My Best Friend’s Mother


I grew up knowing Trevor and his parents and siblings since I was five years of age. We grew up as kids tend to do along with changing of times Trevor’s parents found themselves divorced when were around the age of 19.

Trevor and I found ourselves enjoying the bar life when we became of age. Loved the new attention of women and I found a new talent, Karaoke. I was a good singer and that impressed the women. Trevor bragged to his mother one day just how good I was and that she should go sometime just to get out of the house. She decided to go one night and this story is how I learned the facts of life from Karen.

We all arrived at the bar together, Karen, Trevor and myself. I was picked up at my grandparents house since I was house sitting for them while they were away on vacation. We all ordered drinks and I sang. We eventually ordered enough drinks that we were all buzzed. I seemed to recall the glisten in Karen’s eyes as I would sing. While others would sing, she would ask me to dance. She was a good dancer for the age of 43, she was 5’8 and a 130 pounds, 32 breast that were pointy.

We would dance and she would move in close to me as to where it seemed out two lips would meet. She teased me and my cock the whole night as I returned the flirting with my cock brushing her as we danced. The night went by quickly. Trevor had called his older brother to come and pick him up because he was bored and glad his mom was having a good time. He was unaware of just how good of a time, still to this hatay escort day unaware of the events that took place. His brother showed up and they left to go to a hot bods contest. Shortly after they had left she suggested she take me to my grandparents home so we left.

After arriving there I invited her in, she accepted. The house was cold so I started a fire as we talked and nestled close to one another. It was so cold her nipples were protruding through her shirt, which made this 21 year old hornier. I began to kiss her and to my surprise she lead from there. Her tongue inviting mine, that gladly followed her lead. Her breathe became heavy like a virgin kissing for the very fist time. As she kissed me she removed my shirt and rubbed my chest hair and athletic body.

My hands followed. I began to play with her breast through her shirt, she moaned louder like she was about to have an orgasm then. She then removed her own shirt and bra and then ordered me to stand up and removed all my clothes like a whore in heat. I was already at full erection the thought of a women in control turned me on. The thought she was my best friends mom I knew about all my life really did it for me.

She was on her knees with my 7 inch cock staring at her she was moaning and giggling because of her excitement to suck a 21 year old in which she watched to grow up into a man. she took her cock in her mouth and massaged my balls her tongue playing with the tip of my cock, she was taking all of me into her mouth like a professional. She was going at my cock like it was the last one she would ever get to taste. I then begin to rub and pinch her nipples that were fully erect. She moaned louder and sucked my cock faster and harder and she moaned louder with her excitement.

I just whispered fuck Karen you suck a mean cock, she looked at me and smiled as she sighed with contentment herself. I said let me fuck you. She removed my cock from her mouth and said why would you want to fuck an old women? I looked at her and said don’t see a old women I see a women who knows how to suck a cock and wants to be satisfied as much as I do.

With that she laid back and spread her legs. I could see the smegma dripping between her pussy lips and she immediately begin to massage her tits. I laid over her and teased her clit with the tip of my cock, it made it instantly sticky and wet from her pussy juices. she reached around me and squeezed my round tight ass as she was pulling me towards her. As she was drawing me in nearer she took a hold of my cock and inserted in her pussy. She felt so good, I was surprised I was guessing that part would be disappointing since she had three kids and all were older than me. I was wrong she would massage my balls, rub my ass, finger my ass hole without penetrating my ass.

She bucked and squirmed like a wild animal that made me fuck her as hard and fast as I could giving her all of my cock. She would tell me to raise up she wanted to see my cock and shaft gliding in and out of her. I complied, I whispered to her what else would she like for me to do to please her. To my surprise and first anal fucking she said fuck me up the ass, please fuck me in the ass. I had never heard that before, a women begging me to fuck her ass. She was on all fours awaiting for me to fuck her ass. I slowly inserted my cock in her and she immediately began to moan with pleasure rather than from pain saying yeah that’s it fuck my ass, harder, harder.

I was slammimg my cock in her ass as my balls were slapping her ass cheeks. It was so tight, like fucking a virgin pussy!! I had about all my cock and hormones could take. I told Karen she felt good and my balls were building up cum and I was going to cum soon. She told me to cum deep inside her ass, she climaxed for what I was sure the second time, possibly her third and with her orgasm I came deep inside her ass.

As I pulled out she tackled me and began to suck my cock again, I couldn’t hardly take it do to it being very sensitive, she laughed and did it a while longer. We held each other and kissed till better part of the start of the new day. She said I need to get home before the guys wake up, with that she left. That was many of our secret encounters we had. We fucked many times. Many different places and no one ever has found out, I was sad the day she moved away and remarried. Although that was 8 and a half years ago I still Have a vivid picture in my mind of our times together. It was the start of a exciting sex life that was yet to come with other lovers and flings, but those my friends are other stories to write about later…

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