My Crossed Life – Chapter 11: Jenni Gives All Of Herself To Her First True Love


In hindsight, I should have expected that the Friday night date at Professor Lambert’s apartment might not be everything I was expecting. I had duped a college professor and made the assumption that just because I had sucked his cock in his office and swallowed all of his cum, that he wouldn’t be able to resist me again and was ready to fuck my brains out all night. I spent more time debating whether to wear a leather or denim jacket over a little black dress and traveling one hundred miles round trip to buy a pair of black, 9 wide, knee-high boots for our “date” than considering the fact that maybe, just maybe the Professor had an alternative plan.As I was ready to knock on the door of apartment 4B, I could hear conversation and laughter from at least a half dozen people coming from inside. Maybe I misunderstood the day? I started to question the apartment number. Or maybe I just underestimated the Professor. I figured, what the hell, and knocked. The apartment got quiet and Professor Lambert answered a moment later.“Well, there he is. Come on in Jeremy.”Not exactly the greeting I was looking for given my attire for the evening but there was no turning back at that point. Professor Lambert’s hand had found my lower back and was leading me into the waiting group. There were seven people there in addition to the professor. All of them had their eyes fixed on me as I entered.I gave him a little smirky smile before saying hello to the group with a big happy smile and said, “Actually it’s Jenni. The professor must be getting forgetful in his old age.”A slender woman in her forties approached and introduced herself as Tabby, another member of the faculty. She introduced her boyfriend Rich, who was maybe a few years older than me and quite a cutie. Rich greeted me with a polite little handshake before turning back to the conversation Tabby pulled him out of to meet me.“He’s my teaching assistant and fuck buddy. He hates it when I call him my boyfriend. He is a hottie though and yes he can fuck. I’m sorry, was that too forward?”I realized I was not fully engaged with Tabby as I was surveying the group to see if there were any familiar faces. Professor Lambert was as disinterested in me as possible and there was no one else I recognized. I could hear him telling the two people near him his version of our meeting from earlier in the week. The one woman he was speaking to glared at me with a dreadful look of disapproval. What in the hell was I doing here?“Jenni?” Tabby asked to Escort Side get my attention. “None of these people here will understand why you are dressed the way you are dressed. This is the most conservative group of college professors you’ll find on campus. Except me, girl. I think what you’re doing is cool – Being you. I love your vibe and I’ve only known you for two minutes. It’s the same vibe telling me I may have to ditch boy toy tonight and get to know you a little better. First, let’s get you a drink.”“Thank you and yes! I need a glass of that wine and let’s talk!”Tabby and I drank wine and talked off in a corner. We quickly established that there were very few boundaries to our conversation. Tabby was very bisexual, something that wasn’t embraced by her family, friends, or peers. It was the early nineties and very different times. I occasionally looked the professor’s way, disgusted by his smugness and really wanting to tell everyone how much I had enjoyed sucking his thick cock. But what would that accomplish? This was his way of trying to put me in line and I was better served laying low.Tabby made that very easy. In no time, I felt like I had found a new friend and confidant. She made sure my wine glass was always full and wasn’t afraid to throw a little dirt on the room full of her friends. As cautious as I wanted to be, this woman seemed to dislike almost everyone in the room as much as me so she was ok in my book. I shared my story with Tabby who was fully engaged with my journey. She was open with very intimate details about her sexuality. Our dialog turned from conversational to flirtatious to sexual over the course of about four or five glasses of wine.“I’m going to ask you a very, very personal question,” Tabby whispered in my ear. “I’d like to tell Rich he’s on his own tonight and take you home instead. I’m sure I have a little wine at my place and I think I’d like to get to know you a little better. Are you down for that?”“Absolutely. Just give me the word. It won’t be soon enough.”After a brief conversation with Rich, Tabby grabbed her coat, took me by the hand and led me out of the apartment. Professor Lambert wished Tabby a good night and looked away from me without saying a word.“Asshole,” I muttered under my breath. As I did Tabby squeezed my hand, gave me a playfully disconcerting look, and pulled me to the door.“Don’t let him get to you. He was going on and on about how he couldn’t believe how good you looked at manavgat escort your meeting. He was completely fooled. Trust me he was pissed and not very understanding of your ‘lifestyle decision’ as he called it. He was not going to let it go.”“Well, he’s an asshole,” choosing not to disclose the more intimate parts of the meeting that clearly the good professor chose to leave out.It was a short walk to her car which was parked about a half block away from his building. As we walked and made small talk, I marveled at Tabby’s confidence, her amazing legs, and the radiance of her skin. Tabby lived about twenty minutes away. She assured me she would drive me back to my car tomorrow morning making it very clear that she had every intention of me spending the night. Tabby lived in a modest-sized home. She was single and hesitant to get into any kind of serious relationship.Her home was very inviting and had a nice modern design. She threw her coat on the couch and went into the kitchen to get us something to drink. I took off my jacket and put it next to hers on the couch. She came back with a bottle of wine and a few glasses. She told me to have a seat.“So I’ve never been with a girl like you. And yes Jenni, I see you as a girl. Anyone who walks into a room like you did and acts like you did is a girl in my book.”“Well thank you. I appreciate how nice you have been tonight. And that you see me for me. Part of me would like to be Jenni all the time. It’s just not a reality.” Tabby put her wine glass down and took mine out of my hand, placing it on the coffee table in front of us.“Stop talking,” she said as she leaned forward to kiss me.Our lips met for an instant, froze for a moment, and then continued to move against each other. Her kiss was so soft and sensual, like nothing I had experienced before. Our lips separated momentarily but I quickly re-engaged clearly showing her I was into whatever this was now and could be later, without saying a word. Tabby’s hands started to explore my body. She moved her hands to mine and moved them to her breasts. My hands slowly caressed each of them, moving slowly over her curves. They were easily the biggest I had ever touched. Her hands rubbed my thigh, casually pushing my dress away as she did.“As sexy as fuck as these boots are, let’s get these off.”I nodded in agreement and she unzipped the slides and slid them off my legs.“Oh my and look at these legs,” she marveled as she rubbed from my calf up alanya escort bayan past my knee. Our kissing continued. Our tongues playfully explored each other.“Stand up and take off your dress,” I was ordered. I did as I was told, standing in front of my new mistress. I slowly slid the black dress over my shoulders and to the floor. I stood in a black bra and panties in front of her. Tabby eyed me over, rubbing my leg and slowly guiding her finger between my legs.“I want to see it. Take it out.”I knew what “it” was. Although well hidden between my legs, “it” was getting hard and becoming very difficult to conceal. I slid my panties aside allowing my cock to be exposed. Tabby took it in her hand and slowly started stroking it as I stood in front of her. She repositioned herself and moved her mouth toward my now very erect penis. She slowly put her lips on my head, waited for a minute, slid her tongue around it and then took every last of my six inches into her mouth and throat. I could feel her lips pulsating on the bottom of my shaft and her tongue making its way around. She pulled off and looked up at me.“It’s nice. But mine is bigger. Come with me.”As she did in the apartment, she took me by the hand and led me away, this time down a short hallway and into her bedroom. I was told to lie down on the bed. Tabby walked toward a door on the side of the room, slid out of her dress letting it fall to the floor and disappeared into her oversized closet. She reemerged minutes later wearing a purple and black bra and panties set with a garter holding up black stockings. As much as my eyes wanted to admire her body they were drawn to the strap-on dildo around her waist and heading for bed. I crawled to the edge of the bed where my prize was waiting.“I assume you know what to do with that, don’t you?” Tabby said pointing at the eight-inch life-like cock now just inches from my mouth.I nodded in agreement. I immediately moved my mouth to the head and took as much of the cock as I could, gagging before taking it all down my throat. I started to suck it like I would any other dick glancing upward for approval. Tabby seemed quite pleased. She was rubbing her voluptuous 36C tits while smiling down at me.“You are a good little cock sucker aren’t you?” she asked. I didn’t answer. I just kept working this cock, drenching it with my saliva. My one hand found her pussy and gently started to rub her clit until my finger slid inside her pussy. She moaned in delight. Seconds later her bra fell to the back of my neck. I looked up to see her now naked tits for the first time. She was pinching her large nipples which were both fully erect. I wanted badly to suck on each of them and bury my face in them, but my focus was on the cock that would undoubtedly be buried inside me.

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