Monday, What a Day


Monday arrives and I find that I have overslept. I roll over in my bed and look at the clock. It is already 11 am and the sun has been filtering in through the filmy curtains. The room is like a sweat box so I reach to open the window. Just a few more minutes to lie here, listening to the birds in the trees, the soft breath of wind as it stirs the curtains, caresses lovingly over my sweaty body.

Yawning and stretching, I wonder why my favorite Monday morning men have not awakened me. Frowning as I pad lightly on bare-feet to the front door and slip an arm out through the door, barely opened a crack, to fish the mail from the box.

Grinning as usual as I open the envelope, I sit at the kitchen table and start to read:

Good Morning Purty!

Today your task will be a solitary one, of sorts at least. You will broadcast on open cam as you use at least 5 different toys to penetrate your pussy, your ass and be creative with your nipples. We will be watching at noon, make us smile and we will make you smile with next Monday’s letter. Be on time and give us a show.

Yours Truly,

The Monday Morning Club

Shaking my head. Will I be brave enough to do this? My guys are not here to urge me on and I feel my legs start to tremble. Chewing on my bottom lip, I wonder if I even have 5 toys that will penetrate.

Quickly stepping into the shower and shaving all my bits smooth, I contemplate what I should use … and how. Toweling off and wrapping it around me I start to search the house, what can I use? The kitchen seems to be a decent place to start and soon I have a large whisk, a turkey baster and a cucumber in hand. Stepping onto the back deck I retrieve a pair of clothes pins from the basket and return to my bedroom.

I turn on the laptop and while it starts, I pull the toy box from under the bed. In it is a wonderfully curved dildo and a moderately sized butt plug. There, that’s five. Laying the objects out on my bed I grab the bottle of lube and a towel.

Pulling on my black stockings, the ones with the wide band of lace at the top. I rummage in the drawer until I find the bright red corset. It has half cups so that it holds my breasts high on my chest, pushing them up and out of the cups, nipples fully exposed. The corset hugs my shape, and flares at the hips, the top curves of my ass nestling against the satiny fabric. Checking in the mirror, I am awed by my reflection. My cheeks glowing with anticipation and a tingle starting in my belly, making my entire body flush with heat.

Now, Arnavutköy escort bayan where would be the best place to put the laptop to capture my performance, without capturing my face?

The kitchen of course. I gather the toys and the lube in the towel and carry them to the kitchen, placing them on the table, within reaching distance. I grab the laptop and position it on the counter, adjusting the camera a dozen times until I am sure that only my body will be visible. I tap in the website from the letter and before I can change my mind, I start broadcasting my cam.

I walk away from the counter, knowing that my bare ass is wriggling seductively at the little red blinking eye of the camera. With my back still to the camera, I grab the turkey baster and slip it into my pussy, pushing it in and out, letting it get slick with my juices. Faster and faster until I almost forget the camera and start moaning as my fingers push at the plastic bulb. Pulling it out of me, panting with the pleasure I am deriving, not only from the plunging of the phallic like baster, but from know that someone may be watching me, I lay it on the table and get the clothes pins.

Turning so that everyone can see me, I pinch and pull each nipple until it is red and throbbing, swollen from the harsh attention and then slip a pin onto each one. A gasp of pain spills over my lips and I can see the chat start-up under the image of my clamped nipples. The screen moving so quickly that I can’t see the words.

Buoyed by the viewer’s interest, I swing my hips from side to side and hoist myself backwards onto the table. Leaning back, I part my thighs, giving my audience a good look at my wet and winking pink bits.

I reach for the bottle of lube, letting it dribble from high above my humping hips, I can feel and hear it splattering on my feverish flesh. Growling deep in my throat, I seize the large whisk, and with fingers gripping tight to its handle, I push it slowly into my yawning pussy. The cold of the steel quickly warming as it delves deep into my greedy snatch. The added lube letting it slide in easily, my inner muscles contract, grabbing it, holding it in place.

My fingers stray to my clit, rubbing fast and hard, my breathing laboured as I near orgasm and with a scream of sheer delight, I cum. The whisk shoots out of my pussy and skitters across the floor. My body wet with a sheen of sweat as I lie writhing on my kitchen table, heart hammering as my puckered ass winks at the camera.

Laying Escort Avcılar back, fingers tucked at my sides, letting the cam pick up a full and unobstructed view of my wet, pulsing pink pussy I slowly gyrate my hips, ass grinding on the slick surface.

The cucumber, within easy reach, I wrap my hand around it, measuring its girth, and wondering if I can take the thick vegetable in my tight pussy. With a deep breath, I decide that there is only one way to find out and I position it at the entrance. My labia kissing the green skin, as I thrust upwards with my hips, letting it part my inner lips, penetrate my tight vagina. It is so thick that I can feel the pain as it starts to push forward, stretching me impossibly wider.

My hand has to push hard as my vagina rebels at the intrusion, until with a quick thrust I open up and it slides in, all the way in, right to the end. Instantly my body goes into a paroxysm of spasms, my mouth wide as I scream with the intensity of my climax. Long minutes pass, my entire being wrapped up in my own pleasure…forgetting that I have an audience, forgetting to worry about my face being captured, not caring if the whole world is watching as my pussy crushes itself against the thick green phallic like veggie.

My swollen nipples, the clothespins biting into that tender flesh, finally demanding my attention. I let go of the cucumber, reach up and seize both pegs, and with a renewed scream, pull them off both nipples. The high-pitched keening of my scream, the sound of the cucumber thudding on the floor as it joins the whisk, the loud squelch of juices as they erupt from my battered vagina. Acacophony of sound assaults my ears as my body takes the pain and pulls pleasure from it.

Long minutes pass, my body straining to gain control, my mind in chaos as the feelings continue to wash over me, prolonging the orgasm, pulling moan after moan and scream after scream from deep in my belly. Spilling over my lips and filling the kitchen with the sounds of my exquisite pleasure.

The sudden silence is deafening, and I realize that I am not quite done fulfilling my instructions. I count the objects that have violated my pussy, and come up short. Feeling on the table until I find the butt plug, I run it over my aching nipples, gasping in a sharp breath as they tighten, tingling as they swell and pucker.

I push it into my well lubed pussy, stroking it in and out, letting it get slick with my sweet juices. My ass well lubed, the mixture of lube Bağcılar escort and cum making me slick. I point the plug at my tiny winking brown eye and start to apply pressure. Slowly, with a deep pain, my rosebud starts to open, to accept the tapered plug. As the widest part is stretching my hole, I count to three and then drive it home. The pain spreads, brings me upright, my feet hitting the cold floor, my hand pressing the plug to my fully blossomed ass, afraid that I might push it out. I dance, toe to toe, body shivering, writhing with the pain and pleasure the stretching of my ass brings.

As I adjust to the girth, I squat down, my thighs well spread, my pussy opened, waiting for the last toy. I thrust the sleek curved dildo in and out. It’s rounded bulb gliding over my gspot. Faster, I push hard, it rubs, and my hips rock to the rhythm. As the intensity builds, I stop and pull the dildo free, to climb back onto the table. I want my audience to get the full benefit of what this amazing dildo can do.

My heels balanced at the edge, I lift my ass up in the air, the plug quivering in my ass, and start to fuck myself with my favorite toy. Faster and faster, harder, pushing it up to my gspot, the sound of the increased wetness gurgling and sloshing as the dildo brings me to the very edge.

I start to scream, my pussy exploding as my gspot gives up its liquid treasure. The arc of girl cum splattering out, my entire body, every muscle spasming. The butt plug expelled forcefully, causing a fresh wave of pain as it shoots past my throbbing elastic ring, its passage pushing the dildo tighter to my tender insides. My hand, not able to stop, keeps fucking my cunt with the glass phallus, harder and faster, my mind lost as my body takes its pleasure, wave after wave of cum spurting from my hot pussy. Until I forget to breathe, until the sounds of my own screams fall silent on my ears, until a veil of darkness falls over me.

Shivering, I open my eyes. I am not sure how long I lie on the table, spent from the extreme pleasure of masturbating for my audience. The cool air wafting over my body, slick with sweat and cum, chilled as it starts to dry on my flesh. Lifting my head, the blinking cam light showing that I am still broadcasting, my heart hammering once again in my chest, a blush, embarrassment overtaking me.

Advancing on the laptop, careful to keep my face hidden, I close the top, sighing deeply. I stumble, legs weakened from the kitchen to the bathroom and step into the shower. Hot needles of water, firing my flesh, reviving me as I breathe deeply of the steamy air. Thinking of what I have just done…realization that anyone could have been watching that. The flush of embarrassment flooding over me, making me shudder all over again. Also bringing a tingle of excitement, wondering what next Monday’s letter will bring.

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