Mrs. Powers Ch.02


I couldn’t believe my luck that day in pool with Mrs. Powers. She had long been the fantasy of my masturbation sessions, and now I had just finished putting it to her while my friend and his dad were at work. We made love several times that afternoon and she couldn’t get enough of me. I knew that once she had a real man, unlike that little dick husband of hers, that she’d be my slut forever.

I found myself making excuses to be at the Powers’ house as much as possible. Billy and his father didn’t seem to think anything of it, but Lisa always knew what I was up to, and she loved it just as much as I did.

About a month after my first encounter with Lisa, my mom and dad went on another one of their business/vacation trips. I was excited because I knew this meant a whole week at the Powers’. My parents dropped me off around five, and Lisa was in the kitchen making dinner. My mom asked where Billy and Mr. Powers were, and Lisa told her that they hadn’t made it home from work yet.

“I hope Matt isn’t too much trouble for you and Jim. I know Jerry and I burden you with babysitting Matt all the time and I just hope we don’t wear out the welcome. Let me know if he gives you any problems.”

“Mary you know we don’t mind one bit. Matt has been Billy’s best friend since they were born. You and Jerry go and have a great time. I can handle little Matty.” Lisa smiled and gave me a wink.

“Ok. We’ll see you at the end of the week. Bye matt. Be good for Lisa. OK?”

“Don’t worry mom,” I said trying to hold back a laugh, “I’ll make sure I’m extra good for Mrs. Powers.”

I know it was all Lisa could do to control her laughter as well. Little did my mom know how good I was going to be with Lisa over the next week.

“You should be ashamed of yourself Matt. I almost lost it when you said that to your mother.”

I walked up and pulled her close to me and said, “Well I couldn’t tell her a lie now could I? You know you’ve been looking forward to this week just like I have. I bet your panties are getting wet right now just thinking about riding my cock all week!”

“Now Matt,” she said as she pushed me away, “you need to control yourself. Jim and Billy will be home any minute now, and we don’t need to get caught. It would crush both of them. We need to be careful. I need to go get cleaned up for dinner. Put your stuff in Billy’s room and get washed up.”

“Don’t worry Lisa. I wouldn’t do anything to get us busted. You need to control yourself. I know how much you love this cock of mine. How about a quickie before they get home?”

“No we don’t have time for that. Just keep it in your pants and I’ll keep my panties up as well!”

“Alright. I guess I can hold out for a little while. Why don’t you go put on one of those little dresses I love so much, and make sure you put on your sexiest panties for me too. You know how I love it when I can see those little panties through your dresses.”

“Anything for you Matt, but remember don’t get too worked up when you see my panties. We need to be careful. Jim would be crushed if he knew what we were up too. I love him because he is the father of my child, but ever since I had you his little dick just does nothing for me. He tries, but he just doesn’t have what it takes anymore!”

Jim and Billy got home about ten minutes after I arrived. Billy was glad to see me, as was Mr. Powers. Billy and I caught up on what had been going on all week. I told him that I hoped he didn’t have to go into work too much with Mr. Powers so we could hang out some. He said that he was sure that he’d probably have to work all week, but he’d try to get his dad let him off easy since I was going to be there. He also told me that he had to go to his girlfriend’s house later that evening to help her dad with some things. He promised he wouldn’t be out late. What the hell did I care? I mean maybe he would stay out long enough for me to get in a wank session with some of Lisa’s panties. No matter how much sex she gave me I still enjoyed wrapping her little satin panties around my dick ever now and again when I couldn’t have the real thing.

The guys sat down at the table while Lisa brought the food out from the kitchen. I almost choked on my water when I saw what she had on. She may as well have worn nothing at all because her little summer dress left nothing to the imagination. I could see that she was wearing some little lace panties just for me. She gave me a sly look to let me know that she enjoyed what her outfit was doing to my dick.

After the food was on the table, Lisa came and sat next to me. Her perfume was driving me wild. I knew that I would be hard most of dinner. We sat and had some small talk. Mr. Powers asked me how things were going this summer, and I responded that it was one of the best summers I could remember. Little did he know that it was because I was fucking his wife every chance I got. I almost felt sorry for him because his wife was such a slut for me. However, it was not my fault that he was such a wimp and could not satisfy kırklareli escort his wife like I could.

As we ate I felt Lisa’s hand start rubbing my thigh. When she first touched me I felt electricity run up my spine. I blushed slightly and she just winked at me and kept rubbing my leg. Soon she was rubbing my hard manhood, and before I knew it she had my pants unzipped and was reaching for my cock. Mr. Powers and Billy kept talking to me and it was all I could do to keep my concentration on what they were asking me. Lisa soon had precum oozing from dick and I was afraid I was going to blow my wad right there not five feet from her husband. All the while he was totally oblivious to the fact that his prim little wife of 20 years was stroking another man right there under his nose. The thought of this just made my dick even harder.

Once we were done eating Jim turned to Billy and asked, “Well, are you about ready to go to Janet’s house? I’ll run you over there and you just call me when you’re ready to be picked up.”

“You know dad things would be a lot simpler if you’d just buy me my own car. Then you wouldn’t have to drive me all over the place.”

“I need to get a little more free help out of you this summer and then we’ll discuss it. Right now this is the way that it is, so get used to it.”

“As much as I’ve helped you this summer I should get a car no questions asked! Plus I’m sure Matt would agree because we never get to spend that much time together when you have me at the plant working all the time. He’s going to be here a whole week and I may get to see him for a couple of hours!”

“Don’t worry Matt will be busy all week too. Your mother told me she had plenty to keep him hopping the next few days. It won’t be all play for him either.”

Now it was my turn to almost lose it. Lisa had plenty of work for me to do all right, but the only physical labor she had in store for me was servicing her needs all week. Poor me!

Billy turned to me and asked, “Do you want to ride with us to Janet’s house? Her friend Gretchen is supposed to be over there tonight. I think she has the hots for you!”

Lisa quickly chimed in, “No, Matt’s chores start with helping me clear the table and do dishes. Gretchen will just have to wait!” she gave my cock a little squeeze to let me know why she didn’t want me to leave.

“Boy I feel sorry for you Matt,” Mr. Powers said, “you’ve barely got your foot in the door and she already has you in her grasp!”

Little do you know Mr. Powers, but that is exactly where she’s got me! “That’s ok Mr. Powers she likes to be hard on me. I’m used to it,” I said with a big grin. “Besides it’s the least I can do for you guys since you let me hang out when my parents are gone.”

“Anytime Matt. Besides I think Lisa is starting to like having her own little slave around here.” Yeah a sex slave I thought to myself as they got up to leave.

“See you in a little while Hun.”

“Bye mom I’ll see you later.”

“Bye guys. Be careful.”

“Bye Matt. I’ll see you tonight. I’ll apologize to Gretchen for you.”

“Ok Billy I’ll see you later.”

Those two had barely gotten out of the house before Lisa was dragging me to the kitchen. She still had a death grip on my cock.

“I can’t believe you could torture me like that at dinner Lisa. What were you thinking stroking me under the table like that? I almost exploded all over the dinner table. You said we were supposed to be careful, and you almost jerked a load right onto the table with your husband and son sitting right there in front of us!”

“I know Matt, but when I went to change clothes all I could do was think about fucking you. As soon as I slipped my panties on I thought about how hard you would be when you saw me come into the room. I was in my room fingering my clit when I heard Jim and Billy walk in. I didn’t think I’d be able to make it through dinner without touching myself, so I decided to touch you instead. I wanted you to be as ready for me as I am for you!”

She stood in front of me and lowered herself to her knees and started rubbing my crotch. My dick started rising and was soon at full mast. I could see the lust in her eyes as she licked my balls while stroking me.

“Oh god Matt I’ve been thinking about this beautiful cock all week. I can’t help myself. I’m such a slut for this huge cock of yours. Please give it to me. I’m begging you! Please fuck me!”

I pulled her up and put her up on the kitchen counter. I was soon between her legs lapping at her pussy like a little puppy. She was screaming in ecstasy. “Oh yeah Matt lick my clit. Oh god that feels soooo good! Oh I’m going to cum. Yes! Oh yes! Please stick that big cock in me. I can’t wait any longer!”

I pulled her down and bent her over the counter. I pulled her panties to the side so that we could get dressed quick in case someone came home. I rubbed my cock up and down her slit a couple of times to get it lubed up and slowly inserted it into the wettest, warmest love tunnel that I’ve ever known. No matter how many times I fuck Lisa I still can’t get over how tight her pussy is.

“Oh my gawd! Oh Matt I love your cock. Oh fuck me, fuck me! Give me what I’ve been missing so much while you were away. Oh yes. God that feels so good! Oh yeah. Oh, oh, oh, oh yessss! Oh god I’m cumming Matt! Give it to your little slut! Harder! Harder!”

“You like that don’t you? Huh slut? You like Matty’s big cock don’t you! You want me to stick it all the way in that little pussy of yours don’t you?”

“Oh yes Matt give it all to me! I want you to bury that big cock in me! Yeah! Yeah! Oh god yes! Oh! Oh!”

Lisa’s pussy was like a gushing fountain. She came again and again and again. I loved how much she wanted me to bury my cock in her. I wanted her for myself. I didn’t want her to have to suffer giving it up to that little dick husband of hers. What a shame she had to live with him!

We must have been at it longer than we had expected because all of a sudden Jim walked in on us!

“What the fuck is going on here? Matt? Lisa? Wha…Wha…How could you?”

“Jim!” Lisa screeched. “What are you doing back so soon?”

“What fucking difference does that make? What? Was I not supposed to catch you fucking our son’s friend? Is it my fault he’s got his cock buried in my wife’s cunt? And you, you little son of bitch! How could you do this to me in my own house? With my wife? After all we’ve done for you!”

Lisa and I had somehow managed to get ourselves dressed while Jim was screaming at us. She was now trying to talk him down, but he was furious. “Now Jim, calm down. I can explain.”

“Explain? What can you fucking explain slut? There’s no explanation for what you’ve just done! I’m going to kick your ass you little punk!”

Jim rushed towards us and I caught him in the stomach with a hard right. It was a good blow and he slumped to his knees. I knocked all the wind out of him. While he was down I grabbed the phone off the wall and wrapped his wrist together with the cord.

“Oh Jim are you all right?”

He couldn’t say a word. He was still gasping for breath. I couldn’t believe it had all come down like this. Boy was I in trouble. I just lost my best friend, my lover, and the respect from a man who thought of me as a second child. Well fuck it I thought. If it is going down like this we may as well take it all the way and have a little fun.

I knelt down before Jim and said, “I’m sorry you had to find out this way Jim, but it couldn’t be helped. What has happened has happened and there is no turning back now. Lisa loves me, and she just can’t get enough.

“Matt stop it. Can’t you see he’s hurting? Leave him alone.”

“Come on Lisa you can’t deny it. You know that he can’t please you. You told me so yourself.”

“Matt that’s enough.”

“Come on Lisa don’t be ashamed. You know you can’t give it up. Come show your little hubby what you can’t get enough of.”

I started pulling my jeans down, and motioned for Lisa to come to me. I could see tears well up in her eyes. She knew she couldn’t resist. She wanted my cock no matter how bad it was going to hurt her husband. Reluctantly she started moving towards me. You could she the astonishment in Jim’s eyes. He was powerless over her and me. All he could do was watch in sheer horror as Lisa was drawn to the bulge in my boxers.

“Lisa don’t!” he said as his wind was coming back.

Lisa was almost in tears now. She and I knew how humiliating this was going to be for Jim, but neither of us could resist the lust we had for each other.

“That’s right Lisa come show Jim what you lust for. I want you to suck my cock like you do when he’s not around. I want him to see what I can give you and he can’t!”

“You fucking little bastard!”

“I’m sorry Jim, but this is for your own good. You need to know what drives your woman wild. Show him Lisa! Show him how much of a slut you are for my big cock! Tell him how much more of a man I am than him! Come on. You know you want it!”

She was starting to cry now. She knew her marriage as she knew it was over, but she was powerless to resist. “Jim I’m so sorry honey. I don’t know how all of this got started, but Matt is right. I’m a slut for his cock. I love you honey, but look how magnificent his cock is!” she was slowly pulling down my boxer shorts. Jim was doing his best to look away, but for some reason he was glued to the action that was unfolding before him. Deep down I think he always wanted to see Lisa with a real man.

“Tell him why you like my cock Lisa!”

“It’s so big Jim. Look it’s bigger soft than yours is hard. I can barely get my hand around it. When he fucks me his cock touches places yours only dreams about. It drives me wild.”

Lisa was slowly stroking my cock and Jim’s eyes were glued to my manhood. I could tell by the look in his eyes that he was starting to get aroused. It was hard to tell, but I think he was getting an erection.

When my dick was fully hard I looked over at Jim and said, “Now you see why she loves my cock so much. I knew after seeing your pathetic little dick at the gym that she would be hooked if she ever got to see mine. You’re pathetic. Look at you. You’re getting hard watching your wife suck my dick. Look at her. She loves it! Tell him Lisa. Look at him as you suck my cock.”

“Oh Jim he’s so big. I love sucking his cock. I wish you had a cock like his, but you don’t. I haven’t been satisfied with yours in a long time. I get more satisfaction from my fingers that I do from fucking you.”

It wasn’t long before I felt my balls start to swell. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was cumming down her throat.

“Oh yeah Lisa, that’s it baby. Milk that big cock for me. Oh I’m going to cum. Oh yes! Oh!”

I grabbed the back of her head as I sent streams and streams of cum deep in her mouth. As usual it was all Lisa could do to keep it all down.

“Oh yeah baby milk it dry. God Jim she sure can suck a good dick.”

I know Jim’s ears and heart must be burning right now. Not only is his wife sucking me off, but also she’s telling him how much she was dissatisfied with his manhood. I thought he might cry. I know I would if I were in his shoes. I was suddenly aware of how much power I had over both of them. It made me harder just thinking about what we could do from here.

“Lisa Jim is stating to look a little sad. Why don’t you go over there and release his little man for him. If he’s good we might even let him stroke it while he watches a real man fuck his wife!”

Lisa moved over to Jim and removed his shorts. I almost broke out in laughter when she got his underwear off. He had already cum in his pants watching Lisa suck me, and his dick was hard again. It must have been barely 4 inches long and about as big around as my index finger. How could Lisa have suffered like that for so many years?

“You call that a dick. Man I’ve seen bigger dicks on little boys! When Lisa strokes you what does she use? Her thumb and index finger? Now that’s a Kodak moment! Lisa go get a camera!” I also told her to get a ruler.

Lisa came back and I took the camera and told her to stroke Jim to his full hardness. Her hand easily wrapped all the way around his little pecker. I think she was starting to get off on humiliating her husband like this, and from the look of Jim he was too. I took a few shots of her stroking his little penis. Then I said, “Ok now measure that little thing of his Lisa.” When she put the ruler up next to his dick it measured a whopping 3-3/4 inches. I took several photos of the measurement. Lisa started to giggle and Jim turned red as a beet.

“Ok Lisa now come measure mine and see what you get while it’s soft.”

“Jim I was right! Matt’s is 5 inches when soft. I can’t believe he’s bigger soft than you are hard!”

“That’s right little man. You can’t even measure up before I’m hard! Now that we have some blackmail photos, I’ll let Lisa remove your restraints if you promise to be a good little boy. If not, I’ll show these pictures to all of your friends so they can see why your wife is a slut for me. What do you say?”

Jim’s head slumped down and he mumbled, “Ok.”

“What was that? I didn’t hear you Jim.”

“I promise I’ll be good. Just don’t show those pictures to anyone. I would be ruined if all our friends knew. Just do what you’re going to do and get it over with!”

“Ok Lisa you can untie him. I don’t think he wants everyone to know his little secret. Now Jim I want you to sit there and watch while I give you wife the fucking she deserves! Come here Lisa darling.”

“Oh Matt I’m so wet. I want you so bad!”

“Don’t tell me. I want you to tell Jim. I also want to fuck you standing up while you face him so that he can see what kind of pleasure you get from me! I want you to look him in the face when you have one of your big orgasms and tell him how good it feels!”

Lisa came over and started stroking my cock back to life. All the while she stared at Jim as she sucked my purple-headed monster. She was in another world now. She no longer cared what Jim thought about our little affair. It was like a burden was lifted off of her and she could now have the sexual freedom that she always wanted and had been enjoying with me for the past month.

Once she had me hard I pulled her up and turned her facing towards Jim who was now sitting in a chair in the corner of the kitchen slowly stroking his dick. I put my dick between Lisa’s thighs and mocked Jim about the size of his penis. Lisa just laughed at him and made jokes about his little dick as well. She was getting even wetter teasing Jim about his small dick. It was like she was unleashing years of frustration she had from wanting to tell him how inadequate he was for her. From the way I had my dick between Lisa’s thighs it looked like she even had a bigger dick than him.

“Ok Lisa grab a hold of your love toy and put it where you like it.”

Lisa grabbed my cock, moved her panties to the side, and slowly slid it in her tight little pussy. She came just as the head pushed past the entrance. She let out a low soft moan.

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