed my tummy and my new sheer bra also in pink. You could see my dark brown nipples plainly jutting out. Finished off with my black shiny thigh high boots. I felt really sexy – I wanted to be sexy for my Daddy. Daddy had also bought a wig until he was able to grow his hair long. And so we went off to our first beauty lesson. Over the next few weeks we learnt how to pluck each other eyebrows put on eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, rouge, lipstick, makeup and powder. The rule seems be less rather than more but I like more. Dad looked really sexy with his pencil eyebrows, blue eye shadow and pink lustre lipstick.That night Dad said we could both suck each other at the same time. Its called 69 he said. I climbed on top of Dad so I could suck his cock putting my vagina in his face. So I sucked Dads cock whilst he licked my clitoris with his tongue until we both orgasmed again and again stroking each other’s nipples. I drank pints of Dads baby juices. I kept a mouthful of cum whilst we moved nipple to nipple and gave Dad a big kiss filling his mouth with his cum. You mustn’t swallow I said. I rolled on my back with my legs wide apart. and said to Dad “Lick my vagina with your cum”. I kept my bottom in the air hoping that some would find its way into my Baby hole. When I pulled my panties back on they were all slippy with Dads cum and eventually we collapsed in a heap exhausted but in heaven. The next morning was a school day and I told Dad that I loved the look of his panties all slippery and transparent with his Baby juices and sticking to his cock. “Dad please would you cum over my vagina with your Baby juices so my panties will be like yours were and I can wear them to school and be thinking of you.” I pleaded. So Dad knelt over me so I could stroke his cock whilst he stroked my nipples through my nightie. “I love you Daddy “ I said “I want to be your wife”. “You will someday my love – I love you too much for us ever to be apart” he said. Then he spurted all over my vagina and I pulled my lips apart so I could rub my clitoris with his juices – then I pulled my panties up and they also became transparent and slippery with Dads juices – they moulded to my vagina lips and looked sublimely erotic.At school everyone noticed that I was wearing much more girly clothes than usual and I could feel Dads juices and smell him all day. I don’t know if they could smell him but my friends did look at me kind of strangely. I was in heaven. What a joy to be in love especially with your Daddy/Mommy!!Some time later just after my 13th birthday I came home from school and was horrified to find blood in my panties. I rushed to Dad in a panic and he said “ Don’t worry my love this is quite normal – it means you are becoming a woman and are now able to have a baby. You will have one every month though they stop when you are pregnant.” “Oh” I said somewhat relieved .That night while we were snuggled up in bed I asked when could we have a baby – Dad said we shouldn’t do that and anyway I was far too young. He said it has to be our great secret that we were sleeping together otherwise he could get into trouble. I rolled over and slyly asked “Dad will you cum over my vagina again” “Yes of course my love “ he said and knelt over me whilst I had my legs wide apart – almost doing the splits so Dad could see my pink inside bits. I pulled my pink panties down and then thought I would hold my lips apart so he could spray near my clitoris. I stroked his cock which was slippery with pre-cum and pushed my vagina towards his beautiful cock tip which I held whilst Dad stroked my nipples. I stroked his cock round the inside of my labia which drove Dad wild – It felt so romantic and Dad was saying how much he loved me and how he couldn’t wait till I was old enough to marry him and be his wife. I swirled it round and round – the feeling was exquisite – the feeling of his cock stroking my lips was so wonderful that it made me push closer and the tip of his cock entered me. I gasped with delight. Dad became frantic with lust and couldn’t stop himself when I pushed my vagina over his cock. “Oh no “ he said “We shouldn’t do this”.“Please push your cock in Daddy I want to feel your cock in my vagina” I cried as I bucked against his cock like a sex crazed woman even though I was only 13 years old.”OK my love, my darling if you are really sure I will be gentle but it may hurt”. Feeling his cock filling my pussy for the first time was wonderful – there was some pain which I hardly noticed when he was about half way in and after that he moved in and out slowly. Making love properly for the first time especially with my Dad was sublime. I almost passed out with pleasure feeling his cock sliding in and out. Daddy’s cock felt so silky and smooth in my vagina.”I love you Daddy” I said “and so do I love you” he replied as he carried on going in and out of me. The tight feeling gradually reduced as I got wetter and wetter. Daddy started moving faster and faster moaning saying “I love you Sally” all the time. I was still wearing my panties and Dad was still wearing his nightie and panties and as I pulled his pantie clad ass towards me so he would go deeper. Keçiören Escort Suddenly he hit something and his cock would not go all the way in. “Sorry love ” he said “that’s your womb entrance – when you are bigger all of me will fit in your vagina”.I screamed “Daddy cum inside me fill me with your juices and make me pregnant….please please Dad moved gently in and out of my vagina getting faster and faster frequently hitting my womb until we were surprised when the head of his cock went through the small hole in my cervix which must have been exquisite for him because he screamed with pleasure. I crossed my legs behind his back to stop him pulling away. His cock was now completely buried in my pussy. As he poured cum straight into my womb where his cock was not meant to go I said “Aaah Daddy I can feel your cum all inside me – I love you so much Daddy.” My small cervix must have shrunk when it felt the cum and it clamped down on the head of Dad’s cock. This made him spurt more and more cum. My cervix squeezing on his cock made it stay rock hard. Try as he might he couldn’t get his cock out. This made him come again and I felt more cum filling me up. He came so many times I lost count. Everytime Dad spurted I had another orgasm. We collapsed in a heap and Daddy stayed inside me all night whilst we fell asleep. I was in heaven. In the morning Dads cock came out easily but the cum stayed inside with hardly any leaking out. The cervix must have held it all in there.After that there was no stopping us. We fucked all day and everyday. I loved it especially when Dad came inside me and then went to lick my clitoris and catch any of his cum which leaked out and much did because I was full to the brim. I found that if I put my legs over his shoulder whilst Dad sat on his knees whilst licking me that less would leak out. Dad bought some Butt Plugs to put in my pussy when I went to school to keep all his cum inside me. I called them Pussy plugs – it felt so nice to have something inside me all day. It was truly wonderful to feel it all squishing around inside me. I used to take the plug out whilst walking home and all his cum would dribble down through my sheer panties below my mini-skirt over my lacy top shiny stockings and down my legs – it was so erotic – I would arrive home in a sticky mess – only to be greeted by Dads huge cock ready to fill me up again. What a glorious life we have. The next thing Dad bought were some panties with four leg holes – these were great fun – as we fucked all night locked together holding both our pantied bottoms. One night Dad said “Sally do you want me to fill up your other hole? I bought a dildo for you”. “Yes please I said – I have always wondered what it would be like to have two cocks inside me.” So he gently put the dildo in my ass whilst he entered me from the front. It must have felt good for him too because he seemed to pump for ever and I leaked all night. In the morning I said “ Dad can we put your cock in my ass and do it the other way?” “Oh yes “ he replied. I think my tight little ass must have been super sensuous for him because we both became really frantic as I pushed the dildo right up my cunt and felt its vibrations all the way inside me. I felt gallons of cum as he pumped and squirted inside my ass and I had my best orgasm ever. When he pulled out I grabbed a Butt Plug and sealed my ass full of his cum. At breakfast in my school uniform I could feel his cum squishing around inside my ass and having the butt plug in felt really erotic. As Dad was tidying up I put my hand up his skirt and stroked his cock through his panties – “Sally you have to get to school!!” He said but I stroked him some more and said “I want you to fill up my vagina as well before I go”. So he raised me to his waist lifting up my skirt and we made very tender love – I think his cock must have felt the Butt Plug through my vagina walls because he filled me up as never before. Then I grabbed a Pussy Plug – gave his cock a quick kiss and dashed off to school. What a day that was – so much cum inside me and two Plugs. My friends kept seeing me looking very blank as I had orgasm after orgasm. By the time I got home I was desperate for the loo but wanted Dad to have some of his cum back so I pulled him upstairs and we put on our nighties and I stood over him whilst I took my plugs out and great streams of cum landed on his nightie and he rubbed it into his nipples – then I couldn’t help myself as my pee poured all over him completely drenching his nightie. I collapsed on top of him as we squealed with delight all soaking with my pee. Dad said “We will have to get some waterproof sheets!!”. I said well “You can pee on me as well if you like.” “Well OK” he said “now the bed is sopping” – so he knelt over me and hosed me down – so erotic to be covered in our cum and pee. Later on still lying soaking I asked Dad if he could fill up my vagina with pee to see what it feels like. It was difficult because he could only pee when he was soft – he couldn’t pee when he was erect. Eventually though he gave me that warm feeling of being full of my lovers pee which naturally ended up all over both of usWell eventually as it was bound to happen I missed a number of periods. Dad did a pregnancy test and yes, Yippee!! I was pregnant. I couldn’t wait to have our baby but it was 6 months away. We devised a story that I had been forced to have sex with a boy I didn’t know. Dad next had delivery of two Pantihose full body outfits from “Pantihose Clothes” – these covered our heads hands and entire body in sheer shiny pantyhose. Mine had a sheath to go in my vagina and two holes for my breasts to jut out of – my breasts were growing very fast now I was pregnant. Dads just had a sheath for his cock. When we climbed in the outfits it was just too sensuous for words to describe being able to stroke each other through the shiny nylon but not actually touch the skin. Stroking Dads cock whilst it was in its sheath drove him wild as his cum spread out all over the nylon in a lovely slippery mess. Fucking was so erotic with Dads nylon clad cock in my nylon lined vagina. When we slept we climbed into a nylon tube which had a zip at the top so we were inside a nylon bag in our pantyhose costumes all night. One day we tried staying in our pantyhose all day which was lots of fun as we looked like two bank robbers. Drinking through the pantyhose was possible but difficult but we could not eat. Looking through the pantyhose made everything all hazy and fuzzy but very erotic.As the birth of our baby girl became closer we stopped having sex and Dad came home with a strap-on dildo with a squirting mechanism. “Sally my lover I need to feel what it is like to have sex as a woman – my electrolysis is finished now and I am completely hairless – I need to feel a cock inside me filling me up with Baby juices” He said. So for the next few days instead of me swallowing his cum we saved it in a bottle and when we had enough we filled up the sac on the dildo and I strapped it on – it was fun pretending to be the man especially fucking my own She-Dad. Dad lay on the bed wearing a pink sheer bra and panties and a satin nightie. He had on pink suspenders with shiny pink stockings – she looked like an apparition of female naughtiness!! She had her legs lifted high in the air so her ass was ready for the dildo cock – I used some of the cum to lubricate her opening and pushed the cock inside her. It was very tight to start with “Be careful Sally lover remember I am a virgin” Dad said. So I slowly eased in and out eventually a full 9 inches were in – Dad said “Oh Sally that is so lovely – you are so good for me – fill me with your Baby juices – make me pregnant too”. I went faster and faster as Dads moans increased until she shrieked with ecstasy when I squeezed the sac and filled her up with her own cum. “ I love you Sally. I love being feminine “said Dad. So I put a Butt Plug into keep her full of cum. We then got dressed with Dad keeping on his pink lingerie and a pure silk dress with his 4 inch heels. We had our hair done (Dads hair was now shoulder length) and our nails, had a meal and bought me some pregnancy clothes (ugh) and Dad some 5 inch heels now she was coping with the 4 inch ones. After driving home we went for a walk round the local Mall. Before we got out of the car I slipped my hand up Dads dress and pulled out the Butt Plug and we then went shopping. She was really embarrassed when her cum started oozing down her stockings and she smelt divine!! I said “That’s what it’s like to be a woman – doesn’t it make your feel so feminine?” Dad walked with her legs close together to slow down the dribbles from her soaking panties. Soon the cum reached her shoes and they started to fill up making a squelching sound. She braved the looks from passing shoppers and flashed her soaking panties at a snooty counter assistant. “Thank you Sally, that was a truly Kızılay Escort womanly experience “ Dad said.Well the day arrived and I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl called Jane. We took her home to the baby room we had made for her and gave her many cuddles. I spent my time feeding her from my now huge breasts and she slept with us while we were making love making up for lost time. When my nipples felt sore we would let her suckle on Dads cock. She seemed to like this and swallowed lots of cum (which I guess is nutritious?). When Jane grew older and was weaned, she never stopped suckling Dads cock which both of them enjoyed. She didn’t need a pacifier but I had trouble explaining to her that she couldn’t do it in public places. Often she would fall asleep with his cock in her mouth – even kneeling on the car floor between his legs with her head up his skirt whilst he was driving. Sure enough within weeks I was pregnant again. An early scan showed that it was twins. We also decided that Dad whose name was Joe should be called Joanne from now on. Joanne had her documents and driving licence changed to Ms Joanne. I had my 14th birthday and said “Joanne I think I will need help feeding twins, can you grow some breasts?” “That would be lovely but it may make me impotent” replied Joanne “So I will have some of my Baby Juices frozen” . Some was kept in liquid nitrogen but the rest I kept in our freezer in a popsicle tray with a stick in it. So whenever I felt lonely I would suck one – you should try it, it makes you feel so good. Some times I would put one of these “cumsicles” deep in my vagina and let it melt – what a wonderful feeling – first your vagina shrinks with the cold and tightens on the ‘cumsicle’ making it feel like a huge cock is inside you then a little melts making it very slippy so you can hold the stick and slide it in and out. I have lost count of the number of orgasms I have had this way. Then I put my ass under some pillows to hold it in the air and the rest melts as I wait for Joanne to com and remove the stick and lick me out.Joanne started having estrogen injections of the highest dose possible. We carried on fucking at least 3 times a night and Joanne’s cum was in plentiful supply though her cock was not as huge as before. Joanne’s breasts grew very rapidly though not as large as mine they were at least a C cup by the time the twins arrived. She loved having her nipples stroked especially through her nightie as she said they were super sensitive. She flaunted them by wearing a sheer blouse without a bra!! She found that by taking progesterone as well her breasts would produce milk. So we sat in Her and Hers rocking chairs feeding the twins. The boy was called Robin and the girl Sophie. We moved house to a secluded cove by the sea and Joanne who had been a teacher took over my education at home. The k**s grew up in a beautiful area with two loving parents. Robin in a house full of girls was at a disadvantage as all the clothes he had were Jane’s hand me downs – so he spent his life in panties and dresses – I think he saw himself as a girl and he seemed to like it. “Takes after his father” I commented one day. One time when they were about 6 I found Robin and Sophie sucking on our ‘cumsicles’ from the freezer – at first I thought of telling them it was not for them but after they both said they like the taste so much I let them carry on. I whispered to Sophie that it makes your pussy fell really good too. I think she told Robin who must have put one in his boy pussy as I found some cum stains on his panties.The years rolled by I am now 24 and Joanne is 40. We love each other so much and fuck all the time though I never got pregnant again so we guess Joanne is not fertile anymore. Jane is 11 and she wears some really sheer and dainty clothes and looks very sexy for her age. Joanne has been showing her how nice it is to have cum sprayed on her vagina making her panties all slippery and Jane continues to suck Joanne’s cock and swallow her cum. Joanne has been licking Jane’s vagina and stroking her clitoris which drives her wild. She is begging him to put his cock in her vagina like she has seen her do to me. Eventually as before she gives way and they are now fucking like rabbits. I move in with Robin and Sophie and teach them of the pleasure of stroking Robins cock and sucking him into a frenzy. Robin strokes Sophie and my nipples which drives us both wild.Shortly after Jane’s first period she begs to be filled up with Baby Juices. “Please fuck me with Baby Juices lovely Joanne Mom”. So Joanne uses a turkey baster to squirt some of her frozen cum deep inside her and then fucks her so hard and fills her up with so much cum that she screams with delight. After 6 of these fuckings Jane is definitely pregnant – only 12 years old. Meanwhile Robin has sprayed his cum in my mouth, face and over my vagina. He has also pleasured Sophie on a few occasions. He still wears panties and a skirt all the time and has grown his hair long. One night Robin and I are both wearing matching nighties while I am stroking Robin’s cock through his panties he says “Mom can I put my cock in your vagina please” “Oh yes darling I would love that” I said. So Robin puts his now large cock inside me “Please fill me up with you Baby Juices” I plead. I hold his panty clad bottom to me whilst rubbing his nipples through his nightie with my other hand – he has the most tremendous orgasm and fills me up with his cum. After a few of these love makings I get pregnant again with Robin’s baby.I thought of storing the gallons of cum we saved from Joanne and lately Robin to use on a project I had planned. Ever since our first ‘cumkiss’ those years before I had longed to be able to apply shiny cum as lipstick – I would call it cum-stick. I sought some advice and ended up with a lippy which was white pearlescent with a hint of pink. It was made with 50% cum and really looked and smelt just like shiny pink cum coated lips with the advantage that it never dried up. When Joanne and I both applied it and kissed it brought back such memories of that early love kiss. One day I plan to market it along with some matching face cream but will need to set up cum milking centre!! Any offers??One day shortly after we discovered that Robin had made Sophie pregnant – Jane’s baby was only 3 months away and I am due in 5 months Joanne says to me she wants to be a real woman. She has found a place in China where you can have an ovary, uterus and vagina transplant from a donor if a tissue match can be found. So we agree this would be a great idea. 3 months later Joanne arrives back from China a real woman. She says the donor was a 16 year old virgin with so many hormones that Joanne’s breasts are now huge. She is also having regular periods. “Joanne I am going to miss sucking you off and swallowing your cum” I said. “Don’t worry “said Joanne “ they didn’t remove my prostate so when I orgasm there will be male cum mixed in with all my female juices – why don’t we try now. “ So we lay along side each other again in our matching sheer nighties and panties whilst I rub Joanne’s pendulous nipples and she rubs mine – then we finger each others clitoris and go wild with lust in a 69 licking each other off. When Joanne has her orgasm she shoots gallons of creamy cum and juices all over my face and in my mouth. “Glorious taste better than before” I purred.Jane’s baby arrived. We called her Rosebud. She is lovely. I had another boy who doubtless will grow up in panties. We called him Hilary in case he wants to change sex anytime. And Sophie had a little girl called Samantha. Meanwhile Robin asked Joanne “Please Joanne I want to be like you and not a she-boy”. “Ok but first we must save some of your Baby Juices for future generations and you must give me a baby. Then we will start you on anti-androgen pills which will prevent any body hair or hair-loss and stop your voice breaking but you won’t be able to have any more babies” I replied. So that night Robin and Joanne made mad passionate love. Joanne was so lustful she wanted it again and again her first wonderful experience being fucked as a woman and having a full female orgasm. This went on for a month until Joanne was definitely pregnant with Robin’s baby. At the same time Robin managed to make me, Jane and Sophie pregnant again before starting his gender reassignment program aged 13 – lucky boy!! Joanne says her next step after her baby is born is to have her own baby which should make a birth certificate very interesting!! Robin also would like to have his own baby or even Joanne’s baby. At the moment Robin has been keeping the ‘cumsicle’ tray topped up though Joannes Cum- girly juice cocktail add variety but it is harder to collect. Soon it will be Hilary’s job to keep the family supplied with cum. So the mad house goes on – one parent 7 c***dren and 4 on the way. It’s a good thing Joanne’s parents left her so much money.Joanne with daughter Sally had Jane/Robin/SophieJoanne with daughter Jane had RosebudSally with son Robin had HilaryRobin with sister Sophie had SamanthaJoanne is pregnant from son RobinSally is pregnant from son RobinJane is pregnant from brother RobinSophie is pregnant from brother RobinJoanne is planning to get pregnant with her own cum!!PS I think one of Sophies later babies may have come from a ‘Cumsicle’!!

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