Mistress Sarah – Chapter 3 – my punishment


Introduction: In chapter one, I related how I succumbed to the instructions of Mistress Sarah during a business trip to Chicago . At her direction, I ordered room service and answered the door wearing only a towel, which accidentally fell away exposing my nakedness to Denziel, the nineteen-year-old, black room service delivery boy. That evening I allowed Denziel to enter me, without protection and ejaculate inside me. I climaxed three times as this teenager pummeled my little pussy with his large black cock. I also relayed how Denziel seemed to enjoy disrespecting me, and even humiliating me. He obviously had no respect for me. And for some strange reason, being treated like a nasty little slut excited me. In chapter two, I told you about my husband’s and my relationship. I told you how Jim shared me with other men on occasion, often with young college students. But Jim had one rule: I was not allowed to ‘party on my own’. Jim’s rule is that I needed his permission before getting involved with anyone. And on this night in Chicago , I violated this rule with a room service delivery boy. In chapter two, I related how I confessed my transgression to my husband. I confessed it in excruciating detail. And although he was furious, the details of what happened at the hotel, aroused Jim. I am forced to face my assailant: About a month later, Jim brought the subject up again. “The guy you fucked in Chicago, do you still have his telephone number?” “Denziel? I think it is more accurate to say, he fucked me, rather than I fucked him. And he fucked me up pretty good with you, too, if I recall,” I replied nervously. I was still ashamed of my actions that night. “Regardless, do you have his number?” Strangely, I had kept the card that he wrote his cell phone number on it. It was in my purse. “I do still have his number. Why?” “I want you to call him and see if he would be willing to get together with the two of us.” I was shocked at this suggestion. “Why would you want to get together with him?” I asked with a confused tone. Jim responded, “I want to meet him. He is the only person who has fucked my wife who I have not met. I want to meet the man who got you to do this.” “Are you serious? He is in Chicago. You would actually fly up to Chicago to meet him?” I felt my pulse quicken at the thought of making the call. “What would I say to him?” I asked. My humiliation was being taken to a new height. I did not understand it, but I was suddenly aware of my clitoris. The thought of talking to this young man again frightened me; but it also aroused me. Jim instructed me to make the call, and gave me some guidelines about what to say. My hands were literally shaking as I dialed the phone. On the third ring, he answered. “Denziel, this is Cindy B. You probably don’t even remember me, but you delivered me some cake to my room at the Westin Hotel about a month ago and you gave me a lot more chocolate than just a piece of cake. Do you remember?” “Damn, who is this really?” “This is Cindy. I was in room 1956, wearing a towel when I answered the door, and you took care of me, several times. Remember?” “Is ‘dis really you? Are you back in town?” “Yes it is me. And no, I am not back in town. But my husband and I are going to be back in Chicago soon, and I wanted to see if we could get together for a drink. He wants to meet you.” “What the fuck! Your husband wants me meet me? Are you fuckin’ nuts girl? You told him about me? You crazy. This is fuckin’ crazy, bitch.” “I tell my husband everything. And he understands. He is not pissed at you at all. He just wants to meet you.” “Why?” Denziel’s apprehension was obvious. “I don’t know.” I paused for a moment trying to construct a response. I decided that the best option was to tell the truth. I simply said, “Well that is not true; I do know. My husband occasionally let’s me be with other men. But he always knows who they are ahead of time. You are the only man I have been with that he has not met. I guess he wants to see who was able to fuck me without getting his permission first. “ “Are you fuckin’ with me? You serious?” “Yes, do you want to speak with him?” “Fuck no!” There was an extended pause in the conversation as Denziel tried to process what was being said. “So he is not pissed? He is not coming here to put a bullet in my ass? He is not coming here to fuck me up?” “No, not at all. In fact, if you are cool with it, he wants to see you and I together again, only this time with a condom. You see, he likes sharing me with other men, but he insists they wear protection.” I paused for a moment before continuing, “If you do not want to see me again, that is OK. But he wanted me to make the offer.” “Your husband told you to call me and offer to fuck me while he watches? Seriously? He wants to watch me fuck his woman? What’s he gonna be doing while I fuck you, spanking his monkey?” “Yes, he wanted me to make this call. I know it sounds weird but it is true. He’ll probably just watch. And no, he won’t be masturbating while he watches. He’ll get his later, probably after you leave. I know it sounds weird. If this is too much for you, just say so. I’ll understand.” The conversation continued like that for about fifteen minutes. Denziel was clearly very apprehensive, but he also seemed to be intrigued. I sensed the idea of pounding my pussy again while my husband observed his prowess had some appeal. We discuss this for a while until Denziel finally agreed to meet us at a bar a few blocks from the Westin hotel where Denziel had used me a month earlier. I hung up and reported back to Jim that the arrangements had been made for this coming Friday. That evening, Jim made flight and room reservations for the following weekend. He booked us in the same hotel where Denziel had taken me a month and a half earlier. Jim instructed me to not masturbate until after we returned from our Chicago adventure. I would be 6 days without having had an orgasm when we flew to Chicago this weekend. Jim wanted me primed and ready. For me, six days was a long time between orgasms. I would be climbing the walls by Friday. Friday afternoon we headed to DFW airport, boarded our flight and headed off on our adventure. On the plane, I took Jim’s hand and said, “I am sorry I did not get your permission before letting Denziel fuck me. I promise, I will never violate your rules again. Thank you for not ‘kicking me to the curb’ over this. I love you so much, and I will do anything you ask of me.” “Cindy, I love you too. But I have to know you belong to me. Even when I loan you to other men, I need to know you still belong to me.” “Oh god, Jim, I do. You own me. I am yours totally. I could not stand it if you ever abandoned me. I am yours and no one else’s. I will go with whomever you tell me and let them do whatever you allow, but I am yours.” I started to cry as I squeezed his hand. I meant every word I said. We landed, caught a taxi, and checked into our room. Jim instructed me to call Denziel and confirm our date at the bar Denziel had selected. We were set to meet that evening at 8 p.m. Jim instructed me to bathe, shave ‘my parts’ while he selected my outfit. When I finished bathing, I exited the bathroom wearing the robe provided by the hotel. Lying on the bed was the black halter sundress Jim had selected. Nearby were a pair of nylons that required no garters to stay up, and a pair of high heel pumps. It was not surprise that there were no panties for me to wear. I would be going ‘commando’ tonight. I dressed as Jim watched. Ankara bayan escort Also, on the bed was a box of a dozen ‘magnum condoms’ in a gift bag. Jim told me that I was to give this ‘gift’ to Denziel when we arrived, and instruct him that if he wanted to enter me tonight, he would need to wear these. “But a dozen?” I asked. “I did not want him to run out,” Jim said with a wry smile. Jim then handed me a felt tipped pen. I looked at him somewhat bewildered. “Write ‘Jim’s pussy’ on yourself, just like you did for Sarah.” I blushed at being reminded of that fateful night. I was ashamed at how badly I had behaved and how I had responded to Denziel. But the memory of being fucked like that, and used by him like I had been still excited me. Just the memory had my vagina starting to lubricate. I nodded and took the pen. “OK, but she called me her cunt, not her pussy.” “I know. But I think pussy is a nicer term. That is my pussy. And you are my woman. I want Denziel to see that. I do not want there to be any doubt in his mind who you belong to.” I did as instructed as Jim watched. I raised the hem of my dress and neatly printed ‘Jim’s pussy’ on my shaved mound. My hands were shaking as I printed ‘Jim’s pussy’ on my bare vulva. I could feel myself starting to leak already in shameful anticipation of being shared. As humiliating as it was to think about, the thought of being used by my ebony young friend was arousing me already. “Are you going to join in tonight, or just watch?” Jim has been known to do both when he shared me previously. “I don’t know. I will see how the evening goes. I am not even certain I am sharing you yet. I want to see if this guy deserves to have you again,” Jim said, indicating that this would a ‘play it by ear’ sort of night. He was not committing to anything without meeting Denziel first. I wanted to prepare Jim for what we might encounter tonight. Jim has shared me with numerous men of all races over the years. Both Jim and I had previously enjoyed black men pleasuring me. There was something visually stimulating seeing the contrast of our skin color. But typically, these were actually college students at a local university. And such, they were educated, intelligent and were of an economic status similar to Jim’s and my own. Denziel was not like these college boys we enjoyed previously. “Jim, this is not the type of guy we typically party with. He is a little rougher around the edges than you are used to, and not as well educated as the college boys you typically select or as our ‘friends’. I don’t know why I reacted the way I did with him; he is really not my type.” “I know. You went ‘slumming’. I get it. I want to see you do it again. I want to understand what turns you on about this guy,” Jim replied. “You mean other than his eight-inch long and two-inch thick, jet black cock?” I said, trying to make a joke. “Yeah, other than that.” I paused for a moment and then verbalized my thoughts. “Jim, I cannot explain why I came so hard and so easily with him. There wasn’t a deep connection of any sort. He acted like he did not even really like me that much. He certainly did not respect me. Do you remember what I told you that he did immediately before he entered me the very first time?” Jim looked at me with interest and merely shook his head. I took a deep breath, before continuing. “He knelt between my thighs, and he took his huge black cock and slapped it against my clitoris six or seven times. Not really hard, but just hard enough to make me moan a bit each time he did it. He made it clear that he was not wearing a condom. And right before he entered me, he made me ask, no really beg him to fuck me. No one had ever done that before, or since. I felt like he was doing these things to sort of degrade me, or to make sure I knew I was his nasty little slut that night.” I paused and then continued. “But, Jim, I actually almost came while he was slapping his dick against my vulva. Each time he took his dick and slapped my pussy with it, it was like he sent an electrical shock through my clit. He had me begging for him to please put it inside me. I can’t explain it, but lying there with my legs splayed apart while this teenager slapped the huge black erection against my sloppy wet pussy almost drove me over the edge before he even tried to put the head in. And really, he was just a kid. I think he told me he was nineteen-years-old.” I could see a large bulge forming in the front of my husband’s pants as he formed the mental image of Denziel slapping his dick against my vulva. The scene excited both of us. I liked exciting my husband this way. “And Jim, do you remember what I told you happened after he made me cum, and pumped me full of his sperm. What he made me do then is even more degrading. I had told him that he needed to pull out before he ejaculated. He just laughed and fucked me harder until he came. But rather than pull out, he buried himself inside me ‘balls deep’ and pumped me full. I was pinned under him and I could feel him throbbing inside of me, deep in my womb as he pumped rope after rope of his sperm inside me. There was nothing I could do but accept his ropes of semen inside me. “After he filled me full, he pulled out and he placed a pillow under my ass to elevate it and instructed me to lay there holding his ‘sperm inside me until he returned after his shift was over. I don’t know why I did it, but I did. I found it wildly exciting to be humiliated and degraded in that manner that evening. But honey, I did as he instructed. I lay there alone for about forty-five minutes holding his sperm inside me until he returned to fuck me again. I do not know why it turned me on so much, to be treated like that. I could see from the tent in the front of Jim’s pants that he was now fully erect. “Cindy, if you keep talking like that, I am going to have to fuck you right now.” Jim warned. He was right. Not only did my description of my first encounter with Denziel have him erect, it had me leaking down my legs. I wanted to fuck my husband right then, but we both decided that it would be better to wait. We took a cab to the bar and arrived a few minutes past eight. I was already quite aroused when we arrived in front of Leroy’s Old Time Tavern. The bar was in the basement of an older red brick building. We descended the outside staircase and entered the dimly lit room. Immediately I realized we were the only Caucasians in the bar. There were a few Hispanics, but the majority of the clients were African American. I felt every eye looking at Jim and me as we entered. Being the only white people, we stood out. I was nervous and I took Jim’s hand. The place was clean. There were about a half dozen tables between a dance floor and the bar. The music was loud, but you could still talk if you leaned close to whomever you were trying to communicate. Several large black men were playing pool on two pool tables in the back room. They interrupted their game brief to check out the ‘hot white bitch’ (me) as I entered the bar. My eyes had not yet completely adjusted to the darkness as I tried to find Denziel. Finally, I spotted Denziel sitting at a table with another black man. “There he is.” I led Jim to the table and said, “Denziel, I would like you to meet my husband, Jim. Jim, this is Denziel.” Then I looked at the other man at the table. I looked back at Denziel and said, “I was expecting you to be alone.” Initially, Denziel ignored my comment about the Escort bayan Ankara other man at the table and directed his attention to Jim He stood up to greet Jim. Jim was one or two inches taller than Denziel with slightly broader shoulders. Jim and Denziel shook hands and exchanged niceties as we sat down. Denziel leaned over to me, placed two fingers under my chin to lift it up and kissed me briefly on the lips, and said, “Girl, you’re looking fine as ever.” I assumed that by kissing me, Denziel was testing Jim’s reaction. Jim did not react. I wondered what all these other black men sitting at the tables around us were thinking when this young black man kissed me in front of my husband. Did they suspect the bizarre relationship my husband and I have? Did they suspect that I was here to get fucked by this young black man? I concluded that not only did they suspect; I felt they likely knew why Jim and I were here. The thought that these men all knew why Jim and I were in this bar embarrassed and excited me. I do not understand the reason, but having people know just how naughty I was planning to be tonight had a peculiar appeal. It aroused me. Jim and I sat opposite each other since Denziel and the stranger were already sitting in the other two chairs. I wished I could have sat next to my husband. I would have felt safer and less vulnerable. As it was, I felt quite alone and isolated at my end of the table. Denziel introduced us to his roommate, Tyrus. I was taken aback by the Tyrus’s presence. I had not anticipated Denziel bringing a friend. This was an unexpected complication. I think Denziel sensed my hesitation. “Tyrus is sort of my wing man. My back up in case your husband was not as cool with all this as you wanted me to believe.” Denziel and Tyrus exchanged a knowing glance before continuing. “Man, I just can’t get my head around your arrangement.” We ordered drinks; I ordered a double vodka orange juice. I needed some alcohol, fast. We stumbled through the awkward beginning of our conversation. It was clear that Tyrus knew about what happened between Denziel and me, and he understood that Jim was bringing me here tonight for a repeat performance. Denziel broached the subject again by asking Jim, “So you know about me and your lady? I mean she told you what happened, and you’re cool with it?” Jim simply nodded and said, “I believe she has shared every sorted detail. And yeah, we are cool.” Denziel took a big swallow of his drink and continued, “I just don’t get it. Man, if someone fucked my bitch like that, I’d want to cap his ass. I would sure as fuck put a cap in her ass if she was answering the door flashing guys and shit.” “I don’t expect you to get it. Our relationship is unique. But it works for us. I enjoy seeing her pleasured. I understand you did a good job of it too. It intrigues me how you pleased her so.” “Yeah, she did go off like a roman candle when I was pounding her.” Turing to his friend, he said, “Tyrus, this bitch cums hard, and she’s a screamer.” Jim interrupted the conversation, “Denziel, I assume you mean no disrespect, but let’s not call Cindy a ‘bitch’, especially when she’s sitting right here. OK?” “Sure man, I’m down with that.” Jim had established a bit of the pecking order by telling Denziel that tonight I was to be shown a bit more respect than he had shown me a month ago. I liked the fact that Jim did that. Most men would have been insulted or threatened having these two black men discuss their wife’s sexual behaviors so openly. And most men would have been intimated being the only white man in a black bar. Jim was not most men. Jim is an imposing man. He stands 6 ft. 3 inches tall, weighs 210 pounds, and has broad shoulders and large arms. He has been an avid weight lifter since college. Even though he is 44 years old, his physique clearly indicates that you do not want to fuck with him. He also exudes confidence without being arrogant or cocky in any way. God, I loved that man. However, both Denziel and Tyrus were good sized men too, but neither were as physically imposing as my husband. I sensed both of them were just a little bit uneasy. Initially, both seemed to be concerned that Jim might be here to settle some score. Jim made it clear that was not the case. We ordered another round of drinks and started to work through the awkwardness of our situation. I asked the waiter for another double screwdriver. I hope that two doubles would help relax me and loosen me up a but. I studied both men’s faces. They were attractive with relatively refined features albeit youthful . Yes, they were really just boys who were here tonight to fuck a middle aged white woman. But they were attractive and nice enough. “So you’re really okay with your wife and me?” Jim smiled and said, “Yeah. How can I be upset with anyone coming on to her. I mean, look at her. And she did kind of provoke you, didn’t she? She told me that she answered the door wearing just a towel, right?” “Yeah, I was mighty provoked all right, all nine inches of me was provoked right into that tight pussy” he said with a laugh. Denziel might not refer to me as a bitch again tonight, but he was still pretty crass as he described what he had done to me at the hotel last month. Jim seemed to be OK with the direction the conversation was headed. In fact, he seemed to encourage it a bit as he allowed Denziel to describe my most intimate reaction to him to his friend. I wondered what these two black men, who appeared to be just barely of legal age, thought about Jim and me. OK, I knew what they thought of me. I knew that they saw me as just a middle aged slut looking for some dark meat to feast on. I knew that they did not respect me. And as shameful as it is to admit this, I found their lack of respect somewhat stimulating. In the deep recesses of my psyche’, my shame and humiliation excited me. Something deep inside of me wanted to be their dirty little slut tonight while Jim watched over me and protected me. But I also wondered, what did they think of Jim? Jim’s physical presence was intimidating. Jim did not fit the stereo-typical image of a weak, sissified cuckold who allowed black bulls to pleasure his lily white wife. In fact, he was pretty much the exact opposite of the stereo-type. But still, I felt that they could not understand, or respect, a white man that gave his wife to black strangers. Jim was confident and in control. There was nothing weak or sissy about him. And truthfully, while it excited me on some level to be shamed and humiliated myself, I could not abide Jim being disrespected. And I knew, he would not tolerate either of us being disrespected either. I hoped these two young men understood that, or it would be an unpleasant evening. “Cindy, don’t you have a present for Denziel?” he asked referring the gift bag full of over-sized condoms and tube of K-Y jelly I was holding. I nodded and handed the bag to Denziel as I said, “If we do anything tonight, you need to use these.” Denziel took the box of Trojans magnums out of the bag, and placed the box on the table for anyone to see. I was mortified. “That is very nice of you, Cindy.” Turning towards his friend, he said, “Ty, I might let you use a couple of these tonight, too.” “Denziel, please put those back in the bag.” I looked around and saw two men at the next table laughing knowingly as they looked at the box of prophylactics. There was no doubt in their mind, or anyone else’s, what was going to happen to me Bayan escort Ankara tonight. I had been brought to this bar by my husband to pick up my black bull for the evening. Or should I say ‘bulls’? I was so embarrassed that every one knew that I was a middle aged white slut who would be fed some black cock. I had been wondering if Tyrus would excuse himself once it was clear that Jim was not going to react badly. But he seemed to think he was invited to this party. And Jim seemed comfortable with both men being here. In fact, I sensed that Jim actually liked these two young men enough to loan me to both of them for a few hours. No, Tyrus was planning to be part of the party. Jim confirmed that Tyrus was invited when he asked Tyrus, “Would you like to dance with my wife?” Jim frequently invited men to dance with me in bars before inviting them to our room or home. I knew the ‘dance rules’ too. When I was on the dance floor with a man Jim had selected, I was not allowed to prevent them from touching me. I could try to verbally dissuade them from touching me, but I could not physically block their hands or remove their hands. This often resulted in an interesting dynamic on the dance floor. Many men would ‘cop a quick feel’ to gauge my reaction. I would verbally tell them they should not be doing that, but I was not allowed to physically resist. Often times they would continue feeling me while others watched while I tried to convince them to stop without physically resisting. The fact that I was verbally discouraging them while physically allowing them to continue touching me served to heighten the excitement of being fondled in public; both mine and theirs. Since Jim invited Tyrus to dance with me, I knew he intended to let both men have me tonight. And they had 12 condoms to do it with. I was going to be a very sore little girl in the morning. I took a large sip to finish my cocktail before being led to the dance floor by this young black stallion. The two double screwdrivers were beginning to work. I was starting to feel a bit ‘light headed’ already. Two to three drinks were typically my limit. I have the equivalent of four drinks already now. As I left the table I asked, “Jim, would you order another drink for me?” I did not just want to relax, I wanted to eliminate all my inhibitions. We moved to the center of the dance floor. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he pulled me close, grasping my buttocks with his large black hands. He ran his hand under my dress and cupped my bare ass. “Girl, you ain’t got no drawers on.” “Be good there young man. We are in a public place. Don’t be flashing my ass to everyone. We’ll get thrown out of here,” I cautioned, but allowed him to feel my ass. I felt his cock pulse against my upper abdomen as he pressed himself against me. I wished I was taller so that his cock would grind against my pelvis; but at 5 ft. 4 inches tall, his larger frame simply towered over me. His erection was not able to contact my vulva. He brought one hand up to the side of my breast and started to feel me up. “You need to behave. There are too many people around to get too frisky in here” I admonished him again. But he did not listen. “I am behaving. If I wasn’t behaving I’d lift you up right now and fuck you on the dance floor. I am on my best behavior” he said as he continued to grind his growing erection into my belly. I looked over at Jim and Denziel as they watched me getting ‘felt up’ on the dance floor. They seemed to enjoy what they were witnessing. Tyrus leaned forward and kissed me. I opened my mouth and accepted his tongue in my mouth as he teased my nipple with his large fingers. He had pulled the hem of my dress up so that the very bottom of my buttocks was visible to those sitting at the tables adjacent to the dance floor. I heard several ‘hoots’ and ‘whistles’ from the gallery as they enjoyed the show. I was starting to respond to his touch and kiss when the song ended. We returned to the table, but rather than allow me to sit on my chair, he pulled me on to his lap. I could feel his dick throbbing against my bare bottom as Tyrus placed his hand on my inner thigh. “Denz, did you know that your lady ain’t got drawers on,” Tyrus announced loud enough for the next table to hear. Denziel responded, “I told you she was wicked hot and nasty.” I spotted my drink and asked Jim to hand it to me. I took a long swallow as Tyrus ran his fingers further up my inner thigh. “Ty, you need to behave. There are people around. Jim tell this young man to be good. He’s getting a little carried away here. Denziel, tell your friend to settle down” I pleaded looking for some support from the other two men at the table. I kept my legs together preventing him from actually reaching my vagina. His cock pulsed against my ass again. Jim smiled and asked, “Well what exactly is Ty doing that concerns you?” With his fingers trapped between my thighs, I looked at my husband and said, “He is trying to finger fuck your wife right here at the table.” Jim looked at Denziel, and then back at Tyrus. Took a sip of his drink and said, “Okay, I think we need some type of compromise here. Tyrus, if Cindy gives you one nice kiss and lets you feel how wet you are making her, will you behave while we are at the table after that?” Tyrus smiled broadly and said, “sounds like a deal”. Jim looked at me and said, “Cindy, give him a kiss and let his see how wet you are.” “Jim, there are people around.” Jim just said, “Cindy”, indicating that I should comply. I opened my thighs and kissed Tyrus. Our tongues chased each other from mouth to mouth as his fingers found my wet opening. His middle finger slipped right inside me. I kept my eyes tightly closed, not wanting to know who was watching this shameful display. I broke off the kiss and whispered in his ear. “Okay, a deal is a deal. You need to take your fingers out of me.” I continued to look down, avoiding eye contact with anyone at the adjacent tables. My knees were about six inches apart. Tyrus’s arm was between my thighs. His hand was up, under my dress. No one glancing over at our table could mistake what was occurring. It was clear to any observer that he was fondling my vagina under my dress. “This bitch gonna need some diapers she’s leaking so much.” Jim ignored the ‘bitch’ comment. He and Denziel both just chuckled at my humiliation, watching with amusement as Tyrus continued to stimulate me. I could not keep from responding to his touch, despite the feeling of humiliation knowing that men and women were watching from adjacent tables while Tyrus ‘finger fucked’ me. I tried to remain motionless, but I could not keep from rocking my hips slightly as Tyrus’s fingers were conducting massage at the very opening of my vagina. I bit my lower lip and tried not to respond. My arousal was growing. I started to hug Tyrus around the neck more tightly trying to sit still. I just could not remain motionless. With Tyrus finger just inside my vagina I looked over at my husband and begged with a whimper “Jim, could we go somewhere a little less public? I will do whatever you ask of me, but take me out of here, please.” Jim understood both what I needed and wanted. He could sense that I was at risk of ‘going off right’ there at the table. Jim smiled, nodded and turned to Denziel, “Guys, would you like to join Cindy and me back at the hotel?” Denziel responded, “That just don’t work for us. We both work at the Westin. Can’t go back there tonight when we are not working. No way to explain what we were doing there when we aren’t on duty. Why don’t you crash at our pad tonight?” As Denziel spoke, Tyrus withdrew his fingers from between my legs. I closed my thighs together and adjusted the hem of my dress. I still could not look at the people at the adjacent tables. I stood up and walked over next to Jim.

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