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Note: this is a true story. There have been many similar experiences to this day, which is why I will not give the location so it won’t be shut down.

As participants are introduced I will include a brief description of them as I remember them like it was yesterday.

There is a place that I regularly frequent just a half an hour drive from my home. It looks like just your average X-rated movie and toy store. While it has a few video booths that occasionally lead to some sexual shenanigans… The true secret is the exclusive members only upstairs access.

The upstairs is set up in 4 or five different sections with a couch. The sixth section is a giant room filled with sofas and ottomans. The entire floor has 20 plus televisions each playing a different porn.

As a frequent visitor, I’ve had one on one encounters with men and women. I’ve had two guys, two girls, a couple, more than a few shemale experiences, and I’ve even participated in a gang bang of a 60ish year old woman while her husband watched from the corner. Sometimes i would just watch either porn or the other action going on… But this story is about one day in particular.

It was after work when I needed to relieve a week of pent up stress. I went in and was buzzed upstairs. First a brief description of myself. My name is John, I am now in my early 40’s. This experience happened about a year ago, although I’ve been going to this place since my early 20’s. I am 5’10” 160 lbs. I have a thick 8 inch cock. Prior to discovering this place, although I had many sexual encounters, I had never done anything but look at another man’s cock in porn. This place has led to me being bisexual. bahçeşehir escort As long as it feels good at the time I’ve discovered that I’m game, depending on the day.

Once upstairs, I passed a guy, Travis (a blond haired skinny college aged guy) getting fucked by another guy Chris (a late 30’s gym buff) in one section.

The second section had a man (Neil) and woman (Joann) both in their 50’s, both with a few extra pounds. Her with huge tits. They were both on their knees taking turns with three cocks that were surrounding them. The cocks all different sizes.

The third section had a girl (Christy) (a college aged girl with a tight body and tiny tits. Later it was realized her boyfriend was the one getting pounded in the first section) sitting on the couch. Another woman, Anita (older maybe late fifties or early 60’s with saggy full tits) was eating her pussy while getting fucked from behind by a BBC stud, Reggie and waiting his turn another BBC man Ricky, waiting his turn at the granny. The two of them mid twenties and looked while not identical they definitely looked like brothers.

After stopping briefly to observe the action in each section. I made my way to the “main room”.

I sat down on the couch and pulled out my now hard 8 incher. As I began to rub it and stroke it, the guys who were fucking in the first section joined me in the main area.

Big muscular Chris bent Travis over, just a foot away from me. As soon as he was bent over the Chris shoved his cock, that was as thick as my wrist and at least 12 inches long, balls deep with ease in ass.

As I watched the live brutal beylikdüzü escort ass assault in front of me, another hand joined my own in stroking my cock. I turned and realized it was Neil (the one from the second section sucking cock with the woman) hand. I left him to it and continued to watch. The three other guys came into the room with their cocks out. They took turns burying their cocks in the nerds throat. The three that were getting sucked by the couple. A Latin guy Juan with a thick cock with a slight curve. A white guy Dave with A modest but extremely thick 6 inches. The third Pete. Who was a wrinkled old man with a tiny 4 inch pecker. His wife Joann was the woman getting fucked by a bbc in the third section.

Soon Neil replaced his hand with his mouth on my cock. He was a pro, it was easily a top 3 blow job ever for me. Around the room all 3 women getting fucked in different positions. Neil who was busy sucking my cock had his pants yanked down and a cock (the bbc’s look a like maybe 9 inches long and 3 inches around) while not nearly as big as Chris’ anaconda, rammed up his ass aggressively, before he could even react or object.

He released my cock as Reggie bent him over the nearest ottoman and really started to pound away. Chris nudged the Travis a little bit closer. As he continued to destroy his ass with his cock he stroked my cock aggressively. He stopped fucking the nerd and allowed the other BBC I the room, Ricky his turn with his ass. While his black snake wasn’t as thick as the muscle cock it was 3 or 4 inches longer. They moved to the next couch.

As the muscle man continued his manipulation avcılar escort of my cock, he grabbed Reggie’s arm. He pulled him over and he bent him over so his mouth was just out of reach of my cock. Reggie tried to protest saying he was a top and has never been fucked. It was all for not. Chris got behind him, spit on his virgin black ass crack and forced his monster in his ass… as he started to scream his mouth was forced on my cock… between the suction and watching his virgin ass take that monster cock I shot my load down his throat.

As I recouped and continued to survey the various shenanigans, I couldn’t help but keep watching the pair of BBC (which has become sort of my kryptonite) as well as the Chris’ monster cock assaulting every whole in the room.

While I wasn’t a virgin at sucking cock, I had never sucked one that was fresh out of someone’s ass.

But that day was different. I got up and pulled Chris’ cock out of his current victim. I then grabbed Ricky from the Anita’s ass it was just in. As well as Reggie’s that was being serviced by the Christy and Travis. I got on my knees and took turns blowing their glorious, delicious manhoods. They soon shot huge loads all over my face and in my mouth. Their warm thick semen felt and tasted so good.

Hours later some people had left. Others came and joined in, including a tiny Asian couple that surprisingly took big cock very well, and couldn’t get enough.

While others came in and just watched the dps the triple penetrations and masturbated, came and left.

As most encounters there were discrete, this time many involved left numbers and were very interested in doing it again, if not there them somewhere else (lucky for those involved A. I have a large house and a lot of land. And B. The muscle guy owns a gym in an industrial park that only has traffic during the day and during the week.)

But those are stories for another time, depending on how this one is received.

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