My Best Friend’s Dad


The house looked the same as it always had and yet this time, it felt like I was going behind enemy lines. Have you ever noticed how people’s homes often have a certain smell? That’s how I knew it was different. Her smell was gone.

I have lost count of the number of nights I spent at Pete’s house throughout my childhood and well into my teens. I was so familiar to his parents I didn’t need to knock. I could just walk right in, even if I wasn’t with Pete. Some afternoons after school, I would show up with Pete unannounced and his mother would always have enough food ready, just in case. They took it for granted I would probably show up.

I stopped coming after Pete’s fifteenth birthday. He had invited twelve kids from our class to his house for a barbeque. We were in his room and everyone else was due in less than an hour when we heard something smash downstairs, followed by a lot of yelling.

‘Fuck,’ Pete muttered to himself.

I had never seen or heard Pete’s parents argue before so I tried to make a joke about it, but he didn’t laugh.

‘It’s been like this everyday for the last week,’ he said. ‘They won’t stop.’

We heard their voices move out into the garden followed by a loud bang. Pete peered out the window.

He sighed. ‘There goes the barbeque.’

The voices were inside again and they were getting louder. Footsteps on the stairs. I couldn’t make out exactly what they were saying because they were shouting so loud. It was grownup stuff, none of it interested me much at the time. But Pete looked freaked.

‘I’ll be back in a sec,’ he said, hurrying out of the room and shutting the door behind him. A moment later and the shouting stopped. Footsteps came quickly towards the door and it opened again. Except it wasn’t Pete. It was his father, Joe Wilson.

‘David?’ he said.

I can’t remember if I said anything in response or if I just stared, open-mouthed like an idiot.

‘I think it’s best you head home, son. Barbeque isn’t happening anymore. We’ll do it another time.’

His eyes bore into me. I could feel my heart thumping in my chest as I stood up and grabbed my things. He moved aside as I walked out the door but I still brushed against his stomach and felt the hairs on my arm stand up. Just before I went downstairs, I looked left and saw Pete standing in the doorway of his parents’ room. I could hear his mother crying inside.

‘Another time’ never came. Pete didn’t have a birthday that year. Claire Wilson filed for divorce three years later. I remember the date because it was exactly one week after my eighteenth birthday, four months ago now. She moved out the day she gave him the papers. With no more fighting, Pete’s house was safe terrain again. But it still felt strange to be back.

I closed the front door and followed Pete down the hall. I could hear the sound of a lawnmower. We went into the kitchen and I saw him through the window.

His shirt was off and his tanned skin glistened under the sun. Pete’s father had been a football player in his younger days and he had kept his build intact. I watched him lift the end of his dark blue t-shirt up and wipe the sweat from his brow. I felt a tightening in my shorts as I caught a glimpse of his abdomen and the dark strands of hair trailing down from his naval.

Is it weird to have a thing for your best friend’s father? As far back as I could remember, I had. I would never tell Pete though. It would make things awkward.

Joe’s t-shirt looked like it could rip under the strain of his muscles at any second. Despite being in his late forties and Pete and I having youth on our side, I was pretty sure if we tried to take him in a fight, we would both get out asses kicked.

‘You deaf?’ Pete said.

‘What?’ I looked at him, pulled back to reality against my will.

‘I said do you want something to eat?’

‘Oh. No, I’m good for now. Ate way too much for lunch.’

The lawnmower stopped. Pete opened the fridge and I moved to stand around the corner of the kitchen island to disguise my growing erection.

The back door opened behind me. I could smell his scent escort bayan gaziantep the minute he stepped inside. I turned.

He stared at me. I had not seen him this close in years.

‘David, you’ve got taller,’ he said. ‘Good to see you again.’ He smiled and gave me a pat on the back. His hand was strong and firm. I shoved my hands into my pockets to readjust myself.

‘Good to see you again too, Mr Wilson.’

‘Mr Wilson?’ he laughed.

I felt my face redden. ‘Sorry. Joe.’ It had been so long since we spoke, I had forgot we were on a first-name basis.

‘You staying for dinner?’

‘Yeah,’ Pete answered for me. ‘He’s staying over.’

Joe nodded. ‘Alright. I’m going to have a shower, I stink.’

He went upstairs and I spent the rest of the afternoon until dinner trying to focus on my conversation with Pete as I wouldn’t fantasize about what Joe would look like in the shower.

Dinner was quick. Joe and Pete spoke about father and son stuff and he asked me a few questions about how I had been doing since he saw me last. After dinner, he gave Pete and I a beer each from the fridge and then another and then another.

I slept in the spare bedroom. It was just after three in the morning when I woke up, needing to use the bathroom. I got up and crept into the hall. I only had my underwear on. Pete’s bedroom door was closed but I could still hear him snoring.

The door to Joe’s bedroom door was open a crack but there was nothing but darkness inside. I went to the bathroom and quietly turned off the light and shut the door after myself. I almost jumped when I saw Joe standing in the doorway of his room. He was wearing black underwear that hugged his thighs. His body was truly magnificent. His chest was covered in hair, his legs were thick and muscular. His shoulders were so broad, he looked like he could run through a wall.

‘You alright?’ he said in a low voice.

‘Uh, yeah I’m OK,’ I said.

‘It’s late. You having trouble sleeping?’

‘Nah, I’ll be out cold again in a minute.’

He didn’t move from the door, so neither did I. It was hard to read the expression on his face in the dark.

‘Come here,’ he said.

I walked slowly toward him. He took up the entire width of the door frame. I was not sure what he was going to do or say so I was surprised when he wrapped his arms around me and gave me a hug.

‘It really is good to see you again David,’ he said. His whole body enveloped me. His skin was warm. He smelled amazing. ‘You know you were like a second son to me for so many years.’

He stepped back. I was hard as a rock and there was no hiding it now. I silently prayed that he would not look down because I had no idea how he would react.

Joe stepped back from the door and beckoned me in. I walked in, feeling his breath on my neck as I passed him.

‘Sit,’ he said.

I sat on the mattress, him next to me. I am not a small guy by any means, but Joe still dwarfed me in size.

‘Did you miss coming around here?’ he asked. He was looking me in the eye. Seizing the opportunity, I placed my hands in my lap.

I nodded and gave a slight shrug, trying to look nonchalant. ‘Yeah, sure. It was cool.’

Joe nodded. ‘Do you remember that one night a few years back when you got up?’


‘When you got up in the middle of the night. I don’t know, maybe you were going to the bathroom or getting a glass of water or something?’

I knew what he was talking about. It was a night I had replayed in my head so many nights since. I nodded.

‘And you came to the door?’

I nodded again, looking down.

‘What did you see?’


‘When you came to this door right here and looked inside. What did you see?’

I shook my head. ‘Mr Wilson…’

‘You can say it.’

‘…You were having sex.’

‘With my wife.’

I nodded again.

‘Then what happened?’ he said. I could see his chest moving up and down slowly.

‘What do you mean?’

‘You didn’t turn away and go back to bed right away, did you David?’

I blushed. ‘No, Mr Wilson,’ I said in a quiet voice. Why couldn’t I bring myself to call him Joe?

‘You stood in the doorway and watched for a bit, didn’t you?’

I was humiliated. The look he gave me when he had walked back in from the garden earlier. It wasn’t one of fondness, it was one of disgust. Disappointment at the way I had acted all those years ago.

‘Say it,’ he said.

‘Yes, I watched.’

‘And then what?’

‘And… I got hard.’

‘Kind of like you are right now?’

I looked back at his face. It was lit only by the moonlight coming through the window. He would have shaved that morning and already his face was covered in light stubble. I had never been around such unbridled masculinity.

‘There’s no point trying to hide it David. As soon as I hugged you, you got hard as a rock. And you got hard when I gave you a pat on the back in the kitchen earlier too, didn’t you?’

He grabbed my right hand from my lap and pulled it away, looking down.

‘Yes I did, Mr Wilson.’

‘Why did you get hard that night?’


‘Because what?’

‘Because I wished it me who was getting fucked by you.’

Joe took a breath. ‘That’s what I thought. Do you feel better now that’s off your chest?’

I nodded.

‘Good. Now, I want you to put your right hand on my cock.’

‘Are you serious?’

‘Do I look like I’m kidding?’


‘David, you’re in my house. When you’re in my house, you will follow my rules. Do you understand?’


‘Good. Put your hand on my cock now.’

I put my hand on the bulge in his underwear and slowly, pulled back the fabric. His dick came out and I put it in my hand, feeling it throb against the skin of my palm. Joe sat back in the bed, putting his arms out at either side, relaxing.

‘How does that feel?’

‘It feels good. It’s really big.’

‘Well, you’ve got something you’ve always wanted now. Your hand is on my cock. What else do you want to do?’

My palm went up and down his shaft. I enjoyed feeling the strength of it, the power.

‘Suck it,’ I said quietly.

‘Ask me.’

I looked in his eyes. His stare was so intense I felt he was not just looking at me, but looking at something else, another part of me. A part of me no one else knew about.

‘Can I please suck your cock Mr Wilson?’

Joe put his hand on the back of my head and brought my mouth down on his shaft. I licked every inch of his cock, running my tongue gently across the slit, eager to please him. He moaned and his grip on me tightened.

I felt his fingers run through my hair as he clumped it in his fist and forced my head up and down. Running my hands along his thick, hairy thighs, I closed my eyes and savoured the sweet taste of his pre-come. He lifted me off his dick and brought my lips to his balls. I sucked on them eagerly while he rubbed his shaft across my face.

There was relief as he forced his cock back in my mouth. Relief at finally getting what I had always desired. Relief at no longer having to pretend. Relief that after all this time, he knew exactly who I was and what I wanted.

‘What do you say?’ he said.

‘Thank you,’ I said, his cock still in my mouth.

Joe leaned forward so that his chest was only inches from my face. He put his hand on my ass and squeezed hard, silently claiming it as his. My whole body shivered as his finger traced my hole.

‘Has this ever been used?’ he said.

‘No Mr Wilson, never.’

Still gripping my hair, he got up and moved behind me. Turning me around, I lay on the bed while he gripped both my legs and raised them in the air. His dick brushed against my ass.

‘Wait,’ I said.

He stopped, looked at me.

‘What if Pete hears us?’

How could I explain it to him when I could hardly explain it to myself? Our friendship would be over.

Joe smiled. ‘I’m willing to take that risk.’

He spat on his hand and rubbed my hole. If this were a dream, I thought, this would be the moment that I would wake up. I would be back in the guest room, covered in my own mess and listening out for Joe’s heavy breathing, wishing I was lying next to him.

I took a deep breath as I felt the head of his cock slip inside me. I groaned, my hands gripping the hot flesh of his waist. He went in deeper, my hole stretched as he filled me with his meat.

‘Fuck,’ I whispered. It hurt. But I did not want him to stop.

A cough down the hallway from Pete’s room made me freeze but Joe did not care. He kept going, pushing deeper and deeper inside me until I felt his balls brush against my ass.

‘Oh God…’

He put his hands down on either side my head, digging into the mattress. His whole body moved up and down as he fucked me. I tried to keep quiet but I couldn’t stop myself from moaning. My cock was hard against my stomach.

With each thrust I was more and more aware of him inside me, filling me up, making me whole. I ran my hands down his back, feeling his muscles flex. His figure towered over me. He could do whatever he wanted and I would be powerless to stop him. That realisation made my cock throb even more.

‘I’m going to come soon.’

‘Please cover me in your come.’

Joe pulled his cock out of my ass and shoved it straight into my mouth, making me taste myself. I licked every inch.

‘You’re going to drink it all,’ he said.

Joe grunted as he jerked his cock, sending a stream of come down my throat. It was hot and sticky on my tongue. I savoured the taste as I slowly swallowed it all. I licked and sucked the slit of his dick, making sure I had not missed a drop.

He lay down beside me on the bed, breathing deeply. Just when I was about to get up and return to the guest room, he pulled me back. Wrapping me into his chest, he pulled the blanket over both of us and I spent the rest of the night in his arms.

Just a few hours later when the sun was starting to rise, I crept out of the bed. I had to make sure I was back in the guest room before Pete woke up.

But Joe was not done with me yet. As soon as I was back in the other room, he followed me in, bent me over and fucked me on the side of the bed. The door was wide open onto the hallway. If Pete got up, he would see everything.

‘Mr Wilson, please…’

He didn’t answer. He knew he could do whatever he wanted to me and I would let him. My teeth digging into the blanket, I winced as he fucked me.

I could hear movement on the other side of the wall. Pete was awake. He was probably getting ready to take a shower.

Gripping my shoulders, I felt the warmth of Joe’s come fill my hole. He pulled me off the bed and brought my body against his. I shivered as I felt his breath on the nape of my neck. He whispered in my ear.

‘Hold my come in your ass until you go, don’t lose a drop.’

‘Yes, Mr Wilson,’ I said.

He let me go and I fell on the bed, breathless. I heard the door of Pete’s bedroom open.

‘Jesus Christ Dad, wear clothes.’

Joe laughed and said he had gone for a piss and was not going to get dressed just for that. I heard the door of his bedroom shut. A moment later, the shower turned on.

I decided to skip breakfast. I was still trying to process what had happened. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to act normal at the table. I sent Pete a text explaining I had a family thing that I forgot about and needed to be home early for. I told him I would see him later.

I got dressed and ran a comb through my hair. I made the bed and shut the door behind me. At the top of the stairs, I hesitated. I looked at Joe’s bedroom door. It was still shut. I wanted to go back in and climb into bed with him again and never get back out.

No, I thought. It’s time to go. I went downstairs with my things and left the house.

I was halfway home when I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. That would be Pete’s reply, I thought.

I took it out and stared at the screen. The text was from a number I did not recognise.

I opened the message: It’s Joe (Mr Wilson to you). Got your number from Pete’s phone. Be seeing you around.

We would see each other again. I just had to make sure Pete did not find out. Enjoying the fresh morning air, I smiled to myself as I felt Joe’s come leave my hole and trickle down my leg.

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