My Chastity Ch. 01


This is my first time posting. While My Master is having me write something long to post, I thought I’d also post this. It is fiction… mostly. More something I think would be fun. 🙂


“So you misbehaved and came without my permission?”

My Master looks down at me, kneeling at his feet. It has been 2 weeks since he gave me permission to cum and I had gotten very horny. When my husband fucked me last night, I couldn’t hold back anymore and came very hard and very loud. I knew I was in trouble as soon as I came, so I told Master as quickly as possible, that way there was no more trouble. He told me to visit him this morning to receive my punishment.

“Yes Master. This unworthy sub came without permission. She is humbly sorry for disobeying your order and is ready to receive her punishment.”

“Very well. This actually gives me a chance to try something I was wanting to try with you.”

My Master goes to his room, where he keeps all his toys. I have not been privileged enough to be allowed in there, but I know there are many different devices in there.

Master comes out holding what looks like a black and gold metal thong. I know right away what it is: a chastity belt. I become both horny and worried at wearing it.

“I see you Tipobet know what this is. I already talked to your husband about this and he agrees with you wearing it for at least a month. You will suck both of us off during this time, since you cannot listen to my order.”

Master then pulls out an attachable dildo and places it in the belt. He locks it in place, so it will constantly fill my cunt.

“This will make sure you are always full. We wouldn’t want that tight pussy to go without something filling it for a month, now would we? Stand so we can put this on.”

I stand up immediately, my hands behind my back and eyes lowered. I’m still nervous about this, but also happy this will please my Master.

Master pulls the belt up and over my hips, making sure the dildo slides completely into me. I moan at the fullness, already getting horny. Master locks the belt closed and puts the key on a necklace around his neck.

“Now time for your punishment.”

Master goes back into his room and comes out with a leather crop. He points over to the bench in the corner.

“Go assume the position.”

I quickly go to the bench and lean over, sticking my ass in the air with my feet slightly apart. Master walks over and stands just to the Tipobet Giriş side of me.

“Count to 10.”

Master smacks my ass, landing on my left cheek. I start counting each smack, getting to 10 quickly. Master then moves to the other side and does the same thing, ending again at 10.

“Stand up and come with me.”

I stand quickly, my legs shaking from the left over burn of the crop. While painful, it wasn’t that much and also felt a bit arousing. The crop has become one of Master’s favorite punishments. And one of mine.

I walk behind Master, head lowered. Master takes me into the spare bedroom and picks up the lotion on the table before sitting on the bed.

“Come here and assume the position.”

I walk over and lay across Master’s lap. Another reason I enjoy the crop is the care afterwards. Master will rub some numbing lotion onto me, which helps relax me. It also makes me feel very special, which I need afterwards.

“If you are a good sub and listen to me and your husband this month, I will consider taking the belt off. But if you don’t listen or try to get off while wearing the belt, it will stay on longer. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master.”

“Good. Now, do you know how everything works with Tipobet Güncel Giriş this?”

“Yes Master. I’ve looked at them before.”

“Very good. You will come over here each night and I will bathe your cunt. You will not cum during this time, but I will make it feel good. If you feel like you are close, you are to tell me immediately and I will stop everything. If you cum, you will get a more severe punishment. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master.”

“Very good. Kneel and assume the mouth fucking position.”

I drop to my knees immediately and open my mouth, forming an O with my hands behind my back. Master unbuckles his pants and drops them to his ankles. Then he grabs my head and starts fucking my mouth with his hard cock, hitting the back of my throat each time. I have to time my breathing with Master’s thrusts. Master keeps going harder and faster, going further down my throat each time. I have to stop myself from moving my hands, as I know it will cause further punishment.

After 20 minutes of fucking my mouth, Master cums hard down my throat, holding my head to the base of Master’s cock. Master pulls his cock from my mouth and finishes cumming on my face.

“You look so exquisite with my cum dripping down your face. I need to do that to you more.”

“Yes Master.”

“Now get cleaned up and go to your husband. I want you to offer him full use of your mouth tonight. And remember: No cumming.”

“Yes Master.”

I clean up and go home, wondering if my husband will fuck my mouth as well…

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