Ms. Marca Ch. 15


I was the guest, for a week at the home of old friends of my family the White’s, that I had known as a young teen. I was to be their only a few days and told them I would help them pack and move out of the house they had lived in for almost 25 years and into a retirement community. They had called a Man Power/Temporary work service to send over a man on Tuesday to help Mrs. White pack and move some boxes and extra bedroom furniture out to the garage for the movers to pick up over the weekend, and other to be put in storage. She was to take off work and meet the guy at noon and spend the afternoon getting all this done. I told her not to lose anytime from work just tell me what needed to be done and I would take care of everything for the move. She could not think me enough and besides I was repaying her for being a good friend to me over all these years and I felt like I was not a burden on them. I spent the morning packing the boxes the he was going to help her with and by 10 I had 90% of the list she left me completed, all he would have to do was move the furniture when he got here. She called me about 11:00 and told me he would be at the house by noon and that his name was Roland and he was a college student working part time.

I had on a pair of old cut off jeans that were cut high on the side like a French cut and were a size to small that made my ass stick out. I had on a tube top and barefoot. The doorbell rang and when I answered the door a young guy about 6’ 5” built like a NFL Linebacker was standing at the door. “Hi I’m here to help your husband move some things!” Right away his eyes went from my face to my tits and the look in his eyes told me he liked what he saw. Marca snapped back to reality, stood aside and ushered him into the house. “Yes, of course,” she said. “Ugh Oh Ugh my husband! Yes oh yes, oh my husband, he told me you would be coming. I had just forgot.”

“Well, my husband is not here and I hope you can do it yourself!”

I think I can do the job you need done as he looked down at me and smiled, his eyes blinking as he glimpsed the generous swell of Marca’s tits inside her top. I knew my nipples had to be showing though the material and they were beginning to bud and firm up. “Oh I think your right,” Marca told him, making a real effort to shake away the lewd thoughts racing through her head. “This way, please.” She led him down the narrow hallway. As she walked, she couldn’t resist adding a provocative sway to her steps. She sensed the stud’s eyes were glued to her ass, and that pleased her. She glanced over her shoulder, instantly gratified to see that she had been right. He was, indeed, looking at her round ass globes, which were on display for him under her tight shorts. “What’s your name?” she asked casually. He cleared his throat as he tore his gaze from her buns. “Roland, ma’am,” he stuttered. “Well, Roland, call me Marca,” she said. “I don’t think there is enough difference in our ages for you to keep calling me Mrs. White, or ma’am. “All… all right, Marca,” he replied.

You can begin upstairs, in the bedroom,” she said and gave the young man a real performance as she led him up the stairs. Marca did that catwalk swing wiggled her butt, telling herself it was only harmless fun to turn on the young man. Just a flirty game, she told herself, even as she realized she wouldn’t mind seeing how much bigger that bulge in the front of his jeans could get. With a big smile on her face it hit her he thinks I’m Mrs. White and with that she led him to the master bedroom telling him what was to be done and stood aside as he quickly began moving the furniture out of the room. She studied the ripple of his hard body, eyeing his strong muscles as he bent and maneuvered the sturdy pieces of furniture. I went back down stairs and did a few more things and it was not long before he had moved the stuff out to the bedroom and was getting the last of the boxes. He had taken his T-shirt off and soon his back, shoulders and arms were shiny with a sheen of perspiration and Marca felt an arousing stirring in her pussy. Her nipples stiffened against the thin tube top material and she knew the twin, dark darts were visible to the distracted hunk. “You know,” she purred, “you really are big and strong.” She hesitated, then went on. “I didn’t think you really could move the dresser and bed all by yourself?” She reached up to feel his big arm and he flexed the muscle and smiled down at her. “Well, I’m a big guy,” he stammered, standing awkwardly in front of her, his hands trying feebly to mask the obvious hard-on that was now straining against his fly. “I bet you are, I bet you’re big all over and you look like you got big stuff.”

As I looked down at his crouch and smiled and my eyes widen. “ I guess I’d better go get back to it!” She enjoyed the bewildered, almost dazed expression that covered Roland’s face. His eyes darted down quickly to her tits. Marca tingled with growing excitement. Instantly, she loved the power she had over the guy. He was mesmerized by her presence, his gaze riveted to the exposed portion of her large 40DD tits. He was practically drooling. Boldly, she glanced Sakarya Escort down at his fly. His cock inside his tight jeans was throbbing like a trapped snake, desperate for escape, and she could tell by the cock’s outline that it was huge! Turning him on so much, so fast, made my pussy get wet and throb. Her body and her general sex appeal having this kind of effect on the horny young stud seemed to glorify her womanhood. She felt complimented as well as aroused. She continued the lusty game of tormenting Roland, coyly revealing more of her luscious tits to his hungry gaze by arching my back forward as if to offer my breast to him. I ran my hand up to my neck and lowered it down on to my breast and stopping at my left nipple to feel it from the outside of the material.

This was not new to her, and she loved it! For once she was in complete control. She was the aggressor and the eager male was hers to seduce. Marca smiled sexily with the tube top barely covering her big, full, rounded tits. “I’m getting warm!”

“You look hot to me!” I moved up next to him and daringly put my hand on his arm and the other on his chest. “I can see you like seeing me hot, don’t you?” She whispered as she moved her body close to his and lowered her hand down and let it come to rest on his cock. “A stud like you is a real woman’s dream.” He opened his mouth to speak, but could not find the words. Wild tremors shook through him as Marca slowly began moving her hands over his body and telling him what big muscles he had and ran one hand over his lower stomachs. His whole body shuddered when her fingers grazed his crouch.

“Mmmm, you’ve certainly got a live one,” she cooed, giving him a wink as she continued to rub his throbbing prick. Roland trembled and stood helpless, letting her feel him from the outside of his jeans. He swooned and swayed on his feet when her warm hand curled around the hard shaft, and her gentle fingers squeezed the shaft. “Marca your husband might come home!”

“Just relax,” she instructed, her eyes looking into his. “He is out of town for a few days, why don’t you do something with these as she pulled her top off and let me see what I can do with your cock? I know you’ll love them. You’ve been looking at them ever since you got here.”

“I don’t know… I mean… I’m not…” he stammered, yet reached toward her big 40DD. “I’ve never seen breasts this big, this beautiful.” Marca smiled. “Then this is a moment you will always remember. Go ahead, Roland, touch them. I love having my tits massaged and sucked, it really drives me wild.” She cocked her head back. “Sometimes I do real special things for my husband when he plays with my big bags just right.”

He moaned as he felt her satiny, firm flesh and Marca gasped at the unexpected pleasure his awkward manipulations caused her. As her nipples tingled against his exploring hands, she glanced down and pulled his jeans down and examined his youthful cock for the first time. He had a good cock. It wasn’t quite as large as a lot of guys she knew, but it was a nice seven inches. The head swelled into a large sphere, and his surprisingly thick shaft pulsed in her hand. Marca had no doubts that she could, and would, have a lot of fun with Roland before this day was over. She could control Roland, use his youthful stamina and virility to her most supreme satisfaction. She began to pump his rigid cock, sliding her fist up and down it. With her left hand she cupped his balls and continued to palm them once she had freed them from his shorts and jeans.

Roland massaged and rubbed her big tits with bolder action. His initial nervousness and shyness began evaporating. As pure lust overtook him, he squeezed and fondled her sensitive nipples, making them jut out stiffly. She was enjoying the manipulations of his hands and almost didn’t notice how his cock was starting to jerk and twitch in her palm. He began to pant and she realized then he was about to cum. She quickly slowed the motions of her hands. She wasn’t ready for anything to interrupt the wondrous feeling he was giving to her. “Go ahead, kiss them,” she urged. “Kiss my tits now! I want you to suck them!” He didn’t hesitate and leaned forward to fasten his lips on her nipples. He sucked and licked the rubbery buds, eagerly feasting on first one, then the other.

Then he opened his mouth wide and took almost all of one nipple into his mouth. As he sucked on her tits, Marca watched. Again, she began stroking his cock, but slower this time. Roland was proving to be quite an expert tit sucker. His tongue was swirling around her pink nipples, and he alternated his attention from one to the other. Meanwhile, Marca continued to jerk him off. Her slow deliberate strokes were quickly making his prick throb and leap in her fist. She felt his balls tighten just as his cock heaved in her hand, and before she could do anything about it, he began spurting great wads of thick cum into her hand and against her naked thigh. Roland gasped, but made no real effort to stop sucking. His hips jerked back and forth in a wild pumping action as his cock emptied its load, gobs of Sakarya Escort Bayan hot cum splattering Marca’s legs. He kept pumping his hips until his balls had drained. She slipped an arm around his slender waist to steady him while she continued to squeeze his cock. She pumped his softening prick, watching his cum ooze down her legs.

“Naughty,” she teased, playfully tugging on his limp organ and pinching his hard ass cheeks. Finally, she stepped away from him. “You young guys sure are careless about wasting such good stuff!” Roland grinned, blushing deeply. “I’m sorry,” he mumbled. “I didn’t mean to shoot off like that. I just couldn’t help it! I mean… you are so beautiful and so sexy, let me get something to clean that up!”

“Honey let me do that, this is the good part!” She swabbed the blobs of cum off her thighs with three of her fingers. “Don’t worry about it, Roland I love this,” she purred, then brought her cum-smeared fingers to her lips. “I’m just happy that I excite you so much.” She licked the cum off her fingers, enjoying the slightly salty taste of his thick juice almost as much as she did the astonished look on his face. “ Iv never had anything like you before Marca, I guess I better go!”

“Like hell kiss my pussy, Roland!” She commanded, interlocking her fingers on the back of his head and pulling him closer. “Kiss it, you darling boy!”

Roland’s lips pressed against her damp cunt and he started to kiss and suck it instinctively. His tongue flicked against her clit, tickling the tender flesh. Marca loved the tingles of pleasure the young stud gave her. It was all so nasty. It gave her feelings of power she had never known before! Gently, she took him by the ears and began guiding him with up and down motions of his head, wiping his face against her bushy pussy. She trembled as his nose; lips and chin grazed the dripping flaps of her hole. When she held him to her clit, she concentrated on that area, sighing as desire rocked her. “Mmmm, yessss, yesss!” she hissed, humping against him. “Your tongue! Use your tongue on my clit! Can you feel it? That hard little bump. Oh, yes!” she screamed. “Lick it! Kiss it! Suck it!”

Marca became oblivious to the awkward position she had forced him into. All that mattered to her now was her own satisfaction. Her side stance became even more lewd as she bent her knees and practically mounted Roland’s upturned face as he sagged in his sitting position on the edge of the bed. The smothering press of her pussy mostly muffled his grunts and groans. Marca selfishly jockeyed for an even better position. When the ecstasy overwhelmed her, Marca climbed up even higher and draped a leg over the young boy’s shoulder. At the same time, she lowered her pussy down hard onto his face, causing him to tumble back on the bed. She rode down on him, gasping with joy as her cunt completely smothered him. “God damn it tongue my pussy!” she managed to gasp, her knees straddling his head and pressing together. Her thighs were practically pressing against the mattress as she bore her cunt down on his face. “Do it, shove your tongue up inside my pussy!”

Roland had little choice in the matter, but it was quickly clear that he wasn’t distressed. His tongue penetrated her cunt and licked up the sugary syrup inside. Vibrations rattled Marca’s very core and she shrieked in joyous rapture. Erotic flames danced in her cuntal depths, flooding her with sweet delight. Soon, she began rotating her hips, all the while pressing down harder onto Roland’s mouth and face. Again his nose nudged her clit and the horny big tite woman squealed as a sudden, intense orgasm rolled through her. She bolted upright, stiffening as wild sensations tingled her pussy. Her juice wet Roland’s face and filled his mouth. “Drink it!” she yelled, her voice coming in a breathless gasp. “Suck it all up. Yes, yes, oh damn you, yesssss!” Her cunt clenched his tongue as her climax heightened. Then she heard his lips smack as he lapped up the flavorful burst of nectar. He munched on her pussy, feasting on the soggy gash. He wiggled his tongue, licking out her creamy tunnel while nipping at her pussy lips. She shivered as another orgasm happened and Roland continued to eat her.

Meanwhile, the young man reached behind Marca and clutched the smooth and supple cheeks of her quivering ass. He gripped her tightly, as if to steady her trembling pussy. He continued to try and devour her cunt, sucking the very essence of her pussy down his throat. Marca’s cunt overflowed. She grabbed her young lover’s hair and pulled wildly, mashing him even tighter to her quaking cunt. Her gasping words were no longer understandable, but Roland seemed to have no trouble getting her message. He ate her pussy until she couldn’t stand it any longer and collapsed on the bed. Marca lay sprawled with a leg thrown over Roland’s face and across his chest. She panted as her body twitched in the aftermath of several mighty climaxes. Her burning slit continued to spasm long after the orgasm died. Eventually, she rolled over and glanced down at the young cunt-lapper’s juice-smeared face. She had to Escort Sakarya smile. He looked at her, awaiting her next instructions, sparking new passions in her.

Marca took her time examining this nude hunk. She admired his young cock, covered with the light glaze of dried cum from his previous ejaculation. She licked her lips as she slowly crawled between his wide spread legs and rested on her knees. She then bent her face down toward his prick. She took his cock in a tight grip and gave his flaring cock knob a long, hot kiss. She smeared her lipstick around the crown and started to lick the thick shaft. Deftly, she swirled her tongue up and down the sides of his cock and covered the tip of it with her lips and then sucked. She increased the pressure of her sucking, sucking his entire cock head into her mouth. She sealed her lips around the fleshy pole and began to lower her mouth slowly. When she had taken every bit of his meat inside her mouth, she glanced up at Roland’s lust-contorted face. “Oh, that’s fantastic!” he gasped, dropping his hands down to her long tangled hair, his fingers intertwining in the silky curls as warmth began to ripple along his belly.

Marca took this moment to begin bobbing her head up and down. Her lips glided on his cock, and with every stroke she increased the tempo of her sucking. She massaged and fondled his balls as she sucked. She toyed with the heavy sac, enjoying the feel of his nuts in her hand. Next, she soaked his prick with hot saliva and continued to suck him. His hard-on became a meal for her, and she eagerly devoured it, wanting to bring him right to the edge, but not to let him cum. The tension in Roland’s balls increased just before his prick heaved inside Marca’s mouth. She quickly pulled off the trembling rod and sat up on her haunches, curls of her dark hair covering part of her lovely face. Her tits jutted straight out.

“Fuck me, Roland,” she panted. “God Damn you fuck my pussy!” She started to mount his prick, but with a sudden, surprising move, the stud showed her that he had a few plans of his own. Marca gasped as the young man’s hands gripped her hips, while, at the same time, he pulled her over, spinning her down onto the bed. He then sat up to move over her. It happened quickly, and it was only after Marca was flat on her back that she spotted the lusty glare radiating from his eyes. He could no longer play a passive role. In a role reversal, Roland hovered above her, poised to fuck his steely prick into her cunt. The scent of his crotch assailed her nose and Marca’s eyes widened as the young stud took charge of the situation. His throbbing prick slapped against her thigh, and in that moment Marca was thankful for this change in him. She lay sprawled beneath him, her large tits splayed out wantonly as her breath rasped in her chest. Her long legs stretched out wide in her anticipation of his cock slamming into her dripping pussy. “Oh I’m going to fuck you, lady,” he said hoarsely. “I’m going to fuck the hell out of you!”

“Yes!” she shouted in response. “Yes, fuck me! Fuck me long and hard. Do it!”

He lowered himself onto her. She humped her hips upward as she reached down to grab his pulsing, engorged prick. She guided him to the entrance of her cunt and positioned the fat head of his cock just inside her soft pussy. Roland kneaded her tits as he moved his hips forward and rammed his cock all the way into her in one plunge. His swollen cock head pushed and pushed. He pounded into her and squirmed his tight ass, penetrating her pussy deeper and deeper with each stroke. “Oh, yes, Roland! This is how I love to be fucked! Don’t stop. Make me cum! Make my hot pussy explode. Fuck me hard and deep!” He didn’t need the encouragement, though. The young stud pumped his cock in and out of her smoldering tunnel as fast and hard as he could. His youthful body whipped up and down, back and forth, in and out. Their sweaty bodies rubbed, their flesh smacking together as they fucked in a frenzy of pure lusty passion. As he fucked her, Roland almost clawed her luscious tits. He pinched and pulled on her ripe, stiff nipples, making Marca squeal and scream with delight, her happiness soaring from his surprisingly talented fucking. His inexperienced prick was battering her pussy, and through it all, Marca held him between her thighs. His powerful strokes and her humping motions created a whirlwind of activity on the bed. Marca lost herself in the glorious glee that filled her. Roland fucked relentlessly in and out of her soupy cunt.

Than he stop, pulled out and before I could protest his stopping he took hold of my feet and turned me over on my stomach and pulled me up by my hips to where I was on all 4’s. I looked back to see him humping toward me and in one stroke he rammed his cock back into my love hole. The bombardment of sensations made Marca’s head spin and her body smolder. She came hard and fast, the rich womanly nectar spilling from her depths and drenching the young stud. Her juices soaked her thighs and ran down my leg. Roland suddenly arched his back, driving his cock as deeply into her as possible. She felt the organ expand and then felt his cum fill her. “Oh, oh, yesss, yesss,” she gasped, humping back to meet each of his hard thrust that the youth stud was giving her ass. Marca’s made her pussy milked him. “Give it to me, lover! Give me all of your sweet cum. Blast it into me! Flood me with it!”

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