Mix , Match


This is a work of fiction (no, really?) that contains elements of: incest, group sex, interracial love, anal, lesbian sex, and romance. You have been warned.

A gentle kiss woke Sue. Opening her eyes, she looked up into the handsome, smiling face of her big brother. She grinned and returned his wake-up kiss then wrapped her arms around him and pulled his naked body down on top of hers. After a night spent making love, it was incredible how good she felt. There were no twinges of guilt, no feelings of remorse, just a delicious sense of unconditional love and happiness.

They had needed one another: he after coming back from Viet Nam physically sound but emotionally ravaged, she after a devastating break-up with her boyfriend. God, but she was so glad that big wreck on the freeway had kept them from getting through town and that Kirk convinced her they should stop for an early dinner which turned into a long, slightly drunken, sharing of feelings that lead to the realizing they needed one another, not just as sister and brother, but also as man and woman, and their decision to check into this hotel and forget about skiing that weekend.

As her brother’s big, powerful body pressed against her warm flesh; she was suddenly seized by an overwhelming need to have him in, not just on her. She knew her breath must be terrible and she really needed to pee, but she needed him more than anything else, and she needed him right now.

Slipping her hand between their bodies, she located his cock and wrapped her fingers around its swelling length. “Take me Kirk, please, right now.”

The look in Sue’s eyes matched her words and deeds. They kissed while she guided his straining, eager dick toward that incredibly sweet pussy he’d enjoyed so much and so often the night before. Once the flared head was securely in place, he took over and began slowly impaling his little sister, gently sliding the full length of his long, thick shaft in deeper and deeper until it was completely encased inside her hot, tight pussy.

Totally into the feel of her hot, juicy cunt squeezing rhythmically on his shaft, Kirk paused. But if he wanted to stop and savor the sensation, Sue wanted action. Thrusting her hips up, she moaned as the delicious pressure increased inside her pussy.

Kirk, who could take a hint, began matching her thrust for thrust and they started racing toward an orgasm. The sound of rapid breathing, the heady smell of unbridled sex, the feel of him inside her and of her around him, quickly culminated in a gut wrenching climax that left both of them shaken, spent, and contented.

When the call of nature could no longer be denied, Kirk grudgingly rolled off. She gave him a quick kiss, got out of bed, grabbed her backpack, and headed for the bathroom. After a long, much needed pee, she quick rinsed off in the shower, then toweled dry and brushed her teeth. For a moment, she thought about putting on some make-up, maybe just a little around her eyes, but decided against it. Kirk would have to take her the way nature intended.

Before leaving, she automatically inspected herself in the mirror. Nature, she knew, had been kind to her. Granted, Kirk had gotten the blonde hair and blue eyes of their German father, along with his tall, muscular body. But while she might have preferred being a blue eyed, blonde, she’d done okay, getting their Italian mother’s dark, thick hair, big, brown eyes, and full figure. Maybe a little too full, she thought, looking at herself sideways in the mirror and studying her belly. But she’d been so depressed and eaten so little since breaking-up with her boyfriend, make that ex-boyfriend, her waist looked almost tiny, especially in comparison to her full hips and matching boobs.

When she came out of the bathroom, Kirk moved over on the bed to make room. They “spooned” together, her back to his chest, enjoying the warmth and feel of each other’s bodies. “You still want to spend the weekend here instead of going skiing?” he asked.

“Most definitely,” she replied. “What about you?”

“There’s no place I’d rather be than right here, right now, right next to you.”

“Me, too, big brother. Me, too.”

“When I woke up this morning and looked over at your face, you looked so young-it reminded me of when we were kids and I had this huge guilt trip. I just couldn’t believe I’d spent the night making love to my kid sister. I mean a brother and sister, that’s incest, a max no-no, and I told myself I should have known better.

“But while I was in the middle of beating myself up for being a pervert, you rolled over on your back and, wham, there you were, totally nude and so outrageously beautiful I swear my heart damn near stopped.”

Kirk gently cupped one of Sue’s full breasts and gently rolled the stiff nipple between his fingertips. “I know you’re my sister, but you’re so in-fucking-credibly sexy. And that got me to thinking about how great last night was and how right it had felt, and I decided that whether it was a sin or not, the really perverted Sivas Escort thing would have been saying no when you suggested this.”

“Well, I must be the real pervert,” said Sue, while rubbing her bottom against Kirk’s groin, “because I’ve got no regrets. We both needed this; you know that. And besides, our making love has always been my biggest fantasy.”

Kirk released her breast and softly slid his hand down her belly, over her shapely hip, and finally down her smooth thigh until it came back to rest on her thick, curly bush. “You mentioned that last night,” he said, “and I’m flattered. But didn’t you also say something about doing it with two guys?”

“Yeah, that’s my other fantasy. Not a bunch of guys or some gang-bang, just two nice ones loving me at the same time. But I’ve only had that one for a couple of years. You came way first.”

“Well, would you be interested in taking care of both fantasies this weekend, you know, kind of an early Christmas present?”

“Oh, that’d be a blast, Kirk! Who’d you have in mind, Frankie?”

“No way. I don’t’ care if he and I were teammates in high school and you think he’s got a cute dimple, Frankie’s a jerk. I’ve got someone else in mind. He may not be as cute as Frankie, but he’s a guy I trust, someone who’s worthy of you. Still interested.”

“More than ever, now.”

“Any preferences or exclusions, besides Frankie?”

“None. You know I trust you. But who is it?”

“What if he’s black?”

The twinge Sue suddenly felt in her stomach was from excitement, not distaste. “I’ve never done it with a black guy. But I’m more than willing, especially if it’s your buddy, Jessie.”

Kirk grinned and reached for the phone, “I thought you’d never guess. I hope you don’t get pissed, but I talked to him while you were in the shower and said I’d call back if you liked the idea.”

The phone call was very short. “It’s me. Sue says she’s willing if you’re interested. I figured that’s what you’d say. Haul ass, man. We’ll be waiting.”

“You’re present says he’ll be here in about an hour,” said Kirk, hanging up the phone. “So since we’ve got some time to kill, I’ve got something else I want to give you,” he said, and gently pushed his swelling cock between the soft cheeks of her perfect ass.

Once again the sex was great, and when it ended, she felt energized instead of tired and mellowed-out. This time she took a long, hot shower, brushed out her hair and decided to do something with her eyes. She was heading back to bed when there was a knock on the door.

Kirk grinned and told her to go get it. When she hesitated, he just motioned for her to hurry. Nervous, excited, and bare naked she went over and unlocked the dead bolt, then released the safety chain. Taking a deep breath, she turned the knob, pulled the door open a few inches, and peered out into the hall.

A slender black man of average height was standing there with a grocery bag in one arm. At first Sue didn’t recognize him, and wondered if it was room service and what she was supposed to do about that. But then he turned his head to glance down the hall and his face caught the light. Her stomach did a quick flip-flop as she recognized Kirk’s friend and fellow ‘Nam vet.

In her excitement, she forgot about being buck-naked. “Jessie,” she cried, as she opened the door wide and reached out for his free hand.

To her surprise, he clutched at his heart and stepped back. “My God, woman, don’t ever open a door looking like that. You could give a guy a heart attack.”

Sue giggled at the teasing compliment. “Would you quit clowning and come on in before I get arrested for indecent exposure.”

“Oh, man, would that ever be a waste,” said Jessie, letting her pull him into the room. He watched with obvious approval as she quickly closed and re-locked the door.

Turning back, she gave him a big hug while looking over at her brother who returned her big grin, “I take it you like your present.”

The next few hours would be better than Sue ever dreamed possible. It began with her hurrying to get into bed, and then having to wait impatiently while Jessie gave Kirk the bag, filled with beer, sodas, and whiskey, and then began getting undressed.

He and Kirk had become friends in Viet Nam and they’d stayed in touch since coming back. She’d only met him a few times, but had always been intrigued by his looks, laid-back style, and sense of humor.

By now Sue was so turned on staying in bed was impossible. Getting up, she walked over to where Jessie, having just taken off his jeans, was laying them over the back of a chair.

“Don’t you know it’s impolite to keep a lady waiting,” she said, while reaching for his olive drab boxers. She had to overcome Jessie’s very erect dick to get them off, but soon had them on the floor. Of course, she wasn’t mad at his eager dick for giving her so much trouble. In fact, she found it fascinating.

It wasn’t the size that made it special. While Jessie’s might have been a little longer Sivas Escort Bayan than average, what made it different was its having a relatively slender shaft, especially when compared to its absolutely huge head. This, she thought while wrapping a hand around the mahogany colored shaft, should be fun.

“Come on, Jessie, let’s put this thing to work,” she said, and used it to gently lead him toward the bed.

“I do love the way your shy little sister plays hard-to-get,” Jessie said to Kirk as he followed after her.

“Yep, she’s always been the modest, retiring type,” agreed Kirk, who was drinking one of the beer’s Jessie had brought and watching the parade.

Once they reached the queen-size bed, there were no preliminaries, no foreplay. Letting go of Jessie, Sue quickly climbed in, lay back, spread her legs, then held out her arms in his direction, and with a big smile, invited him to come join her.

For just a moment, Jessie stood and stared at the luscious body spread out and waiting for his use. Then he mumbled, “Holy shit,” and accepted the invitation.

Seconds later, Sue was watching inch after inch of Jessie’s dark, brown dick slid into her pale, olive-tinted body. The sight was a total turn-on. And that enormous head felt fantastic as it stretched out her vagina.

Even though she’d always preferred big men, she found sex with Jessie an incredible high. The feel of his hard, agile body almost caressing her flushed skin while his long, snake-like cock sank deeper and deeper into her eager pussy was almost unbearably exciting.

When their hips finally met, Jessie paused, bent his head down and they began to kiss. Each time his tongue darted into her mouth, he would gently push against her, letting his dick mimic the action of his tongue.

It was a gentle form of double penetration and yet so intensely erotic, she began to wonder if it alone might make her come. But she didn’t get to find out. Never breaking their kiss, Jessie began taking long, slow strokes up and down her churning cunt. The sensual motion, the erotic kiss, the feel of his long fingers caressing her body, it all quickly triggered a delicious orgasm that left Sue panting, tingly, and wanting more.

“Damn, but that was out-fucking-standing,” said Jessie even as he continued to slowly pump in and out of her super-sensitive pussy.

“Tell me about it,” agreed Sue, who couldn’t decide whether to beg him to stop or to pump faster. “But, uh, what about you?”

“Glad you asked,” he said, giving her a big, teasing smile. “Would you be interested in a little doggie-style action? I’m really turned on by that outrageously fine young ass of yours.”

Sue, who loved doing it that way, said she was more than willing and they probably set some sort of record for switching positions. Whether it was the unique shape of Jessie’s cock or being in her favorite position or both, she was soon experiencing one small, exquisite orgasm after another that had her writhing and almost frantic with pleasure.

At some point, Sue had no idea when, Jessie changed tactics and began stopping just before she could come. This quickly built the sexual tension to such an excruciating level she was pleading for release. When he granted her wish, a massive, powerful climax shook her entire body. As the last exhilarating surge of the pent-up passion was rolling away, she heard Jessie grunt. Moments later his hips slammed against her bottom and his huge cock head began flooding her with his semen.

With her arms and legs feeling like they’d been turned into rubber, Sue sank down upon the bed. Jessie followed her down and lay on top, his face buried in her long hair, as the last tremors of their passion ebbed away.

Only then did he slowly remove his limp, though still lengthy member, from her slippery pussy. When the big head came out, it made a popping sound that got everyone laughing. Sue rolled over and motioned for Jessie to lay back down on top of her, but he shook his head. “Let me take a rain-check,” he said. “I need to go to the latrine and hose down.”

“You can’t be half as messy as me,” said Sue. “But I’m too whipped to get up. Bring me a washcloth-no, come to think of it, better make that a hand towel. You were really a messy guy.”

“Hey, it’s not my fault,” said Jessie, giving her a quick kiss and then getting up. “You’re the one who had the stuff last.”

While he was gone, Kirk asked Sue what she wanted to drink. “Just a soda. I’m real thirsty.”

He complied and had just gotten back to his makeshift bar when Jessie came out of the bathroom. “What do want to drink, Bro?” asked Kirk.

“If you haven’t finished off the beer, I’ll take one. Man, am I ever more thirsty,” he said, handing Sue a small, damp towel.

Not sure what the etiquette was for this situation, he went over and joined Kirk while Sue wiped off the excess from their lovemaking.

After tossing the towel toward the bathroom door, she called for them to join her on the bed where Escort Sivas they smoked, drank, and talked about sex and life. It was obvious why the two men liked each other so much. They had the same tastes and sense of humor and might have been friends at any time. But having shared the experience of war, they were more like brothers than just good friends; so close they could finish each other’s sentences. It was both a closeness of experience and a kinship of the soul like she and Kirk had always felt. Now Sue sensed she was starting to feel something like that toward Jessie.

After finishing her soda, she asked Kirk if he’d fix her a short drink. He complied and came back with a whiskey and soda.

“I really wish I could have taken a picture of you two getting it on doggie style,” said Kirk, studying Sue and Jessie before sitting back down. “And not just out of old fashioned prurient interest. You two looked so great together. The color contrast was so far-out and the action was a blast, but the look on your faces was the real trip.”

“Well, I gotta admit, that’s my favorite position,” said Jessie, “especially when the lady has a body like Sue, although damn few do. Being able to watch a perfect ass like hers jiggle each time you slam your old Roscoe home, well, it just blows my mind.”

“Glad to know my big dago butt is such an inspiration,” said Sue, giving Jessie a teasing grin. “What about you, big brother, what’s your favorite?”

Kirk pretended to ponder the question, and then replied, “I think it’s with the girl on top. I like to see the expressions on their face, and if they’ve got nice size boobs, like you do, watch them swaying back and forth. Of course, playing with them is also a kick. Besides, in that position, the gal has to do most of the work.”

Sue stubbed out her cigarette, finished her drink and handed the glass to Kirk. “Now that’s what I call a liberated man. More than willing to let the woman, in this case his little sister, do all the work.”

“Okay, what about you?” asked Jessie, as Kirk took their glasses away. “What’s your favorite?”

“Oh, I like any variation of the big three. All those weird, Kama Sutra positions are more trouble than they’re worth, as far as I’m concerned. But the one with you and Kirk doing me at the same time, the one I hope we’re about to try, is the one I think I’ll like the most.”

In light of their preferences, it seemed obvious the threesome should have Sue straddle Kirk, with Jessie taking her from behind. Once Kirk’s cock was totally engulfed inside her pussy, Jessie moved into position and began pushing his giant cockhead against her tight sphincter.

In their excitement, they’d all forgotten that Sue’s ass, while admittedly marvelous and inviting, had not been touched that day and was totally unprepared for anal activity of any sort. But with Jessie’s first push against her tight butt-hole, Sue remembered.

She didn’t want to break the mood, but she didn’t want that monster cockhead to ruin her for the rest of the weekend either. “Jessie. Wait a minute, Jessie.

“I hate to be a wet blanket and all, but we’ve got to get me ready for that thing of yours. There’s some hand cream in my backpack. Use that will you?”

Jessie quickly complied, coating the outer area and then using his cream covered fingers to do the same to the interior while also gently loosening and stretching the tight hole. All this time, Kirk was rhythmically making small thrusts up into Sue’s pussy, which made it hard for her to concentrate on the quality of Jessie’s work.

The next time Jessie pressed against Sue’s ass, she forced herself to relax and was rewarded with the feel of the cockhead beginning to inch its way inside. But with each successive push the pain increased until Sue begged Jessie to back off so she could catch her breath.

It was Kirk, who’d been laying back watching his sister’s torment, who came up with the idea that brought her some relief. “Jessie, let me pull out before you try again. That should make it a little easier on you both. Then once you’re back in, I’ll try to rejoin you.”

“Hey, don’t I get a say in all this?” asked Sue.

“I can’t imagine why,” teased Kirk, “but go ahead. What’d you have in mind?”

“It’s not what’s in my mind that’s the problem,” she managed to joke. “Jessie, go ahead and use the rest of that cream; and guys, please take it easy, okay?”

The next time Jessie began to push into her ass, there was much less resistance. But when the huge cockhead was almost in, Sue groaned softly. He pulled back to ease the pain and then made one hard thrust sending the wide head surging past her stretched anus.

Once she recovered from the sharp jolt of pain triggered by that last thrust, Kirk shoved his well lubricated cock back into her slippery pussy. The motion created additional pressure that intensified Sue’s pleasure and she began to savor the feel of Jessie’s big, flared cockhead pushing deeper and deeper into her bowels.

The two men quickly developed a rhythm with one shoving in while the other pulled back. With two cocks pounding into her body, Sue was soon reaching one climax after another. They became so rapid she could barely catch her breath before the two cocks started her racing toward another one.

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