Movie Surprise


I was not sure she would see it; how could it be missed, really. I had seen her shyly checking out a video at the counter and then duck unto the video booths. I had never done this before, but what the hell. The worst that could happen is I would get arrested for indecent exposure, or thrown out by that big guy at the door. Well, it could be worse. I could have gotten the wrong neighboring booth and ended up next to some dude. Oh, well, there is no going back now. My cock was in a hole between our booths trying to get the attention of whomever was on the other side.


It all started with a business trip. I was in a strange city in a different country. It was a welcome break from reality, though; things at home were tense.

My booth was not too bad. I had been in some places like this in the US, but I don’t frequent them due to the dirtiness. Japan was bringing a new level of quality to the experience. I was driven here by a long day of meetings and the need to tell everybody in my life to fuck off. I wanted a movie, alone, and had wondered into the adult section. I picked something random off the shelf while trying to avoid eye contact with a woman doing the same. She grabbed a video, paid for it and disappeared down the hall to the private rooms. I then followed suit.

As I closed the door to my private single room I could hear my neighbor’s video had already started. I could hear the familiar bad acting and sappy moans and groans. It was in Japanese, but the acting was all the same.

As I thought of my pitiful surroundings I could not help recall the typical bar scene; Kurtköy Escort lots of bodies gathered for a singular reason, yet desperately far apart; most leaving alone. Really, we could do better than this. I sighed. Alone again tonight. The only consolation was slight; there was a very attractive Japanese woman in the booth next to mine. As I looked around I saw a tissue box, a garbage can, an easy chair, a remote control and the TV. It was really pretty nice. There was a thick cloth curtain on the wall, I suppose to help muffle the sounds through the adjoining wall.

I started my movie and I sat down. My neighbor’s video was a lot louder than I had expected. As I listened closer it seemed to be as though there was very little between us. I moved the curtain aside. To my surprise there was a hole, just only a couple of inches in diameter. There is no question why that is there. Ha, the Japanese are ingenious, but smaller. I laughed a little to myself.

I could clearly hear the other video. It seemed like it was higher quality than mine. Even the acting was better. I peeked though only to see a thick curtain on the other side. That is when I came up with the idea to try it. I turned back to my video, pulled myself out and warmed up. Then I turned back toward the hole. I put my mouth close to it and said in an oddly high voice, “Chotto, tasukette kuremasenka?” or in English, “Ahem, would you help me out here.” Those years learning Japanese as a Mormon missionary long ago were starting to pay off in a very different way. I then quickly stood up and slid my cock through the hole. It was a Pendik Escort tight fit but I just barely made it. The wall was not very thick so I could feel myself poking the curtain.

Suddenly the volume on the video turned off. I was not too sure what to expect next. All I could hear was silence. I then felt the curtain move. I did not know what to do. So I just squeezed the muscles in my cock a couple of times and then said in the same Japanese voice, “I could really use a hand here.”


I was certain I was going to get busted. I decided to pull out and run when, just then, I felt something soft touch me ever so gently. She put one hand on the bottom and one on the top. She started to rub. Then I heard her movie resume.

This was definitely a first for me. I had no idea who she was, but I was liking this all the same. I felt her hand warming me up. I then felt her lips on the side of my cock. She continued to stroke and lick me. The technique was different than the girls at home. That’s when I heard something from her booth I did not expect. At first I thought it was the video. Another voice said, “Let me try.” Was that just interesting timing of the movie audio, or is there someone else over there? Then I heard, “Honto ni, okiidayo ne! Okiinachinchin ga daisukidanaa!” I just smiled.

I was let lose to hang for a moment. Then a pair of lips slid onto the the side of my cock. A moment later another pair of lips contacted me on the other side.

Then I felt someone hold me like you would when you eat a hot dog. I squeezed my muscles making me erect in a sign Mutlukent Escort of appreciation. I heard a giggle and then felt lips slide over my tip and suck me in. They did not stop until I was deep. They then pulled off and I heard a gasp. Then I heard a giggle again.

“My turn.” I then felt a slightly smaller, leaner hand hold me in a similar way. She slid me in deep. This time though, I was much harder. I heard her gag, but before pulling off, she throat-fucked my cock 5-6 times.

“Let’s see if he likes this.” After a little giggling I felt something over the top of me. Sure enough, she was straddling me. I felt her part her pussy lips as she lowered herself onto the top of my cock. Honestly, I don’t know if she was facing forward or back. Her friend then started sucking on me. I was stuck in the thought, forward or back, and were is her friend’s face. Yes, I liked that.

Right like that, I had had enough. I let loose like a fireman on 5 alarm. She did not flinch and sucked me dry.

I pulled back and cleaned up. I tried to peek through the hole to see if there was anything I could do for those who had so generously given me a hand, and lips. All I could see was a curtain. I could hear the movie continuing.

I realized I was no longer in the mood for a movie. I cleaned up my room, grabbed the video and returned it to the front desk. As I was leaving I decided to take a breather on a bench in the hallway just outside the video store to reflect on the experience I had just had.

After about 30 minutes two young Japanese girls came out of the video store. As they walked by me I overheard one say to the other, “Tanoshikatta, sore. Nozokiana ga suki da ga, Kyo no ichiban ookiinamono wa, mou pikurishita! Saiko dane!”

“That was so much fun. I like peek holes, but that huge cock really surprised me. It was the best!”

Ah, Japan.

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