Morning Rise


The dream fades slowly, my eyes stubbornly refusing to open as consciousness insistently presses me awake. Forcing just enough of a squint to look at the time, I groan when it sinks in that I’ve got an hour before the alarm goes off. There is no way I can go back to sleep without relieving the pressure of too much liquid. I sigh and roll to the edge of the bed letting gravity make the effort to pull my legs the final inches toward standing. Stumbling bleary-eyed to the bathroom, it’s too much effort to lift my arm to turn on the light.

Knowing that your warm body is lying in the bed lends just enough impetus to keep me from falling asleep on the toilet and pulls me back to the bed. Determined to get the sleep still due my worn out body, I snuggle up to you. At the feeling of my weight on the bed, you roll on your side to welcome me back into your dreams. Your arm wraps around my shoulder, my knee slips comfortably between yours, you cradle my head against your chest with a contented sigh escaping your lips, and I close my eyes. I want to stay in this cocoon until the alarm goes off and drags me away from you.

My fingers wander over your skin with a mind of their own, not requiring active thought. I’m always amazed at how our bodies react to each other and this morning is no exception. The pads of my fingertips move languidly up your thigh, following the curve of your hip around, accepting the invitation to spread my fingers and gently squeeze your cheek. I hear a dream-filled moan as my fingernail brushes along the cleft between your cheeks and upward to the small of your back. My fingernails scratch idle patterns on your skin, up to your shoulders, to your neck, and into your hair.

You make that sexy growling sound in your sleep, rolling onto your back without waking, offering your body to me without conscious thought. My lips glaze a trail over your chest, leaving behind only the traces of warmth from my breath and the idea of being awake in your arms, the possibilities it could lead to, taking root in my mind.

Sexual energy wells up into my fingertips as I draw them across your skin, waking my desire, flowing into every part of my body. Latent images from my dreams filter into my thoughts as I slowly kiss my way down your chest, inching my body lower until my tongue can touch your belly button without stretching my neck.

Rising cautiously to my knees as I nuzzle tenderly, my hair tickles across your belly and your body instantly tenses. I freeze for a long moment waiting for your dream to return and your body to relax. I am determined to see how far I can go before you wake up. I breathe in deep and slow as I wait, taking in the male scent of you, feeling the desire build patiently yet adamantly inside my body, inexorably drawing my mouth lower, making it water with anticipation.

My fingertips caress the insides of your thighs like a butterfly until your legs part enough for me to warily Tekirdağ Escort move between them and settle on my stomach. Resting on my elbows, I continue nuzzling your lower belly, my lips moving like whispers over your skin, the tip of my tongue tracing a path to the hairline before slithering back up to flick across your belly button again.

Holding myself to a maddeningly sedate pace, I work my hands under your legs, lower my chest to the bed and use the tip of my nose to caress you. My hair is tickling along the shaft of your cock and I hear you moan my name as you dream. A thought flits across my mind, resting just long enough to make me wonder with a naughty grin if your dream is getting better because of what I’m doing or if your dreams are normally filled with reasons to moan my name.

Using the tip of my tongue along the length of your semi-hard cock, watching it twitch as it grows, I hear a small gasp. Afraid you’ll move before I’ve had my fill of you, I take a firm hold of your hips. You are beginning to wake up and realize that your dream isn’t going away. Your fingers touch my hair hesitantly, almost as if you are afraid I won’t be here when you open your eyes.

I use the flat of my tongue to lick your balls in long slow strokes until they are slick with my spit. Suckling one into my mouth, I lave it with my tongue and pull slowly away from your body. It falls gently from my lips and I nestle my face into the hair tickling my nose as I revel in the maleness of you. As I suck the other testicle into my mouth and roll it gently your fingers move the hair back from my face, letting me know that you are fully awake now.

My mouth surrounds you in warm wet flesh, your cock throbbing and pulsing as it grows thick and hard. I seal my lips around the base and suckle you. My tongue etches the sculpted veins as I pull my mouth away only to be drawn back by the gentle pressure of your fingertips against my scalp.

Your hands move to the bed and I follow your body, unwilling to lose even a single stroke, as you sit up slightly to watch your cock disappear past my lips over and over again. I savor the taste of you as the first drops of precum flow across my tongue, adding to the flavor of your skin the way syrup completes the taste of pancakes.

Your eyes are captivated as my lips stroke up and down, my mouth opening so I can lick the head of your cock. I know how much you enjoy watching me flick the tip of my tongue across that sensitive spot. I can feel your entire body tremble as I let my teeth graze against the length of you when I swallow you again. I savor each drop of your desire as it fills my mouth.

Your hips begin moving in a counter-rhythm to my mouth, each of us pulling away and moving together in a pattern as natural as breathing. I press you deep into my throat and hold you there while I look up at you. I wink slyly as I swallow. You feel the grip of my Tekirdağ Escort Bayan throat around your shaft and your hips buck, pressing you even deeper inside me, pleading silently for me to allow you release. I swallow again, selfishly refusing to give you what you want yet.

Your whispered, “I want my breakfast too, Baby,” sends shivers through my body but I continue slowly devouring your hard thick shaft as I move to give you what you want. I rise to my hands and knees, turning my body until I can lie on my side with my hips near your head. Leaning over to press my face into your flesh and your cock deep down my throat, I grip your hips firmly as you roll on top of me spreading your knees wide so I can continue taking my pleasure while you feed.


The scent of my excitement waters your mouth as you lick your lips in anticipation. A tap on my hips, as you reach for the pillow to slide under them, raises the smooth-shaven skin to just the right height. You place a chaste kiss, only a press of the lips, against the closed petals of flesh. My heart swells at your tenderness, a prayer before the worship.

I moan around the flesh filling me as your tongue slips between my lips one long stroke at a time, opening the petals slowly to taste the nectar seeping between them like honey from the comb. Your hunger is evident in the way your tongue roots deeper, searching stridently for the hard swollen core you know is there as your hips thrust your manhood in a slow steady rhythm past my tongue.

You savor each muffled gasp and whimper that comes from my lips as you play with me, listening for the different sounds each movement creates and losing yourself in the sensations of the moment. The whorls and dips of your tongue, the thrusting savageness followed by tender caresses, every motion calculated to bring me closer and yet keep the end just out of reach.

Abandoning my swollen clit just before I can give in completely to the feelings tightening my body, you chuckle at the sounds of my desperation. Using your tongue to delve into the sweet honeyed layers of skin that cover my womanhood you pause to suckle them, savoring not only the flavor of my essence but also the reaction that I cannot control, the minute vibrations that you can only feel with the sensitive skin of your lips.

The animal sound that swells in your throat, escaping in a heated moaning howl to undulate along the quivering walls where your mouth is buried, pulls at the chords tightening inside me, demanding an answer. My responding purr shimmers down the length of your shaft, choking off my air for just a moment as you press deeper.

As soon as you feel the slight pressure of my hands pushing at your hips, you pull completely out of my mouth to let me catch my breath before resuming your slow strokes across the length of my tongue, my lips soughing across the skin Escort Tekirdağ with the motion.

Your mouth covers the entrance to my pussy, the sensation of your beard tickling across my clit and your mustache teasing the skin just behind while you suck with abandon is almost overwhelming. My hands move down to spread my lips wider for you. The wetness of my honey mixed with the saliva from your mouth soaks my fingers and once your face is burrowed deep between my lips, my slick fingers rim your ass.

Tenderly pulling your cheeks apart, I use the middle finger of each hand alternately, first circling it with one then tickling it with the other, back and forth until I feel your body swaying with the rhythm. In and out of my mouth, pressing back tentatively against my fingertips as I circle around and around with each fingertip drawing out the anticipation.

At the first slight penetration of my finger, you inhale sharply and surge back to press it deeper. Your tongue thrusts savagely into me, clearly intent on sharing the pleasure you feel. I had intended to slowly increase the motion but you are obviously not going to let me get away with teasing you like that. In retaliation, I continue switching fingers. First pressing one deep then pulling it out to play with the ridges around your hole as the other invades the tight ring of flesh.

Your cock grows even harder, stretching my throat each time your velvety head passes over the rough of my tongue. The shaft begins pulsing in my mouth and your balls pull tight to your body, slapping against my chin as I finally plunge both fingers through the anal barrier and move them in and out in opposite directions.

I relax my jaw and let your hips do the work of fucking my mouth. There is no hope of my keeping suction while you are pounding me with such zeal so I give you free rein with my throat and continue my assault on your ass.

The sensations coming from my pussy have my juices flowing freely onto your questing tongue. My hips grind upwards seeking that final incredible release that I know is so near. Your fingertips dip into me and my throat opens deeper for you as your passionately pumping cock strangles the first cries of my orgasm. The throbbing of your shaft shoots the first long string of seed against the back of my throat and I instinctively swallow.

Your fingers thrusting into me, your tongue pressing against my clit, your cock filling me with heavy bursts of cum, everything combines to send me hurtling over the edge into an orgasm that rips through my entire body like the shock of a belly flop on smooth water.

I try to keep up with the ropes of semen flowing from each pulse of your cock but I can feel it dribbling out the sides of my mouth and down my neck. I gulp what seems like gallons before you roll to your side and collapse, weakly swiping your forearm across your mouth. We lay there breathing heavily, recovering from the emotional upheaval as our bodies soften and return to their natural state.

I jump when the alarm goes off, stridently announcing that reality wants in. You rise to your elbow and rub the inside of my thigh with a chuckle before you ask, “Will it be my turn to wake you up tomorrow morning, Baby?”

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