Mr. Kayne Again


My time at the receiving end of Mr Kaynes distorted affection stayed with me for a long time after. My ass was sore that night from where he had pushed his cock up inside me and the marks he had left with his cane on my 18 year old and peachy white bottom. It took days for these to fade away.

That same night I slid my finger up inside me. My stretched red hole was raw and excited and I could not help myself, I just had to wank off again. I could still smell and taste his cum inside me. I was also fucked off at him. Mr Kayne. I was going to make it difficult for him, I wanted him to suffer. I wanted him to take me again too, to be his bitch.

The next day at school he was sat at his desk and at the end of the class I went up to him as if to ask a question. He was aware of my proximity and it made him nervous. I was aware that even though he had taken me, I had power over him too. I stood a little way in front of him and ran my hand across my bottom and just eased my bottom open through my trousers. He knew what I was doing and I could smell his desire. It made him cross, and I liked that. I thought about his cock too. His thick long cock and low hanging balls. I wanted to feel it in my mouth again. I wanted him to take me again.

Later that day, after football, I took a shower. They were very open showers and he came in. Just to watch me. There were other boys around too and it was not unusual for a teacher to be there. I stood there naked in front of him. I soaped up, paying particular attention to my cock, making it very obvious. I was playing to his desire. I turned around so he could see my backside and then I bent down, as if to pick up the soap, parting my cheeks. He would have got a flash of my tight bottom hole. Dirty fucker.

The next day at the football pavilion he was there too. Mr dirty Kayne. Looking at me. I knew he was waiting for an opportunity. He was confident. Çankaya Escort He came up to me. “When everyone has gone I need you to help me find some nets in the storeroom at the back.” Thats all he said. But in that he said a whole lot more.

“Ok Sir,” was all I could manage. I had nerves running through my whole system. I could hardly wait even for five minutes. As casually as I could I made my way to the storeroom. I stepped inside and Mr Kayne shut the door behind me and locked it.

“Good, I am glad you came.” He said and he reached forward and turned me around and put his hands on my crotch, roughly feeling up my cock through my trousers.

“Now you will do as I tell you and we will have no nonsense.” He was so sure of himself.

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir,” came my reply. My heart was beating fast.

“Now take all your clothes off and bend over that table.” I turned around to look into his eyes and began to strip off, watching him. I did not want him to have it all his own way. Before long I was standing naked in front of him. He looked me up and down and at my beautiful soft penis. He took hold of my cock and began to stroke it gently. It warmed to his touch. It felt so good. He played with me gently and firmly, feeling my balls too. Soon I was stiff and fully responded. I closed my eyes and relaxed into his attentions. Then he turned me around. I took my place at his direction. My cute bottom cold and exposed. Ready for his pleasure and my punishment. I stretched my arms out and gripped the sides of the table. My underarms smelt wet and horny. The smell of sex. He came up to me and stroked my bottom and lightly pulled me open. I could feel the cool air around my entrance.

“Tell me what dirty thoughts that you have had and I want the truth.” He said.

My thoughts raced around like a whirlwind. Keçiören Escort So many dirty thoughts. But I was taking too long. He slapped my bare cheeks hard with his open hand, then rubbed across my bottom.

“Come on boy you will tell me.” His voice was soft and definite.

“If you have had dirty thoughts then you will need to be punished.” He continued.

I had had so many dirty thoughts. Where should I begin?

He spanked me again. Hard. I blurted it out, but not what he wanted to hear. “I have thought about a young boys stiff cock sliding up my bottom and spunking inside me.”Thats how I started. I wanted to make him cross.

“I have thought about my friend Max’s bottom which I have fucked and I have taken his cock in my mouth and tasted his cum.” And then more, “I have licked him all over, even up inside.” This was driving him crazy. He wanted it to be about him.

“Ok, so thats the way you want to play it is it?” Said Mr Kayne. He was angry now. I wanted him to be angry.

“Very well, we will see about that.” Was his reply.

He stood up and I could hear him unbutton his trousers and step out of them. Then he got out a tube of oil and unceremoniously squirted some into my hole and straight away forced his index finger right up inside me. He started to finger fuck me. In and out. Hard.

“You have shown me no respect and now I am going to punish you.” He said. Now he was really pissed. He slid a second finger inside me and continued to dig into me. He pulled out and stood up. He spanked me once more with his open hand across my bottom. It hurt but it was not like the caning I had had at our last meeting. Then came the moment I was waiting for and wanted so much. I felt his hot cock against my crack. I was sweating and completely horned up. I was like an animal on heat.

“Fuck Etimesgut Escort me Sir, please fuck me, I need to feel your huge cock inside me and I want to taste your cum!” I said what he wanted to hear.

“You are a very dirty boy and now I am going to punish you.” He said. He laid his hand hard across my tight and now reddened little bottom one more time and then he pushed in and sank his long cock right up inside me and I nearly passed out with pain and satisfaction. I was on fire. I needed his sex so badly.

“Please Sir, fuck my tight bottom! Fuck me hard and deep!” I was shouting now.

And then he really did do just that. He fucked me. Hard and fast sometimes, then long and deep. He split me open with his fat cock. I could hear his wet cock slipping in and out. He was grunting as he worked into me. I squeezed my buttocks tight. I wanted to milk him. I was going to milk the juice out of him.

I started to come without even touching my cock. A huge orgasm, leaving my thick white juice in a pool on the table. Then, just like before, he squirted all he had, everything, right up inside me. He was buried to the hilt. All the way up. I could feel his balls against my cheeks. Inside was wet and slippery and delicious. He slid out slowly and I knelt down in front of him and took his beautiful cock in my mouth and sucked the remains and tasted him properly. I could smell his sex smell too and I wanted it. I pushed my finger into my bottom and pulled it out and tasted that too.

“Thank you Sir, thank you for correcting me.” I said quietly. I was where I wanted to be.

I took his now soft cock in my mouth and pleasured him more while playing with his heavy balls. My bottom hole was wide open and his cum was leaking out onto the floor. Mr dirty Kayne. I could sense he was starting to rise again.

Then this happened and I don’t know where it came from, but I said it anyway. “Piss for me Sir, I want to hold your cock and watch you pee.” Mr Kayne straightened up and concentrated a bit and then started. A long stream of golden piss all over the floor. I held his warm cock and watched in fascination. When he had finished I took him in my mouth again, tasting his musk. That was enough until the next time.

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