Ms. Gaye


I awoke dizzy and foggy minded. It was dark and the blackness was full of tactile sensations to which all that ever existed to me was unfamiliar. What had happened? Where was I? What was I up to?

I was me and I knew that. I was Phil. Did someone slip me a roofie?

I had come home I recalled. Someone else had already been there and I had been black jacked slugged. In the modern era anything could and did happen. All was legal when there was a cure for any physical malady. Give me a day and I could recover. I had done it often enough. Now it was done unto me.

Something long, stiff, hot, and hard poked at my ass. I was a virgin! Well I had been. That dick was now being pushed aggressively into my behind. I squeezed it or my sphincter did. Being a virgin my muscles were tight and I tried to push it out. It just made my boyfriend more excited.

Apparently rape was the subject and I had no choice. What was a dick doing to me! It was making my ass a pussy! Involuntarily I grunted and delightfully wiggled to the delight of my new boyfriend. I could feel a faint wet trickle around my asshole. Was that my blood lubricating his fucking? Anything I did was making it easier for him to enjoy himself.

Struggling gave me no relief. I was tightly secured with smart rope. Anytime my bonds loosened they would constrict once more. It was like being molested by someone’s hands. My rapist was having lots of fun. “Keep moving that ass! It feels great you slut!”

Over my head was a porous hood, perhaps a pillowcase and within that hood I was hot, flushed and sweaty. My eyes blinked away salty tears that stung and covered my face. A gag was in my mouth. I wondered Tipobet what it was. It was soaked and chewy which made it cloth of some sort. Wedged under my teeth was a firm rubbery sensation which I assumed was a ball gag. A smart gag. I pushed with my tongue against the ball and tried to open my jaw and it would move a small bit. Then the gag strap squeezed my cheeks and tugged it all back into place. I screamed in protest and only a mild muffled protest leaked out.

“I love those little girly sounds you make! Keep it up! Gagging you with your panties was a great idea!”

Panties! “Mmmmphh!” Girly sounds!

“Yeah like that!”

“MMMMMMMMM!” My panties tasted wet and delightful. I bit into my ball gag with great enthusiasm and closed my eyes. “AAAAHHH!”

My knees were kept apart with a stiff very professional knee spreader about 2 feet long. Smart rope kept my ankles on the opposite ends of the pole. Rope bit into my throat and my throat was pulled to the middle of that spreader pole. This meant my ass was high in the air when my face was pushed down into what I assumed was a pillow. When I attempted to close my thighs I found his legs between them. All I gave him was a friendly embrace. I shuddered which I knew was a mistake as he banged me yet harder.

Damn! How deep could he go inside me? His balls slapped me repeatedly around my G spot. I could not help myself as my anus contracted around his member.

I tried to move my ankles. My right one had been anchored to the bottom of the bed. My left was free and flopped uselessly up and down. I could move an inch or so but not much more. With his weight on top of me, I was pinned Tipobet Giriş down and not getting away. My futile escape attempts only made my ass wiggle and slide about which he loved.

His hands gripped either side of my waist and made sure that his cock was centered within me. His touch was strong and strangely exciting. Despite myself I was feeling strong feelings and a bit of passion filled my churning anxious stomach.

Suddenly I face flushed, hot and embarrassed, inside my already uncomfortable and warm hood. My new boyfriend was buried balls deep and holding his large and painfully stiff erection against my rectum as a load of cum exploded within me. An unfamiliar warm and wet sensation filled my bottom and coated my insides. I was sure my bottom was a bright red in shame and embarrassment. “MMMOHHH!”

He gave me one last deep poke letting a bit of cum leak out and spill downwards. He attempted to make me feel it and I did deep inside my hot ass. His cock was quite large and satisfying in its way.

I could hear the squishing noises now. My asshole was well lubricated with cum and blood. It also ached with a savage violated rawness. The touch of a brief gasp of cool air felt like fire.

He sighed loudly and groped at my chest. He pinched my nipples making me squeal and quake. I realized now that my chest was a bit larger and softer than before. It made me curious and I shifted my head to peer downwards trying to sit on my head and not my face.

A partial view emerged from the grey dimness of my hood. As my boyfriend rested, satisfied and content, I could see his knees between mine as well as a straight line hanging around Tipobet Güncel Giriş my upper thighs. Abruptly I realized that it was a hem line from where my short dress had been hiked to let my ass show its round fullness. I could also see the pointed shapes of bare perky tits. His hand gave them a nice squeeze as I watched. Then I relaxed back down to rest on the side of my wet face.

I sobbed hysterically and shuddered. My ass and tits wiggled of course. I was the very model of a cute pretty and stupid girl. I was there only for his pleasure. Smart ropes and smart tits too. Sensitive excited tits too.

His cock slipped out dripping cum and my very own internal juices. He used my new dress to wipe it clean and dry. He rolled off of me finally dropping to my left leaving my sweet ass sticking up with a freshly well fucked asshole for the world to see. He slapped my rump playfully and turned off the lights.

As the cum oozed out my violated hole flowed onto my exposed balls. My cock began to quiver with its touch. It stiffened quickly to my surprise.

My new boyfriend grabbed my tits and tugged me over on my side. His two legs wrapped themselves around my left leg leaving his wet soft cock pressed intimately against my behind. He snuggled close and quickly began to snore.

My stiff dick demanded some attention. Boyfriend did not care. It was hard to sleep when he cupped one my breasts. I wiggled of my own accord. Eventually he slapped my ass and told me to sleep and be still. It was hard to do so I cried and sniffled.

I wondered what I would wear the next night? Another lovely dress or a short miniskirt? Perhaps a cute negligee?

There was no way to escape from my bonds and my gag kept decently quiet. His cock would stiffen in the morning and remind me of my enforced bondage.

I hoped for a fuck soon. Me, Phyllis. A new cute girl. I hoped I was wearing six inch high heels.

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