Mike at the Party


Mike had always been a shy sort of guy, not saying much to anyone, drifting through school, having very few dilemmas to make his life any interesting. He always felt his looks were average, tall, thin, short brown hair and glasses, he never really saw his body as anything women would lust after. He wasn’t out of shape, he just, wasn’t chiseled, that’s all.

His buddies were all of a varied sort. Most were book worms, too busy with school to have any sort of life at all, connected to their computers at the hip, reveling in their ability to crack into business’s and scan their files and information, thinking they were all the sneakiest and better than everyone else in the real world. Mike struggled between his desire for success and a social life, he hadn’t really been to any parties. So this was his first.

His few friends who’s parents could afford to pay for them to piss away their education while partying and getting wasted. Mike never saw much use in this, except for the girls. He had been sitting around, it was Friday, he had no plans. His buddies had called him up and screamed something across the receiver about the party of the century, beer, girls, everything, and they were determined that he not miss out.

When Mike arrived at the party he just stood around, a beer had been slapped into his hands and the music shook his head. Through the smoke and dancing, the pushing and shouting he could see girls. Many of them. All with boyfriends. He sighed. He didn’t even know why he had come to the party anyway, he wasn’t much of a drinker, and that seemed to be the main goal of most of the kids there. He stumbled through the party house, through the kitchen with all the beer kegs, past the bathroom with people already face down in the bowl and past closed doors with sounds coming from them that were easily recognized. Mike snorted. He wasn’t having any fun, but he didn’t have a car and no way to get home unless his buddies decided to ditch, and he knew there was no chance of that happening.

He walked along the hall and saw some pictures of the family that owned the house, all dressed up in their Sunday clothes in an outdoor setting. All perfect and happy. Their smiles frozen in time. It was all a lie. He recognized the face of the guy in the photo as Dennis. Dennis was a real jerk, he had all the girls, all the money, and parents who would let him do anything and protect his ass against anything. His dad was some kind of corporate lawyer who pulled in the big money. Mike looked at Dennis’ Mom, she wasn’t too bad looking, she looked to be in her early forties. Mike also noticed Dennis’ sister, she was older than Dennis, she had been in university for a year and was off getting some great education at a wonderful school for rich girls and boys. She was hot though, slim, long straight brown hair and a reasonably athletic body. Mike took a sip of his beer and grimaced, it tasted like crap, he set his beer on a nearby table and wandered farther down the hall. He saw a door at the end with a sign on it saying in bold letters, DO NOT ENTER.

“Screw that” Mike muttered.

He opened the door and walked down the carpeted staircase to the mother of all basements. Leather couches, chairs, a pool table, dart board, a huge bar. And what Mike noticed most of all, a big screen tv that had to be at least 64 inches long. Mike hopped the couch and sat down, he grabbed the nearest remote and started pushing buttons. The tv turned on and started blaring some inane show. Mike stopped for a second when he thought he heard footsteps, he muted the tv and turned around to see Dennis’ sister. She smirked and looked at Mike disapprovingly.

“Dennis and all his “little” friends are supposed to stay upstairs, that’s where the…beer is”

Mike felt his ears heating up and his cheeks becoming warm.

“Well, uh” He swallowed hard. He didn’t know why he was so nervous, she was just a girl and he was just watching the tv, he Sinop Escort hadn’t been doing anything wrong. If he had to go, he’d go, and that’d be the end of it.

She looked at Mike, her glare softening. Her eyes were red and her clothes were plain. She had obviously been crying.

“Why aren’t you up at the party?”

Mike grinned sheepishly, he didn’t know what to say. That he didn’t like to drink, that he didn’t like to party, that he didn’t want to be upstairs with pretty girls.

“I…uh, just wasn’t having a….fun time” More sheepish grins.

“Fun” She snorted. “That’s all guys want, including my bastard of an ex boyfriend” Tears started to well up in her eyes again. She stumbled over to the couch and sat down, rubbing her eyes dry.

“Uh….what happened?” Mike hoped that didn’t make him sound like an idiot.

She looked up at him and smiled, as if pained by the thought yet remembering good times. She wiped her eyes and sat straight up.

“I returned to my apartment and find my boyfriend bent over my best friend, screwing her as hard as he could, I could hear them in the hallways” She sobbed and laughed at the same time.

“I’m sorry to hear that…you must be pretty pissed off”

“Yeah no shit” She looked down at her hands. “I’m sorry for swearing at you, I’m just a little stressed right now”

“It’s alright” Mike nodded. He noticed how her hair hung softly across her face, and despite her red eyes and tears, she was really quite pretty.

“I can’t believe he was fucking around on me, especially with my best friend, she is such a bitch”

“Yeah….it has to hurt…..” There was a dead silence for a moment, nothing was said. The dull throb of music could be heard above them, stomping from the party echoed through the floor, muffled by the concrete.

She looked up at him and smiled. Brushing her hair out of her face.

“What is your name?”

“Mike” He swallowed hard. “you?”

“Karen” She smiled now. “How old are you? You can’t be more than 18”

“Yeah, I’m 18” He shrugged.

Karen slid closer to him on the couch, she rubbed her leg against his and smiled seductively, she ran a finger down Mike’s chest. Mike nearly melted right there into the couch, he shivered at her touch and couldn’t help but notice how good she smelled as she moved closer. She leaned forward and kissed him softly on the lips, her lips tasted like strawberries and were amazingly soft. She pulled back for a second and looked at Mike’s stunned face.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you like being kissed?”

“No, nothing was wrong with the…kiss” Mike smiled. “What about your b-“

She cut him off with her finger pressed against his lips. She shushed him and gave him another kiss, longer this time, licking his lips and tugging at his bottom lip with her teeth. Mike looked into her eyes and shivered again.

“If he can fuck around….so can I” She smiled and moved closer to Mike, she hopped onto his lap and put her arm around his neck, tickling the back of his neck with her fingers. “You don’t mind do you?”

Before Mike could reply she smothered his mouth with another kiss, sucking on his tongue. Her hand slid down his chest and up his shirt, dragging a nail across his nipple. Mike responded clumsily by sliding his hands up her jean covered thighs, squeezing them gently, enjoying the touch. Karen nipped at his bottom lip, biting it, digging her teeth into his lip. Mike winced and hissed in pain, tasting the coppery tinge of blood. Karen licked his lips and smiled.

“Sorry” She smiled sneakily.

“It’s alright” Mike ran his tongue across the bite marks on his lip.

Karen proceeded to straddle Mike, rubbing her soft bottom on his now eager crotch. Her hips swiveled and did a slow grind on his hard bulge, the jeans made a low quiet noise of fabric rubbing together. Her hands rubbed up and down his chest, she greedily licked Sinop Escort Bayan his lips and kissed his face all over, taking charge. Mike managed to slide one of his hands up between them and take a handful of her amazing soft breasts, they fit his hand perfectly, so amazingly soft to the touch, he could feel her erect nipple in his palm. His other hand slid down her back and cupped her butt, squeezing it gently and rubbing it. Mike could hear her gasp as she finished her last kiss.

Karen pulled back and looked down at Mike again, smiling with a look in her eyes that said “I own you”.

“Mike…I can feel you through my jeans, you are so hard!” She smiled and squeezed the bulge in his pants. Mike gaped and squirmed at her aggressive touch.

“Thanks…you’re…soft” He was at a loss for words. His head felt light. He realized his hand was still on her breast, massaging it gently.

She laughed softly and pulled her shirt up over her head, allowing him full view of her milky soft breasts. She let him admire her breasts for a few moments, letting the drool form on his lips. He raised his hand up and rubbed her left nipple, tweaking it playfully, he was like a child with a new toy on Christmas. As soon as Mike took full realization of her toplessness, he leaned forward and started to suck on her breasts, suckling at the nipples and licking them all over, rubbing his face against them, totally content. She let out low gasps as he played with her breasts. A tingly sensation filled her chest and a throb surrounded her hips, guiding them to rock against him. She quickly pulled off Mike’s shirt and pinched his nipples playfully, causing him to push her hands away playfully. She was having fun with him.

“Michael, I have this theory about tall, skinny guys” She bit her lip and smiled, her finger running circles around his nipple.

“I’m not skinny!” He protested weakly, lost within her feminine wiles.

Karen stood up and Mike’s spirits fell. She was leaving… . She was so warm and enticing, he didn’t want her to go just yet. He shivered at the coolness of the air, he hadn’t realized how hot they had both become. Mike’s dislike soon turned to happiness as he watched her slide her jeans down revealing the sexiest legs and hips he had ever seen. Her figure was amazing, she had all the curves in the right places and had the most womanly figure ever. Her silky white skin, pure and unblemished made him shiver. Mike sat there with his erection, his jaw hanging. Her breasts quivered perfectly as she kicked her jeans aside, Mike’s eyes bulged out of his head.

“You like?” She smiled, arching her back and displaying her body for his eyes.

Mike nodded, dumbfounded by her beauty. He couldn’t even talk. Karen quickly grabbed Mike’s jeans and unbuttoned them, expertly pulling his pants down to reveal the bulge in his jockeys. She ran her hands up his legs and gently rubbed his crotch. She licked his tummy, up to his nipples, nibbling them. Mike watched her pull his shorts down revealing his long hard cock. She gasped.

“My theory was right” She nodded.

“What’s that?” Mike looked at her numbly.

“Tall, thin guys all have big dicks” She gave his cock a playful grope.

Karen licked her lips and grinned evilly, she grabbed his cock by the shaft and squeezed it, pumping up and down the shaft repeatedly, causing him to gasp. Karen slipped her panties off and straddled Mike again, pushing her breasts into his face. Both their bodies were so hot, so eager and taught. His skin tingled at her touch, every inch of her flesh that touched him set him on fire. Her lips touched his once again, licking him. Mike stopped her for a second, taking a deep breath.

“What is it?” She panted, squeezing his dick playfully, rubbing the head of it against her abdomen, she knew he couldn’t take that for too long. Mike twitched and groaned as she did that, precum came out and wetted Escort Sinop her skilled hand.

“I.. uh.. well” Mike stuttered, stopping short.

Karen looked at Mike and smiled, she gave his cock a playful squeeze. She realized what was wrong.

“You’re a virgin?” She continued to pump his throbbing cock, knowing full well how close their naked bodies were, aware of his lust and want.

Mike swallowed hard and nodded. She cupped his face in her hands and smiled, kissing his lips gently.

“That’s alright sweety, I’ll make sure this is an experience you never forget” Karen looked into Mike’s eyes and kissed his forehead.

Mike no longer protested and slid his hands down her back to her lips. She held his cock in her fist and guided him inside her, allowing his erect, throbbing member to enter her. The stimulation was too much, Mike pulled back.

“Ooh, you really are a virgin!” She exclaimed, Mike felt his face heating up again in front of this nude goddess.

Karen had anticipated this, she clamped her legs down like a vice and caught Mike’s hips up on the rebound, his cock slid up deeper inside her wet, tight pussy. Mike was panting now, his breath coming in quick, short gasps. Karen smiled and rocked gently, allowing him to become used to the surroundings of her tight pussy. She put her arms around his neck and started to rock gently with him, creating a rhythm. She could feel him throbbing inside her in an impossible rush of sensation, so intense it almost hurt, electrifying his hips and sending the rush into her. Karen started to get into it, humping him harder.

“You’re so big…I can’t believe you’re a virgin” She moaned as she rode him.

Karen wrapped her legs around him and continued to hump him, the movement of their bodies now made a soft squishy noise, their fluids mingling together. She was panting now and letting out soft moans, telling Mike that he would be a lady killer when he got the chance, and that he was making her so hot, she started making low uff noises as they fucked. Up and down, repeatedly, thrusting, fucking, losing control of their senses, taking pleasure from each other.

“Uff, Mike…uff uff uff” Their bodies were slamming together now, pounding incessantly. “When you have to, come inside me, fill me with your cock and cum, just release it, uff uff uff, fuck me…oh gawd…” She was panting more excitedly. “Keep going baby….I can feel you about to come, uff uff uff”

Their bodies were rocking in unison, both their moans and panting filled the air. Mike groaned loudly and arched his hips up, lifting Karen over 2 feet up in the air and letting her fall back down on his thrusting cock, he came, filling her with wave after wave of hot, wet come. Her cunt convulsed and throbbed on top of him.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck…..oh shit…..uff uff uff uff, fuck me, c’mon, harder, now, now now, go go go, c’mon, fuck me, fuck me, go, now, cumming in me” She cried out, babbling as he came, his hard cock was filling her with sticky, wet cum that sent shock waves of pleasure through her pussy and her body, she could barely contain her screams.

Taking him completely inside her, their hips touching now. Karen kept him inside her, letting him feel the heat of her cum and pussy, holding him tight with her legs and arms wrapped around him. Karen licked his face and kissed his lips, she leaned into him, pressing her breasts against him, whispering in his ear.

“My little virgin….you are all mine and you were amazing”

Mike smiled and gasped for air, his hips were going nuts, his cock had softened but was still inside her. He squeezed her close to him, enjoying her beautiful, hot, soft body so close to his. He had never imagined that it would be like this. He groaned as she squeezed him with her thighs.

“Thank you” He panted and leaned his head against her shoulder, licking her neck.

“No…thank you” She rocked against him gently. She could feel him start to become harder within her. “Ooh” She giggled. “Ready for another round?”

Mike smiled and kissed her, his hips gave a small playful thrust in affirmation. He was ready for another round.

No one at the party noticed he was gone. And he didn’t care.

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