Moving Into Our New Neighborhood


This is a story about moving into our fist new house together. Lisa and I were so excited to finally have a place of our own. It was a nice neighborhood and all our neighbors seemed to be so nice. When we moved in, many of our neighbors came to welcome us. It seemed like a very friendly place. We had no idea how friendly we would become with some of them.

A few days after we moved in we decided to throw a little party for the neighbors. We were so excited to meet the neighbors. There were couples and some divorced and those who had lost their spouses. Most of them were around our ages. It ended up with us having 10 new friends over. It was a weekend night so we didn’t have to worry about getting up early the next day. Yes, there was plenty of alcohol which our new neighbors brought. Oh, did I mention how excited we were to have a hot tub with our new house?

The party was going great, we were having a blast, everyone Sakarya Escort seemed to be having a great time. It got to be about 11 and most of our new neighbors had to leave. There were only Lisa and myself and our next door neighbors, John and Joanna left, we all had plenty to drink and everyone was feeling fine. John and I had gone back to the kitchen to refresh the ladies drinks. John had said to me how hot Lisa was looking. I told him that he had a very sexy wife, he said, you have no idea how freaky she can be. I replied, well, Lisa can be too! We decided to put a little more alcohol in the drinks and see what we could get the ladies to do.

Imagine our surprise when we went back outside and the ladies had decided to get into the hot tub. John and I looked at each other and just smiled. We asked the ladies if they were enjoying themselves. They said they were and that they had been talking Sakarya Escort Bayan about us. We asked what they meant. They said that they were talking about how both John and I had a lot in common. That we both enjoyed sharing our wives. Then they asked why we hadn’t joined them in the hot tub. We gave them their drinks and were out of our clothes in a flash. Both the ladies gave a devious smile to us. They could tell we were both enjoying this. John and I both were sporting very hard cocks. I had always thought that I was blessed with a nice cock of 7 inches. Imagine my surprise when I saw our new neighbors 10 inches, I could tell Lisa was impressed too, she was smiling from ear to ear. John and I both got in with our ladies. At first we sat next to our wives. We had been taking for a while enjoying ourselves. Lisa had her hand on me playing with me under the water. Joanna was doing the Escort Sakarya same with John. John spoke up and said it looked like we were having fun, we replied it was hot watching them doing the same.

The ladies had an idea you could see going thru both their minds. They both knew their spouses so well and know what turns them on. They said that they needed to go inside and pee, but, that they would be right back. When they got back, imagine John and my surprise when they got back in and didn’t come s us. Instead they got on the opposite side of the hot tub and sat next to each other. They had this so sexy look on both their faces. They looked at each other and kissed each other, now when I say kiss, I don’t mean a little peck, we saw their tongues exploring each other. John and I were so enjoying the show. The ladies finally broke their kiss and looked at us and asked why we were all the way over there. John and I got up and moved over to our wives. The ladies looked at us and stated they wanted to get to knows better. We took the hint and John moved next to Lisa, and I sat next to Joanna.

The rest of the night was pure bliss! The rest of the story will be in part 2 if you’d enjoy hearing the rest!

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