Caroline Riabtshoun

Moonflower, a prelude to Morning Glory

The effort I put into this evening seemed to have affected her greatly. She has the body of a teenager and had said she had wanted it rough. How lucky am I? My wife was completely restrained on the bed, all 98 pounds of her, and looked like an innocent waif, who was suffering at the hands of a cruel tormentor. Had someone walked into our bedroom at that moment, they simply could not have imagined that I had planned this with her desires in mind. She held up well until the first time I eased my cock out of her exposed, taut pussy when the pain had become too great. Her body shot straight off the bed towards the windows. The dildo I had chosen for her ass was dislodged onto the towel which I had placed under her body. I was shocked she could move so much, enough to free herself from the forced sodomy. The clothespins spreading her upper labia wide apart were still clamped and she desperately tried to communicate through her bit gag that the pinching pain in her labia needed relief.

I had planned this night for a week in advance and wanted the sensations to be concentrated on her erogenous zones. She has a tendency to get cold, so I turned up the temperature in the room, out of consideration for her. Two ten foot lengths of chains were secured at one end to the legs on the right side of the bed frame. They were then placed parallel to each other across the top and bottom of the king size bed and their free ends were then secured to the legs on the left side of the frame. I had positioned her on her back with her head at the side of the bed, close to the edge. She was lying in line with the chains, placed exactly between them. I like metallic chains because they seem so severe, and they are much faster to adjust than ropes. Leather cuffs, not handcuffs, were secured on each wrist in order to minimize pain, since her arms were stretched outwards, perpendicular to her body.

The metal handcuffs would have caused more pain in the wrists with her arms pulled firmly to the sides. I chose leather cuffs to secure her feet out to the sides, knees bent, legs a bit farther apart than is comfortable for her. The metallic leg cuffs would have hurt her ankles and this was about her sexual desires, not just pain. With her lying somewhat spread eagle, there was a bit of wiggle room by design with the knowledge that later, I could fuck her at will… either hole. It can be a challenge to fuck your wife if she’s in bondage, because she can’t move much, which I guess is the point. It does expose her lady bits quite nicely though, and that was my intention. Instead of padlocking her feet to a particular link of chain, like I did her hands, I attached them to double ended snap hooks and then to the chain in case I wanted to adjust her legs to be more or less bent later in the night. The quick clip action of those hooks onto the chains appeals to me.

As we had begun the evening, I planned to layer the sensations. Her ass seemed like the best starting point. I chose a medium sized dildo (designed for a Doc Martin strap on) for her little brown hole. Into the hollow base of the dildo, I inserted a long wooden dowel. To the tip of the dildo, I added KY and proceeded to slowly slide the penis shaped dildo inside her ass. I watched her face and body carefully. It’s more of a challenge to read her when it’s not my own dick going into her ass. I could tell exactly when I reached her internal sphincter because she tensed and Tipobet made a warbling yelp, and I paused for a long moment. She relaxed soon enough. I slid it deeper into her ass, right up to the base of the dildo almost onto the wood. After adjusting a short length of chain between the longer lengths of chain on the bed beyond her feet, I padlocked the anal dildo in place using the eye hook at the other end of the dowel for this exact purpose. This deep in her ass, I had been certain it would stay put throughout our session. There was still plenty of room around my wife for my own body with chains framing her arms and legs. Usually I attach a collar around her neck as a fifth point of attachment, but had figured the dildo that I had buried and secured in her ass would have sufficed. In retrospect, it was probably good I hadn’t used a collar that night.

Now that her limbs and ass were as I wanted them, it was time to add finishing touches. To balance the anal pressure, I vigorously sucked then lightly chewed on her left nipple, which I love as much as her right nipple. When it was hard and erect, I quickly placed a nipple clamp on the little raspberry shaped ball of sensation. I repeated on the right side, and left a connecting chain in a pile on her concave midsection. Sitting back, I looked at her breasts. As she is quite petite, her breasts are small, but her nipples pack quite a wallop when they are stimulated. (I have been very near to making her orgasm just with nipple pinching.) She was already writhing with pent up sexual desire, and we hadn’t even started a good, hard fuck session.

I hadn’t planned on gagging her, but who knew where this would lead as my excitement grew. For several seconds, I did a quick mental calculation. With the bit gag in place, she would be unable to clearly communicate with me. But, we’ve been together for almost 3 decades and I’m not worried about exceeding her physical abilities. On the other hand, without the bit gag, her mouth would be in play. I might decide to make my lovely wife suck my cock and then ejaculate on her tits and her face, or in her mouth, of course. What to do… what to do… I find, when presented with this type of classic dilemma, I usually choose the course with the greatest number of options. Instead, I decided to go with the bit gag even though it would take her mouth out of play for cock-sucking. Since her ass was currently occupied by a dildo, the “dirty girl” option of fucking her ass and then immediately fucking her mouth seemed unlikely. However, I could still remove the gag in a hurry if things took a turn in that direction. At the last minute, I added a twist and attached a small piece of chain to the left side of the bit gag which I had secured one notch tighter than usual so that she couldn’t push the gag out with her tongue. Turning her head left, I locked the other end to the larger length of chain running down the end of the bed near her left hand. She now had her head forced slightly to the left. A blindfold was placed, just because I could.

She had wanted clothespins. There were a great number of options since she was on her back. First I tied two shoelaces, one high on each thigh, bows on her outer thighs. After placing clothespins through the shoelaces onto her upper labia, three on each side, the laces drew the tops of the pins out to the side. That left her clitoris exposed and her pussy stretched wide open making a fleshy pink “O” that needed a cock. Tipobet Giriş No clothespins were placed on the lower labia so that my cock would later fit inside. I gave her cunt a quick lick concentrating on her overexposed clit, just enough to tease. She bucked mightily against my tongue as her breathing turned to panting. A sliver of drool ran out of the left side of her mouth, head locked in place by the gag. Thinking that more clothespins would complete the picture, I turned my attention back to her breasts, flattened with her arm pulled to the sides. Six clothespins went around each breast and along the muscles which extend to her arms.

She was quite a sight. On our king size bed lay my slender wife chained, arms spread wide, legs out, knees bent, pussy bald (from a recent waxing), a penis sized dildo chained in her ass, blindfolded, bit gagged, nipple clamped, breasts and pussy peppered with clothespins, clitoris overexposed and pussy dripping for me. It seemed as though I had considered every option at this point, except one. In my excitement to reach this point in the evening, I had forgotten to turn on some music. I didn’t want to take too long to make my choice because I could clearly see she was wet and in need. We have a sex music mix and I knew exactly which song would be a good choice to start the next phase: “Closer,” by Nine Inch Nails. Yes, I did want to fuck her like an animal, but we had other business to attend to first. I did catch her smile, even with the bit gag in place, as the song started.

Prior to the evening we had agreed that there would be ten lashes from the flogger to her pussy but I don’t believe she had envisioned just how vulnerable her clitoris would be when I was through with my restraining technique. Bondage can move slowly, sometimes too slowly for my liking, but I was more than pleased with how quickly and how completely I had restrained her into a willing and incredible exposed sex plaything. I started out gently with the flogger, just enough to barely make her gasp. The force of each blow increased and by the time we had reached five, her labia were red and matched the insides of her pussy. Random strands of beaded metal within the leather flogger left small brighter streaks on her skin. She became a bit more vocal as her clitoris and her urethra started to swell, but I knew she wanted to continue. Her slick pussy looked so incredibly sexy, with its crown of clothespins which were now pinching her reddened labia. I could see her juices make her pussy glisten, gathering into droplets that dripped onto the dildo in her ass. I wanted to fuck her so badly now, but held back to complete our agreement. After the eighth lash, she had involuntarily and unsuccessfully tried to shield herself from the pain. Her knees were trying to move together to protect her sex but the tethers were unyielding. I had complete access to the inside of her trembling thighs, but knew that she had maxed out. I put the flogger away.

I’m always surprised that I enjoy her torment; it’s generally not in my nature to intentionally cause pain. But, I do love my wife deeply and I know that she wants to heighten the intensity of our sexual foreplay and by now my dick was exceedingly hard. I briefly inserted a vibrator into her pussy hoping to extend her enjoyment, but I could wait no longer. Discarding the vibrator, within seconds my dick was buried deep inside her pussy as I positioned my thighs under her upper legs Tipobet Güncel Giriş while sitting back somewhat on my feet. She had an almost immediate orgasm as my dick hit her G-spot, her whole body quaking as she moaned loudly with abandon. But then, I shifted forward and pulled my cock out a bit so that I could finally unleash my pent up sexual energy. My weight on her pelvis caused the pain from the labial clothespins to become unbearable. As I eased out of her, her body literally shot up and toward the edge of the bed beseeching me to remove the clothespins with the contortions of her tethered body, moaning through the gag. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how in the hell she was able to move so much without having any traction and while in 5 point restraints. But then again, my wife is quite an agile woman. I looked down to see that the anal dildo had come free. The discarded pink vibrator had been jarred back into action and was rattling against the chains at the top of the bed. Very gallantly, I removed the offending clothespins and peeked at her eyes by lifting the blindfold a bit. She crinkled her hazel eyes, gave me a subtle nod and I knew that she was ready to continue. I was only too happy to oblige.

Since the anal dildo had been left behind after her Houdini move, I quickly wondered into which hole I should stuff my cock. She loves sex both ways, but I settled on her cunt after replacing the anal dildo. I eased back into her pussy and finally let myself enjoy the ride, since I could see that her body had relaxed quite a bit. With the dildo in her ass, her pussy was extra tight and I tried to hold off as long as I could because she really had earned a good hard fuck. I brought her to orgasm twice more before I knew it wouldn’t be long for me. The music was still in the harder driving portion of our sex mix playing “Pretty Piece of Flesh” (appropriately) so I knew less than twenty minutes had passed. As I watched her tits, clamps and clothespins move with the sway of our bodies, I felt a desire to cover them in my semen and so pulled out, went to the side of the bed, near her head and continued to stroke myself until an orgasm shook my body, curling my toes. I enjoy intimate orgasms inside my wife’s ass the most, and I think a facial is a bit demeaning. It’s kind of a silly porno movie type of act but it totally worked with the bondage theme of the evening. A not insignificant puddle of cum slathered her breasts and the right side of her face, running along the bit gag into her mouth. She cannot swallow well with the gag in place (learned from prior misadventures) but she was safely forced to taste my cum slowly dripping into the side of her mouth around the bit gag that was forcing her teeth and lips apart. I gave her a quick peck on the forehead as I left her chained to the bed and jumped into the shower to freshen up, leaving a strong smell of semen in the hot air.

Later, when we had both cleaned up, our arousal continued and I lightly fingered her pussy as she lay sleepily on her side. Sleep came quickly to us both that evening. Maybe tomorrow morning will bring an opportunity to sleep in and cuddle.


My wife, Sue Danym, asked me to recount a fun escapade we had recently. I don’t claim to be a writer nor do I enjoy writing. I do love my wife and our great sex life together, which seems to be edging into kinkier territory of late. My wife edited the story a little, and I believe improved the pacing of the action. I am more of a fan of detail in writing than she is, but the blend I believe works and every bit of the story is true. In fact, some of my more deviant thoughts were omitted.

I would refer you to her point of view of this event, entitled “Morning Glory.”

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