My Buddy Wanted to Experiment Too


My buddy Mike and I had hung out so many times before. This time it was the weekend and we were drunk and talking about how horny we were. I threw out as a joke that I would suck his dick… he immediately said yes. I asked him to stand up and wow it was already hard. When I took it out it was way bigger than I thought it would be! And it had a nice curve. I put it in my mouth and he smiled and almost melted. It felt amazing. He said this was his first time getting a blow job like that while I had it in my mouth sucking on the head. He felt so good and was moaning so loudly. I kept good suction and was moving up and down. Pretty soon he pulled it out and said I’m gonna cum if I keep going… can I suck yours? I was shocked.

“Umm yeah definitely, for real?” I was floored. We blew each other and took our time. It was his first time sucking dick and it was funny watching him he wasn’t good at all he just moved his mouth up and down with no suction. We were locked together and made each other feel good for so long. We were so drunk and it felt amazing. His big cock curves and has a huge head. I let it deep into my throat while his big balls rested on my face. It was leaking the whole time I could taste his pre-cum. He Büyükesat Escort was so wide eyed and excited it was his first time and he was really happy. You could tell he’d thought about this for a while. There was spit running down his face with my cock right next to his face and he asked me to be a little aggressive. So I took control of his head and really helped him down my cock. At first he was a little scared but I kept telling him to relax and let me in and it would be easier. He was gagging so hard but he loved it. As I kept his head down I would rub it and massage it and fuck his face while also sucking him in the 69 position. He loved it. I used his hair to control his head on my cock and kept slapping his face a little. “I’ve been thinking about doing this for so long with you Mike I can’t believe you’ve wanted to also. How does my cock taste man?” He couldn’t answer it was too far down.

I’d already messed around with his best friend also straight who is known to have a big cock. I wondered if he had tasted that cock before too or if he had just fantasized. We sucked each other so good for so long into the night. It was a great workout. We took a break Elvankent Escort and smoked a bunch of weed and had some Costco vodka. We didn’t say much but you could feel the excitement in the air as finally all of these fantasies you realized you had are shared with your best bud. He wants you just as bad as you want him. Then finally you realize you have no more secrets. That might have been the first time that someone knew everything about me. Even my family couldn’t say that. It’s so hot. Pretty soon we started looking at each other again because we were so hard and naked.

I said “oh my god dude what have we been doing this whole time all these years since high school. Just playing video games and smoking weed. Horny. Could’ve helped each other out a long time ago. I was so turned on by turning him out. He kept staring at my cock and I kept looking at his. Suddenly he walked over and put his hand on my face while looking deeply right into my eyes which we never did otherwise. I was shocked. We usually avoided touching at all like most straight men. Shoving cocks down each other’s throats was one thing, but intimately touching me like that was crazy. Suddenly Beşevler Escort I put my hands around his head and kissed him on the lips for a long time. Our breathing was so quick it was like we had run a marathon. We both smiled and he got on his knees and started to blow me again. That pleasure rushed back so quickly. Going from my dick all the way throughout my body. It felt so amazing. I started giving him tips. “Try to go all the way down bro it’s okay if you gag.” He instantly went deeper. “Daaaamn dude. God that feels fucking amazing. Try keeping suction while you do it.” This was new and complicated for him but he did it. “Damn dude nice. Fuck. Wow this feels way too good… try to keep your tongue up against the base… there you go.”

All of a sudden I was going to cum. I pulled my cock out of his mouth. Looking down at his face next to my cock. “Slow down man I’m gonna cum.” He started jacking off really fast when I said that. I noticed that and said “here let me take care of that for you. ” We started 69’ing again and damn it was hot. He asked me to keep his head down and deny him some breath. I loved holding him down my cock where he can’t breathe. Suddenly I felt like I was going to cum. I started squirming and I said “I’m gonna cum dude.” Suddenly I felt him also squirming a bit going “aaaaaah” We came into each other’s mouths pretty much at the same time. when he started cumming on accident that turned me on so much that I started cumming. At first he was scared when it hit his mouth but then he took it deep and let that cum stream down his throat.

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