Mistress Emma Ch. 01


Hello A/all,

This is a fantasy that has haunted, perturbed, and indulged my being for a year. It has gotten to the point where I feel coerced to share it with someone so here I am.

It all starts when I meet a beautiful Domina on the internet. We exchange e-mails, we instant message each other, we then move on to talking on the telephone. One day, she states that we meet, in a shopping center, and that I wear just shorts and a t-shirt (no underwear and no shoes or socks). Well, I figured that was her way of testing my submissiveness so I showed up in the parking lot with just shorts and a t-shirt.

I heard a honk and I walked over to a dark red (cherry/burgundy) Jaguar. I knocked on the driver’s window and I heard the doors unlocking, but no one stepped out. I could not see anything through the dark silver tinted windows to I walked to the passenger side and opened the door. I poked my head in and got a quick glimpse of the gorgeous Emma and then got sprayed in the face with a metal can. I sneezed and covered my eyes (figuring it must be mace) then everything went black.

I awoke completely stripped and in a fetal position in a 5 cubic foot cage. A blue LED was placed outside the cage and directed at it from above. A bowl of water and another of cereal were in one of the tiny corners of the cage. A Tipobet hole was in the opposite corner. For what seemed like a week I fed from the large supply of cereal, drank water, and used the hole as a restroom.

I was too busy surviving and sleeping to realize my situation. Then a door opened and a woman walked into the room. I could hear the metal stilettoes on the concrete floor as she walked towards me. The woman stepped into the blue light and I gasped in shock, terror, and awe as I laid eyes upon Mistress Emma.

Her long, perfectly straight yet surprisingly muscular legs were covered almost completely in black, shiny leather. Her leather, spiked boots ended just below the knees and her tight black leather skirt started just above the knees. An equally shiny black leather top covered her stomach in an upside down form and her luscious, firm breasts in a tube-top manner. All this I noticed and drooled over while she unlocked the cage door and while I stood up alongside her fantastic body.

My eyes widened with fear as I saw that she was standing a couple inches taller than me (granted the heels were 6 or 7 inches tall) and that she ostentatiously displayed a tattoo of a Carnivorous, heavily thorned rose on her lower back. The center of the rose had a closed bud with a foot and two hands Tipobet Giriş trying to push through the petals. The outer petals, with vicious and thick thorns closing in on the bud with the helpless human victim inside.

“Walk Slave! I said Walk!” Mistress Emma ordered as her knee painfully crushed my genitals. She directed me to large, hardwood barrel that was bolted into the floor. An elbow landed on the back of my neck and I fell, chest down, onto the barrel. Mistress Emma swiftly, efficiently, and painfully bound my arms and legs to o-rings bolted in the floor. She stepped away and walked back behind me. “Scream as loud as you want slave, the louder you scream the more I will enjoy this” she said as the bullwhip slashed my bare ass cheeks. Blow after blow, gurgled scream after gurgled scream, the endless pain, the voiceless throat, the blood streaked ass and thighs, the punctured tongue and lip, the blood and saliva in my mouth, but the whipping did not stop. Not until everything went black again.

I came to, I could feel the dried blood on my skin, some still dripping, and I started to cry. I sobbed and sobbed, and Mistress Emma sat in front of me, smoking her cigarette. She finished her cigarette and walked behind me once more. She brought a candle to my cock and balls and began dripping Tipobet Güncel Giriş hot wax over my genitals. Painful but gentle in comparison to the whipping. Then she moved up the candle and dripped hot wax on my whipped, and shredded ass cheeks and thighs. I let out erratic screams along with pleas for mercy. Mistress Emma laughter and poured more hot wax.

Once the candle was completely melted onto my abused ass, cock, balls, and thighs, Mistress Emma walked again to the wall and came back to me. She forced a thick plastic tube in my virgin, puckered ass. Then she released the valve and crushed ice began to flow into my unexplored anus. Mistress Emma used an air pump to force all the ice crystals inside me then she pulled out the tube and place an enormous, vibrating butt plug in my ass. “It is too much, too big, it will tear me apart” I yelped. “You will refer to me as Mistress! You hear that slave! And if you think that little 1.75 inch thick butt plug is too big then you are more foolish than you look!” Mistress Emma declared as her hand slapped my abused ass several times.

A metal door opened and a vast amount of heat entered the room. Then the door closed. Several minutes later, the door opened again and Mistress Emma walked to me once more. The smell of extremely hot, softened metal entered my nostrils. I screamed in horror, eyes wide as a bullfrog’s, as the metal singed the word SLAVE into my back just below my shoulder blades. I do not know how long she kept it there because I lost all consciousness and did not regain it until much later.

To Be Continued…..

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