Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 01


Ch. 01: Mom in a school uniform

‘That was your school on the phone! You’ve been skipping classes!’ Rose crossly spoke.

‘Sorry mom. I went the first day, but it was so different, I didn’t know anyone. . .’ Janice shrugged.

‘We had to move to a cheaper apartment, you know that. I’m sorry about the change of schools, but we just have to make the best of it,’ her mother sympathised.

‘I can pretend to be ill today, yea? Then I can go for that interview,’ Janice said, and shrugged her shoulders.

‘That’s right, I forgot, the interview for a training job is today. You’ve got to go to school, but we can’t jeopardise that offer. What are we to do?’ Rose flustered.

‘Either phone them, or the school, I guess,’ Janice said, with disinterest.

‘They’re sending a security guy around to collect you this morning. They have strict rules about attendance. We’ll both get into trouble if you don’t go today,’ Rose warned her daughter. ‘I can’t afford a fine. It’s difficult enough paying the bills, without this.’

‘Can’t you phone the school and put them off?’ Janice asked.

‘You’re supposed to be interviewed for that intern placement. I’m sure it will lead to a good job with them. It will set you up for life if given a chance. Of course! You weren’t in class to hand in the note I gave you. You could have had a day off, if your attendance had been perfect. What a mess! You’ve got to go, its important. With the widows pension, and what I earn, we can only just pay for this apartment and everything else,’ she moaned.

‘You could talk to the security guy and explain,’ Janice said.

‘I can’t imagine he’ll take much notice, he’ll just say he has orders to bring you in. The principal explained you’re going to a special assessment class, and that is your last chance. It’s that, or some kind of school for delinquents,’ Rose explained.

‘That sounds harsh,’ Janice complained.

‘They’re strict, though I didn’t know how strict when I registered you. The county will fine me for letting you run loose, and I can’t afford that,’ Rose said.

‘They are strict, that’s one of the reasons I bunked off,’ she quietly said.

‘What are we to do? You can’t be in two places at once,’ Rose said, sounding harassed.

‘Why don’t you take my place at school, you look young enough,’ Janice teased, with a smirk.

‘Don’t be silly,’ Rose objected. ‘You’re eighteen and I’m twenty-six.’

‘You’re always complaining about showing your Id. If you wore my flat shoes and uniform, you’d pass. Wear your hair down to hide your face, and act like a teen. No one knows me at school, so it might work,’ Janice playfully suggested.

Janice was her step-daughter, and they naturally stayed together after her father died. His benefits provided for Janice’s care, and without that she would have to move to an even smaller apartment, further away from the office. Even then it would be tough making ends meet.

‘Maybe I could talk the security guard into letting you off for another day,’ Rose thought out loud.

‘I can’t see you talking anyone into anything. Come on mom, it would be a great joke,’ Janice laughed.

Her mother was quietly thinking, trying to come up with a better solution.

‘While I talk him around, you can just sit there. You won’t have to say a word. I can work on him, after all, he’s only a man,’ Janice suggested.

‘You’re like your father, you could sell ice to Eskimos. I guess I’m not used to thinking on my feet. If one of us can do it, it’s you. No! I didn’t say I would do it. It won’t work, you’ll see. Things go wrong, and never turn out how you expect,’ she moaned.

They were in Janice’s bedroom, and they had only just showered, so were still in their dressing gowns.

‘Don’t be so negative, mom. Come on, we’ve got to give it a try. Just try this on, it might not even fit,’ Janice firmly said.

‘You’re just teasing me. You know I get embarrassed when people ask for my Id. I have to be careful with clothes and with make-up, so, no, it’s out of the question,’ she crossly spoke.

‘Come on mom, it’s the only way around this. You can’t think of any other way, so we’ll have to try it. Don’t just give up, give it a go, for me, please,’ Janice pleaded with her mother.

Janice cajoled her, turning the woman’s baby-face looks into an asset. Rose had heard it all before, and knew what her daughter was doing, but it was working. While she complained, Janice helped her get dressed. Janice pulled the clothes on her mother, while the woman continued to protest it wouldn’t work.

‘It’s surprising I can get into your uniform. The blouse is a size too small. The skirt is too tight around my hips. Oh! Come on, Janice, I can’t do this! I’ll have to change out of the uniform, it’s too ridiculous. I should talk to him, not you. After all, I’m your mother and I’m responsible for you,’ Rose said.

‘You know he won’t take you seriously. You look too young, and find it difficult talking to people in authority. Remember that young Escort Bayan guy in the restaurant, and he was only a server. Come on mom, try it. I can make it work, you know I can,’ Janice cajoled her mother.

‘You’ve got a forceful nature like your father. I do wish I could be more influential with people. I just see their side of things all the time, and give in. I look silly in your uniform,’ Rose heavily sighed.

‘Come on, cheer up, you’ll pass. He won’t look at you too closely. Once I’ve talked him into letting me off for the day, you can change,’ Janice said.

‘It’s going to be so embarrassing when he finds out,’ Rose complained.

The blouse was a bit tight because she had larger breasts than her daughter. The skirt was a bit short, because it had to go over larger hips, and a larger bottom. Janice had to admit, the white ankle socks looked funny on her mother, but she didn’t let on.

Janice was as tall as her mother, and looked older than eighteen. As her mother said, her forceful dominant nature was inherited from her father. In contrast Rose was a pushover, and was prone to following others rather than making her own decisions.

They just had each other now, but they loved each other as mother and daughter. The gentle natured woman needed looking after, and that appealed to Janice.

Janice knew she looked older than eighteen, from ordering drinks at the bar for friends. Rose complained about wearing the school uniform, but hadn’t taken it off. Janice could see her mother was fascinated to find her daughter’s uniform fit, just about.

‘Let’s go and wait for him. We’ll rehearse what to say. Come on, just give it a try,’ Janice coaxed her mother.

Janice grabbed an arm, to guide her mother into the lounge. Rose stood next to her daughter, in flat shoes and a school uniform. The years had melted away, leaving her feeling far younger than her twenty-six years. Since marrying Paul she had dressed frumpy, in old fashioned styles. He had been ten years older, and she struggled to look the part of a mature wife and mother.

Rose adjusted the white ankle socks, and picked some cotton off the skirt. It was a sign that she was trying to get used to it, and was making it hers. Janice wanted to laugh at the woman, but that would spoil everything.

Something learned from her father, was that Rose could be cajoled into doing what was required. All it took was a shove, and a forceful manner, for Rose to do as she was told.

Rose started giggling like a schoolgirl. It took a while to stop. The release of emotion helped. She had never been good at making decisions, and especially bad at confronting people. At least she felt more relaxed after the outburst.

‘You OK, mom?’ Janice asked.

‘I want to change, this is terrible. We’ll be lying to the man,’ Rose said.

‘It’s not so much lying, as a little deception,’ Janice consoled her.

Janice bombarded her mother with a list of reasons why they should do it, ticking each one off on a finger.

‘Alright, alright, maybe your right. At least while playing at being you, I don’t have to lie to anyone,’ she reluctantly agreed.

‘The school must be about the last to insist on a uniform,’ Janice commented, while looking her mother over.

‘The hem is a bit short,’ Rose said.

Janice was about to say it was perfect for an eighteen-year-old, but thought better of it. The last thing her mother wanted to hear, is that she looked like a cute teen. All she had to do was pretend to be Janice, for half an hour at most.

‘Don’t worry, you’ll pass. I’ll keep him talking while you keep your head down. The long hair will mask your face. You’ve got a cute baby face, with all the make-up washed off. Don’t stand so straight. Slump like an adolescent who hates school,’ Janice advised.

‘You mean, an adolescent who hates everything,’ Rose giggled.

‘All we can do is try,’ Janice coached her.

‘You’re better than I am at talking people around. If you can’t, then I wouldn’t be able to either, so you’re probably right to give it a try. I’ll just go along with it, while you do the talking. You can take the responsibility for a change. I worry over it all too much,’ her mother babbled.

‘Enough! Relax! Let me do the talking and it’ll be all right, I promise. I’ll get out of going to school today, and get to that appointment. Okay?’ Janice asked.

Rose nodded, not trusting herself to speak.

Janice was going to enjoy this. Wearing her mother’s business suit gave her a feeling of power. She didn’t fill out the blouse as well as her mother, so slipped a couple of buttons loose.

She’d never seen her mother like this before. She looked down at the woman sitting on the sofa, hunched over, looking small, and innocent. It was weird. How surprising to find her mother could be mistaken for one of her school friends! It was the school uniform that did it. The years had rolled off her. It wasn’t just her face, it was her demeanour that left her looking youthful. It was Bayan Escort as though her mother had left the room, leaving this young schoolgirl in her place.

‘I still don’t think it will work,’ Rose whined.

Janice looked around for something, hurrying through draws, before Rose rejected the idea entirely.

‘Here, try these on,’ Janice said, and gave her a pair of thick rimmed glasses.

Janice wore the clear lenses as part of a fancy dress outfit, some time ago.

‘You look like a geeky schoolgirl,’ Janice laughed.

‘Don’t be cruel, or I’ll tell my mommy,’ Rose pouted, and laughed along with her.

The glasses hardly added to the overall effect, yet they allowed Rose to feel she was wearing a disguise.

The doorbell rang, and Rose froze, with a look of fear on her face.

‘I can’t. . .’ Rose complained.

‘Just sit there and don’t worry,’ Janice told her mother.

‘I can’t do this, it’s too embarrassing,’ Rose whispered.

‘It’s too late now, we haven’t time to change,’ Janice warned her.

Janice pushed her mother back down on the sofa, took her face in both hands, and looked into her eyes.

Janice firmly told her mother, ‘Sit still and don’t fidget! You’ve been a naughty girl, bunking off school. Now be a good girl, or I’ll spank you in front of the school man.’

Her mother quietened down under the heavy speech. Her eyes had a faraway look, as though in a different time and place.

‘Sorry! I’ll be a good girl, honest,’ Rose murmured.

Janice looked at the woman, wondering if that came from her past. Janice opened the front door and invited the man in. Rose was now trapped, unable to escape when the big security guy entered the room.

At that moment she wished she wasn’t so compliant and had been able to say that simple little word, no. With more conviction in her voice and stance, she still couldn’t be as convincing as her daughter. Trying to tell the man she was the mother, not the daughter, was now out of the question.

‘Hi, come on in, you must be from the school,’ Janice cheerfully welcomed him.

‘Mrs Williams? Hello, nice to meet you. I’m James Franklin, and I’m here to take Janice to school,’ James announced.

‘This is Mister Franklin. Stand up Janice, show some respect,’ her daughter crossly spoke.

‘Hello, sir,’ Rose meekly said.

‘I’m used to the bad behaviour of students, Mrs Williams. It’s nice to see you teach good manners,’ he said.

The big guy hardly glanced at Rose. She stood to one side being ignored, while the adults talked about this and that. Being dismissed by so called elders, left her feeling even more like an unimportant schoolgirl. Maybe it was working, as Janice was keeping his interest, and winning him around. He was certainly taking notice of what she had to say.

Rose cringed, on noticing him staring down her daughter’s cleavage. No wonder Janice held his interest.

‘Janice has an important appointment with an advertising agency. They’re going to see if she can have an intern’s placement. It is very important to her future, so, I figured she could have today off from school,’ Janice said.

The tall man was looking down her blouse, and she gave him ample opportunity. It was fun to tease the guy, so leaned forward, with everything on show. If he laughed about her with friends, it would be her mother’s reputation harmed, not hers. He would be in trouble if his boss knew she was a student.

‘Ouch, I’ve got cramp,’ she said, and put a hand on his shoulder for support.

‘Can I help?’ he said, looking concerned.

‘Massage my leg, it’s painful,’ she cried out a lie.

In an instant he was on the floor at her feet, massaging her leg. She hadn’t said, where it hurt. Her head was back with a grimace, closing her eyes. He was happy exploring. His hands worked their way up from her calf.

‘Oh! That’s better, keep going. The cramp travels up my leg sometimes,’ she explained.

He hesitated massaging her upper thigh, so kept just above the knee. She’d pulled the skirt up, showing off stocking tops, which were inches from his nose. She was tempted to go further, but that would be stretching things too much.

‘Thank you so much! You don’t know how painful it is. You’re so kind,’ she gushed.

He repeatedly interrupted her thanks, saying it was nothing. He even told her, ‘anytime’, and she thought, ‘yea, of course you would’. She thought it so funny that he would enjoy rubbing her thigh so much. She looked at him through long, false eyelashes. After flirting since he walked in, she expected him to cave in.

Rose watched her working on the man, almost as well as her father did to her, before they were married. Janice had a hand on his arm, bringing him into close contact. The poor guy thought she was a woman, a single mother, and he was interested. Janice licked her lips, slowly.

Watching her daughter outrageously flirting with a stranger was amusing, for she knew he would be shocked if he found out Escort she was just eighteen. Then it occurred to her, Janice was tarnishing her reputation.

‘I’m sorry, Mrs Williams. My orders are to deliver the girl to school. In school time the teachers are responsible for their students, and the county makes them take that responsibility seriously. This county is strict over the attendance rules, and look sternly upon families who flout them,’ he stated.

‘Well, couldn’t you say she wasn’t here,’ Rose suggested.

‘I could, but that would mean she was overdue by a full three weeks, and would have to go to an assessment centre. It’s a harsh regime there, designed for out-of-control adolescents. You wouldn’t want your daughter to go there, believe me,’ he said, looking serious.

Janice certainly wouldn’t want to end up there. The high school had been bad enough, especially when compared to the expensive school she had attended. She looked at her mom, who stood quietly wondering how to get out of this charade. Janice was stumped. If it wasn’t so important not to miss that appointment, she could have admitted to being Janice, and gone to school.

Would the guy believe her? The threat of being sent to a tough sounding assessment centre, hung over them both. Of course, Janice hated the idea of the centre, and Rose didn’t like the idea of her daughter going there.

Both women were quietly thinking over what he said, from their different perspectives. They didn’t notice his quick move.

‘It’s been nice talking to you, Mrs Williams. I’ve got to go. Maybe I can catch up with you some time,’ he said, with a smile.

‘Sure, I’d like that,’ she smiled back.

It wasn’t working! He was going, and nothing would stop him. Her charm and cleavage weren’t enough.

‘Hold on, I need to tell my daughter something,’ Janice said, trying to gain some time.

‘J, err, mom!’ Rose pleaded.

‘Do I have to cuff you?’ the big man asked.

‘No, please, I’m, err, I. . . I can’t go to school!’ Rose bleated.

He took a firm grip of her wrists, plasticuffed them, and propelled her out the door. Her mother’s feet hardly touched the ground. He was right, he was used to dealing with truanting adolescents.

Janice watched her mom being shoved into the back of a car, and didn’t know whether to laugh, or cry. Her mother was tearful, and it almost set her off. The woeful look on her face, staring out the car window, was pitiful. She looked like a puppy being sent to the vet.

Janice closed the door and leaned back on it. She laughed and couldn’t stop for awhile. It was close to hysteria. Her ribs ached, and she was short of breath. She’d just sent her mother back to high school!

‘Oh! Hell! How I wish I could be there to see you in a classroom,’ she laughed.

It hadn’t been that long ago that her mother left high school, so surely she could cope for just a day. It was almost eight years, no seven, because her birthday was a month before the school year. If her mother didn’t cope, it would be her reputation on the line.

Mom would just have to do well in school today. Blending in and not making waves would be best, for them both.

Janice decided to make the meeting as she was, dressed smartly, in her mother’s business attire. It occurred to her she could help with this month’s expenses if this worked out. Looking at herself in a mirror, she figured the look was a bit old for an eighteen-year-old, but decided to go as she was. The business suit looked good, and she felt more adult and more confident wearing stockings and suspenders.


Rose was dumped on a hard chair outside the administration office. They knew what they were doing, because there was no way through security without a pass. Facing a day at school was purgatory for Rose. Some of the eighteen-year-old girls wore their skirts as short as hers, except she was twenty-six, and it felt awful showing off so much thigh.

Her daughter had been right about something. None of the staff bothered to look at her properly, and didn’t notice she was older than eighteen.

‘Here, Janice. Face the camera,’ the exasperated woman said. The camera clicked and the woman made approving noises. ‘All this should have been done the day you were registered. Go sit over there until I call you,’ she said.

They were going to discover the subterfuge any moment. They would look at her, or the photo, and demand to know who she really was. It would be humiliating, and maybe even illegal to impersonate a schoolgirl.

Rose took a step to leave the office, then halted. Before her was a mirror. A gasp was sucked between her lips. Oh! God! She silently exclaimed. Surely not!

‘It can’t be me, no!’ she whispered.

A girl wearing the same uniform nudged her, as Rose was blocking the door. It was even more of a shock to see they looked so much alike. Rose’s breasts were more developed, but the eighteen-year-old girl was identical. Unable to see anything except the shocking image, Rose staggered through the door.

She sat plonked down on a hard seat, and her leg began bouncing with fear. The adult, mature woman, young widow, and young mother, ceased to exist. In the mirror shed seen a fresh faced schoolgirl, looking startled and fearful.

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