More than Just


“What are you talking about Dane? Why is it that all of a sudden, we can’t be friends anymore, huh?” The two of us just back from that County Fair fundraiser thing the company I’m working for was hosting and I could tell something was up; he had been quieter than usual all-day long. Sure, Dane isn’t the most extroverted guy in the world but we’ve been best friends for as long as I can remember and now I feel like I’m standing on the last piece of Earth while the rest of it crumbles away around me! “For god’s sake Dane, would you just say something?”

Then, completely out of the blue, he reaches out and grabs my face, his lips forming an affectionate seal over mine as we stood on the front steps of my condo building. His lips mashed against mine so intensely that I stumble a few steps back against the rail. Of course, over the years with a guy as my best friend; my confidant; I’ve entertained the thought of us ‘together’ many times but never in my wildest dreams did I ever think either of us would ever do anything about it!

Something about the way his lips moved with mine let something else take control and sent out my logic as I reached under his sports jacket to pull him closer into me. The ecstasy revs in my veins for a hot second but just as quickly as I pulled Dane in, he pulled away leaving me even more at a loss! He moved to the other side of the stoop, clenching the rail behind him as we caught our breath.

As the first to think of anything to say, “That, Sonraya. That’s why I can’t be just your friend anymore! Ever since we met in junior high I’ve watched you date guy after guy after guy that treated you badly, cheated on you with some bimbo, or just plain wasn’t good enough for you Ray! When we were kids, I admit, it didn’t bother me as bad but as we’ve gotten older, as you became who you really are and I became just regular ol’ me, I can’t just sit back and watch this play out anymore! Not feeling the way I feel; not knowing who I want is right there but I can’t have her,” When he finished his confession, I saw in front of me a broken man; one that I had thought I held up on a pedestal for being so strong all the time but at some point shoved to the back of the closet! It was then that I heard a rumble and I looked back at Dane in front of me.

Without a word I take him by the hand, jogging down the front steps, and put the two of us standing on the sidewalk facing one another. I take hold of his other hand and right on cue, as if in an old romance novel, I feel the first rain drop land on my cheek before the sky begins to pour!

Jerking him into me, I wrap my arms around Dane’s strong body, plunging my lips onto his. Raindrops caress our kiss as we stand, forgetting the rest of the world. After long last, our mouths part, both of us in need of catching our breath. “I don’t understand, Raya. W-wha-w- what is going Sivas Escort on?” He asks, tripping over his flustered words. I know what I suddenly want and gently wrap my fingers in his. “Why don’t we go inside and I’ll show you what’s going on,” A few drawn out seconds, Dane looking down at our joined hands, then looks up to meet my eyes and nods.

Once inside I carefully remove my sweatshirt, while he closes the door, turning to face me and letting me meticulously pull down the zipper on his, our eyes locked on one another’s during the entire scene. Brushing it from his shoulders, I listen to it hit the floor as my right-hand wraps around the nape of Dane’s neck, the other over his shoulder as I let my lips explain to his what is going on.

While we kissed, he placed one hand on my waist, moving it slowly and stroking up and down my back. I couldn’t explain my swift feelings of desire for him to anyone, even myself. I stopped kissing his lips and lean back, encircled by his arms, “Why don’t we move this to the living room,” I suggest. He nearly agrees right away, speed walking me until the backs of my legs slam into what must be the sofa.

Dane let both of his hands trace my form as he started to suck on my earlobe. He took my face in his hands and started kissing me on the lips once again. He let one hand brush my cheek and places the other under my knee, raising it to his hip. Gently, he ran his hand up my thigh until Dane finally found himself lifting the hem of my skirt. Slowly, he presses my shoulders back so I’m lying on the couch and he seductively gets on top of me and we continue to kiss and touch each other. I can’t resist from quietly moaning his name into his ear.

I decide our actions need to move along since I’m feeling a renewed since of turned on. I reach to his body and rip off his shirt and after feeling the bulge of his cock rub against my leg, then my pussy through his pants, I helped him remove my shirt. Next thing I do is pull Dane’s shirt off revealing his immense shoulders and rugged chest. I press myself tighter into him as if we could mold into a single being. I ran my hands up and down his smooth, muscular chest, and abs that I always knew he had but never saw in person, turning him on a lot as my fingers inspect every last speck of his six-pack.

Hoping for some leverage, I prop myself up on my elbows and a pillow behind me. Dane plants a knee on each side of my legs and begins tenderly massaging my encased mounds. I lean my head back exposing all of my throat, hoping to invite his curious tongue.

My legs wrap around his waist and his arms loosely encircle my figure pulling me onto his lap and I suggest, “Hey, let’s go upstairs and what happens there,” One last passionate kiss to the hollow dip in my collar bone and Dane whisper-growls, “I like the way you think,”

We Sivas Escort Bayan made our aroused way a few steps up and I’m sure he can feel the heated wetness of between my legs. He drops a knee and set me on the next step. I lay back on the staircase and Dane reaches down unzipping my skirt while kissing my stomach. His lips ambitiously coasted down my body, discovering the top of my breasts, his fingers finding my nipples, rigid with hysteria. A soft gust from an open living room window touches my body still damp from his kisses, leaving me goosebumps on my skin as the cool air the moisture. His hands run over my textured body then slips his hands behind me and unsnap my bra, sliding it down my arms then tossing it to the floor behind him.

Dane sneaks his hands into the waist of my skirt, lightly tugging it down my waist and I lift my legs so he can pull it off my body, then throwing to the base of the stairs. I am soaked amidst my thighs already, and I could clearly see that his handsome erection under his pants. I sit up, pushing more of my chest into his lips and my hands dart to the buckle on his shorts. I have no clue what stops me from grabbing his pulsating cock from his boxers until it occurs to me that I’m pinned down and he’s dragging his tongue over the crotch in my panties, drenched with the excited juices from my pussy.

Wave after wave of anxiousness storm through my body whilst his hands and mouth moved down my silhouette. He reaches down slipping my underwear off and caressing the moist folds. “I always knew you were beautiful but…amazing” he pauses momentarily as he gazes at my au naturel body, admiring my shapely form just before jerking off my panties and thrust his fingers inside of me. His body holding mine in place while his lips return to my neck. I moved my hips in tempo with how he moves in and out of me. A sensual moan spills out of my mouth as I sense an epic peak building. Faster he rubbed my clitoris, drawing circles with his thumb, pushing in and out, Dane’s other hand massaging my breasts, his lips moving across my tummy.

My broken breathing is so frazzled and fast-paced, his finger fucking so fantastic and overwhelming, that all I can is squeal and moan my lustful happiness as the first phase of an orgasm floods through me! I squirm on the step, reaching for any part of him that I can get my hands on whilst he steadies his more gradual pace in and out of my sex. As I calm, Dane clutches the rear of my head, pulling me in for a too quick kiss then asks, “Awww, are you all tuckered out milady,” I jerk his head back down to mine so that our foreheads are pressed together and utter, “Not even close, silly boy,” still recovering my breath from my initial the orgasm.

Dane stands at the base of the steps and drops his shorts and boxer-briefs, exposing his proudly erect penis! Escort Sivas My full body quivers at its enormity at ten inches long, likely five inches around, and standing at a perfect ninety-degree angle to his body! He relaxed his entirely exposed body atop mine, nibbling at my lips while we kiss, sending erotic chills all over me! “Let me get you upstairs,” he offers. “No!,” I object insistently, “This needs to happen now!”

With a primal growl that lights a whole flame amidst my legs, he presses harder into me, my legs shuddering when I feel the head against my lips. I gasp as Dane all of a sudden plunges balls deep, almost making me peak on the spot! My back arches, pushing my naked breasts that much closer to him, and one arm presses into the step beside my head, the other arm doing the same with his hand clutching the back of my skull. He thrust himself into me as his fingers wraps into my hair. Dane squeezes and fondles my boobs in cadence with when he pushes in and out of my extremely damp cunt. He smacks my breasts together like two speed balls at a boxing gym. The burning tinges left behind by his hand made me shrieking in thrilled excitement! “Please Dane, more! Please!” I beg.

Dane burrows deeper into my skin with his fingers, his nails pressing so hard I wanted nothing more than to bleed for him, especially as he drew me closer into him, our bare forms clapping each time they thrust into one another. My whole-body shudders uncontrollably. I hear his panting hasten, his hold on my body tightens just before he stabs his dick in me so intensely I can barely hold myself steady.

Hearing him groan, I know he’s about to pour into me! “Yes, babe, let me have everything” I quietly mumble to him amidst heavy breaths, and those seem to be the magic words!

The warmth he shoots into my vagina is the greatest thing I’ve ever felt! I love the feeling of him pulsing inside me with each burst of his sex juices.

His entire body melts into mine as our panting becomes more rhythmic and synced. We both chuckle and I mention, “I guess we never made it to the bedroom,” playfully! He looks at me with affection in his grin, effortlessly sweeping my fatigued form into his arms and carefully walking us up the last of the stairs, tenderly kissing my arms around his neck as he brings me into my room.

Gently, he lays me on the bed, leaving a long soft kiss on my cheek, whilst he pulls the comforter from where it sits folded at the end of my bed, halfway up my arms, rubbing my shoulders, then mysteriously walks around to the other side, lifted the blanket, and slipped in beside me. Smoothly, he kisses his way from my shoulder, up my neck, then nibbled on my earlobe before whispering, “Get on your side so I can cuddle you,” and with my cheeks burning, I turn onto my side with my back to him, feeling his strong arm slip under mine, drape over my waist as snuggles himself closer to me as I reach up and lock my fingers into his.


Hi fellow readers and writers,

This is my first story here. I hope you enjoy it and comments/critique more than welcome!



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