Mistress B


I had recently been surfing Myspace and came across a profile listing the owner’s name as Mistress B’s Sissy Cum Whore. Titles like these always catch my attention and I often go to see if Mistress B is listed early on the friends list of their slaves. In this case, she was so I hopped over to her profile and checked out the sissy application she had there.

I filled out the basic application and sent it over. It asked if I would be willing to receive things at home, if I had a digital camera, if I would mind being controlled and having my love life controlled. It also inquired into how much I could spend on feminization and if I lived alone. I answered that I would be up for anything and now that I lived alone that I would be up for receiving things at home.

About a week later, I received a package in the mail. The return address just listed a “B” on it and I anxiously took it up to my apartment and opened it up. Inside was a cute little outfit with a note that said I was to put it on and post photos to my page. I did as the instructions ordered, careful not to give any face shots. I was still fairly inexperienced at dressing, having done clothing only. I didn’t have a supply of makeup or the knowledge on how to use it and didn’t shave that often because it was hard to explain when wearing shorts.

I received a message the next day that Mistress B was pleased with my ability to follow directions and that I would need to be home the following Saturday to receive the next package. I was to wear the outfit she had sent me though when the delivery person arrived. I was a little uncomfortable with this as the UPS guy would then know my secret, but figured I could wear a bathrobe over the top of it and he would not be and wiser to the fact that I had a cute skirt and halter top shirt on.

Saturday arrived and I waited patiently at home until the doorbell to my apartment finally rang. I answered the door in my robe, with skirt and top on underneath and was shocked to see Mistress B standing there carrying a fairly large bag. She immediately told me to strip off the robe and reveal my outfit to her, which I did obediently. She told me what a good cumslut I was and walked past me into the apartment. She sat down on the couch and had me walk across the living room, but kept shaking her head as I displayed my body for her.

She got up, grabbed her bag and led me into my bathroom. She ordered me to strip and then she proceeded to clean me out internally with two enemas. After that, I got to shower. After the shower, she shaved my legs, butt, and groomed my pubic hair into a sexy landing strip. She then forced me to turn around and spread my ass cheeks while she played with my asshole for a few minutes, including adding some lube and fingering me with her middle and index fingers. She told me that I should always be lubed up when she was visiting, and I started to get very turned on by this statement and the fucking my well oiled ass was getting from her hand. Once I was loose and lubed, she added nice smelling lotion and some perfume to my body, then led me to my bedroom and started to work on my appearance with a makeup kit she had brought. She showed me how to apply different things until I had a very feminine look.

Once my makeup was done, she dressed me in some athletic attire. I had been ordered to put on a tank top whose straps crossed in the back and had a tie up halter tie as well. I had Puma written across my chest. She stuffed my c-cup breast forms into this and I could see the nice nipples poking through. Then she slipped some white string panties up my now smooth legs and a white tennis skirt after that. I got some short socks and cute little sneakers that fit a little bit tight on my feet. Then she added a long brown-haired wavy wig to my head and a necklace to accentuate my neckline.

Once she was done, she had me walk around the apartment again, working on swaying my hips. When Mistress B was content, we worked on a softer voice that I could use while dressed. I was starting to feel like a women and was wondering what would happen next. I didn’t have to wait long as the doorbell rang again. I looked up with a start, not knowing who that could be. Mistress B had already gotten up and walked right past me and to the door. I stood there frozen as she opened it and a tall, muscular, black man walked into the apartment.

Mistress B introduced me as Karen and I learned the guy’s name was Curt. She had asked Curt to come over at two o’clock to help with my training. Curt approached me and gave me a warm hug after Mistress B gave us initial invitations. Instead of breaking off the hug, Mistress B ordered us to remain istanbul escort in each other’s arms. Curt also complied and I got the feeling he was also a willing slave to Mistress B.

Then Mistress B ordered us to kiss, which we did. Curt’s lips met mine and we let our tongues tangle in each other’s mouths. Curt was a few inches taller than me, but had bent down when we hugged so that his arms were around my waist and mine around his shoulders while we kissed. I closed my eyes, but could also see a flash go off while we stood in my living room and made out. I guessed that Mistress B had brought a digital camera of her own.

Mistress B ordered us to sit on the couch, which we did, side by side. Curt leaned in and kept on kissing me as more flashes went off. Curt reached around me and grabbed my ass, lifting and pulling me onto his lap. I adjusted my knees so they were on either side of his hips and felt my skirt ride up, exposing my ass to Mistress B. Another series of photos as I was on top of Curt’s bulging shorts, kissing him deeply. I felt his hands move to my panty-covered ass, squeezing my cheeks firmly. He had huge hands and he took each one of my firm cheeks into his hand easily.

The bulge in his shorts was sticking up underneath me, so I reach a free hand down and unbuttoned him. I moved the zipper down, reached into his boxer briefs, and wrapped my hand around his thick shaft. I angled his cock up and broke off the kiss we were in to look down to see what he was packing. Staring back at me was a ten inch, thick black cock. I immediately saw more flashes from my side and then felt Curt’s hands on my shoulders, pushing me down. I slid down off his lap and onto my knees on the floor in front of him. I rested my elbows on his legs and kept my head down as I kissed the head of his cock. I felt some moist precum wet my lips and opened my mouth to tongue it off. Mistress B had lowered herself enough to get a good profile shot of that action. Then I took his head into my mouth.

Mistress B stopped me at this point, so that I had the head of a huge cock inside my lips. She told me that all good cumsluts liked to keep eye contact while sucking cock and waited until I looked up and met Curt’s eyes. Then she allowed me to continue with my blowjob. I began working Curt’s cock in and out of my mouth, stopping from time to time to lick down the shaft and spend some minutes licking and sucking his balls. I could tell Curt liked that as he emitted more moans and dirty talk whenever I had a nut in my mouth.

Curt also reach down from time to time to put a hand behind my head and force more cock into my mouth and throat, often going until I gagged. Over the course of my ten minutes blowing him though, I was comfortably taking half his cock inside my mouth and could feel the tip of his cock easing into my throat.

Mistress B had enough blowjob shots and commanded me onto Curt’s cock. I was thankful that I was both lubed and loose because he would have torn me apart otherwise. I shifted my panties to the side and guided his cockhead to my hole. Even with the help from Mistress B earlier, it took a few minutes for me to relax enough to be sitting, completely mounted on Curt’s monster. When I felt his balls touching my ass, I felt so full and immediately rose up until half his cock slid out of my ass. I slowly lowered back down, feeling the sides of my ass tight against his flesh. I continued this sequence until I could feel my ass stretch enough to meet his width. Once or twice, Curt would pull up on my ass cheeks, causing his cock to come completely out of my ass and I could see more flashes. Mistress B was undoubtedly getting some nice shots of my widened asshole before Curt remounted me onto his pole.

Curt also took command a few times and began to jackhammer up into me while pressing down on my ass cheeks. I would simply close my eyes and begin to moan hard when he fucked me like that. Mistress B made sure to get a shot of my face showing how the pleasure of being fucked.

After the latest jackhammering, Curt hooked his arms down and under my legs, so that his hands were coming up and under my ass. He lifted me up, causing my ankles to fall up and over his arms. He turned us on the couch so that I was on my back as he put his arms up on either side of my head, forcing my ankles up to his shoulders as my ass was lifted up off the couch and deeper onto his cock. Then he lifted his body up and started pounding down into me. He leaned down and kissed me a few times while Mistress B got multiple snapshots from many different angles on this position. At one point, she was sitting behind my head and had a escort bayan clear shot down between our bodies, showing about eight inches of thick black cock sticking out of my now widened ‘pussy,’ as she began to call it. The next picture would show his pubic hair meeting the edge of my pulled-aside panties.

On top, Curt showed no mercy to my ass. He pounded me hard and fast and I was moaning wildly and saying things to him I never thought would come out of my mouth. I kept eye contact with him the whole time and had planted my hands down around my hips and firmly onto his muscular butt cheeks to help pull him into me. We were both sweating pretty hard now and I had some idea why Mistress B wanted me in athletic attire. The minutes passed and I kept taking Curt’s cock, trying to shove my ass into his thrusts as best I could from my pinned position.

I could tell that my efforts were making him very turned on as he started to moan more loudly. He was really pistoning into me and then I felt him drive all the way inside me and dump his hot cum deep into my belly. He left his cock there for a minute, then pulled out with a pop. He shifted so that he brought his cock up to my mouth to clean, and I was thankfully that Mistress B had thoroughly cleaned me out earlier. His cock was warm from being inside me and had a thin cover of his semen, which I licked clean and relished the taste; more snapshots of me on my back with a cock at my mouth, this time tonguing some cum.

Curt got up and went into my bathroom and I heard the shower start to run. Mistress B moved down to get a picture of my still loose ass, now filled with another man’s cum. She eventually shifted my panties back, came up to pet my head, and said I was going to make a great cumslut for her and her friends. When she said that, I finally came into my panties.

Once Curt was done in the shower, I went in and got cleaned up. I made sure to lube up again and then had to reapply my makeup, which I tried to do alone but still need some help from Mistress B. I slipped on a super tight pair of jeans, sandals, and short sleeve t-shirt that she had left me. Then Mistress B insisted the three of us go out for something to eat.

We headed down to the local Friday’s and got a table for three. Mistress B sat on one side and Curt and I sat on the other. He insisted on keeping a hand between my thighs for most of the meal, and a few people looked at us during the meal. Mostly, I think they were judging the interracial situation and didn’t even realize that I was a guy. Mistress B was very good at making me look and sound feminine, and I even felt my hips sway more when I walked. I wondered if it was because I was more comfortable in the role now that I had been fucked, or if it was from the fucking itself.

Mistress B ordered me into the front seat between Curt’s legs on the ride home. She drove around until I had completely blown him. He continued to forced his cock down my throat, getting three-quarters in during this session. Unfortunately, there was no photographic evidence as Mistress B was driving. When Curt came, I managed to swallow his entire load down as Mistress B insisted I would have to do. All good cumsluts swallowed she said, unless I was receiving Bukkake, then I could let the guys have their way with my face, ass, and tits.

It was now dark outside and Curt was going to need some time to recoup from the blowjob I just gave him. Mistress B had disappeared into my room and had come back a few minutes later wearing a thick ten inch strap-on of her own. She turned my living room coffee table so that the end was right next to my couch, then ordered me onto my back on top of it. She sat on the couch, pulled me back so that my head fell off the edge and tipped back, then impaled my mouth. She fucked my mouth for a while, eventually finishing the work that Curt had done and driving her fake balls all the way to my nostrils. I saw more flashes and Curt was snapping off the pictures this time.

Once I had finally deepthroated her cock comfortably and repeated, she pulled me off the table and onto the floor. She laid me down on my stomach, with my hands above my head and slid her moist plastic dildo right inside me. She proceeded to fuck me with not as much pace as Curt had earlier, but she added a ton of smacks to my ass. I obediently talked dirty to her the whole time and moaned wildly every time I felt her redden my ass with her vicious slaps. She fucked me until she tired and then pulled out to admire her punishing attack. When I got up and looked at myself in the bathroom mirror, both cheeks were a deep crimson.

Mistress changed into a silk Pendik escort teddy and laid out a similar one for me. She went into my bedroom with Curt and I could hear them fucking for a long time. About thirty minutes later, Curt came out and I felt his cock on my lips again. I licked him clean, this time tasting Mistress B’s pussy juices mixed with Curt’s cum. He went and showered while I fell asleep.

In the morning, Mistress B had me shower and get all done up. I had finally gotten my makeup mostly right, although she had to add a few touch ups. She laid out a maid costume for me, with black lace bra and thong. The costume had attachable garters, so I added the stockings that were there as well. I took the cue to cook us eggs and toast while she showered. Curt woke up a short time later and then the three of us had a nice breakfast.

After breakfast, I cleaned the dishes and then Mistress B ordered me to clean the rest of the apartment in my maid outfit. Just as I was finishing the cleaning before noon, I heard the doorbell ring again. Again, I froze but Mistress B walked right past me again. This time, three more black guys with similar appearance to Curt walked in. Mistress B went and kissed each one of them, then grabbed my hand and led me to the couch. She ordered me onto my knees on the cushions, so that my hands went over the top and touched the back of the couch. She told me to spread my legs more and then she disappeared into the bedroom. She came back out with a video camera, which she set up right next to me on a tripod, then joined me on the couch in the little skirt and t-shirt she had been wearing.

I looked over at her and felt my maid skirt being lifted up. My panties were being pulled aside again as I stared at her and felt another large cock inside me. As he buried himself to the hilt, I winced a little from his hips hitting my sore ass cheeks. Mistress smiled until she, too, was stuffed with cock. We both started moaning as the big black cocks fucked us hard. We held hands, and then were joined by the other two guys as they sat down on each side of us. Curt sat by Mistress and the last new guy by me. I reached down and pulled out his cock from his jeans and began to stroke it. I looked him in the eye as I continued to have my lubed-up asshole stretched even further than I had last night. The guy behind me went for a very long time and alternated between long hard strokes and fast hard strokes. There was nothing soft about this guy as kept added to the bruising that Mistress B had given my cheeks the previous night. Finally, he moaned and shot his load inside me.

I anticipated the guy next to me to take his place, but instead, the guy fucking Mistress B shifted over and stuffed his unnaturally thick cock inside my sopping wet asshole. He stretched me even further than before and it didn’t take long for him to cum with Mistress B acting as a fluffer of sorts. Curt had taken up fucking Mistress B, and now it was indeed the last new guy’s turn with me. Instead of just slipping inside me though, he turned me so that I was on my hands and knees with my head in front on Mistress B, facing the opposite end of the couch from where he was sitting. Once in position, then he easily put his cock inside me. The first guy had chosen to sit back down next to Mistress B and was directly underneath my head. He put his hand on the back of my head and I lowered myself down to lick his balls while his buddy fucked me mercilessly as well.

It felt as if these guys just got out of prison, because each one of them was a machine. My ass was so loose and sore as the last guy stretched and pounded me. From licking his buddy’s balls, I had a new hard cock to work with and immediately began sucking it, occasionally taking him all the way inside my throat. I was moaning loudly around his cock as I was being fucked, but never took my mouth off of it. Instead I sucked as hard as I was being fucked. It was the hottest moment of my life when the three of us came at the same time. I felt my throat getting coated, my ass being filled, and my panties become sopping wet before I collapsed forward against the stomach of the guys whose cock I just sucked.

Once done cleaning it off, I let him pull it out and he just rested it against my cheek as I lay on his belly exhausted. Mistress B had cum a while back and had resumed her photo sessions and I imagined she was getting a nice series of my amazingly stretched asshole leaking gobs of cum down my inner thighs. She certainly got a half erect penis leaning against my right cheek, dripping a little cum onto my face. All these images while I wore my maid’s costume.

A short time later, the guys left. Mistress B packed up her gear and drove off. She left me a note that said she would be setting up our next weekend adventure and my cock began to throb. I went into my room and laid down on my bed naked and began to dream of what that would be.

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