Mother Mistress Ch. 08


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Susan found Patrick studying in the University library. She was smiling and Patrick knew that she was hiding something. “What?” he asked as he looked at her grin, “Are you going to tell me or is it a girls’ secret, or something?”

She bent to his ear and whispered, “Mother Mistress and Jane are coming home tonight.” Patrick smiled nearly ear to ear. He had to put up with most of the ‘torments’ that Mistress Martha, Cindy and the other girls at the house. As the only live-in male the ladies felt that he should serve them and often called on Mistress Martha to enforce their will. Being a lesbian, Martha was only too glad to support her fellow females, although everyone, including Patrick, knew that they really felt no ill will towards him. He was just outnumbered. Agnes, Mother Mistress, would return things to their previous perspective where he was one among equals, he hoped.

“That’s great news, Susan. Who told you?” Susan related that she had run into Martha at the Dean’s office and she had just received the call. In addition, Martha wanted everyone to be at home when Agnes and Jane arrived. She wanted the household group to greet them with a special dinner and a get together. Patrick nodded his understanding, telling Susan, “I’ll meet you at the Student Union at three o’clock and we’ll ride home with Twila.” Susan kissed him on the cheek and grinned as she darted out of the library.

Kayla, the cute student librarian that Patrick had met, saw Susan whispering to Patrick and kiss his cheek just before she left. Somehow, Susan’s gesture had annoyed her. She continued to Patrick’s study table as he stood up to welcome her. “Was that your girlfriend?” she asked, trying to sound unconcerned.

“Oh no, Kayla, she’s a close friend. Susan lives at the same house that I do,” he explained.

“You guys live together?” she asked, raising her eyebrow a little.

“No, it’s not like that. We are both scholarship students of Mrs. Gilden and she provides us room and board at her house.” He explained that Mrs. Gilden was a university benefactor and also provided scholarships for needy high school graduates. This year she had decided to sponsor two scholarships; a boy and a girl and he and Susan were the lucky ones selected. Kayla smiled and nodded her understanding, but privately she was glad that Patrick and Susan weren’t lovers or going steady. ‘If she only knew,’ thought Patrick as he returned her smile. Kayla returned to her duties as one of the student librarians and Patrick resumed his studies, wondering how he was going to explain his relationship with Susan.

The appointed time arrived and he gathered his books and notes together in his book bag and set off to meet Susan and Twila at the Student Union. Kayla smiled and waved to him as he left the library. The girls were waiting for him near Twila’s car. He tossed his book bag inside and climbed into the back seat. “I guess I’ll be going back to Mommy’s house tonight,” Twila said with a tinge of regret in her voice. “I really had a great time at Mother Mistress’s house.”

“You know we’ll be getting together often,” Susan remarked as they drove off the campus. “It’s not like we’ll never see one another again,” she teased Twila. Twila giggled and squeezed her thighs together as she felt a special twitch between them. “I’ll bet Cindy needs a bunch of help getting things ready, guys, so be prepared to pitch in,” Susan said as they all nodded agreement.

Cindy, as usual, had chores waiting for each of them when they arrived home. The students eagerly accomplished their chores and soon the house was in order for the return of Mother Mistress and Mistress Jane. The pleasant smells of meat roasting in the oven and of freshly cut flowers permeated the house. The table was set for a formal dinner and the students and adults were getting ready to welcome the traveler’s home. Each of them wore their obligatory velvet collars, complete with a shiny silver bell. The females wore a deep bright crimson collar and Patrick, as the single male, wore a royal blue velvet collar. Each of them wore fluffy terrycloth robes that covered their naked bodies, except for Twila who also wore a diaper.

Patrick also wore his chastity belt device, which he hoped that Mother Mistress would remove when she got home. His captive cock ached from attempts to achieve a hard-on when he performed his chores naked with the nude females. Cindy and Susan teased him relentlessly by patting his balls and tweaking his nipples as he performed his chores. Twila was similarly aroused by Mistress Martha who seemed to guard her ‘baby girl’ from the others. Martha also amused herself by activating vibrators and electric shock devices in the chastity belts’ worn by Susan and Patrick. Finally, Annie, the last of the group, arrived dressed Tipobet only in her terrycloth robe and naked beneath it.

A taxicab pulled into the estate gateway and after a few minutes stopped in front of the entrance. The driver hurried to open the door and helped Agnes and Jane to step out. Next, he gathered their luggage from the cab and placed it on the stone entrance way. He tipped his hat to the two ladies collected the fare plus a handsome tip from Agnes and drove off. Cindy opened the front door and immediately kneeled down to wait for her Mistress to enter. Agnes, smiled at her, bent to kiss her lips then helped her to rise up. Cindy curtsied to Mistress Jane and received a kiss on her cheek. The ladies stepped into the house as the others were kneeling, except for Martha, and greeted their Mother Mistress and Jane.

Agnes smiled at all of them and bent to them as she kissed their cheeks in turn. Jane did the same then Agnes bid them all to rise. Martha embraced Agnes and Jane, kissed their lips deeply. Cindy nodded and Patrick, Susan and Twila hurried outside to retrieve the luggage and carry it into the house. Twila stored Jane’s luggage near the front door while Patrick took Agnes’s luggage to her room. Martha escorted Agnes and Jane into the sitting room that adjoined the dinning room and the adults sat down. Cindy removed her robe and the other submissives followed her lead. The naked submissives kneeled in front of the three Mistresses while they described their trip and activities.

The submissives served dinner and then joined the three Dominas to eat. Susan and Twila saw that the three Mistresses were kept well served of whatever they wanted. Patrick wondered if Mother Mistress had noticed the chastity belts that he and Susan wore. Agnes had seen them, but chose not to comment about either of them. She decided to remove Patrick’s device herself, later. Cindy would soon take care of Susan’s belt later too. The dinner ended around ten o’clock in the evening and Martha gathered the clothes that she and Twila had brought and bid everyone goodnight. Jane asked Patrick to place her luggage in her car that she had left at Agnes’s home. Jane hugged everyone then asked Annie to follow her home. Annie readily agreed and they left together.

At last Mistress was home alone with her three submissives. She handed Cindy a key and the woman quickly unlocked Susan’s Chastity belt and removed it. “Thank you, Mother Mistress,” Susan sighed as she kneeled down before her Mistress. Agnes smiled at her student boarder then nodded to Cindy. The young woman took Susan’s hand. She help her to stand then guided her to the staircase, up the staircase and into Cindy’s room. Susan’s heart beat faster as she realized that Cindy would be her lover for the night. She stood very still as Cindy removed her robe and then Susan’s. The young woman reached out to gently touch Susan’s magnificent breasts and lightly drew her fingertips over them.

Susan’s chest heaved as she breathed deeply while Cindy played with her breasts. She felt her pussy become moist as Cindy traced her fingers down her body. Susan closed her eyes as she felt Cindy cup her pussy and rub it with her palm. She whimpered as Cindy’s expert hands tightened slightly over the lips of her pussy. The older woman smiled as she knew the effect she was having on the young girl and her fingers barely brushed at the insides of Susan’s pussy lips. Still holding her hand on Susan’s pussy, Cindy stepped behind her to rub her hard nipples against the soft tender skin of Susan’s back. The young girl’s body quivered as she felt the hard nipples rubbing against her back.

Cindy kissed Susan’s shoulder tenderly then drew her tongue along the shoulder and up her neck to lick the young girl’s earlobe. Susan groaned with desire and lust as Cindy played with her. Cindy’s hand was now drenched from Susan’s juices. She nibbled the girl’s earlobe as she brought her wet fingers to Susan’s breasts and coated the nipples in Susan’s juices. She raised her hand to Susan’s lips and held out one finger which Susan eagerly took into her mouth and licked clean. Cindy inserted another finger into Susan’s mouth and the young girl sucked them both as though they were a cock. Cindy lightly kissed her cheek then licked her fingers and hand clean of Susan’s juices.

She turned Susan around to face her, kissed her deeply and probed her mouth with her tongue. Susan sighed deeply and returned the kiss, enthusiastically embracing her lover. Cindy broke their kiss to lick her way down Susan’s neck to her breasts. She kissed, licked and nibbled Susan’s breasts, but avoided her nipples. Susan groaned again in deep need as Cindy circled the girl’s areolas with her tongue then sucked the wet nipple into her mouth. Susan closed her eyes and gently rested her cheek on the top of Cindy’s head as the older woman’s tongue swirled over her nipple, cleansing it of her pussy juices. Cindy expertly moved her tongue from one nipple to the other as she cleansed the nipples of the cunt juices she had placed Tipobet Giriş there.

Susan’s body trembled with passion and her pussy was sopping wet from her lovers’ attention to her breasts and nipples. Cindy slowly guided Susan towards her bed and gently laid her on her back across the bed. She lifted the girl’s legs and placed them on her shoulders as she kissed and licked Susan’s inner thighs. Groaning aloud, Susan tried desperately to bring Cindy’s mouth to her pussy, but Cindy easily evaded her. She drew her tongue up and down the creases where Susan’s thighs joined her torso while Susan writhed with passion and desire. Defeated in her attempts to guide Cindy’s mouth to her pussy, Susan laid her arms back above her head and endured Cindy’s wonderful foreplay.

Cindy drew her tongue along the outsides of Susan’s cuntlips, up one side, around the hood of her clitoris, but avoiding her engorged clit, and down the other side. She did this several times as Susan writhed with passion, groaning aloud. “Jesus, Cindy, lick my pussy,” Susan begged as she writhed, twisted and turned her body with lust and desire.

“Pussys are what little girls have between their legs, Susan,” Cindy teased her lover. “Tell me what you want me to lick, sweet one,” she demanded, knowing that Susan would be humiliated.

“God, Cindy, you know!” cried the younger girl. “Don’t tease me.” Cindy’s tongue continued to drive Susan to near madness and she twisted her body each time it the tongue neared her clit, but was denied.

“What do you want me to lick, little girl?” Cindy asked as she toyed with her young lover.

“My cunt…Oh God, Cindy, lick my cunt and clit!” Susan demanded. Cindy smiled as she forced the younger girl into humiliating herself. Susan groaned mournfully as her lovers tongue flicked over her erect and engorged clit. Cindy’s tongue gathered the girl’s nectar and happily swallowed it as she began to concentrate of Susan’s clitoris. She pulled the fleshy little nub into her mouth to suck it hard while her tongue swirled over and over the sensitive root of Susan’s lust. Immediately, Susan grasped her lovers head to hold it fast against her clitoris as she ground her pussy into Cindy’s mouth. Both of them knew that the young girl’s orgasm was swiftly rising deep inside her.

Cindy quickly released Susan’s clit from her mouth as her tongue traveled through her lovers wet slit, past her perineum to pause upon her asshole, coated with her juices. She swirled her tongue over Susan’s asshole while her thumb rubbed the girl’s wet clit. It was more that the younger woman could withstand as she screamed and exploded in a mind numbing orgasm. She spewed her nectar all over Cindy’s face, mouth and tongue as she shuddered through her orgasm. Cindy gathered the girl’s nectar and promptly resumed licking her throbbing clitoris continuously throughout Susan’s superb climax.

Susan’s lovely body trembled while she twisted in the heat of her passion. She would spasm and cum each time Cindy’s tongue touched her sensitive clit. Her eyes rolled in their sockets as she rocked her head from side to side from the intensity of her orgasm. A sheen of perspiration quickly coated her lovely body as she fell quiet and still. She gasped for air as Cindy climbed on the bed to hold her in her arms while she kissed her quivering lips. She moved her mouth to Susan’s breasts and began to lick the salty sweet sweat from her breasts while Susan’s labored breathing continued.

Meanwhile, Mother Mistress and Patrick had remained in the sitting room. Patrick described his ordeal with the chastity belt that Mistress Martha had forced him to wear. Agnes had Patrick stand in front of her as she sat in an over stuffed chair and held his balls in the palm of her hand. While he told her that he had violated Agnes’s rule about fucking and cumming without permission, Agnes began to play with his balls. She lightly ran her fingertips over them while barely touching his cockhead with her thumb. His breathing became arduous as Patrick’s cock began to swell within its prison. Agnes knew he was uncomfortable as his cock pressed solidly against the cock cage he wore.

She listened as he told her that Mistress Martha had forced him into chastity for nearly all of the four weeks that Agnes and Jane were on vacation. He described his humiliation when he was forced to sit on the toilet like a girl to urinate to prevent peeing all over his legs. Further, the remote control that Mistress Martha retained enabled her to vibrate both he and Susan whenever Martha decided to submit them to her somewhat sadistic whims. Agnes listened aptly to his descriptions of the electric shocks that jolted him again and again at Martha’s whim, even during classes at the University. He told Mother Mistress of his humiliation at being ‘milked’ of his sperm by each of the girls. Finally, he described his ultimate degradation of being forced to milk himself with the Aneros device in his ass while the girls all watched and teased him.

Agnes listened attentively Tipobet Güncel Giriş to her student boarders’ tale of the humiliation forced upon him. While he described his ordeal, Agnes continued to play with his balls and cockhead. The head of his cock protruded from its cage and Mother Mistress leaned forward to kiss and lick it as the pain in his cock grew rapidly. He groaned as his cock flesh pressed against the hard plastic that surrounded it and his cockshaft pushed out of the rectangular openings of his chastity belt. Agnes placed her thumb and forefinger around the base of his balls. She gripped his balls tightly and stood up to lead him up the stairs by his balls.

Patrick’s pain was obvious and he groaned aloud as Agnes squeezed his balls emphasizing her total control over him. She pulled him down the long hallway to her bedroom, past the muffled sounds of sex and passion that emanated from Cindy’s room. Agnes dragged him into her room by his now sore balls and closed the door behind them. Mother Mistress removed her grip from his balls and commanded him to undress her. Patrick’s expectations of having his chastity device removed fell to a new low as he thought that Agnes had chosen not to do away with it. Somewhat dejected, he set about to undress his Mistress.

He began by removing her suit jacket, then carefully unbuttoning her blouse to avoid touching her breasts unnecessarily. Agnes smiled at him as he followed her instructions and Patrick was unsure of what to make of this. She had never before ordered him to undress her, although Susan performed this task often. He removed her blouse to reveal her lacy bra that held her lovely breasts captive. She breathed deeply as Patrick’s hands trembled a bit when he reached around her waist to pull down the zipper of her skirt. He kneeled while holding the skirt as he lowered it to her ankles. Agnes place her hands on his naked shoulders as she stepped out of her skirt.

Patrick’s cock twitched as she stood in front of him wearing a garter belt over her panties that both matched her bra. The straps of the garter belt ended at the top half of her creamy thighs and held her nylon stockings from slipping down. Nervously, he glanced up to see Agnes smiling as she gazed at him undressing her, pleased that he seemed nervous. He tried not to touch her thigh as he undid her garter buckles from her stocking. He rolled the stockings down her smooth, warm and creamy leg to her ankles and again she grasped his shoulders as he pulled the stocking from her foot. Carefully, he removed her other stocking then reached up to undo the closures of her garter belt and took it off.

He stood up to carefully slip his fingers into Agnes’s bra to unhook the front closure and removed the bra revealing her lovely breasts. Both Agnes and Patrick took a deep breath as she watched him gaze at her beautiful breasts. Her breasts had matured, but were still firm with a lovely rounding on their under sides, like small melons. The nipples hardened immediately to stand proud and erect as she watched Patrick quickly lick his lips. He couldn’t look her in the eyes as he kneeled to slip his thumbs into the waistband of her panties and slowly drew her panties down to her ankles. Looking only at her feet, he saw her step out of the panties.

Agnes knew that he was extremely uncomfortable and she cupped his chin to lift it until his eyes looked directly at her flat belly. Her bush was nearly full, and her dark soft curly hair expertly trimmed. The V pointed toward her pussy which was shaved around her labia. Her wonderful scent wafted to his nostrils and Patrick breathed in deeply. Agnes lifted his chin higher and bent to kiss his lips tenderly. They kissed for several seconds then she broke their kiss to place tiny little kisses all over his face and forehead. Grasping his hands, she pulled at them slightly and he rose to stand. Agnes embraced him and kissed his lips deeply, while she pressed her hard nipples against his naked chest.

His cock strained to become hard within its plastic prison, but instead was painfully restrained from achieving a hard on. Patrick was totally aroused and he eagerly returned her kiss as she probed his mouth to entwine their tongues. Agnes broke their kiss and gently pushed him to his knees as they looked into one another’s eyes. She gently took his head in her palms and brought his lips to her extremely wet pussy. Greedily, he plunged his tongue deep inside her and swirled it all about in the soft, pink inner folds of her succulent pussy. Agnes sighed with desire and arousal while Patrick pleasured her. His nose rubbed her engorged clit and his forehead pressed into her soft bush as his tongue consumed her.

Agnes trembled as his tongue pillaged her inner pussy. She held him fast against her determined to cum standing up because her orgasms were magnified and lasted longer that way. Moaning while his tongue continued to pleasure her, Agnes decided to let her young lover make love to her without her intervention or guidance. Patrick surprised his Mistress as a more than adequate lover. She felt her pussy twitch often as he pleasured her and sensed that her orgasm was rising deep inside her. Patrick relished his task of pleasing his Mistress. He withdrew his tongue from deep inside her and flicked it over her clit several times.

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