Melanie the Tease Ch. 01


“Ahhh, ahhh, unnghhh!!”

Melanie’s body tensed as an orgasm wracked her lithe body, writhing in pleasure while my cock continued to pump in and out of her dripping pussy. I continued to thrust into her as she road the waves of pleasure, my eyes clenched shut as I concentrated on holding back my own imminent orgasm until I was sure she’d thoroughly enjoyed hers. To hold back, I allowed my mind to wander to how this night had been so long in coming, and yet so unexpected.


Melanie and I were work colleagues at an accounting firm, whose offices happened to be next to one another. We had always been friendly, but over the course of the last eight months—roughly coinciding with Melanie ending a toxic long-term relationship—we’d become more comfortable and flirty with one another. It didn’t take a genius to notice that we were constantly popping into each other’s offices for chats, and messaging each other playful banter throughout the day over Slack. And it didn’t hurt that we were both around the same age and obviously attracted to one another physically. But still, I had qualms about asking Melanie out or doing another more than a level of flirting that left me some plausible deniability, lest I risk making the office dynamic awkward between us.

In other words, I had no idea that drinks out with work friends would lead to this. Melanie and I playfully teased each other throughout the evening until, practically without our even noticing, Melanie and I were left alone, everyone else having said their goodbyes and made their way home.

“I guess we should probably turn in, too,” I commented, grabbing for the check and the small pile of cash our friends had left as they made their respective exits.

“What do you mean? It’s still pretty early on my watch,” Melanie responded, a coy grin coming to her lips. Suddenly, I felt Melanie’s fingertips brush the inside of my thigh through the thin pants of my tailored suit. I caught her eye just in time to see her wink as her hand fluttered lazily up and down, coming perilously close to my hardening member.

“You’re a whiskey guy, right?” Melanie continued. “I got this really great bottle of Irish whiskey when I was in Ireland a month back. You really should try some.”


That was about 45 minutes ago. We’d tried the whiskey, but most of the contents of our glasses still remained, sitting there on the Sahabet coffee table. We could barely keep our hands off each other, and before we knew it our clothes were on the floor and I was inside Melanie; 8 months of sexual tension playing out on her queen-sized bed. With Melanie in the last throes of her orgasm, I let myself give in to the building pressure in my cock, and prepared to unload inside her.

Without warning, Melania grabbed my hips, easing me out of her. My cock throbbed in the air, just out of reach of her soaking wet pussy with its lips still trembling in ecstasy.

“Hold on,” Melanie choked out, her throat dry from moaning. “I don’t want this to be over yet.”

“Oh, God, Melanie,” I gasped, my hips involuntarily pressing forward, trying to bring my rigid cock into contact with Melanie’s pussy.

“Please, I was so close.”

“Let me get on top,” Melanie responded. My brain was still in a fog, having been so close to orgasm, but I obeyed, flipping onto my back and allowing Melanie to straddle me.

Melanie let herself move slowly backwards, I could feel the heat radiating from her sopping wet sex. She allowed her pussy lips to just graze the head of my cock before sliding me inside her. Melanie engulfed my penis, slowly fucking me, as though every cycle was an attempt to prolong our pleasure just a little longer. But in spite of her efforts, my body was rocketing toward orgasm as I watched Melanie’s face contort in pleasure.

“Hold it in, baby. I’m going to tie you up if you can’t behave.”

My cock surged. I was bewildered. I’d never been tied up before, but the words coming out of Melanie’s mouth turned me on in a way I hadn’t expected.

Before I knew it, Melanie was reaching toward the corners of her bed and pulling out two Velcro cuffs attached to the posts. She set the cuffs on the pillow as she kissed me deeply, the unexpectedness of the situation just enough to keep my orgasm at bay. She buried her head in my neck and whispered in my ear.

“If you let me tie you up, I can promise you I’ll make you cum harder than you’ve ever cum in your life.”

“Melanie, I . . .”

“Shhhh,” she responded, putting a finger to my lips. “Do you trust me?”

I could only nod. Melanie responded by guiding my wrists to the Velcro cuffs and lovingly locking them into place. She then got off the bed and did the same Sahabet Giriş with my ankles, using a pair of cuffs that, like the ones at my head, I hadn’t noticed during our romp. She adjusted the slack until she was sure I was secured at both ends.

“Alright,” Melanie giggled, “where were we?”

My cock hadn’t softened at all while Melanie strapped me in. If anything, the feeling of being helpless before her had stoked my desperation. Melanie wasted no time laying back on the bed, and this time tucking her naked body against my side. Much like her hands had wandered under the table earlier in the night, Melanie let her fingertips trace along the inside of my thighs, purposefully steering clear of my drum-tight balls. I could only try to thrust my hips, silently begging her to touch me.

“What’s wrong?,” she asked rhetorically. “I told you I was going to make you cum harder than you ever have. You’re not ready for that yet.”

“What do you mean?,” I responded, a genuine fear starting to take root about what I’d gotten myself into. “I was so close just a second ago.”

“Oh, fine, I guess you’re right,” Melanie said, allowing her hand to trace up over my balls and to my shaft. Each finger drew a scorching path on my sensitive cock, and she giggled as it twitched in response.

After a few seconds of this torture, Melanie licked her palm and allowed her fist to close around my cock. Her saliva mixed with our sex juices to produce a delicious lube that let her hand slide freely up and down. On each slow stroke, Melanie’s fingers caught the ridge of my head, twisting slightly to inflict electric shocks of pleasure as she worked. If the speed of her strokes was meant to slow the rise to orgasm, it wasn’t working. Every muscle in my body tensed as I could feel the semen boiling in my shaft.

Then, just like that, her hand was gone.

“Arrrghh!,” I shouted. “What are you doing?”

“I told you that you aren’t ready,” Melanie said calmly. “If you’re going to have the orgasm of your life, you’re going to have to let me tease you a little first.”

“No, please no. I really need to cum now. No joke.”

“Aww, come on,” Melanie continued. “You teased me for eight months. I think you can handle one night. Now, let’s do that again.”

Melanie’s hand again closed around my cock and began her slow stroking. Within seconds, I began thrusting Sahabet Güncel Giriş my hips in desperation, wanting, needing to go over the edge. And again, it was like Melanie could read my mind. Just as I got to the brink, she withdrew her hand.

“I think we’re going to need more lube to do this properly,” she said, almost scientifically. “I don’t have any handy, so I think we’ll improvise.”

With that, Melanie let her head fall onto my cock, engulfing it in her mouth in one motion.

“Ungh!,” I groaned. My sensitive cock could feel every swipe of her tongue and every pull of her lips along my tormented manhood. Her hot mouth traced every contour and vein of my bulging shaft. Her tongue lashed at the ridge of my head. Melanie moaned as she sucked me, her head traveling to the base of my cock and back again. At the same time, her arms pinned my hips to the bed, ensuring that I could do nothing to speed up her ministrations.

The blowjob must only have lasted for a couple of minutes or so, but it felt like hours. Melanie seemed to sense whenever I was nearing the edge. She would slow her movements or vary her sucking just enough to ensure I continued to approach the point of no return, but the journey was agonizingly slow. As I began to lose control, I pulled at the straps holding my arms above my head, and the veins in my neck began to bulge as my body prepared for the orgasm that had been so long denied. One more trip down my cock, and I’d be exploding in Melanie’s mouth.

But of course, she had no intention of allowing that. Just as she sensed I could take no more, she allowed her lips to continue up past the head of my cock. One last flick of her tongue at the base of my head threatened to tip me over the edge, but in the end had the effect only of leaving me hanging on the precipice.

“God! No . . . no! Please don’t stop!! FUCK! Let me cum!!,” I was apoplectic. My cock teetered on a knife’s edge; I was so desperate to cum.

Melanie was unmoved, but instead moved back into position along my side. Her mouth left soft kisses along my neck and face, before she grabbed my cheek and kissed me full on. I felt her tongue enter my mouth, and I kissed her back, eagerly, but also tenderly.

Melanie’s voice soothed me. “It’s okay, sweetie. You don’t need to cum yet,” she purred. “I’ll decide when you really need it. And I’ll make it amazing. You’ll get used to that.”

“Oh, please Melanie, please,” my voice breaking. She could tell that I was hers.

“Just a couple more hours, I promise,” Melanie whispered. Her head left my shoulder, and she moved back to take my desperate cock in her mouth again.

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