My Cuckold Story Pt. 02


Wife Plants Her Ownership Pole – It’s been a little while since I last shared about my experiences, so I am sharing my second experience I believe worth sharing in my deep dive into the submissive cuckold I have become. This is based on my real-life experiences, so please keep that in mind if it doesn’t tick off all of your fantasies at once… I know our lifestyle isn’t for everyone and not the standard story that I see, but I’m sure there are others out there like me… or even wish to be me!

My last story covered how my wonderful wife cucked me as her totally unexpected Christmas gift and put me in my place, a place I never dreamed I would ever be. Well, long story short, she wasn’t kidding, it was complete submersion while at home. I was made to wear panties 24/7 and lingerie when home. And none of it was plain. Lots of lace, satins, and silks. There were no cotton or granny panties but thongs, G-strings, French cut and the like. There were some black, but most were pinks, reds, purples, teals, and pastels. The more girly, the better she thought (and if truth be told, the more feminine and submissive I felt when I wore them).

I was also pretty quickly in 3″ heels when her boyfriend was around and 2″ heels the other days while doing all of the house chores. Thankfully, it didn’t take me long to learn to walk well in my heels and eventually I just kept wearing the 3″ heels most days because they just started to feel “right” on the other days while in stockings and lingerie or a French Maid outfit.

My wife and I still had sex during this, I guess you could call it transition time. It wasn’t like before when we fucked like rabbits, but if I did my chores well, I would get to eat her out and likely a hand job. Once a week or so after I ate a tasty cream pie left by her bf and after he left, I would be allowed sloppy seconds before cleaning her out again. The entire time, she did an amazing job of making me still feel loved and connected to her while she continued to put me further and further in my place.

During this time, my wife taught me to curtsy, strip tease, tinkle like a lady, clean all of our delicates correctly, and act more feminine and like her girlfriend more than a husband. It was a very eye-opening experience and somehow increased my lust and desire to please her.

She would fuck her bf several times a week, usually at our place where they would humiliate me by calling me names, making me strip tease for them, telling me that only someone that is gay could have so much eagerness to swallow cum. I also cleaned them and fluffed him. This was in addition to the house work and serving them drinks and foods. I even had a few French maid outfits to wear when I was to serve them.

Come late January, I went from just fluffing to sucking him off completely and took my first load straight from the source. He had already cum 3 times for her that evening (once in her mouth and twice in her pussy) with me fluffing and cleaning between. He wanted to unload a 4th time but knew he would need to fuck her for quite a while, so they agreed it would be easier on them for him to just lay back and let me put all the effort in. Getting him hard didn’t take long, but getting him to the point of cumming certainly took some time. I was so nervous and still felt humiliated when they told me (after I had started to suck him hard) that I was going to finish him off. Being the fourth load, it wasn’t as tasty as the first, but I couldn’t complain in the end when it coated my throat; and yes, I was hard in my panties while I pleased him.

My wife loves cum too much to let me do all the blow jobs after that, but I’d still get a load or 2 a week after that. I still couldn’t believe that I was out there, sucking his cock, doing as I was told, not resisting at this point. Just drop to my knees and go at it. I was certain of one thing though… being in something fem was like a trigger for me. If I was naked, I had no interest in cock, didn’t feel all that sub, but put me in panties and heels (or more) and I suddenly wanted those things…

For my first Superbowl as their cuck, my loving wife purchased a new cheerleading outfit that she gave me the morning of the game and told me I had to wear it for the day. I was also to provide some new cheers that I needed to come up with before the game started and at half time. It was/is a very slutty cheerleader outfit with a loose red skirt, tight thin white sweeter that has a turtle neck (think USC cheerleader), but this one has a large heart shaped cut out to expose the top of my “cleavage”. The outfit was finished off with knee high white socks with lace fringe at the top, white shoes, and pom poms. My wife made sure that I would only have a red thong on under the very short skirt.

As anyone who knows me can tell you, I am not outgoing in this way, so doing the cheers by myself, and doing the jumping was sheer torture. I was incredibly humiliated and red faced, but I knew I Pendik Öğrenci Escort had to obey. To make it worse, I had to swallow a load for him at half time once I finished my cheer and still in costume. Anyway, that is the way life went on for us after Christmas, now onto the time I want to share with everyone.

Shortly after the Superbowl, my wife took a rare night off from her bf. Usually on those nights I must eat her out or she picks some way to continue to humiliate me 1 on 1. I hadn’t cum in at least a week and so I was extra horny and therefore extra submissive. This night I was in a pink baby doll, garter belt, stockings, and 2″ heels. She bent me over our padded bench and tied me to it, leaving me there for probably 10 minutes while she got a drink and left the room for a little bit. She came back naked, except for a brand-new strap on that she was wearing. It was a healthy 7″ long, bright pink, and on the average thickness side. Needless to say, I was surprised and not fully sure what she had planned for us. She walked over with a shit eating grin on her face and told me it was time for me to show her personally how good I am at sucking a cock. I worked on the cock for a good 10 minutes and could smell her wetness and could tell she was excited, even if it wasn’t really her I was working on. I closed my eyes and pretended it was the real thing. It had veins and all to be more realistic. After that, she held my head and face fucked me for a few minutes more. I gagged some, but her aggression was such a turn on and my clitty was wide awake.

When she had had enough, she told me it was time for me to take my next step into being the sissy slut that I am. I looked up at her instantly with pleading eyes, guessing what she was planning on, but praying it was not. I knew better than to object and I was tied up, so what was I going to do anyway? She got behind me, scratched my back and legs some, rubbed my ass, and then when she was ready, she lubed up my ass and the strap on. After that, there was only 1 thing for her to do, and she pushed it all the way in slow and deep. It was the first time something had gone in that way and it was very… filling, and certainly hurt at the start, but thankfully wasn’t too big that it really hurt. She waited for my “pussy” to adjust, while she rubbed my ass and commented on the fact that my clitty was rock hard, so I must really love taking cock so maybe she should have started fucking me sooner. She even squeezed my nuts a little more than needed to while she waited to give me something else to think about while my pussy learned to stretch. When she thought I was ready, she started sliding in and out. She took her time, changed rhythms, speeds, power.

It was one thing to submit to them, even to dress in lingerie for them and suck his cock, eat their cream pies, but the idea of taking a cock in what became known as my pussy never really crossed my mind until then. I knew my wife loved anal (though not an option for me since Christmas), but I still wasn’t sold on being on the receiving end. My mind was racing, but it also couldn’t really think straight or about anything for real.

I did recognize that I stayed rock hard though most of the time she was in me, so maybe my body knew me better than my mind did at the time. I don’t know how long she fucked me for, but it was probably about 30 minutes with the last 10 or so being a pretty big pounding. I was wearing a garter belt and she held on to it for leverage to fuck me long and hard. (The garter belt got so stretched out from this, that I had to throw it out after that night!) After those 30 min, my ass was getting sore, despite her regularly adding more lube, yet I could tell what was about to happen and couldn’t believe it. She made me cum just from being fucked, never having my cock/clitty touched! As my clitty exploded, she scratched her nails down my back which made me try to arch against my restraints and my mind went blank… it was incredible and one of the most powerful orgasms I had ever had to that point.

She slowed up after that, sweety and tired before stopping and pulling out once my orgasm had fully subsided. I was spent, but still tied up. She told me I did a great job for my first time being fucked. She wasn’t sure if I was going to cum from penetration alone, but she knew it was possible and wanted to try so we would both know that I could, and that this was meant to be my role now. (It explains why she had kept me from cumming for the previous week too.) She told me after that that she wasn’t fortunate enough to cum her first time and hoped I would have better luck. She seemed very happy and proud of her efforts after that. She had, that cat ate the canary look on her face for the rest of the night and couldn’t help but smile while she talked to me.

Before she untied me, she asked me questions about my experience:

Did I enjoy it?

Shamefully, yes

Did I prefer to be fucked Pendik Çıtır Escort gentle or harder?

Gentler until fully horny and/or balls are boiling, then I really liked it hard and fast.

Did I want her to fuck me again in the future?

My ass was too sore to consider it for real at that point, but probably yes, if sufficiently horny and put in my place like today.

With that, she told me this would stay our little secret and she wouldn’t tell her bf or do it in front of him. It was a way we could keep that connected and special feeling between us. I was grateful for that and thanked her. She untied me and told me to lick up the mess I had made while she went and took a shower and I did as told.

She had me shaving my pubes and ass smooth since about New Years and I was getting much better and doing it well and faster by this point. After that day though, she told me I was to leave a landing strip above my clitty since I was officially a slut at this point. Somehow, looking down at that landing strip and seeing it made me feel even more fem for her. I’m sure her boyfriend eventually noticed it, but he never said anything to me about it.

Well, to move this along a little bit, that started a ritual of once or twice a week when she didn’t get together with her bf or before she went out to see him that she would fuck my ass. I did learn to enjoy being taken by her and a small part of me started to look forward to her fucking my pussy, but still had to be really horny to want it. When she fucked me hard, I could feel my clitty and balls swinging from the fucking and slapping off her thighs. It was such a turn on. I only cam about 25% of the time during these fuckings, but I was still being milked and leaked a ton of pre cum, even if I didn’t sissygasm. It was almost like it really didn’t matter if I cam, it was the act of being fucked and giving pleasure, if you will. I guess that is how some women feel about sex, but that was pretty new to me.

After she fucked me, she would usually spread her legs and tell me to get her off (can only use hands, mouth, and toys to do that). I would also give her rim jobs when allowed. I should share here that she had also told me during this time that there was no need for us to both fuck the other, so since she was fucking me, there was no longer a need for me to fuck her. Surprisingly, I was a little hurt, but didn’t really mind. I was still felt that connection with her, even if our roles were reversed. Besides, I was still allowed to cum, with or without her so it wasn’t like I was cut off from everything.

After a couple of weeks, she showed up with a larger black strap on that was about 8″ long and thicker. I could sure tell it was thicker when she took both my holes with it. My pussy adjusted again and was very happy with the new cock.

She started asking me if I liked taking black cock, if its true that once you go black, you never go back, stuff like that. She made me a little nervous, but it was also humiliating and such a turn on in its own way. With lube, I could take it well and it seemed like I would cum a little quicker and a little more often when I did cum compared to the pink cock… Almost like size does matter!

I remember thinking that I still had really mixed feelings about being fucked by her. Like I was no longer just sub to her, but permanently changed. At the same time, I was so grateful that she seemed so in tune with me on it. Keeping it between us. No matter what she did with her bf, or had me do with him around, it was 1 thing that was special and just between us. Like we were building a stronger connection.

So, with the backstory shared, it’s time to move on. My wife started this stage in my training in early Feb and then come mid-April, she told me that she had told her bf that she wanted to spend Friday night with just me. Not all that unusual to have a day, but certainly rare on a Friday.

I thought we might be taking a weekend off from me being her sub slut and unwind a little, so I felt pretty good Friday and was in good spirits. I got home from work a little early on the Friday and found a wrapped gift on the table for me. It just said open me. I opened it up and found a new lingerie outfit for me and a note that told me to shower, shave smooth (except for my landing strip of course) and get dressed before she got home. I did as I was told, taking off my cloths and lace/see through thong, showering, shaving, and got dressed. The outfit included a white bustier, white lace g-string, garters, stockings, and new 4″ heels. My first set of 4″ heels and boy that inch made a difference! It was harder to walk, but it made my ass even more tight and round, more fuckable if you will. If I am honest, I spent some time walking around our bedroom, getting used to the feeling. It made me feel that little more fem, that little sexier and I realized I had a growing wet spot on the front of my panties from Pendik Elit Escort a dripping clitty.

I then went about doing the chores I need to normally do and made a light dinner until she got home. She looked me up and down a few times before she told me I looked great and was to get her a glass of wine while she unwound and ate a dinner. I curtsied as she taught me with a smile and said thank you before I turned and got her the wine. When we were done eating, she she sat on our living room couch, spread her legs, and told me to get licking her. She needed to cum to truly relax. She was wet from the start. After I had made her cum twice, she told me it was time for me to enjoy a good fucking.

She had me take out our fuck bench as we called it and put it in the middle of the living room. She then had me bend over and pull my panties down before climbing on the bench still dressed as she requested. I was tied to the bench again (which she only did every few weeks at this point). I was left there waiting for her as she went to the bedroom to get changed and any other toys she wanted to use. When she returned, she was dressed in an all black outfit. It pushed up her c cup tits beautifully and her black cock fit well with the rest of the look. Only, she had a cat of nines whip in her hand, smacking it gently on her thigh as she walked back to me. She tilted her head a little while she looked at me… giving me a chance to admire her beauty, before she told me that she really wanted to see my ass nice and pink against my white lingerie and her black cock. As the good sub I am, I asked her to please use my ass and pussy however she wished. That she owned them and she could do as she wished.

With that, she came on over, walked around me a little while dragging it down my back. I braced for the first smack… and waited, and waited… finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and went to turn my head to see what was going on. It was then that the first smack came. It turns out, she had been patiently waiting for me to relax my ass that little bit before she swung… she knew I was tensed and ready and she didn’t want that.

I took 20 swats between both my cheeks and even other swats down my crack and even off my balls twice. Thankfully, those still stung, but were not nearly as hard as the smacks on my ass. After that, she rubbed and soothed my ass with her hands. My ass is tingling at this point, but I am all hers. My clitty wasn’t hard, but it was dripping already. She noted that it was starting to blush nicely, like cheeks should. She moved on and used her hand for even more color. She wasn’t hitting me punishingly hard. I didn’t earn a punishment, just her wanting to play with my ass, so I could handle it and thank her for using me for her pleasure.

Anyway, once she was happy with her “handy” work, she came around in front of me, looking at me and just said “well?”.

“Thank you, Ma’am. I needed to be reminded of my place. To earn your cock that I would do anything to please.” or something like that.

She smiled down at me and offered up her tasty cock. She had already lubed it with some flavored lube, so it tasted great and slid in even easier! I swirled the head, licked the shaft, worked on deep throating it, everything a cock sucker should do. After several minutes she got to face fucking me again and I did my best to relax, open wide, and take what she gave me, but wanting her in my ass sooooo much more at that point. I was even moaning as she fucked my face.

When she had enough, she told me she wanted to fuck me for real now and I felt my clitty twitch in anticipation. I hadn’t cum all week (I picked up on the trend after this one!) and was really looking forward to her using me.

She took her time and was doing me for probably 15 min, changing speeds, making me moan with pleasure, beg her for more, yet, she was taking her time, keeping me from getting too close to cumming. I was in heaven and was moaning my approval of her efforts, looking forward to my release when I heard a noise in front of me and realized it was the front door opening, to my horror. I looked up to see her bf just walk in. I was shocked, and absolutely humiliated. I was tied up and could do nothing to cover myself or stop her (not that I would have been willing to try). I knew any shred of dignity I might have had left was now gone and sunk my head, losing my lust for release.

She had promised me multiple times he wouldn’t know and now he did. There was no denying it now. I remember thinking that I could swear I locked the door after she got home out of habit, so it didn’t make sense, but it didn’t matter at this point either. As crestfallen as I was, my wife didn’t stop fucking my ass and it didn’t take me long to realize I was as hard as ever. Yet again, the more humiliated I was, the more my body betrayed me.

He shut the door, stripped, and came over with a smile on his face. He stuck his growing, thick cock in my face and I knew I had to suck him, so I did. For the first time, I was being fucked from both ends and it was a very… busy feeling, but also exciting. Tied up, I wasn’t going to move, so the rhythm wasn’t the way you hear of bouncing back and forth, they both just did as they wished.

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