Mom made me a Fluffer


For most of my life I never knew exactly what my mom had done for work, neither did I know who my dad was. As such I just continued with life and thought to myself that I would find out what she did in time.My curiosity first peaked when I was 16, I was looking for my moms purse so I could exchange some of the money I got mowing lawns for people around my neighborhood for different bills. My search eventually leads to her underwear drawer where I do find her stash of extra money so I can change my bills but I also can’t help but notice mom has nothing but sexy underwear. I got what I needed and left but came back later to search through again but this time to see the underwear. Now my mom at the time was in her late 30’s and I thought looked very good for her age. She had a nice bubble butt with a D cup chest and a fairly slim waist. She had long brown hair with some blonde highlights that brought out her brown eyes and juicy plump lips nicely.In the drawer I found every kind of sexual underwear you would see in a porn-o from pink booty panties that said spank me to the flimsiest gstring I had ever seen. Up until now I had only heard about this kind of underwear or seen a little milder form worn by the older girls in my high school.I could feel my cock growing with each new discovery I found and then the thought came.“What does it feel like to wear something like this?” I thought to myself.I gave a quick check around the house to make sure mom wasn’t home yet and then went back to her room to take off my underwear and pants. I went to the bottom of the drawer and got out a purple thong that’s suppose to go over the hips and squeeze tight between my ass cheeks. I slipped it on and I have to say as soon as it was I was hooked!I admired myself Çukurambar escort in the mirror for a second then heard the door close and mom come home. I was freaking out and closed the drawer and grabbed my clothes before running back to my room. I forgot to put the thong back and to make a long story short I ended up keeping it and wearing it whenever I wanted without mom ever knowing, or so I thought.I had just turned 18 now and my mom was in her early 40’s and still she has yet to show her age or even show any crows feet or grey hairs. I had also learned about my mom being a porn star at this age when I was searching one of my favorite porn sites and found a video of my mom on her knees and getting fucked by a man with an 8 inch cock then getting a cum facial. I couldn’t believe what I saw but it made sense after I had thought about how strange she would act whenever I brought up her job.I had also gotten a little deeper into the world into cross dressing and now I dress fully whenever my mom is gone over an extended period of time. Until now she had never caught me wearing any of her clothes and I always put them back once I got board of a particular kind or wanted to try a different kind as to not arouse any suspicion with my mom.One night, I was sitting at home watching a movie a little while before mom came home. Tonight I wore her honeycomb black fishnet thong teddy that she kept tucked away in the back of her closet with matching platform 4 inch heels. I kept a pair of pajama/lounging pants and a t-shirt to sleep in near by just in case I heard mom coming home and needed to put something on quick. When the movie was over, I got up and made my way to the kitchen to get myself a drink but just as demetevler escort bayan I opened the fridge I heard keys being inserted into the lock.I paniced and didn’t have time to grab my clothes off the couch and just ran to my room just as mom opened the door. I wasn’t sure if she seen me as the door closed but I heard her stumbling around so I think she was drinking which was good. I tried to take off the teddy but it was so tight it was hard to get off and if I damaged it then I would be in real trouble.“Hey sonny boy! I know you are home, I saw you close the door. Come and give your mom a big hug!” She said slurring her words.I decided it was no use to get it off and decided to just get some clothes from my closet before she saw me but it was too late. Mom opened the door and found me in her clothes. She was wearing a tight minidress that was backless and barely covered her ass and cleavage and carrying platform heels like the ones I was wearing in her hands.“Mmm” she purred. “I see I have finally caught you wearing my things. Oh don’t worry I have known since some of my clothes started to have a manly scent to them and to be honest I had hoped you would be a cross dresser. I find them very sexy and I have a job that I think you will enjoy.” She said as she walked back to her room.I was shocked I didn’t know what to do so I just sat there as I heard mom jump in the shower and soon returned with a couple of her dildos in her hands and naked. She threw one on the bed beside me then started licking the other one while rubbing her pussy.“There you go babe, have fun I know I will.” She giggled before going back to her room.I soon started to hear moaning coming from her room but I didn’t care Escort dikmen because now I had a sex toy of my own to use.A few days later, I was sitting on the couch wearing a bra and some boy short panties that said Oral Queen across the ass. Mom came downstairs wearing what looked like a cowgirl costume but a real slutty version. It had a pink cowgirl hat with a brown leather vest that was incredibly short and couldn’t go around her huge tits if she tried with what looked like a string bikini top that only had stars to cover her nipples. Below the waist was a pair of ass-less chaps and a thong that had the words sheriff of cocks written on the front with cowgirl boots to finish off the outfit.She threw me a sweatshirt and a pair of jeans then told me to get in the car because I was going to work with her. At this point I was confused because she never left for work dressed like that and my first thought was maybe she was a stripper.We lived in L.A. so after driving for about an hour we arrived at a movie studio where mom said a few words to the security guard and we were allowed in. As we walked in, we got hellos from pretty much everyone there until we got to who I think was the director.Mom told me to wait and go get some water and something to drink while she talked to her boss. I did as I was told and while eating a few of the tarts that were there my head was rambling about how it was obvious my own mother was a porn star.Eventually she came back over to me and told me to follow her. She took me to a side room that looked like a waiting room at a doctor’s office but with a tv that was playing what the camera what was recording at the moment.Soon they began to work and I saw mom getting into her business and starting the movie by showing off her body in what she was dressed in and teasing the camera. I just watched in awe as I witnessed how professional mom was at being a big tease and how good she was at moving her body in just the right way.I watched as I thought about what it would be like to be dressed up like mom and dancing around for a camera.

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