Mistress’ Comfort


Author’s Note:

This is my first attempt to post a story that I wrote from a female point of view. Not sure if I got it right, but thanks to those who helped with proof reading and coached me. As always, comments and suggestions are appreciated. I hope you enjoy.


It was a horrible day. After 3 years at the same office, you’d think that I could get a little slack from my boss. But no, he is a prick who gets off on being an asshole. When 5pm finally arrived, I had enough. Without a word, I gathered my things, locked my desk and bolted to the parking lot where I sat in my car and locked the door.

As per Mistress Linda’s standing instructions, I made sure to lift my skirt in such a way that I was sitting naked with the skirt pulled up just enough to show the tops of my stockings. A very sexy look and one I enjoyed displaying. I briefly caught my breath at the excitement. How I loved to go without panties and a bra for Mistress. How I loved wearing only thigh high stockings under my skirts for her enjoyment.

I then unbuttoned the top four buttons of my blouse and flared it out so that while my nipples were not fully exposed, my breasts would be clearly visible to anyone who happened to look. Funny how the little things turn me on so much, even in such a depressed state.

Before starting my car, I sat for a moment and pondered my day from hell, grateful it was finally over. Then it all hit me. Without warning and without being able to help myself, I started to cry. I tried to hold back the tears, but the weight of the world seemed to come down on me at once and I needed to let go. While I loath myself for getting in these moods, I was at least satisfied that I had not cried in the office or given my boss the benefit of seeing me upset. Fuck him. I would never give him the satisfaction of seeing me cry.

I started to drive with tears drying in my eyes when my phone rang, the caller ID showing the number of my sweet Mistress.

I tried to clear my voice, but answered shakily in the manner that I was instructed, “Hello Mistress Linda, this is your slut Rachel.”

I assumed Mistress would notice by my voice that something was bothering me and of course she did, “Rachel honey, what is wrong? Are you crying? You sound terrible.”

I really didn’t want to burden Mistress with my troubles and tried to dismiss it, but she pressed on and I ended up crying to her on the phone about my day.

“Rachel, I want you to come over right now. I will make you feel better.”

I tried to explain to her that I didn’t want her to see me this way. Not only because I was visibly upset and emotional, but physically I looked like hell. My mascara was a mess and I knew my eyes and nose were puffy from crying. Still, I am Mistress’ submissive slut toy and if she wanted me to come over, I was not about to disobey.

I pulled my car into Mistress’ driveway and shut off the engine. Looking in my mirror, I was horrified at how bad I looked. Surely Mistress would not want her submissive slut looking so spent. I tried to quickly dry my eyes and make myself look a bit more presentable, but I did not want to take too long, as Mistress would be displeased if I sat in the car too long.

Walking up to her door, I could feel my pussy tingle. Amazing how even in my most vulnerable of states, the thought of serving my Mistress made my clit ache for her. I hoped she would use me. That she would take care of me. Her slut. Yes, being Mistress’ slut today would definitely make everything better.

Mistress opened the door and after walking in I dropped to my knees and bowed my head. Taking her hand and kissing it, I quietly spoke, “Greetings Mistress Linda.”

Mistress, being ever so kind took me by my wrist and led me to the couch in her living room, “Come my slut. Let Mistress take care of her play-toy.”

Feeling her hand on my wrist and hearing her refer to me as “her play-toy” caused my stomach to clench and I felt my pussy contract as my fluids started to flow under my short skirt. Mistress reclined back on the couch and I obediently started to fall to my knees in front of her, but before my knees hit the floor she stopped me, “No Rachel. Come sit up here next to me.”

I smiled at the invite, as even the smallest kind gesture by Mistress was enough to lift my spirits. Mistress had me sit next to her on the couch and took me in her arms. I was thrilled and somewhat surprised that she was being so gentle with me and allowing me the affection I needed. I trembled as her arms wrapped around me and she pulled my face to hers for a kiss. Obediently I parted my lips while Mistress explored my mouth with her tongue. I returned the kiss, breathing very hard into her mouth as I pushed my body close to hers.

In between her sweet kisses, Mistress whispered, “There, there my sweet slut, let me make you feel better. I will take good care of you tonight baby.”

My pussy was already tingling as Mistress continued to kiss me deeply, her tongue pressing impatiently into my mouth. Without realizing it, Tipobet my legs parted and I was thrusting my hips in an upward manner, trying to find some stimulation for the growing need in my pussy. Mistress was undeterred. She simply kissed me and held my face in her hands the entire time, exerting her control, her ownership over me. Over her slut. It really was amazing how she could be so soft and gentle with me without losing any of her command over me.

Mistress broke her tender kiss and looking into my eyes whispered firmly, “Watch your posture slut.”

I immediately realized how distracted I was. Slouched on the couch with my skirt raised to expose my bare slut pussy, my hips thrusting in the air. I knew this was not the proper way to present myself, even if she was being kind and allowing me the extra attention.

“Yes Ma’am, I am sorry.”

I sat up straight, neatly arranged my skirt and placed my feet straight on the floor.

“That’s my good girl Rachel” Mistress said as she again took my face in her hands and pulled my mouth to hers for a kiss. I knew it would be difficult, but no matter how aroused I was, I had to be still and patient. To be submissive to her wants and needs. It was difficult because her kisses were having a narcotic effect on me and the aching in my pussy was becoming intense. But I did my best to be still and kiss her back, as she wished.

I wanted nothing more than to wrap my arms around her and touch her body. To hold her close to me and make love to her. Mistress’ hands left my face and I felt them drift down the front of my blouse, gently rubbing my hard nipples through the flimsy material. Her hands lingered on my breasts before unclasping the remaining buttons on my blouse and then trailed lower. Down over my stomach, over the front of my mound and down to my thighs. Her hand gently stroked upwards on my thigh to just above where my stocking tops ended. I tried hard to be still. To be patient and obedient.

Mistress’ hand moved further up my thigh and then stopped at the sensitive area just where my thigh meets my pussy. She lingered there for a moment, just teasing me. Slowing rubbing almost on my pussy, but not quite. All the while driving me crazy. I did my best to control my breathing and hide my arousal, but it was difficult.

Mistress then broke our kiss. She continued to rub me under my skirt, looked me right in the eyes and instructed, “Rachel, unbutton my blouse.”

I smiled at her and reached over, my fingers trembling as I unbuttoned each button on her blouse until her beautiful breasts were exposed. The entire time Mistress just stared at me with commanding eyes, causing extreme excitement and nervousness all at the same time. I stole a glance downward to admire her slender legs, framed by a short red skirt, encased in sheer black nylon and finished off with a pair of 4-inch heels. I literally wanted to eat her up.

When her blouse was open and her breasts exposed, Mistress again took my face in her hands and pulled me towards her open blouse, “Here you go slut. Let me make you feel better.”

As Mistress directed me to her breast, I took her left nipple into my mouth and gently sucked. I pursed my lips and licked my tongue over her pretty bud before enclosing it with my wet mouth. I sucked her wonderful nipple into my mouth just like a little girl slut, occasionally running my wet lips over it and biting down gently as I cooed and moaned for her. Mistress held my head to her breast and then moved me to her other nipple. I alternated between the two for a while, each time being guided and directed by Mistress as she held my head, her fingers intertwined in my hair.

I became lost in serving Mistress, in making love to her nipples as they hardened in my mouth. The ache in my pussy continued to grow, but I was reaching that detached point where the slut in me would take over. Where I would become Mistress’ complete submissive slut toy. Her whore. Obeying any command or kinky request she made of me.

I sensed that Mistress was enjoying my mouth on her nipples, not only because I could feel the reaction of her body against mine, but also because her grip on me increased, her fingers almost digging into my face and pulling my hair as she held me tightly. Mistress then gathered my hair in one hand and gently, but firmly pulled back on it, drawing my face away from her to further exhibit the control she had over me.

Holding me by my hair and pushing my face back into her breasts, Mistress said, “That’s it slut. Suck my nipples. Make them ache you sexy little bitch.”

I moaned into Mistress’ breasts as her words ignited me, my pussy now leaking openly under my skirt. Suddenly Mistress tugged back harder on my hair, pulling my face away from her open blouse again. With my hair firmly in her grasp, she pulled me directly in front of her so that our lips were almost touching. I looked down with respect, but knew Mistress was staring at me with commanding eyes as she said, “Back down on the couch slut”.

I replied breathily, “Yes Mistress”, Tipobet Giriş as I positioned myself to a laying position on her couch.

Mistress then lay on top of me. My clothes were still on, but my skirt was pulled up, my wet pussy exposed and my stocking tops clearly visible. My blouse was still on, but hanging open around my shoulders. I trembled when I felt her body over mine. Mistress lay firmly on top of me, her legs covering mine, holding me secure. Her hips pushed down against me, grinding against my needy cunt and pinning me to her couch. Her hands took each of my wrists and held them slightly outward and above my head. Mistress had me under her control. She owned me. My body, submissively pinned beneath her, shook with excitement.

Mistress’ mouth again found mine and she kissed me deeply while thrusting her hips down against my aching pussy. I kissed her back hard, panting into her mouth, trying desperately to fuck her with my pussy. Mistress knew exactly what she was doing as she fucked me. With calculated purposefulness, she ground down on my hot cunt, bringing very close to the edge. Her fingers dug into my wrists as she fucked me hard, her teeth biting my lips as we kissed. Mistress knew I wanted to cum like a slut.

Suddenly breaking the kiss, Mistress whispered in a sexy voice, “Do you want to cum slut?”

“Yessssss,” I hissed.

Mistress again fucked her hips down into me and asked, “Yes what, slut?”

“Yes Ma’am. Please allow me to cum for you,” I begged.

Without saying a word, Mistress lifted her self up slightly and reached her hand down between my legs to touch my wet pussy. Her fingers rubbed around my clit twice, causing me to cry out loud. I was so wet that Mistress’ fingers were coated with my juice almost immediately. Then without hesitation or resistance, she slid two fingers all the way into my needy hot pussy.

“Ooooooh,” I moaned out loud.

She didn’t’ reply, but continued to make out with me as she finger fucked my wet hole. In and out, her sweet fingers pumped my pussy, occasionally using the base of her hand to grind against my hardened clit.

“Oh Mistress…I am going to cum for you!” I cried out.

Upon hearing my cries for release, Mistress immediately stopped and with a coy smile said, “not yet slut.”

I moaned in frustration and thrust my hips into the air, desperate to find some sort of relief for my needy wet cunt, but it was not yet to be. I should have known that Mistress wouldn’t let me cum right away, even if she was treating me with tenderness.

“On your knees bitch” Mistress commanded with a sudden change of disposition, as she got up, releasing me from underneath her.

I proceeded to kneel for her sideways on her couch, “Yes Ma’am.”

“Put your head down slut,” she said with slight impatience in her voice.

I placed my head down towards the couch and waited submissively as I heard Mistress moving around out of my view.

Without saying a word, Mistress placed pillows under my chest and stomach, giving me extra support as I kneeled for her. I felt her gently take my left arm by the wrist and move it behind my back. I held it there calmly as she took my right arm and placed it on my back next to my other. I was kneeling on my sweet Mistress’ couch, my head down, my hands behind me, my ass thrust outward for her use. Then I felt the cold click of the handcuffs, reminding me that I was her helpless bitch.

Placing her hands on my hips, Mistress pulled my ass further upwards and said, “Get your ass up for me slut. Present yourself like a good little whore.”

“Yes Ma’am. As you wish.” I replied quietly.

My pussy leaked and my body trembled as I felt Mistress behind me. Gently I felt her hands on my ass through my skirt, moving and rubbing to the small of my back and then back down over my ass to my thighs. I shivered as her hands moved up my stockings and under my skirt onto my heated flesh.

I felt her lifting my skirt and I could only imagine how slutty I looked as she arranged my skirt over my ass, exposing my entire backside for her use. With my skirt up and in a kneeling position, I knew that both my sensitive asshole and pussy would be exposed and open for her use. This thought alone made me tremble again and I could smell the excitement from my leaky wet pussy.

“Such an obedient little fuck toy” Mistress whispered to herself as she grabbed each of my cheeks and spread them wide, exposing my tight asshole. Mistress held my ass open, letting me feel the cool air circle around my sensitive bud. I tried to remain as still as possible. The ache in my pussy continued to grow as wicked thoughts of how Mistress might use my ass coursed through my mind.

“Keep your head down Rachel and be still,” Mistress encouraged me.

“Yes Mistress Linda,” I replied, hoping to do my best to please her.

I closed my eyes tightly and tried to focus on my breathing as I felt Mistress touch her finger to my sensitive asshole. She pressed gently, teasing me, exploring me, but Tipobet Güncel Giriş not exactly penetrating me.

“You like that, don’t you bitch?”

“Yes Mistress, I do,” I replied quietly.

Suddenly and without warning the doorbell rang, startling me out of my sub-space.

“Ooh! Right on time!” Mistress spoke cheerfully before adding, “Don’t fucking move.”

I remained motionless and a bit scared as I heard Mistress get up and walk to the door. I had no idea who it could be and Mistress generally had a way of surprising me in ways that pleased her more than they did me. I hoped beyond hope that I would be spared any extreme humiliation.

From my position on the couch, I could only listen as she opened the door and spoke, “Follow me bitch and do not make a sound.”

I wasn’t sure who it was, but I felt mild relief wash over me. Obviously it was another of Mistress’ submissives and not some cruel Domme who would punish or torment me. I was thankful because my mindset was still fragile and I selfishly did not want to be shared with another Domme, at least not tonight. And at the same time, I felt a twinge of jealousy knowing that Mistress’ attentions would now be divided between another and myself.

I heard their footsteps approach to where I remained kneeling on the couch.

“Get on your fucking knees bitch!” Mistress commanded to the anonymous person. Mistress sounded particularly pissed off and I could only imagine the indiscretion made by this submissive that would elicit such a harsh greeting from Mistress.

I then heard what sounded like a bit of commotion and a slight feminine cry from the unknown submissive. “Shut up cunt! I said not a sound!” Mistress scolded harshly. I then heard a slap and another yelp followed by a whimper from the poor girl.

I knew from the little bit of sound that it was Jenny, one of Mistress’ sluts whom I did not particularly care for. It wasn’t that Jenny was undesirable. In fact, quite the opposite. At 22, the youngest of Mistress’ girls, she had a petite body that portrayed the image of a complete sexy-slut package. But I found her to be immature and often feisty to the point of annoying.

I had witnessed Jenny being punished in the past and each time felt my own submissive tendencies abandon me, replaced by a desire of power and dominance. I found satisfaction at seeing the little bitch whipped and spanked. I loved hearing her beg for release as her sexy body was teased and tormented both cruelly and erotically.

I knew that on occasion Mistress would make her subs punish one another. I had never been instructed to do this and I never thought I would be able to do it until I met Jenny. With Jenny there was no doubt in my mind that I would enjoy using her pretty whore body.

My thoughts were quickly interrupted, “Next time you’ll learn some fucking respect when I call you. Now kneel there and keep that slut mouth shut until I tell you otherwise,” Mistress commanded.

I remained kneeling the entire time, my body sheen with sweat and trembling from the combination of fear and arousal. In my mind I could picture the scene that just unfolded in front of me; the submissive girl struggling as Mistress forced her to kneel, slapping her into place as she was made to witness my own submissive position.

While Mistress’ apparent anger was not directed at me, I shivered nonetheless, anticipating the possibility that it could be taken out on me. I hopped not, but still, my pussy was on fire and my body ached.

Just as quickly as Mistress’ demeanor changed towards Jenny, she turned back to me sweetly, “My apologies Rachel. Seems your sister, Jenny here has a bit of an attitude problem that I have to deal with. I hope you will forgive me for the interruption.”

“Yes Mistress,” I replied sweetly and with a bit of smugness, “There is no need for you to apologize. I am your submissive slut and will be as patient as you wish Ma’am.”

I tried unsuccessfully to repress a smile, knowing that Jenny was probably hating me at this moment, but couldn’t resist looking her way with a smirk.

Mistress leaned in close to my ear and whispered, “Watch your attitude Rachel. We both know Jenny is a little bitch and I know you enjoy seeing her punished. But you are still MY slut and you will show me the respect I deserve, regardless of your feelings about her.”

“Yes Ma’am, I am sorry,” I replied, this time with genuine sincerity.

Mistress continued to whisper in my ear, “You’ve been a good girl Rachel and that is why I am rewarding you today. Just don’t blow it or you’ll be in the same predicament as dear Jenny over here.”

“Now then!” Mistress exclaimed out loud, “Here is the deal Jenny,” I listened as Mistress turned and continued talking to the young girl, “Rachel had a bad day so I invited her over to make her feel better. Unlike you, Rachel is obedient and respectful. Unlike you, she tries her best to do everything I ask of her and even though she doesn’t enjoy all my tasks, she still obeys like a good little slut. I called you here today was because I wanted your assistance in comforting her. Since you seem to enjoy being such a brat, I figure that your punishment will be Rachel’s reward. So for now Jenny, just kneel there until such time that we decide to put you to use.”

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