Millville Ch. 28: PREPARATIONS


It had been a week since George and Mildred’s party at which Bob told Len and Leila and Suzie and me the date for us to all go with Julie and him to their cabin in the Smoky Mountains. Bob suggested that we all go out to dinner beforehand to discuss plans for the weekend near the end of October. Bob’s wife Julie, my wife Suzie, and Leila had each won a prize at the party, gift certificates for a nice restaurant in Knoxville. We decided we would use those to deduct from the total bill, then split the remainder three ways.

“Why don’t you make the arrangements for our dinner, Suzie?” I said.

“Good idea,” she replied. “It’s only three weeks until we go to Bob’s cabin. Shall I try for next weekend?”

“Sure. And when you talk to Bob or Julie be sure to mention that we should drive there together.”

“Well, duh! You think I wouldn’t thought of of that? Am I stupid or something?”

“Hey, don’t get on your high horse. Just making a suggestion.”

Suzie barked at me, “You and your suggestions.”

“I have another suggestion for you, young lady. Make your phone calls and set up the dinner. Then meet me in the bedroom. Naked. And be ready for the punishment you just earned for talking to me that way. Understand?”

“Yes, Master. I’m sorry, Master.”

‘Too late for sorry. Be upstairs in fifteen minutes.”

I spent the fifteen minutes preparing our bedroom “dungeon”. The chains in the corner of the room were already in place. I took the bondage/spanking bench parts out of the closet and put them together. Then I took some of our toys out of the bag we kept them in and placed them on our dresser. I closed the door to the bedroom so Suzie would have to wait in the hall when she came upstairs.

I only had to wait a couple of minutes before hearing “I’m here, Master.”

I let her wait outside the bedroom door before saying too her, “Turn around so your back is to the door. I’m going to place some things on the floor next to you. Put them on and then knock on the door.” I opened the door a little and placed a blindfold, and ankle and wrist cuffs on the floor. Three or four minutes later she knocked. I opened the door and just admired her as she stood in front of me, naked, save for the items I had just given her.

Again I let her wait a few minutes before taking her hands and leading her into the bedroom to the corner where the chains were. Once there I fastened her wrists to the ceiling chains and her ankles to the floor chains so she was stretched, standing spread-eagled, facing our bed. I sat for a while on the bed, just staring at her…her sexy body so vulnerable. I soon had a hard-on and stripped down to my bikini shorts which could barely contain my erection.

I was pretty sure that Suzie was bracing herself for a good spanking as her punishment for sassing me. That was definitely in my plans but not right away. Making her wait, blindfolded, was part of my plan to toy with her mind and build her anxiety. I walked over to her and lightly ran my hands over her body, starting with her neck and proceeding down to her knees. Front and back. I gently massaged between her legs, noting how wet she had become already. Suzie purred as I smeared some of her juices around her clit.

I gave her a few light spanks with my hand on her butt, interspersed with some tender massaging. Letting her alone for a couple more minutes, I went to our dresser and picked up a bag of clothespins. Taking six I started clipping them on her torso, starting below her right armpit and curving them downward toward her navel. Suzie didn’t have much fat under her skin so the pins must have hurt doubly, attached to a thin layer of skin.

She complained about the pain the pins were causing, but, ignoring that, I placed six more on the opposite side. Her complaints got much louder. “Owwww! Ouch! Ohhh! That hurts, Tom…I mean Master.”

“Ahh,” I said. “That just earned you some extra punishment.”

She quieted down and I grabbed some more clothespins. I played with her nipples a bit…squeezing, pulling, and twisting. She groaned some more until finally I placed a pin on each nipple.

“Ohhhh! Yeeeow! Nooo!”

I played around with the pins attached to her body, evoking more cries. Finally I put two clothespins on each of her labia. This was a first for her…and me too for that matter. She really screamed as each one was clipped on.

“Maybe you’ll remember what to call me when we’re playing from now on. Do you think you can do that, Bitch?”

“Yes, Master. I promise, Master. Please, Master, take them off. Please!”

I twisted and pulled the pins on her nipples before starting to slowly remove the other pins on her torso. She yelped with each one I took off as the blood rushed back to the area. The four on her labia came off next, accompanied by more, and louder, screams. That left only the ones on her nipples. I pulled and twisted them a little more before taking them off. After screaming again she slumped down, held up only Sahabet by the chains attached to her wrists. I put my arms around her and held her tight.

When she relaxed and her legs could hold her upright I released her cuffs from the chains. I left her blindfold on and with my arm around her waist led her to our spanking bench. I stood her in front of the bench and then, spreading her legs apart, fastened her ankle cuffs to the base at each side.

“What are you doing, Master? Isn’t my punishment over? I was hoping you would take me to our bed now. We have such great sex after you hurt me like that. Like I crave from you.”

“No, slut. You’re punishment is not over. That was just a warm up. You need to learn that misbehaving will not be tolerated. It seems that you need serious reminders of that fact.” With that I pushed her torso forward until it was parallel to the floor. I walked around to the other side of the bench and took her wrists, fastening them as close to the floor as they would reach. She was once again at my mercy…doubled over the bench…her beautiful ass a perfect target.

Again I went to the dresser and this time picked up my flogger and leather paddle. Returning to Suzie, I began flogging her back, her bottom and the backs of her legs. She was quiet at first but as the flogging went on and became stronger, she began to vocalize her pain. When her skin that I had been flogging was pink I put the flogger down and pick up the leather paddle.

“That’s all been just a warm up, Bitch,” I told Suzie. “Now your punishment begins.”

“Oh, Master. Please. I don’t know if I can take any more. I promise I won’t make that mistake again. You’ll always be my master. Please!”

“I’ll decide how much punishment you deserve. Always remember, slut, it’s not up to you. When I think you’ve been punished enough, that’s when I’ll stop. I’m going to put a gag on you now so I don’t have to listen to you whining.”

I picked up our ball gag and put the 1 ½ inch red ball in Suzie’s mouth and then fastened the leather strap behind her head. She made some muffled comments, which I couldn’t understand, before I started paddling her ass. Softly at first and then I gradually increased the tempo and the strength with which I struck her butt, which quickly turned red. Even through the gag she was screaming pretty loudly.

I continued until the screams turned into sobs and a steady stream of drool was dripping from her mouth. After I stopped I left her strapped to the bench until she composed herself and relaxed. Only then did I unfasten all the cuffs, helped her stand, and led her to our bed. I lay her on her back and cuffed her wrists to the brass headboard. I stepped out of my briefs, freeing the raging erection that had been trapped during all this activity. Finally I removed Suzie’s blindfold and gag.

Squinting as her eyes got accustomed to the light, Suzie stared at my hard cock which was right in front of her face as I straddled her chest. “Oh, Master. Please let me worship your beautiful cock. You have just spent so much time tending to me. Let me pleasure you now. Move closer so I can take your hard phallus in my mouth. Let me lick it and suck it and slide it between my lips. I am so turned on by the punishment you gave me. The punishment that I deserved. But don’t deny me this. I need your cock. Most of all I need it to fill my pussy. I’m dripping wet down there.”

“We’ll see about that, bitch.” I leaned forward so the tip of my cock just reached Suzie’s lips. “OK, there it is. It’s all yours. If you do a good enough job with it I might slide it in your pussy later. If you don’t make me feel ecstasy I might just leave it in your mouth until I cum. Then you can swallow it all. Your pussy can wait to be satisfied. Maybe for a few days. I’ll keep your hands tied behind your back when I’m not watching you. So get to work.”

And work she did. Alternating between sensuous and aggressive she did indeed pleasure me. After a few minutes I pulled out of her mouth and told her, “You have pleasured my cock immensely and certainly earned your reward.” I backed up on the bed until I was kneeling between her knees. I think she was expecting me to lean forward and enter her but instead I just watched her eyes as they peered longingly at my cock.

I picked up a clothespin that I had placed earlier on the bed, and held it up so she would see it. Her eyes widened and she said, nervously, “Master, what’s that for? You already punished me with many of those all over my body. They hurt so much. Please just let me have an orgasm now. I’m so turned on. Please?”

“Oh, I will. Soon. But first I think we should use just one more clothespin. You took those four on your pussy lips very well. You were so brave. Let’s try just one more. That’s all that will fit, after all.” I leaned down and with my hands parted her labia. I gently stroked her clit with one finger.

“No! Not there! Please, Master.”

I didn’t respond to Suzie’s pleas Sahabet Giriş this time, but rather bent down and ran my tongue from her vagina to her clit. I repeated that move several times before concentrating on the clit. Her moans of pleasure told me that she wouldn’t take long to cum. I increased the pressure on her clit, then sucked on it, occasionally nibbling on it with my teeth. That put her over the edge and her body spasmed as she cried out in ecstasy. I kept the pressure on her clit until she relaxed and then repeated the tonguing until she climaxed again.

In a couple of minutes Suzie calmed down and relaxed, telling me how good that had been. She sounded as if she thought her pleasure was over with. She reacted with surprise then as my tongue began roaming around her pussy again. “Oh, not again. I can’t take any more. It was sooo good, but I just want to rest now.”

I didn’t heed her words and kept my tongue moving. Soon she was moaning softly again. I knew that she was ready for more pleasure. I inserted one, then two fingers into her very wet vagina and her voice got louder as she expressed the ecstasy she was feeling. As my fingers rhythmically stroked the top of her vagina, stimulating her G-spot, I began licking her clit again. I kept this up until I knew that she was going to have another orgasm. I tried to pace things so it would approach slowly and then put maximum pressure on her clit as she reached the apex of her climax.

When she did she screamed out like never before, her muscles all contracting at once. In addition, she squirted so much juice from her vagina that my face got soaked. That was a first for me. I wondered if it was a first for her.

Once again I let her body calm down until I realized that she was either asleep or unconscious. My head resting on her breast could feel her heart pounding so I knew that she was alive. Wow, that orgasm really knocked her out. I think I’ll just let her sleep it off now. I rolled off her and lay on my back. My hard on after all that activity needed release. I was aiming to enter Suzie to consummate the evening but under the circumstances I didn’t think that was going to work out.

So I stroked my own erection, slowly building up to an orgasm to release all that I had been storing up all evening. As my right hand was working in that direction my left felt something lying on the bed next to me. It was that lone clothespin. The one intended to be put on Suzie’s clitoris. Remembering the effect I had noticed on Len when his nipples were clamped I thought, Why not?

Deserting my cock for a moment I took the clothespin in my right hand and played with my left nipple with my other hand, trying to engorge it a little. Then I gingerly place the tip of the clothespin over the tip of the nipple and gradually released it. “Owwww”, I screamed out. At the same time I could feel that my already fully erect penis had an extra surge of blood filling it, tightening the skin to what seemed the breaking point. My right hand resumed its duties and very soon I exploded in a mind-boggling orgasm.

I quickly realized that the pain in my nipple intensified after I had my orgasm so wasted no time in removing in. My upper body covered in my own semen, I, too, entered the relaxed mode and soon fell asleep next to Suzie, who was still chained to the bed.

I don’t know how long I slept before I heard Suzie calling me. Her eyes were still closed. “Tom. Tom. Where are you?”

In a bit of a stupor I answered. “I’m right next to you, hon. Just resting with you, Babe.”

“Oh. Tom. Tom. I feel so relaxed. That was incredible what you did to me. I mean all of it. But can you undo my arms. They’re getting sore being in this position so long.”

“Oh, sure. I didn’t realize. Sorry.” I unchained her wrists from the headboard and she stretched and rubbed her arms. As she did she looked over at me.

“What happened to you? Did I do that to you? What is that stuff on your chest and stomach? There’s even some on your face.”

“Oh. That’s my jism. When you fell asleep I was left hanging with a raging hard on that I needed to take care of. I really came strong. I really got turned on working you over and making you cum like you did.”

“I sure did. Wow. It was incredibly delicious, Tom.”

“Yeh. For me too.”

At dinner that night I asked Suzie if the dinner arrangements were all set.

“Yep. This Saturday at 7:00. Leila will make the reservations for the six of us and we’ll meet at the restaurant.”

“Great. I can’t wait to find out more from Bob about this cabin of theirs”

Saturday Bob and Julie picked Susan and me up and we drove to Knoxville where we met Len and Leila at the restaurant. Leila had requested a table in a quiet corner of the restaurant so we could talk. After we were all seated at the table and had ordered drinks and appetizers Bob said, “OK, let’s talk about our weekend in the Smoky Mountains.

“You know, I’m really glad it was you two Sahabet Güncel Giriş couples who are going to be with us there. You probably didn’t know but the other two couples at our party the night you won the contest had both been to our cabin before. They really had a good time and were upset that you guys beat them out. So I’m sure that we six will have a great time.

“Now to be sure that we do, let me explain some rules. The main thing is that everyone has a good time. That means that nobody has to do anything they don’t want to. But, let me tell you, the more everybody does, even if it’s not their favorite activity, the more fun everyone will have.

One hard and fast rule is, no penile penetration, vaginal or anal, unless it’s between husband and wife. Anything else goes, sexually speaking, unless someone objects. For example, oral sex, say, between Tom here and Julie. Julie and I are fine with that, but if Tom or Susan aren’t, then it’s a no go. Between now and then, you two couples should decide how you stand on that issue and let everyone know. We’re all good friends, and let me assure you you’ll all have a better time if everyone agrees to play.

Suzie spoke up. “That’s a lot for me…probably all of us…to consider, Bob. I think you and Julie know that Tom and I aren’t into swinging. I, at least, will have to think about it. But, that said, right now I, for one, am turned on a little just listening to you.

“Now, changing the subject, what about food. What can we bring?”

Julie answered that one. “Bob and I will bring most of the stuff. We’ll eat all the meals at the cabin. There are some restaurants not too far, but we’d have to put on normal clothes and that would spoil the mood for the weekend. You guys could bring the liquids, like beer and wine and maybe some soft drinks. We shouldn’t have too much alcohol, though. The usual rules for BDSM apply.”

Bob chimed in, “Right, and we use the usual red, yellow, and green safe words.

“Now,” he went on. “About time. Julie and I will go up early Friday morning to get things ready. Main thing is to get the fire going to warm the place up. That takes a while since the nights are cold now. That’s a good thing, though, because that’s what makes the leaves turn their gorgeous colors. So you guys can get there anytime, say, early afternoon. Whatever works for you. Figure around three hours driving time that time of day. I’ll give you the address later and you can put it in your GPS. You have my cell phone number.”

Leila asked, “What else should we bring besides drinks? I mean, personal stuff.”

Bob said, “Well you won’t need much in the way of clothes. Maybe something to wear outside in case we decide to hike around the area a little. The daytime temperature should be warm enough, though, that you could hike naked. In fact, I’m hoping to have Julie tied to some trees on the property part of the time. Maybe someone else would like to join her.

“But, back to what you should bring. Bring all your bags of toys. Cuffs, clamps, impact implements, dildos, strap-ons, etc. Suzie, bring your whip. Might like to see you use that on Julie in the outdoors. So, anything else?”

I said, “I think not. We’ll call you if we think of anything.”

During this conversation our drinks and appetizers had arrived and we had ordered dinner. As if on cue, our entrees arrived just as we finished our talk about the weekend.

After dinner we all agreed that the weekend at Bob’s and Julie’s cabin in the Smokies sounded wonderful and we were looking forward to an exciting and adventurous weekend, exploring some new pathways into Suzie’s and my new lifestyle.

On the drive back to Millville Bob said, “Suzie, I sensed some reluctance on your part about participating in some of the play that might go on during our weekend in the mountains.”

“You kind of took me by surprise, Bob. I had thought about what we might all be doing up there, but I hadn’t imagined all the intimacy between us all that you implied during dinner. I inferred that you meant us going as far as oral sex with anyone and everyone, right?”

Bob answered, “Pretty much. That’s the way it’s worked out with other couples up there and everyone seemed to have a great time. But I realize that’s them, not you.”

Julie jumped into the conversation. “Suzie, remember when I first told you about our lifestyle? You were shocked. But after I explained how much we both enjoyed it you and Tom decided to give it a try. Now think about giving this a try. It has furthered that enjoyment for us to interact physically with other couples, while still staying monogamous as far as the ultimate intimate act is concerned. There’s no jealousy among us, or anger. Just pleasure and fun. Trust me, girlfriend.”

“Oh, I trust you. I just need a little time for it to sink in. We have time for that, I think. How about you, Tom? How do you feel?”

“I’m kind of like you, Hon. I need for it to sink in. But I think I’ll be alright with it. I do find all of our group attractive so it wouldn’t be that being in my way. I guess it’s mostly being with other men. You know, like at Mildred’s when Bob and I raced together with our butts touching and our balls tied together. That was weird!”

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