Meteor Shower

Female Ejaculation

All characters are 18 or above at the time of the story.

“Is this seat taken?”

The girl’s back was turned, her long black hair cascading down her back tied with a low ponytail. She was wearing a light gray baby doll shirt paired with cut offs and very worn sneakers. She turned around in the swivel chair they used in Chem lab and shrugged, the hint of a smile lighting up her face. Jamie decided she was absolutely adorable.

“James F. Matthews,” he said. “F short for Faraday,” he added, extending his hand.

She smiled, almond shaped eyes twinkling. Of course she knew who he was. Now that he was up close she could see he was kind of cute. The warmth of his hand matched his beaming smile. She squared her shoulders. “Ashley Copernicus Yoon Kim-Pryor. But please, call me Ashley”.

Jamie couldn’t help but laugh. “I don’t think I could have said that all in one breath!”

“Astronomer father, artist mother,” she explained, “Decided to hyphenate their last names for good measure. And Faraday?”

“Parents studying physics at time of conception,” he said smugly, pleased to see her mock admiration. “I’m Jamie most days. James if I am in trouble.”

“Well, Jamie, are you any good at Chemistry? I’ve got an A average to keep,” said Ashley, hoping she wouldn’t scare him away.

“Challenge accepted. Aiming for MIT, here.”

Ashley patted the swivel stool next to her. “We’d better make it an A+ then.”

It was the start of, as they say in the restaurant business, a lovely pairing. In many ways they were alike: driven, responsible and a touch geeky. Other than that, they went together like coffee and cream or peanut butter and jelly. She was impatient and prone to anxious fits while he was laid back and took his time. She was the soft spoken but talkative princess to his brooding steel knight. Somehow, Jamie knew just what to say to calm Ashley down just as she knew how to ride out his grumpy mood swings.

They found they worked well together and from then on chose each other for group projects and lab classes. Teachers attributed their success to an invisible “electromagnetic orbit” in the corny way adults tended to view these things. Their friends teased but they shrugged it off, preferring to be friends. Really good friends.

~~Orionids (late October)~~

“FWB? Boom-chicka-boom-boom?” Dave joked, mocking Jamie.

“No, man. Nothing like that. We’re just friends.”

“Then you don’t mind if I ask her out?”

He shrugged. He felt a pang of jealousy, but then again it wasn’t as if they were going out…

Dave smiled a knowing smile. “Just a matter of time, bro, just a matter of time. And not to worry, she isn’t really my type.” He winked as Ashley came to join Jamie for lunch, giving her a friendly wave.

How could Ashley not be anyone’s “type”? She was utterly gorgeous without knowing it. She was half Korean, a quarter Irish, and a quarter Scottish-Welsh-German. “Classic American mongrel” was how she liked to explain it. What made her even more gorgeous was that she hardly cared about the way she looked or dressed. Her usual attire was ratty sneakers and loose tees, clean and comfy, the way he felt when he was with her.

“You coming over tonight? We’ve got a math exam to study for.”

“Sure,” he replied, grateful that she kept track of these things. She attacked her lunch of mac and cheese and chicken nuggets with a side salad, raising a spoon to invite him to eat with her. “I’m done. Ate with Dave.”

Jamie thought about what Dave had said. Ashley was definitely his type. But, and here he felt a pang of pain, Ashley only wanted to be friends, right? Jamie smiled as he watched her attack her food with the grace of a 2 year old and the recklessness of a teenager.

“Ashley Copernicus Yoon Kim-Pryor,” he said softly, gesturing to her face, “You missed a spot.”

“Oh, thanks!” she replied brightly, dabbing at her face with a napkin but still managing to leave a yellow spot on her chin. Jamie reached across the table to her, rubbing it away. He felt strange, like his clothes were too tight for him. He shook it off. They were friends and just that. And right now just being friends was perfect.

~~Leonids (mid-November)~~

When they finished studying that night. Ashley said they needed a treat. He wished it was ice cream. They had developed a habit of going over to her house to study. It was closer to school and if they ran late then he didn’t have to bring her home.

“This is better than ice cream, Jamie,” she declared grabbing his hand. “Follow me!”

She dashed down the hall, up the stairs and up another flight of stairs to the attic. However, Kim-Pryorses attic was decked out like a mini observatory. Two imposing telescopes were set up in the room. Large skylights opened up the sky and a balcony with glass doors let the cool night air in. In the small room, the windows almost reached from ceiling to floor, adding to the impression that you were suspended in the sky.

“I can’t believe I haven’t brought you here before! And it’s a perfect night for it too.”

Ashley Anadolu Yakası Escort led him out to the balcony, where plastic adirondack style chairs were arranged in a row along with a wicker couch with cushions. Ashley chose the couch and patted the space next to her so he could sit.

“So what exactly am I supposed to see here?”

“Shhh. Sit back and let your eyes get used to the dark,” Ashley instructed. She drew her legs up and tucked her feet under herself, leaning against Jamie.

Jamie couldn’t care less about the whatever he was supposed to be looking for. His senses were filled with Ashley. The scent of pink grapefruit on her hair. Her clear skin glowing in the moonlight. The small patch of freckles dusting her nose, her bright eyes and pink lips. He felt intoxicated, heady. He wondered if she could hear his heart beating, booming, and the blood rushing to his ears.

“I love it up here. It used to be Dad’s place but he couldn’t keep us kids out so he just made it a family affair to watch the heavens. Pretty impressive, huh? There!” She pointed to a long streak in the sky, turning excitedly to Jamie. “Did you see that?” She snuggled closer, shivering a little.

Jamie didn’t see, but he automatically drew his arm around her, collecting her into his warmth. He stroked her arm, feeling the goosebumps on her skin. The pink grapefruit smell was stronger now that her head rested on his neck. He could feel his mouth go dry as she made little contented noises at his touch. He stared at her earlobe, dying for a taste.

“Jamie? You okay? You’re kinda quiet, and you’re missing them, the meteors”. She looked up, her almond shaped eyes inquiring, lips lush and full. “See? There’s another one and anoth-” her voice trailed.

Jamie decided he could no longer deny his need to kiss her. He turned her chin to his and gently brushed her mouth with his lips. When she didn’t resist, he started to nibble and suck on her lower lip.

Ashley Copernicus Yoon Kim-Pryor had never been kissed liked this. How can a touch of lips radiate through one’s entire body or be felt to the tips of her fingers? She moaned softly as she wrapped her arms around Jamie’s neck. She could feel something stirring in her, but she couldn’t tell where it was coming from.

Jamie pulled away gently. Her eyes were still closed. He felt ashamed that he let his feelings take over him. He looked up, wishing he could see a falling star so he could wish that he didn’t cross a line where there was no turning back. Finally, he dared to look back at Ashley. Her eyes fluttered softly and and her mouth was still half open. “I’m sorry”, he said quietly. He was afraid she would slap him, but instead was pulled back into her arms. They kissed again and again as the stars fell.

~~Geminids (mid December)~~

“Great, you’re here. I need you to come to dinner on December 15th.”

“Um, okay, I guess.”

“I have to warn you, the Kim-Pryors will be in full attendance.”

Ashley had 2 older siblings: Angel (Angela Polaris Haena) was a sophomore at Stanford. “She isn’t anything like me,” Ashley had told him once. “Her friends call her the Dark Angel,” she said as she wrinkled her nose, “She gets into all sorts of trouble but still gets good grades. I don’t understand it!”

Georgie (George Hayden Lee) was finishing his last year of engineering also at Stanford. “You’ll like him. But you have to call him George instead of Georgie.”

“There must be something special going on if the whole family is going to be there,” he queried. “Let me guess, supermoon?”

Ashley giggled. “No, silly! Supermoon is over. At least for now. Geminids! The college kids usually take an early extended break for those. They stay until New Years. It drives my mom nuts but my dad won’t have it any other way. I hope you like Korean,” she continued. “My dad is cooking.”

“I don’t know… I guess I like half-Korean…”

Ashley gave him a playful swat, blushing furiously. “They can’t know, Jamie. I’m going to get teased so so much.”

“Know about what?” he asked, teasing as he brushed her cheek, kissing his way to her lips. “Know about what happens in the observatory when you come up there with your boyfriend?”

It seemed like a natural progression that they would be a couple. They were spending a lot of time together and the past month both Ashley and Jamie had been walking on clouds. They had gone back up to the attic more often than not, after studying or just when they needed a break. There was mutual pleasure in their experimentation and exploration but they never went too far. At least never as far as Jamie hoped.

“Are you kidding me? Dad’s going to have a fit!”

Jamie laughed. A hearty laugh that showed his nice even white teeth. He was stocky, a full head and shoulders taller than Ashley and his skin had just the hint of an olive tone. He had brown, wavy hair that tended to stand up messy when he got excited.

“What am I supposed to be then?”

“My study partner. I told them I had to tutor you in math.”

“What? I don’t want Kartal Escort them to think I’m stupid!”

“Just go along with it, please? We do study together a lot!” she pleaded, “Please, J?”

“Ok but you’re tutoring me in AP calculus, ok, not regular math,” he grinned. “And you owe me,” he whispered, cupping her face in his hands and kissing her, “At least 10 of these.”


“The meteors won’t be out yet,” said Ashley helpfully as they reached the attic observatory. “Too early. We’ll catch maybe 1 or 2 an hour then-“

Ashley gasped as James trapped her between the balcony and his large warm body. He stood slightly to her right, his left knee between her legs. His hands zeroed in on her waist, under her loose t-shirt so she could feel the heat from his skin.

She sucked in her breath, trying to diminish contact between her belly and his traveling fingers. They were both lightly caressing and softly kneading her skin. She felt him growl, his breath growing ragged as he slowly moved his hands up to cup her bra clad breasts. He murmured into her hair, “You’re beautiful, so beautiful. See what you do to me, my Ashley?”

‘Do what?’ she thought as she leaned back into his warm body meeting his lips in a hungry kiss. Ashley sighed, waves of pleasure washing over her body while their tongues danced. She felt both an aching need and an anxious panic about Jamie’s touch. She moaned into his mouth, fervently hoping he could take her out of her misery. He brushed the tips of her puckered nipples through her bra, and she steadied herself, clutching the rail of the balcony and grinding herself on him.

As she did, she noticed the bulge poking her right hip. Curious, she reached out a tentative hand to feel him but he grabbed her wrist.

“Don’t-” he said voice hoarse with desire. “Not if we can’t..We- we should stop”. He pulled away abruptly, breathing heavily. “I’m sorry, Ash. I couldn’t help it but I don’t know if I would be able to stop myself if we went on.”

“Okay,” she said shakily, relieved they hadn’t let their emotions get the better of themselves. They staggered to the couch to catch their breaths.



“Did you really mean it? What you said? About me being, uh, about me being beautiful?”

“Of course,” he said, admiring her flushed face, her just kissed mouth the color of ripe strawberries. He was about to kiss her again when they heard a car pull up on the driveway.

“That’s them. We should probably go downstairs,” she said smoothing down her hair and shirt. “How do I look?”

“Still beautiful,” he replied, giving her a quick smack on the cheek.


James stood by the stairs, admiring the warm dynamic of the Kim-Pryors. He saw George swoop up his baby sister, lifting her effortlessly off the ground and swinging her in a circle. He was tall, with light brown hair and gray eyes, clearly taking after their mother. Angel looked quite the dark angel today, with streaks of purple in her hair and heavy black eyeshadow. Without the makeup he could tell she looked a lot like Ashley, only a little bit taller and curvier. Her dark eyes bore into him and he felt suddenly shy. He was relieved when Ashley’s mom shooed them into the dining room full of savory smells.

“So Ashley tells me you’ve never eaten Korean before?” asked Mr. Kim.

“Um, yes, Sir, I mean, I would very much like to-” stammered Jamie.

Ashley’s siblings exchanged knowing looks while she blushed furiously.

“What I mean is, I like what I’ve tried so far,” continued Jamie, unaware of the unintentional double entendre of his words.

“Hmm,” said Mr. Kim thoughtfully, “You should know, I make my bibimbap extra spicy.”

“Yes, sir. I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Pass the seaweed, please Georgie dear,” a low melodic voice crooned.

Jamie was glad for the opportunity to talk to someone other than Ashley’s dad. “You have a lovely home Mrs-“

“Oh please, call me Maxine. Thank you, dear. Has our Ashley shown you the whole house? Mr. Kim and I planned it ourselves. It’s still a bit of a work in progress.”

“Constantly changing even after 15 years,” added Angel saucily.

“Of course dear, ever evolving,” was Maxine Pryor’s smooth answer. Her voice like the softest ripples on a still lake. She was willowy and had the same clear luminous skin as her children. “Have you been to the attic? It gives a wonderful view-“

“I think they were in Opa’s observatory earlier Mama,” Angel butted in. “Did you see any shooting stars yet?”

“Quite a few,” came Ashley’s soft reply.

“Ah. They must be early this year.” proffered Mr. Kim.

James smiled then, looking at his best friend. Her eyes were still on the floor and her cheeks bright red but she was smiling as laughter exploded around them.


“So what’s the deal between you and lover boy?” Angel teased when they were alone in their room.

“Nothing. Yet,” Ashley replied guardedly.

“I think he’s really into you.”

Ashley blushed, “I think I like him, too.”

“Oh my goodness!” Maltepe Escort Angel mocked, her voice high pitched and sing songy. “Could it be? That my little sister is in luuuuuuuv?”‘

“Mean Sissy!” retorted Ashley, tossing a stuffed animal at her sister. Angel deftly caught the ratty old bunny rabbit and started making smacking noises at it. “Stop it!” she said, blushing furiously.

“So how far… You know..” Angel teased.

“None of your business,” Ashley answered shyly, then more quietly, “Second base.”

“You mean you two haven’t had sex yet?! Sometimes I wonder if we are really related. Seriously, Ash, you’re 18-“

“I’ll be 19 on Tuesday.”

“And he’s-“

“18. His parents held him back a year.”

“Anyway my point is: life is short!”

“I know.”

“I mean he seems decent. Even if you’re tutoring him in math.”

“I’m not actually tutoring him in math.”

“Oh my goodness, we are more related than I thought,” Angel said with a sly smirk. “He seems like a decent guy, Ash. Good work!”

“Yeah, he’s more than decent,” Ashley said quietly thinking of next year when they wouldn’t be in the same school or maybe even the same state. She sighed.

“Oh well, I guess my Christmas-slash-birthday present is going to come in handy with all the time you are spending in the observatory. Don’t look so surprised, I’ve had study sessions up there too.” Angel winked as she tossed a thin box towards her sister. “And you don’t have to thank me, I know I’m the greatest big sister ever!”

“What? I’m only getting one?!” protested Ashley as she promptly tore off the wrapper.

“Sorry kiddo. Sissy is a poor college student now. Don’t worry, I’m sure he’s going to love it!”

Ashley blushed even harder as she held the light pink camisole against her chest.

“What can I say,” continued Angel, “Perfect fit!” She giggled, seeing that her sister’s face had gone almost as red as the lacy silk panties under the camisole set.

“Let Sissy know if you need any tips, okay?”

~~Aquarids (early May)~~

James turned 19 exactly 127 days after Ashley but rather than a celebration, both were cramming for finals. There was no time for distraction and the air was tense. Ashley stood up, stretching.

“Jamie, I’m going to go get some air. I am so beat.”

“Mmm-kay. Come back soon though. You do want to end senior year with a bang, right?”

Ashley chuckled, ‘What a dork!’ she thought. She watched him, pencil chewed to almost half, brow sweating and softly swearing under his breath. It was time for her birthday surprise.

At 8:45, Jamie’s alarm rang from his phone. As he shut it off, he noticed a text message:

“Meet u upstairs xo”

James dashed to the attic observatory. Shadows from the bars of the skylight played on the floor. A half moon shone through as did a small flickering candle on top of a cupcake.

“Happy birthday to you..” a quavering melodic voice began, ” Happy birthday, dear Jamie! Happy birthday to-“

It took some time but Jamie’s eyes finally adjusted to the dark. First he saw her legs, white and shapely, looking longer because of the mid-thigh length blush colored camisole she wore. His mouth watered. Ashley had her hair down and the soft wind blew it in wisps around her face. She held out a hand and he dumbly followed out to the couch on the balcony.

Still dazed, he sat on the couch admiring the vision in silky lace in front of him. She positioned herself between his legs. He was briefly treated to a view of the swell of her breasts as she worked her way down to kneel before him, on the way giving him a swift kiss.

Jamie caressed her arms as she moved down his body. Goosebumps grew where he touched her, but Ashley knew it wasn’t from the cool, almost frigid, night air. She slithered down his body, her silks making her bold as she undid his jeans and freed his cock. She kept her eyes on him as he melted into her, bucking into her mouth.

She kissed and licked and sucked and tried to engulf him with her mouth and when she could not, she made up for it by rhythmically stroking the base of his cock with her hand. Veins sprouted along his straining length and she chased them with her tongue, eliciting moans and unintelligible pleas from Jamie.

He pushed her gently away as he came on her silky nightclothes, spraying her chest with cum. Jamie had a hard time breathing and his cock still jerked involuntarily in Ashley’s hand.

“Happy birthday James F. Matthews,” she whispered softly.

~~Perseids (mid-August)~~

The lay under the blankets on the thin mattress that used to be on the couch outside, huddling for warmth on that cool summer night as they watched meteors fall through the attic skylights. They were alone in the house and Ashley’s parents wouldn’t be back til late. The air was heavy but cool, and crickets chirped in the garden below.

“The Perseids are the best, and we’re so lucky it’s a clear night!” said Ashley.

Jamie kissed the forehead that laid on his chest, breathing pink grapefruit on her hair and skin. He slowed his breathing and quelled his excitement. He wanted to enjoy this- the feeling of holding a beautiful creature in his arms. It had been a wonderful summer and soon they would need to go to their respective universities. Neither tried to think about that too much.

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