Milord – Chapter 9


“How’s that graphic novel idea coming along?” Sophia asked, pouring Micah another cup of coffee.It was a beautiful Saturday morning and they were taking breakfast on the back screened in porch. Sophia was boarding only two dogs who were happily soaking up the sun next to her herb garden.“Slowly,” Micah answered. “It’s a big expense with having to hire artists and editors, but the company has agreed to do some product testing on the idea. Right now we’re just waiting for some results. Which reminds me, I have to go out of town Wednesday through Friday.”“What? When did you find this out? Why are you just now telling me?” Sophia demanded, Eryaman Escort slamming her mug down hard enough to slosh coffee over the rim.“Hey there now. Calm down. I just found out yesterday,” Micah said.“Then you should have told me yesterday, Micah! I swear, sometimes you are just so inconsiderate!”“You need to take it down a notch, Sophia. I was going to, but we were a little distracted if you recall,” he answered calmly.“Sure. You had plenty of time to have the sex you wanted but no time to let me know you were leaving?”“That’s it,” Micah said sternly as he pushed his Sincan Escort chair back. “Stand up and take off your clothing. You’re getting spanked.”“What? No! I won’t do it!”Sophia pouted, but looking at Micah’s stern countenance, she knew she’d crossed a line. Slowly, she stood. Even more slowly she pulled the dress, her only piece of clothing, over her head.“Good. Now before we begin, why are you being punished?” he asked.Sophia sighed and rolled her eyes.“Keep it up, young lady. You’re making it worse for yourself.”Sophia licked her suddenly dry lips and said, “Because Etlik Escort I was rude.”“And?”“Because I overreacted and called you ‘inconsiderate.’”“That’s right. Now, come here. Get into position,” Micah ordered and patted his lap.Sophia drug her feet, but eventually lay sprawled over his legs. She braced her hands on the floor.Micah began with even, steady spanks, scolding her for her rash words. Soon, his words began to penetrate her mind and she started to sob. He was right. Last night had been busy, and she had wanted sex as much if not more than Micah. He had, after all, told her several days in advance. In the past, he wouldn’t even have thought to tell her until the night before or perhaps even the morning of! The fact that he had told her this early was a sign of how he was also changing, and for the better.“Shrimp.”Micah’s hand paused and he turned her over, cradling her in his arms. “Shrimp” was the word they used to signal a pause during any scene.

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