Mother-In-Law’s House


Mother-In-Law’s HouseMother-In-Law’s Housebyburasboy©I recently had to spend time at our old place of residence to take care of some business. I contacted my mother-in-law, Cathy, and she told me I could stay at her house. I arrived early afternoon and Cathy was still working, so I dropped by her work to get her house keys. We had a short visit and then I headed to her house to relax.As soon as I got there, I went straight to the clothes hamper. When I got to the hamper it was full of dirty clothes, and started rummaging thru and found at least 6 or 7 pairs of her dirty panties. The excitement inside me was growing, as was my cock, which was almost rock hard already..I gathered up all the dirty panties and headed for her bedroom. In there I stripped of all my clothes except for the pair of panties I had taken from her months earlier. My cock was now at full attention, tenting out her panties. I laid down on her bed and started sniffing and checking out each pair. My cock was now throbbing, as her sweet pussy smell gets me so excited. With one pair on my nose and another on my cock masturbating, it wasn’t long before I exploded my built up load of cum in her panty crotch.I was drained and must have dozed off, because the next thing I know I opened my eyes and looked up to see Cathy standing next to the bed wanting to know why her dirty panties was on my face and crotch. Busted. What could I say I was caught red handed. I didn’t know what to say, but she said that she knew I had been taking her panties for quite some time, but never thought she would actually catch me at it.She then said ever since she figured it out, that she got excited thinking about me sniffing and playing with her dirty panties, and it got Ankara Escort her very wet. She then told me she would rub her panties and pussy and make herself cum thinking about it. She also told me she started fantasizing about rubbing her sticky wet panties on my face while she had them on and would explode with powerful orgasm’s. I was shocked to hear this, and also relieved.She started taking off her clothes and stood there in just her bra and panties and then told me her pussy and panties were soaking wet and very sticky. I noticed the crotch of her panties and you could see the large damp spot. She walked over to the bed and pulled the panties off my face and straddled me in a 69 position, with her wet creamy panties just inches from my face. Her pussy smell was fantastic.She then lowered them onto my nose and started sliding those creamy wet panties back and forth across my nose and lips. My cock was like a steel rod, and throbbing. She slowly took my cock in her mouth and I almost exploded. She started sucking my cock all the way down, back and forth when she all of a sudden she started shuddering and grinding her now cum soaking panties and pussy in my face and nose soaking me completely. It was too much, and I exploded instantly and she sucked me dry. After a few minutes of trying to catch our breath, she told me how long she looked forward to doing that. With that said she got up, took her panties and bra off, then put the soaking wet panties on my face, and mounted my still rock hard cock. She started riding up and down on my cock and lowered herself down so I could her suck her excited nipples. It wasn’t long before she exploded on my cock, Balgat Escort and I cum inside her hot wet pussy. I was in panty pussy heaven. We both fell asleep like that with her still on top of me.. I woke up and cleaned up, and headed into the kitchen, where Mother in law had coffee made. We both smiled and said good morning. We had a cup of coffee, like nothing had happened. We didn’t talk about what happened the evening before but both knew, things had changed. She left to go to work and said she would talk to me later. We gave each other a big hug and told each other that we looked forward to seeing each other soon!.As I was getting ready to leave, I went to the bedroom to get my suitcase, and lying right there on top were those sticky wet panties she had on the day before. They were still drenched, and as soon as I put them to my nose my cock was instantly rock hard. I just couldn’t help myself, and dropped my pants, and jerked off sniffing those panties and cum within 5 minutes. I folded them up, put them in my pocket, and left. I was back home about 5 days, when my wife got a call from her mother. She told my wife that something was wrong with her dryer and if I got a chance, could maybe come and check it out for her.She told her mother I would, but it might be a few days before I could.She told her mother to load up her dirty laundry and come and spend the weekend with us and visit, and she could catch up on her laundry while she was here. My mother-in-law reluctantly agreed and said she would be here tonight. Time passed and my mother-in-law showed up. She came in carrying a basket of clothes and asked if I would get the other basket Çankaya Escort out of the car for her. When I got to the car and looked in, I was surprised to see about 7 or 8 dirty pairs of panties on top. I noticed the very top pair, a blue silky brief with lace trim with the inside crotch face up with sticky wet, cum soaked pussy cream. I picked them up, inhaled, and it was heavenly. You could tell that she cum in them and had just removed them within the last 20 to 30 minutes. I bunched them up and stuck them in my pocket quickly. I brought the basket inside and set them down.I couldn’t wait to get to the bathroom and drop my pants. My cock was throbbing, and her pussy cream smelled and tasted so nice. I couldn’t believe she had cum in these panties for me. It wasn’t but a few more seconds and I shot a stream of cum about 3 foot in the air. I cleaned up and composed myself and headed back out. When I got close to mother-in-law, she asked me how I liked my special surprise. I said it was fantastic and thanked her so very much. She told me your welcome, and said who knows there could be some more before she left. I couldn’t believe this was happening.I figured since the episode from her house happened, that it would be dropped and nothing else said about it. It seems that I was wrong. Later on, while Cathy and I were outside smoking, she told me that there was nothing wrong with her dryer. She said she wanted me to come to her house again for a repeat of the previous activities.She then told me it had been years since she had been with a man, and it sure felt nice to finally have a man satisfy her. She also said that she would like to continue our little episodes, but couldn’t let no one find out, because she didn’t want to hurt her daughter or her grandk**s. Could we continue this secret affair and not let anyone catch us. L sure hope so, because the intense orgasm’s and feelings were incredible.I love my wife and k**s but the panty play with my mother-in-law was just so powerful and addictive I didn’t want to stop! There will be more stories later!

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