Mistress Marisa’s Estate Pt. 08

Public Sex

I am one of several slaves my Mistress Marisa keeps in her household. I am completely owned as are the other slaves that serve her. These episodes are written with her permission. It is my, our story…


“You know, I only ask one thing of you. It can’t be that hard to get it right.”

You are standing next to me. Dressed in tight black riding pants, tight black crisp high collar blouse, short and soft leather gloves, can see your spike heel boots. You stomp one boot to the floor for emphasis.

“Are you stupid? Are you?!?! Speak!”

Feel the vicious whip come down hard across the backs of my thighs. Stretched so tight, that alone is extremely painful, stretched to the furthest ankle and wrist restraint eye-hooks on the legs of the wooden whipping horse, naked in only locking cock cage and held tight, feel two more blows. I scream, sobbing, shaking, my voice stammering.

“No, Mistress, no, please, please…”, almost incoherent, babbling through heavy tears…”No, Mistress, no, want to please, be smart, pleeeeeease…”

“Shut up!”

You drop the whip to the floor, run your gloved hand over my rear. The backs of my legs are covered with welts, rising center welts inside the strap marks from the tawse, one of your cruelest paddles. Hear you breathe slightly heavy, both from the violent steady whipping and the fact that you are wet, excited, very turned on. Always wet when this happens, always. Soaked panties inside your tight black pants, to punish me like this sexually excites you greatly.

You bend, start to unfasten the straps that hold me in place.

“Be still. If I break a nail doing this I’ll leave your fucking ass over this fucking horse for a week, think I’m kidding?”

I struggle to hold myself perfectly still, shaking but staying as still as I can. Fifty strokes across my rear and tops of my legs, welts throb and burn, I force myself to cry so gently , whimper, try to stay still and not quiver and shake as you unfasten my ankle and wrist restraints.

You stand. I hear your heels click loud on the tile floor. Indignant heels, angry heels, feel you reach down and take my ear. Feel you pull me up off the horse. You say nothing as I scream from the pain of climbing up hurriedly to my bare feet, feel the welts flex across my butt as I move. I am dragged to the corner, stood up in front of the hook. I feel you quickly position it at my butt, feel the ice cold steel rounded bulbous hook slid into place. I feel it as it enters my rectum, feel it move up inside of me, feel it hoisted to the point of almost up-on-my-toes discomfort. Cold steel butt plug, big round ball at the end of it up deep inside of me, I cry. You leave me like that, hurry to the wooden cabinet Tipobet on the opposite wall, return with a collar and wrist cuffs. As quickly as you pulled me to the corner, I am collared, my wrists cuffed to my neck.

You pull a chair up just feet from me. You sit and stare up at me. Watch as I slightly struggle at he anal hook holding me up on my toes. See my feet barely shift, know that the hook is more than uncomfortable, pulled it up to just that almost impossible point. You stare. You watch me sob, tears still flowing. And then in a mocking, stern and cruel voice you speak to me. I focus on your lips, see them spit words out at me. You are mocking what I said to you, said that drove you to fury.

“You said you’d take my cage off, said you might touch it, maybe stay home tonight, mistress, please, please, please touch me”, your face mocking, nose wrinkled, over accentuating the words, mocking my plaintive plea to you the night you let me lick you from behind, just two days ago.

“I only ask one thing of you, bitch, and that is concentration. And I want it only in one fucking area. One! Concentration in the area of perfection! How perfect do you think it was two days ago to leave my panties on the floor when you went up to draw my bath? Even let you pick out the pretty outfit I wore for my lover and his friends. Do you know how pissed off I was when he rang my bell, I come downstairs to leave and my fucking dirty panties are on the floor!!! Fuck. I slapped your face, you had to know I was mad, you’re lucky I didn’t have time to deal with you then. And what if guests had been on their way in the door, saw a messy house, my panties on the fucking floor??? What the fuck were you thinking? Or not fucking thinking?”

You lean forward. Take the key you always wear around your neck and quickly unlock my cock harness. Without warning you pull it off, hear me yelp, hear me scream out as you pull the locking ring from around my balls, little thing snaps and bounces. Naked with just the permanent gold ring around the back of my balls, I quiver, hear the metal holding my wrists to my collar tinkle, move slightly from foot to foot.

“We both know what you were thinking. Thinking about your selfish needs, not mine. Thinking about this little thing. You start thinking with your big head instead of this tiny little insignificant one…”, your slap my soft penis hard, send me into dancing from foot to foot spasm, “…and maybe I’d touch it more the way we both know you love.”

You stand and walk to the cabinet again, take a small flexible tightly braided whip from it. Start to cry hard again as I see you push your chair aside.

“Touch it? Touch it with my hand? That’s what you wanted, right, what you Tipobet Giriş asked for, thought I was going to do for you, right? Let you lick my ass, help me dress and you couldn’t stop thinking about that selfish tiny embarrassing little baby dick? Am I right, baby doll? Left my panties on the floor for all to see?”

You move to the side of me as you say that, see me bow my head, know not to speak until told to do so when I’m down here with you. You scream so close to me I jump.


“Yes, Mistress, was thinking only of me, only of myself, I’m sorry, Mistress, so sorry, please believe me, so sorry, was thinking of me, will never…”, gushing, stammering through tears, I look to you.

“Shut up. I’ve heard enough. Have heard it all before, haven’t I?”

You move to the side of me, make room for your whip to hit with maximum force.

“Well, baby doll, here’s my hand.”

You hold it up, gripping the whip tightly.

“And you wanted me to touch that little thing with it, right?”

You stare at my face, watch me cry so hard, verge of hysterical tears. Out of control, can’t hold back, I murmur…

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, so sorry…”

“You are. You really are. You certainly got that part right.”

You start to whip my penis.

You move with my dance, my dance to avoid the whip. I am bent forward slightly. You copy my every move away from you, follow me as I try to turn, hear you shout out the words ‘I-WILL-NOT-LEAVE-MY-MISTRESSES-PANTIES-ON-THE-FLOOR…’ each word a crack of the whip across my soft penis. Another blow, then another, then another, on and on. Your heels clatter around me on the floor as I am whipped hard.

When you finish you walk calmly to the cabinet and hang the whip back up. The only sound in the room is my crying and screaming. You return to the front of me, re-position your chair two feet away for me.

“Cry baby, go ahead, cry. You should. I want this to sink in. Only ask ONE fucking thing from you!! Perfection!!! I told you one more week and I was going to touch it like you like. I was going to show my little man how special he is to me. And you are special when you please me! You brought this on yourself.”

You lean forward, inspect closely my hurt and swollen little penis.

“You know Mamma loves you. But when you fuck up like that what else am I to do. Fucking spoiled little bitch! You’ll learn. You will.”

You take my cock harness back up off the floor, take my balls in your hand so hard I scream out loudly. You force my penis back in place in the CB6000 cock harness, my swollen and bruised balls pushed into the locking ring that holds the penis tube in place. I cry uncontrollably as mmy red and bruised Tipobet Güncel Giriş penis is shoved roughly back into its cage and locked up tight. I hear the lock click shut, feel you roughly toss it out of your hand, wince and rise up on my toes.

“Now listen very carefully, sweet thing. The panties you left on the floor two days ago, still up in my room, I put them aside for just this lesson. You’ll hold those in your teeth and let them dangle from your mouth while you do your housework, hold them in your mouth in front of anyone that visits, until I tell you otherwise, that had better be clear. It’ll be a reminder of what prompted this lesson. And it wasn’t my fucking panites! It was your lack of concentration. Pair of dirty panties hanging from your mouth will help you focus, concentrate. And if you disappoint again in your lesson period I’ll put them over your head, bring you back down here again.”

You stand, unfasten my wrists. You take my collar and cuffs off. Drop them to the floor and go to the crank that raises and lowers the anal hook. You pull it up just ever so slightly, hear me howl, rise to the very tips of my toes.

“I was going to take that thing off your little dick next Monday, even thought about putting your little thing in my mouth. I haven’t decided yet, given your unacceptable behavior, how long we’ll keep it caged. Do you agree this is the right thing to do? Speak, baby.”

You lower the hook, let me down, it hangs from my little hole, starts to slip out.

“Yes, Mistress, yes, thank you. Thank you.”

Still crying softly, feel my penis swollen and aching in its locked harness, feel my balls throb, look at you with wide adoring eyes, feel myself burst into deeper tears.

“Thank you. Please don’t be mad at me, pleeeeease…”.

I start to sob even deeper in front of you.

“I want you to clean up down here, come to my bedroom. I am so fucking wet I can’t stand it. You do touch me deeply, baby doll. I know you know that. I think I’m going to have you make me cum with your mouth before you clean yourself, get madeup and start your housework. And what will you be wearing in addition to your pretty house girl things? Speak.”

“Your wonderful panties, Mistress, your panties in my mouth, thank you, thank you.”

You smile, walk to the door.

“I could make you clean that fowl hook off with your mouth. But I won’t. I’m not a bad Mistress like some are. You know I care deeply for you. Clean that and this entire room, hurry. Mamma wants to cum. I fucking mean hurry. Put all of this away. Have one phone call to make first, better be a good girl and at my bedside when I’m through.”

You barely hear me as I start to pick up the things in the room, barely hear me thank you, fawn over you. I hurry as fast as I can, almost tripping over myself, want so bad to be in your room with my face between your legs, be able to please you with my mouth. I want so bad to please and amuse you, feel your warm, your touch. I am addicted to you.

I am your slave.

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