Mistress Sarah Gives Evie an Assignment

Brandi Love

Mistress Sarah led me back into her bedroom and sat naked in a chair in front of a large dressing table. She ordered me to fetch my maid’s dress. It was time for me to learn how to properly dress her for a night out and she wanted me in full sissy attire for the event. Mistress Sarah watched me step into my sissy dress. She told me to turn around slowly for her as she pulled down on the pink silky fabric, ensuring the shiny dress cascaded around my legs smoothly and wrinkle free. She then passed me a pair of 6” black heels. “These will fit you and finish off that outfit quite nicely. Then walk around a little and let me see you,” Mistress Sarah said. I had worn heels before and was quite comfortable in them. She leisurely caressed her own breasts as she watched the show. Her thumbs rubbed over her nipples, causing a brief shiver through her body. It was an arousing sight to see her sissy showing off for her. Each time I leant forward, Mistress Sarah was rewarded with the sexy image of my panties. To Mistress Sarah, I did not exist anymore, at least not on the surface. I was tucked away deep inside Evie. That’s where I belonged and Mistress Sarah intended on keeping me tucked away as long as possible. Evie was her creation and she needed to thrive and be free. Mistress Sarah’s pussy began to dampen as she admired her silk covered sissy. I looked pretty and docile draped in pink and white satin. The pretty silk bows all over the dress looked cute. Aside from my face, I was a sissy, her sissy. Mistress Sarah loved this image. The image of my strong arms disappearing into soft silk and lacy fabric hit an erotic nerve within her that caused her pussy to quiver in pleasure. Needing to satisfy the heat between her legs, Mistress Sarah’s right hand slid down to her pussy. She lightly traced her fingers over her soft pussy lips as she reminisced about her first days with Evie. She remembered how, although very willing, I had no direction or goal. I admitted I was a panty boy, but wasn’t completely sure what I wanted from it. However with carefully planned teasing and seduction, I was on my way to being a real sissy, her sissy. Mistress Sarah’s fingers grew wetter as she played with herself. Standing up to pee never crossed my mind anymore. Mistress Sarah had told me that girls sit down to pee and as a sissy I should do the same. Mistress Sarah took great pleasure in knowing that her power and sex appeal were the reason for all this. Evie was her creation and her property. She would continue to mould and shape my mind and body into a pretty submissive femme boy. With her excitement building her patience grew short. “Evie. Come to me,” she demanded. “Kneel at my feet,” ordered Mistress Sarah. I knelt down in front of Mistress. Mistress Sarah spread open her knees, revealing her wet and swollen pussy. The smell of her pussy was strong and delicious. “You have been naughty getting me excited like this. You need to take care of this problem and quickly so I can get ready,” ordered Mistress Sarah. I didn’t know what Mistress Sarah was getting ready for, but I certainly didn’t need telling twice to eat her pussy. Mistress Sarah guided my head between her legs. My tongue licked up and down the length of her shaven pussy several times. Then it disappeared into the hot wetness. Mistress Sarah held my head against her pussy and moaned in delight as my tongue probed deep inside her. Beşevler escort My cock hung below me hard, throbbing, and untouched. This did not bother me for I knew my purpose was to serve and please Mistress. That in itself was rewarding for me. Also I was still getting pleasure from the plug that was still pressed tightly into my arse. I rocked slightly on my knees as I tongued Mistress’s pussy, causing the plug to press against my panties and push deeper into my arse. I savoured this simulated fucking sensation in my boy pussy. Soon Mistress Sarah erupted into orgasm. I pressed my mouth and nose into her tight wet hole and used my tongue as best I could to satisfy her orgasm. I kept licking and licking until Mistress Sarah finally pushed me away. I was still very horny, and attentive. Although my cock was hidden beneath the sissy dress, the expression on my face must have been filled with arousal. Mistress wanted to have a little fun and so she ordered, “Lift up your dress, princess. I want to see your sissy cock. I bet it’s so hard right now.” “Yes…very hard Mistress,” I admitted as I slowly lifted the hem of my dress. My cock was twitching on its own from all the excitement. Mistress moved her foot to my cock and gently rubbed the underside with her toes. She teased, “Aww. Look how excited my little bitch is. Poor Evie didn’t get to cum.” I pushed my cock forward, humping her foot. Mistress held her foot firm and said, “That’s it, slut. Hump my foot. You are so desperate to cum aren’t you?” “Yes, Mistress. Please may I cum,” I begged. I rubbed my cock up and down the underside of her foot. Mistress Sarah’s other foot joined in on the teasing. Both her feet cupped my cock as I humped away. Again I begged, “Please Mistress, can I cum? I’m so close!” Mistress Sarah quickly pulled her feet away and laughed. “You’ve already had an orgasm once today, Evie. I think that’s enough. I want you to stay hot and horny all night. That way you will be begging me to fuck you with my strap-on later. And, anyway, now you’ve got to help me get ready. I’ll be going out for a while.” For the next half-hour all attention was on Mistress Sarah. She ordered me to pick out four or five panty and bra sets from her lingerie drawer. While I gathered these items, Mistress had a quick shower and dried her hair. “Let’s see what you picked out, princess,” said Mistress Sarah, brushing her long hair. “Hold them up one at a time for Mistress to see.” Mistress Sarah had a large collection of bras and panties. I had tried to pick a variety of styles and colours, hoping that at least one set would satisfy her. I started with a purple lace bra and matching thong. “Mmm. I love that set,” cooed Mistress Sarah. “Sexy choice, princess, but let’s see what else you picked.” I held up each panty and bra. Mistress Sarah giggled a few times and complimented on how cute I would look in some of the items. She finally settled on a black lace bra with black silk boy shorts. Mistress Sarah ordered me to put these on her. I knelt before her and slid the panties up her legs. She lifted her arse slightly off the chair, allowing me to pull the panties all the way up. Next I picked up the bra. I had taken many bras off girls in the past but had never put one on a girl and so I felt a little awkward. Mistress Sarah noticed my uncertainty and hesitation. She joked, Çankaya escort bayan “Don’t be scared Evie. It’s just a bra. You can do it. Soon you’ll be a pro with bras, dear. They will become a regular part of your wardrobe, pretty. We don’t want your tits getting saggy do we?” My cock twitched at the comment. I did not know how serious Mistress Sarah was about me wearing bras all the time. I had always preferred corsets and basques, but for some mysterious reason the idea excited me. I could not imagine how it would be possible but at the moment it seemed thrilling. Mistress Sarah stood up and put her arms out for me. I slid the straps up her arms. It almost seemed cruel to be covering up such beautiful tits. Before the bra covered her tits, Mistress Sarah ordered, “Kiss them.” I gladly leaned down and gave each of her nipples a soft kiss and gentle tongue licking. My cock was raging hard beneath my sissy dress. “Mmmm. So nice,” moaned Mistress Sarah. After enjoying her tits for a few brief seconds, I moved behind her and pulled her bra up. To my surprise, I managed to clasp the bra shut with only a slight bit of fumbling. “Good girl,” she said in a complimentary tone. “Now let’s get you started on my hair.” Mistress handed me a brush and told me to start brushing her hair. Almost immediately Mistress Sarah ordered, “Harder! Don’t be such a sissy!” She laughed at the unintended pun. “Oh, that’s right… you are a sissy. Try to be more like a man when you brush hair. I know it will be hard for you, pretty, but just try.” I blushed at the humiliating remarks and giggles. My red face seemed to be a visual gauge on my arousal and submission. The deeper I blushed the more my cock swelled and the more submissive I became. Obediently, I firmly brushed Mistress Sarah’s hair. I felt like a slave worshipping a goddess. Mistress Sarah did her own make-up, but told me I would need to learn this. In between brushing hair, I had to fetch various make-up items for her. Although most of the items were within easy reach, she still required me to fetch them. This served to reinforce my obedience and slave status. I found the experience to be very gratifying. I enjoyed pampering my mistress and was eager to learn about make-up. After Mistress Sarah’s hair and make-up were done, I was sent to the wardrobe and told to pick up a simple black top and a tight black skirt. While Mistress Sarah quickly slipped into these I popped to the loo for a pee. On returning from the toilet I heard Mistress Sarah speaking, “Okay, see you in about ten minutes.” My heart was racing. Was Mistress Sarah inviting someone round? I wasn’t sure if I was terrified or excited that someone else would see me dressed as a sissy. Walking back into the bedroom, I thought Mistress Sarah looked sexy and flirty. “You look incredible, Mistress,” I said. “Thanks, slave. I’m sure I’ll make a few cocks hard while I’m out. What do you think, Evie? Will the guys being dreaming of fucking me tonight?” “Most definitely, Mistress. I want to.” Mistress Sarah laughed and looked into my eyes. “Silly Evie, you’re just a sissy boy. I know your little clitty is all hard and swollen underneath that pretty dress but when I’m out I flirt with real men.” I was a little hurt. Mistress had always admired my cock and had often said that she’d enjoy me fucking her. For a brief moment, I Escort Cebeci wanted to show her that I could be a real man but part of me was excited at my predicament. There was a strange thrill in being humiliated and knowing that I was her servant, preparing her for an evening of flirting and possible sex. I was confused at these emotions. Before I could get my thoughts together Mistress continued, “Don’t worry Evie. You are special to me. You’ll get to fuck me, but I get to fuck you whenever I want and I am so looking forward to it.” My cock throbbed in my panties. “Me too, Mistress. I can’t wait.” “I know, sissy. You are a slut aren’t you? Tell me that, Evie. Tell me how bad you want me to fuck you.” Mistress Sarah’s orders energized me with lust and excitement. “I want you to fuck me real bad, Mistress. I want to be your slut.” “Mmm. Are you my bitch?” “Yes, I am your bitch. Please fuck your bitch,” I begged, my cock throbbing harder by the minute. “I’m going to fuck you hard, bitch! That’s what you want isn’t it?” Overcome by her authority I replied, “Yes. Please fuck me hard! Fuck me anyway you want to.” Mistress Sarah’s tone softened, “That’s a good bitch. Oh, and I have a little assignment for you while I’m out.” “Assignment?” I questioned. “Yes precious,” replied Mistress Sarah. “I have come up with some wonderful assignments for you to help with your femme training. I’ve even made you a cute diary for you to track your progress and express your feelings through the transformation. Take a look.” She held up a small book. On the cover, in pink glitter, it said Evie’s Diary. Seeing my female name on the cover added a new sense of reality to what was happening to me. Mistress questioned, “Isn’t it cute, Evie?” “Yes, thank you, Mistress. It’s very pretty.” I was impressed at her thoughtfulness. Mistress Sarah then explained my assignment. “Evie sweetie, on the first few pages of your diary I have started a few entries. While I am out, I want you to finish the thoughts that I started. Be sure to fill all the blank pages in between entries, okay princess?” “Yes, Mistress,” I replied. “Some of the items you can start on right away. For example, the first page in your diary says, ‘When I first saw Mistress Sarah I felt…’ “You need to write a paragraph to complete that thought. You already know enough to do that. However a few pages back the entry says, ‘I went through Mistress Sarah’s panties and tried them on. My three favorite pairs are….’ “Now you have not done that yet so obviously you can not complete this page yet. What do you think you need to do to complete this page?” I said the obvious answer, “I need to go through your panty drawer and try on your panties.” “You got it! That is your assignment tonight, Evie. Tonight is all about discovering the feminine world and the girl within you. I want you to explore through all my stuff while I am out. In order for you to blossom into womanhood you need to discover and experiment with girly things.” “Girls don’t become women overnight,” she added. “The same applies to sissies. Now you need to let Evie run wild with those desires and discover the wonderful world of womanhood. We are much more sensual then men. A woman’s world is full of pretty scents, and soft fabrics…” Mistress Sarah continued explaining the assignment, “I want you to explore all those wonderful things. Go through my make-up, experiment with my lipstick and glosses and try on my panties, bras lingerie, skirts, dresses, and anything you can fit into.” I was becoming even more excited and aroused from my assignment. All these things seemed fun and exciting to do. Mistress Sarah added, “Don’t forget about perfumes and lotions.

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