Milan – Stephan, Ellie and Me


It was late June in London, everybody urging summer to burst onto the scene, warmer than normal, buzzing in expectation. Ascot over, Wimbledon to come and all those great things the English do so well to make the most of summer.

I was running some numbers when Ellie interrupted me with “you know you have that Gallery exhibition for your friend Eric’s work in three days and I have hardly any takers. I told Eric I would see if you would pick up the tab for wine and nibbles — honestly that is the only way to get some people along. Is that, Ok? and I thought I should reach out beyond your banking friends and invite some brokers and accountants? They never turn down a freebie. A few of my modelling friends said they would show. Oh, and Stephan called he is coming in from LA tomorrow, should I see if he is free?”

I genuinely loved Eric and his work, and I was keen for his exhibition to go well. “Sure, El do what it takes, Caroline is away in the country so if you are free, perhaps afterwards we could spend the night at Browns, it’s just a few doors from the Gallery, Dover Street, yes?”

She smirked excitedly “mm that’s right, I so love Browns, I’ll get our usual suite”.

“Please beg Stephan to turn up and buy a painting or three” I replied.

I must tell you about my PA Ellie; a truly beautiful creature. Unbelievable legs standing 5 foot 11, bold blue eyes, thinnish at around 150 pounds. The body of a model, which she was for a time but had a dreadful breakup and wanted a complete change. Beauty as well as brains, wonderful beckoning perfect in every respect breasts. Her most astonishing and inviting asset being the plumpness of the labia of her vulvar, fold upon fold. Truly succulent. Now 27 and a draw dropping startling English rose. I recall when I interviewed her nearly three years ago, how short our decision making had been. I assured her that the corporate finance side of the business was a small and friendly team.

Her beautiful eyes drilled into mine as she said, “we will be more than friends and that’s exactly what I need right now”.

That was that and since then she has run my life and regularly fucked me completely senseless. With a huge sexual appetite with a variety of mind-blowing demands. Her most favoured stimulation which leads to orgasmic squirting is for me to rub the palms of my hands either side of her labia exciting her clit, whilst my thumbs are inserted inside her pussy massaging her G spot. Very erotic for me too I must say. If you want to know more of the escapades of Ellie, for the bi amongst you, leave me a comment to that effect.

“Oh, B one more thing I have seen some really great vibrators, a bullet panty one for me and a cock ring for you. They are bluetooth controlled so we can control each other’s — won’t that be cool when we are out with friends? Shall I put them on your Monaco card? I so want to try them in public, maybe at the Gallery?”

“That sounds delicious” was all I could manage as my mind was in overdrive and my dick already weighty under the desk.

Came gallery night we were dropped by David, my driver, at Ellies apartment in Chelsea, just off the Kings Road. Ellie insisted that we had time to try out the vibrators and immediately stripped off and set up the Apps on both our phones, inserting the bullet into her and taking my now erecting cock put the cock ring on a low pulse. She then bent herself over her mother’s Chaise Lounge leaving her beautiful butt in the air and having spread her legs her amazing pussy inviting me to enter her from behind. Just the little pink string of the bullet showing. I eagerly withdrew the pulsating bullet and my mouth dived into her pussy, wet moist and tasting thick and sweet, amazing after a sweaty day in the office and dripping from the vibrator. My tongue gave her anus a gentle rimming and I detected she flexed to meet my mouth. My cock was throbbing, and the ring was pulsating from a slow to a faster pace before resetting — the rhythm was amazing, leaving my erection bulbous blue and beyond anything I have had before. Entering her I turned the ring around, so the vibrating hood massaged her clit. She pushed back against the hood and moaned in ecstasy as her rocking hips pushed the buzzing hood deeper into her clit. Her orgasm arrived in waves and had me cumming til I had nothing further to give, as the lounge took the weight of both of us. I am the luckiest guy alive, came to mind…… we showered and made ready, complete with the proven new kit.

Aware of the time, and needing to get to the gallery, As it was first time, out in public with these infernal devices, I thought we should have some rules — “No switching anything on in the gallery, let’s just get used to wearing them” I quipped,

“Oh escort vip no” said Ellie “I want you to turn mine on ever so slightly, so I know you are in charge”

“Ok, Ok, let’s go”.

I had seen many of Erics work before and with the cock ring lying dormant I was enjoying a glass of bubbly. I turned and there was Stephan walking toward me, we hugged and European kissed, both cheeks. I had not seen him since our time in Rome and as his immediate reaction was one of warmth, I felt everything was great. He looked fantastic and I immediately reached out for him and lead him around the gallery. It was so great to hold him, and I could tell he felt the same. He said he needed to be gone to an aunt with whom he was dining, but that he would ring me on the morrow. Maybe we could go down to Milan to rejig a transaction with a local bank. It was then I felt a pulsing sensation from my cock ring and I starting to harden, I located Ellie in the room who had a warm glow about her. I had clean forgot about the slow pulse I had set on her vibrator but clearly, she was enjoying it, while outwardly mingling with her mates. She gave me a concerned look and my cock ring went dead.

Later at Browns Ellie was not her usual self and said “that’s the first time I have seen you and Stephan together. You look at him the same way you look at me, is there something I should know?”

“Well, yes absolutely he and I had an amazing time in Rome. I know he is gay, but he has shown me so much about myself that I have kept hidden, that I am bi.”

In a quieter tone she said “Where does that leave me? I would like to be part of the two of you. He has an amazing body, he is clearly gay, but I want to be with you and be part of what you have with him, can we do that?”

After a lengthy pause, whilst I was getting my head around her demands, “Nothing would make me happier; I will ask if it is OK with him and maybe we should all go to Milan”.

I’m not sure how I felt as I truly loved her and was guarded in sharing her with anyone, even though I knew Stephan would be far from interested. On the other hand, I knew my time with Ellie was numbered, she had her own life to get on with after me and I did truly want the best for her. If she wanted to experiment in this way, then far be it for me to stop her. I was so much in love with her.

Stephan had called from Milan and said where was I? I talked to him about Ellies request, and his reply was curious. Whatever makes me happy he would go along with.

I booked a very early flight for us as I wanted to treat her ahead of anything else. Immediately on after checking in at the Principe Di Savoia and making sure of the connecting door to Stephan’s room, I took her to Borgospesso. The leather in this city is amazing and I sought out a pair of thigh leg boots at Celine, she went completely nuts, saying I was completely crazy. She could not possibly accept,,,,,,, but she did.

On getting back to the hotel she came out of the bathroom only in the boots. My mind was completely agog. I fucked her straight there and then, on the end of the bed, so erotic was she. I have never seen her so happy. We were fondling each other when there was a gentle knocking and in walked a naked Stephan. His cock was semi erect.

“It’s wonderful to seeing you both enjoying Milan”. Ellie stood completely naked and slipped off her boots, as if she had known Stephan for ever. I rose and kissed and embraced Stephan.

We as three, migrated to the bed, Ellie was holding my cock, maybe unsure of what to do next. We all kissed and laughed a little at our ensemble. Stephan moved down and kissed my chest and ribs, ending with engulfing my cock, still wet from Ellie. I massaged his head and he groaned in delight. Ellie broke away from kissing me and started kissing down Stephan’s back and gently massaging him. She reached for his cock and soon had that in her mouth. She continued to suck him off as he continued to engulf me. As Stephan rose to kiss me on the lips Ellie took my cock deep down her throat as her right-hand kept Stephan’s member to attention. Stephan and I kept kissing each other as Ellie kept both of us erect and eager for more.

Ellie moved up to kiss me and we all three kissed and embraced. Ellie pushed me down and motioned her pussy over my face. She was incredibly wet, and I wanted so much more of her juices. My tongue was exercising her clit and diving deep into her. In response she was arching her back so that more of her pussy was available to me.

Meanwhile Stephan was sucking my cock and lubricating my anus. Ellie slid down my torso and my eager cock entered her willingly. Stephan got to his knees and offered his cock to me. I eagerly licked and consumed him. His hips moving at escort rus a rhythm of my breathing so that I could take more and more of him. His right hand was stroking Ellies back and soon enough her anus. He moistened his fingers and as Ellie was riding me, he inserted two maybe three into her. She moved in acceptance.

Stephan moved between my legs, being behind her. He was lubricating her anus and Ellie was clearly enjoying the sensation. Stephan flexed his cock over my balls and to Ellies anus and entered her with a gentle prod. As his cock entered, she bowed over to make his entry easier, there was a noticeable resist, then ease and he entered her to his fullest extent. Ellie yelped and then groaned at the pleasure of having us both deeply within her. We three rocked in unison until Ellie screamed out fuck me, fuck me, fuck me and came, I felt Stephan cum, his body shuddering. Ages past before Ellie unrolled her legs and the three of us were left intertwined, sated and exhausted.

Revived I turned to Stephan, kissed, and embraced him. We reached for each other’s cocks, and I soon had my mouth kissing and licking him and then rolling my tongue up and down his growing shaft. He was massaging my head, which felt amazing, not pushing me into him but relaxing me totally. I rose to kiss him and he started to massage my neck and back. He lubricated my anus, which felt fantastic. I turned and his fingers entered and relaxed me so that on receiving his cock there was no pain or surprise. His hips moved in rhythmic thrusts and his cock deep inside me felt so incredibly warm and loving. I pushed back into him and soon our rhythm had us in a deep caress. My hands were fondling Stephan’s balls. Ellie had her right hand stroking my cock as she sucked each ball in turn. Where else would I have rather been — amazing Milan.


It is the most amazing feeling to wake with someone sucking your cock. Whether your subconscious knows what’s going on and wants you to wake up, or the sensation alone wakes you from your slumber I will never know, but whatever it is there is nothing quite like it. And so it was, Ellie saw me open my eyes as her beautiful English petal lips surrounded my cock half way down her throat, her sparkling blue eyes alive with excitement. Her whole face saying good morning. Her left hand coupling my balls.

As I turned my head Stephan’s lips were almost at my neck — he looked so peaceful. I lowered a little and kissed him, he let out a little satisfied moan and raised his head a fraction, so our lips met, and my tongue explored his. His eyelids were closed, and he was in that half waking state. He nuzzled closer to me, and I felt his growing erection on my side. My hand reached for his growing cock and turning toward Ellie, I drew him nearer to me.

I could feel the tension rising in Stephan as his right arm embraced my chest. I bent slightly and brought him and his throbbing cock closer to me. I applied some lube to his wonderful erect circumcised member sliding my hand up and down his shaft. I could feel the blood pulsating into it. I guided him into my anus. He entered me as naturally as if we did this everyday. The warmth, the pressure and then the release as he pushed fully inside me. My muscles now pulling him in closer, I wanted him so badly deep within me. He was barely moving as my hips were back and forth exciting his cock. I wanted him to enjoy waking up as I was.

Ellie, rotated so her wet wonderful blond pussy was presented to my lips, her left leg scissoring beneath my pillow so my mouth met her wetness and warmth. The few blond hairs neatly trimmed into a diamond above her pussy tickled my nose, whilst my tongue was exercising her hardening clit. And that’s how we slumbered for a bit following our first night in Milan. Ellie moaning in delight moved to her knees and then rolled over so that she was now spooning me. She arched her back and reached for my cock and guided me into her. Her gentle hip movements met with mine and our rhythm pushed back harder into Stephan.

Stephan was so deep inside me, his hips massaging my buttocks on each move, whilst he was kissing my neck and ears, the partial withdrawal and thrust had my anus begging for more. Ellie was gently moaning as her hips were moving in rhythm to my bulbous cock guided by her folds of plump labia deep within her. Stephan whispered was I ready as I answered Oh yes, he shot his load into me, whilst groaning in ecstasy. The sensation of his cum deep within caused me to squeeze Ellies nipples so hard she cried out and thrust her hips back into me as a load of my cum rushed into her. My cock pulsated with each spurt as she moaned and panted. We seemed to escort elit lay almost in a foetal position for some time with a closeness I have never experienced before. My organs have never been quite so alive, heart pounding. As we uncoupled with cum and bodily juices seemingly coming from all of our orifices.

It was Stephan remarked “there’s nothing quite like a dawn breaker”, my thought was that if this is truly being buggered then bring it on,

All the time Ellie just quietly humming ending with “thank you guys — I love you both very deeply”.

“You too are truly wonderful, I must spend more time with my bi side” said Stephan followed by “I’d love for us all to have breakfast, but I need to go and sort out the bank, so I’ll see you later in the day as I’ll be lunching with them, at some amazing restaurant no doubt”,

I reached across and kissed him and then he was gone, back in banker mode.

Ellie took my head in her hands and kissed me so tenderly and looked deep into my eyes. We lay motionless silently reading each other’s souls.

“I never want us to forget this moment” she whispered as we dozed off wrapped in each other, warm, moist and exhausted.

Around 11.30 I watched her wake and suggested we brunch at a villa nearby.

“Anywhere is fine so long as I get to wear my boots” was her reply.

We showered and in getting dressed we put on our vibrators, her bullet now well familiar at being inserted deep in her pussy and my cockring, more and more pleasing with each use. The fact that we could bluetooth each other was working out better than I had first imagined.

“I want to fuck you in public, somewhere discreet, but not without risk of being seen” she said.

Ok I thought to myself Villa Necchi Campiglio might have the odd room which could provide such a private yet public setting, only the surveillance cameras would record possible goings on.

What the hell was I doing, I am supposed to be head of a corporate finance team in charge of multi million investment monies and yet I am totally led by Stephan on the one hand and this most erotic creature on the other.

The moment we were ushered into a waiting cab she pulled up the thigh of her boot in a way to show me that she wore no nickers. The blond hair of her pussy only punctuated by the pink string of the bullet. She set her bullet slow to moderate, stop and repeat. Her cheeks already flushed in expectation her eyes dancing.

We brunched at the villas superb and truly genuine Italian café, thankfully not full of tourists, but busy Italians, popping in for a snack from around the local area. The boots and shortness of her dress was not missed by many of the gorgeous young men and Ellie was delighted she had such attention. The style and the way they dress is so sensual, I became slightly aroused as I looked at them afresh. I made a mental note that I must make love to a young Italian guy very soon.

As we took in the opulence and architectural splendour of the villa we came to the glassed veranda where at one end there were two deep leather chairs facing toward a banquette of equally plush leather for public use. Here is the spot I thought, one of the chairs facing away from the room and only a surveillance camera in the corner, a flickering green light every so often, and at this point deserted.

I took a seat in one of the chairs with my butt nearer the edge than the back, with my knees spread apart. I undid my zipper, and my already erect cock did the rest- as if it needed to come up for air – I then motioned to Ellie to turn around the same way I was and sit with her right leg over mine and place her left leg inside and behind mine. That way she was open to receiving my cock. With my left hand I removed her vibrator. Her fingers from her left hand guided me into her. I sat still whilst Ellie flexed her butt and back down into my crutch and chest. I had only seen this position on the net, and I must say it was fantastic — and something I immediately thought I would have to try with Stephan.

On the fifth or sixth flex Ellie raised her head to the ceiling and shuddered in pleasure as I was edging not to cum. The pleasure belonged to her. We sat motionless for a time soaking up each other. As we made our way to the Lobby a concierge appeared from the Library and effusively thanked us for coming and that if we wished to use the veranda again, he would be only too happy to oblige us.

Talking to Ellie he said “belle donne formidabili sensous” with a great smile.

Ellie was over the moon at being surveyed and thanked him equally. Where else could this happen but in Italy, wonderful.

We caressed, kissed and laughed our way back to the hotel. I got hold of Stephan and suggested we all meet at Paper Moon for some of their renown breads, authentic pasta, piedmont wines and boisterous atmosphere.

And afterward, well it was only our second night in this fabulous city and that’s perhaps a story for another day.

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