MFM Kara


It was an erotic weekend, one not easily imagined, but one in a reality of a vastly different intimate experience. MFM takes place during an autumn weekend, with a meeting on a late Friday afternoon as sun is setting.

This relationship began online with a message from a female named ‘Kara’, whose profile says she lived in North Carolina and was married. She seemed interested in chatting, while we exchanged pleasantries; I looked at her profile name, nice_Kara, Real name Kara, location North Carolina, Age 42, marital Status, Married, Gender Female. Kara and her hubby were looking over a year for another male to have a threesome.

She looked in my profile with interest. So she began with her message to me, I don’t; recall how often we chatted but after a few weeks she asked if I had ever had a Male Female Male relationship (MFM). I said no, but was interested, and felt it took very exceptional people to make such a relationship happen,

I did not hold out much hope, there was such a distance between us, I didn’t know them, and most importantly did not feel any emotional attachment, other than a curiosity about how such a relationship MFM would happen, feel, and occur. She said that she and her hubby have been looking for over a year for an acceptable male. So I asked her for her and her husband’s picture. She then asked if he was bi-sexual, and said no, that I had no interest in bi men.

Their photos as a couple looked very average, appearing as a very normal young family couple. She also sent their family photo showing two daughters about 11 and 14. They seemed nice claiming to have loved each other. So after several chats, her husband invited a few phone calls.

After some discussion we agreed to meet in North Carolina. This would mean that I would fly by air to Atlanta, then to Fayetteville, where they would meet me at the airport, which was about an hour from their home, a place where they would not be known. We set a date, time, and place then I made arrangements for a privacy hotel suite with bedroom, living room, and two baths

We agreed that they would meet me at the airport so I did not need a rental car. The appointed day arrived, and I went on this adventure to explore something new to me.

Arriving at my destination I walked through security there they were standing and smiling, there was no mistake it was them, because they both had red hair. Kara was about five feet five inches, red hair, medium build, average looking, with a wide smile. Kara wore stockings, heels, and a green dress. Her husband dressed in casual clothes, was the same height and had short red hair, in his mid 40s. At first we all felt nervous as we walked from arrivals to their car, making small talk. He drove from airport parking lot to our hotel, parked, unloaded luggage then we signed in for our room.

We walked down hotel corridor with our luggage, refreshed, and then got comfortable by opening a bottle of wine making casual light conversation. We agreed to go to dinner and continue conversation.

During dinner we discussed what our arrangement would consist of. We agreed to return to our room, sit and talk. At the point when Kara felt comfortable, she would rise up, go into adjacent bedroom, change into her comfort clothes, come back, and sit between us. We would pour three glasses of wine, Rize Escort sit, and share conversation. When she felt ready for us she would lead us by our hands into bedroom with her. She would position herself in the center of our king sized bed with males on either side of her.

During our online chat we discussed their methods of love making so at least I had some idea of how their intimate relationship worked for them. She enjoyed sucking his cock.

I had never watched anyone ever make love before in person, much less a married couple, so I visualized them. Thoughts of them making love aroused me. From time we agreed to meet visions of them filled my imagination.

Our conversation led us through familiar cordial pleasantries, but with an undercurrent of sexual tension, wonderment, and anticipation. Soon enough our dinner was complete, I paid the check, laid a tip on the table. We left the restaurant while her husband drove us back to our room.

Making nervous small talk conversation and arriving back at our room, I think we all felt a relief to put our key in the door opening find quiet private refuge in our room.

There were two bathrooms, so each has one available to freshen up. Her husband prepared a fruit bowl, with strawberries, bananas, and grapes, all erotic fruits of nature.

Kara went into large bedroom opens her luggage placing things in the dresser. Kara then closed sliding doors between bedroom area and cozy living suite area. Both her husband and I close curtains, make sure our door is locked; open a bottle of wine, pouring three glasses continuing our running conversations.

Our room had a refrigerator, desk, two flat panel TVs, couch, large circular table, and two large easy chairs. Her husband and I toast to a good weekend then sit down on our couch, while each of us positions a comfortable place on either side of Kara. She sits between both males holding their hands facing our small coffee table with fruit bowl in its center.

Kara tempers our nervousness, as she puts both of us at ease, with her easy manor and warm touch. As a couple, Kara and her husband communicate well, which they claim was a sign of their attraction. Many things are said between them without words, using either gestures or looks.

Mid way through her wine, Kara excused herself rising up opening two large sliding doors into her bedroom.

She turned looked back at both of us on the couch, saying; “I’ll be back shortly”.

Kara turns closes both sliding doors behind her, while we continue to talk. I told her husband that we should strip down to our briefs in a surprise for when she comes back. So we both stripped, he had on a string bikini, I had on a black sheer bikini. We just stared at each other after stripping down to our bikini briefs. We sat on our couch facing sliding doors with a nice relaxed space between each of us continuing to sip our wine

Twenty minutes pass when suddenly sliding doors open. Kara entered into our living room, stopping between both doors, looking at us, dressed in ivory white.

We both gasped at her elegance, she looks like a dream I thought she looked like a bride on her wedding night. Kara wore a lacy see through short top, which had a tie at her waist. Her teddy top went down to just below her crotch. She wore ivory Rize Escort Bayan white satin panties, a matching see through bra, white garter, with white thigh highs, and white heels. I looked at her elegant curves. Dressed in lingerie, she was very attractive to me. She was dressed like a bride on her wedding night.

Kara’s see through bra reveals her unusually full erotic breasts with large light pink aureoles peaked with erect nipples. Through those sliding doors like a movie star she slowly moved before us into our room. Kara has captivated eyes of her men,

Kara came over to her men resuming her place between them on the couch. Taking their hands, she clasped them both close to her breast. Kara reaches for her glass of wine, raising her glass, making a toast to each man, slowly finishing it. Kara took both her hands then massaged our legs from our knees up to our crotch. Kara felt our genitals, massaged both of us with each hand making us both erect and hard.

Without hesitation Kara got up taking each us by hand leading into her bedroom. Kara had turned bed down climbing into its center invited each of us to either side.

Apparently while she was dressing she took bed covers down, puffed pillows, turned on bedside table lamps. With a plan in mind Kara positioned herself on king sized bed center inviting her men to join her, one each on either side.

I enjoy intercourse, but like a lot of foreplay experience before. Slow foreplay heightens my sexual experience; prolonged slow foreplay is tantalizing, and more enjoyable than just quick plain vanilla sex. At times I like it wild and on carpeted floor too

I took her right side, he took the left, now we were in bed, he with his wife, and I with his wife. Seduction begins with both males kissing her gently one by one, each in turn, touching her with slow caresses, and massaging her legs passionately while she uses her hands to stroke each male.

We both began massaging her, he massaged her breasts, while I kissed her lips, making me tingle, then he switched to kiss her lips while I massaged her breasts. Kara’s hubby built a good steady rhythm on her breasts while I moved to massage her vaginal lips.

Kara reached down to massage my cock, while she then took her husband’s cock in her mouth sucking him slowly, I went down between her legs, began sucking her vaginal lips, with my tongue moving slowly between her lips, up and down from her clit to her vagina, followed by intermittent tongue penetrations, slow then fast, back and forth repeatedly unabated.

Kara moaned, her vaginal lips became swollen with passion, throbbing, she was wet and began to flood. She reached down and pulled my face up to her, reaching down putting my cock inside of her vagina while she continued to suck her husband. Penetrating her felt so easy, her vaginal lips sucked me inside her. Her hubby was now in rhythm with her his cock moving in then out of her mouth. My cock moved in then out, as she sucked him. We were making love for about 20 min, when all three came with orgasms at same time. Benda had timing of our orgasms down to a split second.

Kara came explosively with us, bucking her hips, in delight, while her husband filled her mouth with his seaman; simultaneously I came inside her vagina, and felt my seaman pour out around Escort Rize my cock down her thighs. Kara felt great for both of us, we cuddled, one on one side, one on the other.

It wasn’t 20 min later, and she felt me hard, so she climbed on me, and began to rock, as her hubby climbed behind her, pushing his cock in her ass. Kara worked both of us as one both our cocks being moved in unison while she rocked steadily on us I felt his cock in her anus with her membrane wall between. I felt his cock in her ass, as my cock slid in and out of her vagina. Another 20 min she began to cum uncontrollably with both of us in orgasm unison with her. I cuddled her, while he fell asleep, dozing for maybe 2 hours then I felt her kissing me between my legs sucking my cock.

Being very sensitive my cock became instantly hard with her mouth rhythm. When hard she climbed on me rocking back and forth move her hips while straddling me her hubby woke up. He turned toward her, looking up in her eyes, she stopped, looking in his eyes.

I saw she was embarrassed being discovered by her husband while she was making love with me rocking back and forth has awakened him. She got out of hand unaware of her noises as she was enjoying it so much. Before continuing on she needed approval from him, he understood her need for approval, then said it was ok. He watched us make love for quite a while then he fell back into a deep sleep.

Now having approval she continued on rocking on my cock, she had orgasm after orgasm, our sheets were soaked, while we made love for another hour, orgasmed together. We cuddled as one, my spooning to her back, while I cupped her breasts, with her front toward her hubby on the other side.

We fell asleep, slept all night waking the next morning we cleaned up, went for breakfast, and came back to the room. Back in our room we all felt horny, so we undressed, climbed back into bed, her hubby took memory photos of us. He photographed her and I coupled together, with my cock inside her pussy, and some of her sucking my cock. She and I posed for him in several ways, while her hubby shot away. By Sunday afternoon I had 28 orgasms, she had over 40 orgasms, and her hubby had 4. We had to change our sheets four times, because they were so wet.

We spent two nights and three days, made love most of those days, and all night.

At the end of the weekend she felt attached to me, and I felt attached to her. I found they are a very different type of couple, with an openness I never knew existed. We have not seen each other since, I made friends with her husband, but have not chatted with him or her on line again. I often wonder what happened to them. I wondered if they were still married or had gone on.

It was a very interesting experience, because I saw new dimensions in love making, but I think it is rare to find such partners because in a threesome all of partners have to click.

Husband can’t be jealous when their wives enjoy themselves with another man. That is what a threesome is about if it is MFM.

Kara’s Husband was not jealous; he was encouraging, and accepting. He taught me something by opening my mind to accepting three being together can have sex, even if two are married to each other.

They approached me with a unique offer in an open manner and I felt open to the idea of that weekend.

I am older now more wise and more mature. My MFM experienced occurred over 10 years ago, I don’t know what happened to them. I know I will think of them wishing them well. To this very day, I often wonder; do they ever think of me?

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