Michelle Ch. 03


Michelle Ch. 3 – Beaten Into Submission


Michelle arrived at the office at nine o’clock, just as Peter had asked. The door was locked, but Peter was there waiting to let her in. They were completely alone in the office.

Michelle was dressed rather plainly this morning with a white blouse and dark colored slacks. She thought that perhaps there was some work to be done today, but obviously since they were alone she was wrong.

They both headed to Peter’s office. Once there, Peter made sure Michelle understood what her work attire would be from now on. “I know you have to dress conservatively at home for your husband, but at work I expect you to always be ready for me. You might think about wearing some sexy bras and panties underneath when you leave the house. I’ll have some things here for you when I want you in them.” Then Peter handed her some skimpy lingerie he had in a locked closet. “Put these on.”

Michelle began changing in front of Peter at his request. First she slipped on the bra. It was a black tight-fitting half-bra that firmly cupped her full breasts leaving her nipples exposed. Then she slowly pulled on a pair of black stockings that had a sexy lace styled top half way up her thighs. Finally she fitted the fancy leather garter belt around her waist and attached the straps to the top of her stockings. Of course to compliment her attire she slipped on the six-inch stilettos that Peter like so much.

When Michelle finished she noticed that Peter was holding a six-inch butt plug. “Bend over slut,” he commanded. “We’re going to get started with that virgin asshole of yours.” Michelle realized that Peter’s request for her to be at work today had nothing to do with working. He was continuing her training as his slut.

Michelle bent over allowing Peter access to her asshole. This was the first time that she had ever allowed a man back there. She recalled a conversation she had over lunch with some of her country club ladyfriends. They all thought that anal sex was so completely disgusting. A respectable lady should never allow a man to use her most private area in that way. And now here was Michelle dressed like a whore allowing her boss access to her tight little back hole.

She felt him spread her cheeks apart and then wipe a lubricant right on her asshole. He was teasing her tight puckered hole knowing that she had never allowed this done to her before. As Peter spread the lubricant around, Michelle starting enjoying how nice it felt as he massaged her tiny pucker.

When her hole was thoroughly coated he pushed a finger in penetrating her tight ass. “So is this the first time you’ve had anything in your ass,” he asked? Michelle softly answered, “yes.”

“You sure are tight,” he commented back. “I just know you’re going to be the best assfuck I’ve ever had.”

Michelle knew how big his cock was from last night. His finger felt sort of nice probing her ass, but the thought of his huge twelve inches sliding up her ass instantly created some fear.

Peter started disrobing and moments later he was naked with his massive cock sticking straight out from between his legs. He had Michelle bend over his desk and spread her cheeks for him. She considered asking that he go easy since this was her first time. But she thought better of that idea. He got pretty mad last night when she questioned anything that he wanted to do.

Peter then positioned his huge cock right on the tight pucker of Michelle’s virgin asshole. Without any concern that this was her first anal experience, he just shoved hard penetrating her tight ass and steadily pushed all the way in. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!…….” Michelle screamed non-stop as her tight asshole was violated for the first time. Peter didn’t waste anytime either letting her get used to his huge meat in her ass. He began fucking his long hard cock in and out of her incredibly tight hole as best he could. The pain was tremendous making her anal hole feel like it was on fire. Michelle couldn’t bear it and stood up because it hurt so much. That caused Peter to back away.

“You fuckin’ whore.” “Can’t you handle a simple assfuck,” Peter yelled at her? “I guess we’ll have to work on that ass a lot more.”

Michelle couldn’t believe how rough he was with her. She wanted to please him and be a good slut, but now she felt that he was quite disappointed with her.

When Michelle turned around Peter was stroking his huge cock. It was almost hard to believe that he had that big thing all the way in her ass. No wonder it hurt so much.

Peter calmed down quickly and began explaining why he liked Michelle so much. “You know, all my other sluts were pros at taking it up the ass. Sahabet You’re a real challenge Michelle. You’re so naive and innocent and a virgin at most sex. That’s what I like most about you. I get to make a complete whore out of you. I’m going to turn a classy respectable lady in a filthy little used fuckwhore. Pretty soon you’ll be begging for my cock in your ass.”

He kept stroking his huge shaft. “Right now it looks like you need to be taught obedience first.” “I told you a few times already what I expected of you.” “Now I’m going to teach you some discipline and what happens when you don’t please me.”

Peter led Michelle out of his office and to her desk. “Get up on it,” he ordered.

Michelle climbed up on the desk and knelt there waiting for Peter to instruct her what to do. She was scared.

“Take the bra off,” he ordered. Michelle unhooked it allowing the skimpy material to fall to the floor.

Peter positioned Michelle kneeling on the middle of her desk and leaning forward. Her gorgeous full breasts were hanging from her chest as she balanced herself with her hands holding onto the edge of the desk. She was wondering what Peter had in mind with her. “Today you learn complete obedience,” he began explaining. “If nothing else, today you’ll remember never to refuse me.” “I expect you to do anything I ask and allow me any pleasure with your body.” “Do you understand that Michelle?

“Yes…,” she answered shaking her head.

“Between last night and today so far, what we’ve done is nothing compared to what I expect from you.” “I want an obedient slut…willing to allow me to use her body” “Are you willing to be my whore?”

He was scaring her almost to the point that perhaps she should run out and never come back. Yet she was craving the attention. The more he used her the more aroused she was becoming. She answered with a trembling voice, “Ye…ss Peter, do.. whatever you want.. to me.”

Peter pulled Michelle down on the floor while he leaned back on the edge of the desk. “I want you to suck my balls, you nasty slut.” “And you had better be real good at it too.”

Michelle buried her face between Peter’s legs, first rubbing her lips over his nut sack, then licking his balls. He held her head and guided her mouth around his sweaty crotch. “Suck ’em in your mouth.” “Take it all.” Michelle opened her mouth and let his entire sack drop in. She closed her lips around it and began using her tongue to lick his soft fleshy ball sack.

When Peter had enough Michelle watched him walk to his office and return with a long white nylon rope and these clear plastic tubes. She had no idea what they were or what he had in mind to do with them.

Michelle was still kneeling on the floor. Peter first took the nylon rope and draped it around her neck so it hung down between her breasts. It was pretty long reaching almost to the floor. Then he grabbed each side of the rope pulling it hard downward making it tight on the back of her neck. Peter began by running it between her tits and then wrapping it around the base of her breasts going underneath and then looping completely around them twice. Then he pulled the rope under her arms and tied it off in the back. It was extremely snug biting into her flesh and the loops around her breasts were so tight that it actually bulged her soft tits out. Peter stood back admiring his handiwork and gave her breasts a little slap. “You got great tits,” he commented.

Michelle then watched as Peter picked up the clear plastic tubes and began attaching them to her breasts. “I’m sure you have no idea what these are, do you,” Peter asked? Michelle didn’t answer as she just watched what he was doing to her pretty breasts.

“They’re nipple suction tubes.” “I love playing with women’s tits.” “And yours are incredible.” Michelle did have a gorgeous set of breasts. They were a nice full thirty-six “D” and for her age were perfectly firm standing out from her chest. The suction devices Peter was attaching to them were eight-inch long clear plastic tubes with a soft rubber suction cup that he placed on each breast. The tubes completely covered each nipple and part of her breast. Attached to the plastic tubes was a thin rubber vacuum hose, which connected to an electric pump. “Wait till you feel this,” he explained.

Michelle was trembling with anxiety in anticipation of what he was doing to her. Was this going to hurt? The devices felt so strange the way they engulfed her breasts.

Then Peter turned the pump on and air began being sucked from the tubes. Michelle’s breasts were being pulled outward into the plastic devices. It felt like someone was sucking on them only the pressure was steadily Sahabet Giriş increasing.

“Oh Peter, Peter,” she cried out watching her pretty breasts getting sucked from her chest. After a few seconds her tits were extended outward in an elongated fashion into the tubes. She cried again, “Oh Peter it’s hurting.” “It hurts.. shut it off.” Peter grabbed her face in one hand. “You little fuckin’ whore.” “This is nothing compared to what I’m going to do to your tits.” “So just shut the fuck up.”

He let the pump run a while longer while she whimpered out to him. Her nipples actually became deformed growing larger as they began protruding outward into the long clear containers. Finally he shut the pump off.

He left the suction tubes hanging on her breasts while he turned around and leaned over Michelle’s desk. “Okay bitch, do my ass.” “Get that filthy mouth on my ass and clean my dirty shithole.” Afraid that he might turn the pump back on, Michelle quickly pushed her face to his ass. She spread his cheeks apart and buried her mouth in his smelly asscrack. “Good girl,” he remarked. “Now start licking.”

Even though Michelle’s tits were aching, she lapped through his smelly asscrack licking his tight dirty asshole. Considering she had never done anything like this before, Peter was enjoying it immensely. She used her lips and tongue, cleaning his entire ass and then even tried pushing the tip of her tongue through his tight sphincter. “Oh fuck… you nasty slut.” “You sure know how to use that mouth, don’t you?”

When Peter had enough of Michelle’s anal licking he pushed her away and handed Michelle a long dildo. “Here, fuck yourself for me.” While Michelle knelt there in front of her desk she began sliding this ten-inch rubber cock into her cunt while Peter removed the plastic suction tubes from her breasts. Her nipples were unbelievably deformed and were discolored from the lack of circulation. The ropes were still incredibly tight and the suction tubes had successfully pulled her nipples outward from her breasts making them incredibly tender when touched. Michelle whimpered, partly from Peter removing them off and partly from her shoving the dildo deeper in her cunt.

“You look so nasty, you hot little slut,” he commented. “Look at those nipples.” Michelle glanced down to see that her once perfectly formed breasts were now two bulging cone-shaped masses of swollen flesh protruding from her chest. They were turning a dark purple color from lack of circulation and were aching tremendously. Her formerly hard nipples were now two soft elongated pieces of engorged tit meat sticking out from the end of each breast.

“Do your tits hurt, you fuckin’ whore?” Peter asked.

Michelle cried out, “Yesss….”

“Good,” Peter answered.

“Just keep fucking yourself with that dildo.”

Peter reached out grabbing her swollen nipples giving them a squeeze. Michelle winced in discomfort from the slight pain. Then Peter grabbed this two-foot long leather riding crop. “Now don’t you dare stop me,” he ordered Michelle. Michelle knew what he was going to do when her gently tapped her breasts with it. Her punishment for earlier was to have her swollen breasts beaten. She knelt there shivering in anticipation, waiting for the first strike to impact knowing it was going to hurt.

He swung the crop whipping it across her soft tender nipples. “Smacckkk!!” Michelle reacted as any woman would, instinctively covering her already sore breasts with her hands. Peter became extremely enraged. “You fuckin’ whore.” “What did I tell you?” “Don’t you dare cover yourself.” “If you want to be my whore, then you had better learn that your tits are for my pleasure.”

Michelle moved her hands leaving her breasts exposed again. He resumed whipping her breasts with the flexible leather crop striking them over and over. He beat her sensitive extended nipples making her scream out. Then he slapped the hard leather crop on the top and sides of her already swollen breasts. After about a dozen strokes on her soft swollen flesh he grabbed her breasts in each hand and squeezed, making her scream even louder than before. Each time she screamed he slapped his hand across her face. “Shut up whore.” “You belong to me now.” “You’re gonna learn how to act and take your punishment like a good submissive slut.” Then he took the crop and resumed whipping her breasts until there were welts and red marks covering them. The whole time he inflicted punishment on her he was demanding answers from her that this is what she wanted.

“Are you my whore, Michelle?” “Do you want me to keep whipping your tits?”

“You’re just a nasty little slut, aren’t you?”

Michelle Sahabet Güncel Giriş was afraid to answer “no”, or to even say that it hurt. She knew her breasts were totally abused, but she couldn’t stop him.

Peter had Michelle kneel up and rest her breasts on the front edge of her desk. She closed her eyes knowing this was going to hurt allot. “Open your eyes bitch,” he yelled. “Watch what I’m going to do to you.” Michelle looked up as his hand swung the crop hard and striking the top of both breasts. With her tits supported underneath by the desk, the crop impacted with a loud “SMACCKKKKKKKK!!!” Her flesh wrapped around the hard leather instrument leaving a deep welt across the top of both breasts. Tears formed in her eyes as she backed away from the desk whimpering, but she knew that she had best not cry.

Despite the beating he was giving her breasts, she kept fucking herself harder and deeper with the dildo getting herself more and more aroused. Her cunt was so wet that the dildo easily disappeared completely up into her body. Peter whipped harder. “That’s it slut, fuck that cunt.” The pain in her breasts from each impact was growing more intense. With each stroke the pain ripped through her chest. She could feel her tits throbbing from the punishment and how tremendously swollen they had become.

She didn’t even care anymore how much he was hurting her. She loved being his submissive slut even if she had to submit to this abuse to please him. And the names he called her too, made her feel like such a worthless cunt. Every word and every stroke on her breasts was increasing her excitement level so much that she was nearing and orgasm. And she wanted to cum for him so badly.

She glanced down and saw her breasts covered with red welts. When she looked back up she saw Peter ready to swing again. “C’mon you little fuckin’ whore.” “Make yourself cum.” The crop struck right across both swollen abused nipples. “Smaccckkk!!” The pain was excruciating and so intense it felt like it traveled right to her cunt. Before she could even react, the crop again whistled through the air and… “SMMAACCCKKK!!!” right across her beaten nipples again. “C’mon you worthless bitch, CUM!!!” Michelle jammed the dildo all the way up her cunt and held it there. She screamed.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Fuckkkk!!!..” Her orgasm began.

“Fuckkkkkkkk!!!!!!!……………….” “Fuckkkkkkkkkk……….”

Peter lashed out again swinging the crop even harder directly on her sore welted nipples. “SMMAACCKKKK!!!!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh, My God……….” “Fuckkkkkkk!!!!….,” she screamed.

“Make me cummmmmm…. Peter… Please!!!!”

Peter kept whipping Michelle’s breasts until her whole body began shaking. She was cumming like she had never done before. Peter threw the crop down and quickly shoved his hard cock into her mouth. Grabbing her by the hair he forced his massive shaft down her throat and began fucking her. At the same time she continually moaned feeling her orgasm growing stronger within her body. And Peter kept humping her mouth furiously, ramming his cock repeatedly all the way down her throat.

Then suddenly he pulled out. “Keep it open bitch,” he yelled. Sperm began pouring from his massive cock flowing right into Michelle’s mouth. Michelle was moaning as her own orgasm continued. She could feel her tongue being covered with his thick creamy cum. This was the first time that she ever had a man’s cream in her mouth. Her body slowly began to come down from the orgasmic high. She could hear his words ringing in her head. “Swallow it.” “Swallow my cum.” Michelle didn’t even think about it. She just did it. She gulped the mouthful of his sperm and drank down his entire load.

Peter helped Michelle up from the floor. He softly ran a finger across her abused tits. “You belong to me now Michelle,” he remarked. Michelle looked at her battered breasts. They hurt as he touched them.

“What am I going to tell my husband.” “I can’t hide this from him until they heal.” Peter caressed his hand over her face running it up through her hair. “Tell him that his pretty wife, the classy respectable lady that he married, has finally given in to her darkest desires. Tell him you need to be a submissive whore now. And if he can’t give it you, then tell him that you’ve decided to be a dirty slut for another man. But you will still be his high class wife at home.”

Michelle dressed thinking about what to do. She couldn’t tell her husband that she was her manager’s slut. She’d have to think of something.

Her breasts hurt so much that she slipped on her blouse without a bra. She didn’t even bother locating her panties. She just pulled her slacks back on and was ready to head home.

Peter kissed her goodbye. “I’m proud of you, my sweet darling slut.” “You’re going to be my favorite little whore.” “See you Monday.”



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