Megan’s Corset


“Megan, you look mighty fine in that outfit.” I tell my sexily dressed girlfriend.

“I would hope so, you got this for me.” she says

This outfit isn’t really an outfit at all, more like ‘come fuck me’ wear. It’s a black and red corset with matching thong. I’m drooling as I’m looking her up and down. My cock is painfully hard as I lay on the bed watching Megan prance around our bedroom.

I watch her as she walks over to our stereo, pushing play, and starts dancing. She gives a whole new meaning to “Porn Star Dancing” and I absolutely LOVE it! She rocks her hips, slowly turning around so her grade A ass is tormenting me even more, she bends over thrusting her ass out at me, she looks over her shoulder, and smiles at me.

“You enjoy tormenting me, don’t you?” I ask her as I watch enthralled

She giggles and continues to dance. Standing up straight, she turns around again, undoing her corset ever so slowly, after that’s undone she threw it across the room. I didn’t notice I was holding my breath until I realized I wasn’t getting any air. Dancing in just her thong, she moves closer to the bed, almost close enough for me touch her, but she won’t let me.

Giggling, she says, “Not yet.”

Whining, “Why? You’re tormenting me. The least you could do is let me touch you for a second.”

She comes close enough so I could reach my hand out and have my thumb brush her hardened nipple before moving away again.

That’s how it always starts ever since I bought her that corset and I’ll finish it. But, let me tell you about how we got here and about us first.

Megan- My lovely girlfriend Tekirdağ Escort of 3 years. A typical blonde hair, blue eye girl. Petite, but with curves in all the right places. C cup breasts, perky with long, fat nipples. A 21 year old college student she is addicted and I mean addicted to me and sex. Still unsure which she is more addicted to even til this date.

I’m Chris. I have short brown hair and hazel eyes, pretty athletic, and a nice size cock; no complaints yet. I’m 25 years old and I used to go to school at the college Megan goes to. I am madly in love with Megan.

We met at college; I was a senior and she was a freshman. We literally ran into each other in the hallway on our way to the office for something or another and I knew then that she was going to be my girl. I never believed in ‘love at first sight’ until her. We started out as friends, I introduced her to my peeps who in turn introduced her to some of her friends (now), then we decided to become a couple, and when we had sex for the first time it was indescribable, that was two years ago, and we can’t keep our hands off each other.

We celebrated our three year anniversary a month ago and for our anniversary I bought her the corset and matching thong. Ever since then, she’s danced, stripped, and all out tormented me. But, I’m not really complaining, she makes the torment worthwhile, she’s dynamite in bed. And, she’s at it again, as you can see.

Watching her dance, the way she moves her body to the music, is so erotic. She turns around again with her ass towards me, hooking her thumbs between the thin elastic Tekirdağ Escort Bayan straps of her thong, she slowly pulls them down her hips, ass, thighs, knees, ankles, feet, and tossing them across the room before turning to face me once more. Breathing heavily, I start to get up but she shakes her head, so I stay put. Patience has never been my strong suit, but like I’ve mentioned before, she makes it worthwhile.

The song has passed, another one plays as she walks back over to the bed and starts crawling up it as seductive as she can get; which isn’t very hard for her at all. Straddling my legs, she leans down and starts moving her way up my body as she kisses, licks, sucks, nibbles along the way. She straddles me but instead of allowing me penetration, she decides to move my cock so it’s laying in between us and starts grinding against me. Making me want her even more, making her wetter than I know she is, and making us both even hornier, if that was even possible.

I take this opportunity to tease her nipples, making them even harder than they were before, with my thumb and forefingers. Her moans urge me on, I move away from her nipples to play with her breasts, kneading them, molding them with my hands. Making her moan, groan, and grind against me even harder. I stop playing with her breasts, moving my right hand down her stomach to her pussy, I shove my finger on her clit and start rubbing her with my finger as my cock rubs her there, too.

“You’re driving me insane, Chris!” she pants

“I am?! You started it.” I pant back

She lifts up so she can grab my cock, moving Escort Tekirdağ so it’s directly at her entrance, she lowers herself completely onto my cock. With a moan from both of us, she starts bouncing up and down, up and down. Her hands on my stomach, she bounces even faster. Faster, faster, faster, faster until she stops and starts again, this time grinding hard before bouncing again.

Up and down. Hard and fast. Starting, stopping, and starting again. Both of us are moaning, groaning, and growling.

Grabbing and holding her hips as she fucks me, deciding to join in, I thrust up and down a few times before rolling her on her back. With her legs wrapped around my body, her ankles digging into my ass, I plow into her. She screams for more, so I give her more. Hard, fast, harder, faster, harder and faster still.

Leaning back on to my heels as she unwraps her legs, I grab her ankles, pushing them up, and starts pounding into her hard. Releasing her ankles, they drop onto the bed, I lean down to lick and suck on her nipples as I grind my hips against her. Rocking up and down so I’m rubbing against her clit. She screams…

“Don’t..stop…I’m going to cum!”

Rocking faster and harder, I continue grinding into her. I feel the contractions within her body and with her orgasm comes mine.

“I’M CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMING!” we scream together

Not stopping quite yet, I continue moving within her, as she rides her orgasm and until I go soft. What seems like hours later, I collapse on top of her, both of us trying to catch our breaths. Finally I get the strength to move off her and lay on the bed.

“I love it when you fuck me, Chris.” she says

“I say the same thing about you.” I say

“Well, we always have tomorrow.” she states

“Yes, always tomorrow. You and that corset are gonna be the death of me. Just wait and see…” I say

Until next time…

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