Modern Woman 2

Female Ejaculation

The first few weeks after the seminar were really difficult. I know my husband felt that something had changed. He sometimes just looked at me with a puzzled expression on his face as if to say, ‘Who are you and what have you done with my wife?’ I spent those weeks trying to find a way to talk to him about Louise. She and I promised each other that we would find a way to leave our marriages so we could be together. We spoke over the phone every day. We had a code so we didn’t alert our husbands. If we were free to talk we would message the other, ‘Is now a good time?” If it were, the other would ring straight away. If it weren’t, then the message would be ignored. I was so conflicted. I realised that my life up until then was fairly conventional. I married a man I loved and we raised a beautiful family. But then I met Louise again and had a really intense, weeklong sexual relationship with her. I had never even thought about another woman, but she made me feel so comfortable and special that I fell for her in a big way. I still hadn’t spoken with him when Louise made plans to come and see me. She was going to get a hotel room for the weekend and invited me to stay with her. I told my husband that some of the women from the seminar were having a weekend away to catch up and that I wanted to go. He was fine with me going. At this stage I think he was just happy to get me out of the house. I think I was a fair bitch to him when I came back from the seminar. Everything he did, I compared with Louise. He was lazy and did nothing but the bare minimum in terms of maintenance around the house. He rarely cleaned the kitchen after he had made some food for himself and he would no sooner clean the bathroom than grow wings and fly to the moon. He’s even let his weight balloon to over 220 pounds. Louise, on the other hand, was energetic and beautiful. She was house proud and had pride in her own appearance. She always kept her things tidy. Did I mention how beautiful she was? Anyway, as the Friday of her arrival dawned, I woke up really nervous for some reason. Then I realised that I was worried that Lou wouldn’t want me anymore and she was visiting to let me know that she was staying Escort elvankent with her husband. As it turned out it was all for nothing. She texted me when she arrived and I went to her hotel to meet her. She had told me her room number in the text so I went straight up and knocked on her door. Suddenly, there she was, my beautiful Louise. I stepped towards her as she went to hug me. We kissed and I melted. It felt, right at that moment, like we had never left the seminar. This time, though, there was only one bed in the room. We took it slowly, teasingly. I stepped away from that first kiss and unzipped my dress. I slowly and seductively shrugged it off my shoulders and let it drop to my waist, displaying my tits encased in a sexy red bra. I heard a sharp intake of breath from Louise. Then I let my dress drop to the floor, showing her my matching red knickers. She then undid her blouse. As she spread it I saw her lacy bra and her beautiful tits. She took the blouse off and undid her skirt. She too had matching knickers under her skirt. We stood there facing each other in our underwear. I tried to look at all of her at once. It drove me crazy. She lay back on the bed and beckoned me to join her. I walked over slowly and lay next to her. We kissed, slowly and lovingly. Not a word had been spoken. I reached behind her and undid her bra. I took her tits out of their confining cups and kissed both of her nipples. “Oh, I’ve missed these,” I whispered. I then attacked them with vigour. I nipped then and sucked them. I adored them. I used my hand on the one not in my mouth, then swapped. I was really enjoying myself. Judging by her shortening breaths and moans of joy, Louise was too. While I was doing that I felt Louise undo my bra. It fell to the bed. She fondled my tits and made the nipples stand up, hard and proud. It felt heavenly. She had a light touch but I needed her to be rougher. She must have known because she began squeezing and pulling at my nipples. My mouth left her breasts and found her mouth. We massaged each other’s tongues while we explored each other’s mouths, all the while playing with each other’s tits. My hand emek escort wormed its way down to her knickers. I felt her wet slit through the thin material. I felt her hand doing the same thing to me. I knew I was sopping wet. I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her knickers and began to tug at them. Louise lifted her bum off the bed to make it easier for me to remove them. As I threw them onto the floor, she grabbed the elastic of mine and pulled. I helped her as much as I could. We were both naked on the bed. I drank in her beauty. For a fifty-year-old woman, she was perfect. Not classically beautiful but she had a confidence in herself that was beautiful to behold. She projected that she was happy with her body and confident enough to be naked in front of me. My breasts were larger, but so were my hips. I was fairly happy with my shape considering I have given birth to five children, including twins. The look on Lou’s face seemed to show she was pretty happy with it too. I kissed her mouth, then worked my way down to her nipples. After a short stay there I kept kissing my way down to her mound. I was in no hurry but I didn’t feel like teasing either. So when I eventually made it to her vagina I began kissing and licking it straight away. She pushed herself into a position where she could lick me too, so for the next little while we lapped at each other’s pussies. It was unhurried, but suddenly became more urgent for me when I felt the build up to orgasm. I began to lick her faster and harder. She did the same to me. I bit her clit lightly and sucked it into my mouth. The combination of biting and sucking saw Lou approach her first of what I hoped would be many orgasms for the weekend. We hardly got out of bed for the whole weekend. When we weren’t making love we were talking. We found once again that we had pretty similar outlooks on life. We had both sacrificed our careers for our families, me in teaching and Louise as a nurse. All of our children had left home, leaving just ourselves and our husbands. And, probably most important of all, we seemed to both have problems at home that were similar. Louise said that she felt taken eryaman escort bayan for granted. I felt the same. When I said that it was like we were a piece of furniture, Lou said she felt the same. It was amazing how much we had in common. We had both been married for a similar amount of time, Lou had just celebrated twenty five years and I was up to twenty seven. We both went to the seminar originally to do something for ourselves for almost the first time in our lives. It was uncanny. Neither had ever thought about a lesbian relationship but both felt that it was exactly what we had been searching for, for a long time. I had been unhappy in my marriage for about fifteen years, ever since my father died. When he died, I felt that my husband didn’t emotionally support me through his illness. I felt left to my own devices and with no one to talk to about how I was feeling. My husband had lost his father while he was a teenager. I think he just didn’t know that I needed his support. As a result, I felt abandoned and on my own when I most needed him. I had been carrying that resentment around with me for a long time and it affected our relationship in a negative way. Louise had a similar, but more tragic story. Her eldest son was a victim of suicide when he was eighteen, seven years ago. Her husband blamed Lou for it so she was not only left to grieve on her own but carried a lot of guilt around as well. She said that counselling helped her over the worst of the guilt but she felt abandoned by her husband when her need was greatest, similar to me. My husband complained about our sexual relationship all the time. The problem for me was that I didn’t feel the deep love for him that I once did. I felt that he just wanted sex for the sake of it. Louise told me she felt the same in her physical relationship with her husband. We really seemed to connect that weekend on a deeper level that either of had with our husbands for many years. So when we discussed her proposal, my immediate thought was to stay with her from that moment on. That was impractical, I know, but it’s just how I felt. Louise came from a family with money and her mother was still alive. She knew her mother would support her if she left her husband. She promised me that she would take care of me too. She wanted to support me to go back to my original job in education and she wanted to try her hand at nursing again. We had both tried part-time, secretarial work while our kids had been growing up.

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