My Beautiful, Submissive Girlfriend


I get home from work and find you already in bed, not asleep but lost in a daydream of some sort. I take off my work clothes, leaving just my boxer-briefs and t-shirt on and climb into bed with you. Normally you sleep in the nude, but you hadn’t gotten ready for bed yet and still had a short, tight baby t-shirt on and a red g-string. Laying on your side, I snuggle up behind you, spooning and pulling you in tight to me I whisper “I’m home, babe” into your ear and kiss your cheek.

Grabbing one of my hands in acknowledgement, fingers intertwined, we lay there enjoying the feel of each other for a while. Slowly my manhood starts to react to the closeness, becoming harder by the minute, pressing into you from behind. I reach up your shirt and start playing with your tits, pinching and pulling your nipples to get you going more than you might be, leaning in to kiss and nibble your neck and earlobes. You grasp one of my hands in yours, following my movements on your breast. Slowly you turn your head back and press your lips to mine, kissing me softly. You roll out of bed and take off your shirt, freeing your full, pert breasts as I also roll off the bed to discard my shirt and underwear. You turn and slowly take off your g-string, bending over in front of me to tease me. We climb back into the bed and I roll you onto your back and start to kiss along your tits, circling to your nipples to take one in my mouth, sucking, nibbling and flicking it with my tongue, pinching and pulling the other one. I slide one hand slowly down your stomach just to the top of your pussy, not quite touching your clit yet, just lightly tracing along the outside of your lips, moving slowly closer to your clit finally touching it lightly, but gradually applying more pressure to it. Rubbing it harder and pinching it, pulling your ring, I now slowly starting to kiss down your stomach, following the same path that my hand did, kissing slowly Trabzon Escort and lightly around the outside of your pussy until finally reaching your clit to suck hard into my mouth, nibbling it and sliding my hand down to put 3 fingers inside you. Sucking and nibbling your clit hard, I slide in a 4th finger and fucking hard in and out, making your pussy juice all over my face and hand. You grab my head and hold me tightly to your cunt as I do this, moaning loudly and telling me not to stop, urging me on.

“Oh god, eat my pussy. Suck my clit harder, pull hard on my ring. Fuck me with those fingers, deeper, faster, harder. Oh shit, I’m CUMMMING!!”

Cuming hard all over my face, I drink as much of your juice as I can. Once your finished I kiss up your body, stopping quickly to lick each of your nipples, then kissing up to your mouth and kissing you passionately, sharing the deliciousness of your juices with you.

I take one of your hands and guiding it to my throbbing cock, you wrap your hand around it and start to slowly stroke it. I lay down on my back, my dick pointing upwards as you kneel next to me and begin to lick up and down my shaft, making me moan with pleasure. Licking down and taking my balls and sucking them for a moment, you lick back up to the head and slowly take it in your mouth, just the head teasingly at first, then swiftly going all the way down, taking it deep in your throat. My hips thrust up and I moan hard, grabbing your head and guiding you up and down, encouraging you. You alternate between taking me deep in your throat and just sucking the head, pushing me to the brink and then letting me fall back down each time. Finally I pull you off of me and lay you on your back. I slide over on top of you and rub my cockhead up and down your cunt, kissing you passionately and then slowly pushing the head into you, sinking inch by inch into your tight wet pussy. Slowly Trabzon Escort Bayan pulling out until just the head is left in, I push back deep into you slowly. Still kissing you I slowly pick up speed, gradually going faster and faster until I’m fucking deep into you as hard as I can, your legs wrapped around me and your heels pushing on my ass to try and get me deeper.

“Is that good, baby?” I ask.

“Mmm yeah,” you moan in reply.

“You like my big hard cock deep in your cunt?” I ask again as I slam hard into you.

“Oh yes, I love it. Fuck me harder Joe, fuck me as hard as you can!” You scream.

I push into you a little harder, pushing as far into you as I can, our pelvises grinding against each other, your clit rubbing against me.

“I’m gonna cum babe, fuck me. Fuck my cunt. Oh god I’m cumming again!”

Still fucking you as you cum, I can feel your pussy contract tighter on my cock, trying to milk the cum from my balls, but I don’t cum. Slowly you come down from your exstacy.

“Get on all fours, Skyler,” I command.

You get up on your hands and knees, your perfect ass jutting out into the air, your flooded pussy leaking rivers of juices down your thighs. I kneel behind you, running my hand over your ass, rubbing it lightly before I lift it and bring it down hard, spanking you.

“Mmmmm,” you moan.

“Liked that, did ya?”

“Uh huh, it felt good, and you know I love being spanked and that it turns me on.”

Thwack! I spank you again, this time on the other side.

“Mmmm fuck me now. I want to feel your big fuckstick inside me, jam it in there and fuck me hard!”

I grab your hips and thrust my cock as hard and deep into you as I can. Your head jerks up and around, looking at me with a contorted look of pleasure in your face. I fuck as hard as I can into you, spanking your ass every so often as I do. You Escort Trabzon reach under you to play with your clit, pinching it and pulling on the ring hard.

“Fuck my cunt, Joe. Fuck it hard, make me take all of your big cock,” you scream.

“You wanna cum, slut?” I ask.

“Yeah, make me cum. Make me cum like a little whore.”

“What’re you waiting for then whore?”

“For you to tell me I can cum. You know I only cum when you tell me I can.”

“And why is that?” I ask, baiting you.

“Because I’m a submissive whore, and I’m your slave. I want to be a good slave and cum when you tell me to,” you reply genuinely.

“Then cum for me slave,” I command.

“Mmm yes master.”

“Cum for me now slut.”

“I’M CUMMMMMMMMING!!” You scream loudly.

“Cum for me whore, cum harder. Harder! HARDER!” I command forcefully.

I keep telling you to cum harder, and each time I do you fuck back harder, clench my cock tighter in your pussy, and moan louder and louder.

“You want me to cum?” I ask.

“Yes, cum for me master. Cum for your slave,” you respond.

“Where do you want it, my little cumslut?”

“In me. Shoot all of your big, hot thick load in my cunt. I want to feel it all deep in me.”

“I’m going to cum, beg for it whore,” I say.

“Please cum for me. Shoot your big load for me. Cum for me master. Cum for your little slave, your submissive little cumslut. I love your big cock fucking me. Cum deep inside my tight cunt,” you plead.

“I’m cumming slave. I’m cumming!”

My thick load bursts forth, a first long, powerful stream shooting hard into your pussy, completely filling it. A second jet, only slightly weaker than the first follows. I shoot seven or eight thick ropes into you, each one gradually becoming less powerful as my climax draws to an end. Your pussy starts to overflow after the second rope. Slowly I pull out of you and collapse on the bed, having been fucking you for nearly three hours. I pull you close to me and kiss you lightly on the lips. I wrap one arm around you and grasp your hand in mine, you lay your head on my chest and we quickly fall deeply asleep in each other’s arms.

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