Megan Ch. 03


Chapter 3 – AT HOME

She was huge in any context, but inside my tiny narrow hallway she was absolutely massive, She was actually too wide to fit properly, and I could actually feel her footsteps shaking the floor. I wonder what my neighbours thought of 560 pounds of woman striking their ceiling in 6″ heels. To accentuate her size she lazily stretched placing her palms on the almost 9 feet tall hallway… I probably never felt as small as at that moment.

I suggested Megan to take a shower to warm up from the rain, and offered her to go first…. I made way towards the bathroom to show her where the shower was, and how the hot and cold water worked. She followed again barely passing through the door.. on the way she removed her jacket.. And while I was facing the shower I could hear the bathroom door being locked behind us…

“Wouldn’t want anyone invading our privacy.. now would we..” she said I turned around to see her removing the giant white shirt and throwing it over me covering me almost to the floor.. While I was trying to find my way out of the shirt she came so close I could feel her body heat.

“Would you be a dear and help me with this dress..” she said and turned her perfectly formed tush towards me..

“It’s so hard to reach and find the zipper behind me, and you seem much closer in height to it.”

With shaky hands I unzipped the dress, I had to use quite a bit of force to peal it of her ass.. but when I tried pulling it further she made her thighs grow just a bit making it impossible to go further.

“What’s the matter Joey.. can’t take a dress of a girl.. maybe I should help you….”

“Ehm.. yes please..”

She relaxed her thighs, letting me pull the dress few inches and then tightened her thighs again trapping my fingers inside the dress hem…

“Oh my.. I just can’t seem to get them to listen to me.. they like you sooo much they just wan’t to grow big for you..” her thighs slowly expanded again ripping the dress into pieces releasing my fingers.

“And now for this bra, there are just sooo many hooks, Could you help me with that little problem as well” she said pressing her mountainous ass into my chest.

Her bra had over ten hooks, and every single one of them was a hard to unhook. Her breasts were really heavy… I had to use all the strength I had, it was extra difficult because I had to hold my arms above my head.. Seeing that I was already really struggling halfway Megan crouched to help me… it was still a struggle but I succeed. On the last two hooks I had extra help from Megan who pressed her breasts against her chest making it much easier to unhook the rest.

She was now slowly turning around on her knees, still holding her bra against her breasts.

“Why thank you joey. That was so nice of you.” In this position her face was lower than mine.. That was about Bostancı escort to change as she was slowly rising…but she then changed her mind and crouched back.

“I think someone deserves a thank you kiss..” She said gently planting her lips over mine, and started rising again bending my head back. Her tongue slowly inched it’s way into my mouth sensually filling it playing with my own tongue. Soon her face was directly above mine and was going further away directly above.

Megan dropped her bra on the floor, and as she was standing up straight, her full breasts connected with my neck and chin soon surrounding my entire head while I was still looking at her face mesmerized. When her breasts heavily flopped over my shoulders, I noticed I was surrounded by breast flesh but at that moment, Megan suddenly pressed her breasts together with her arms trapping my head inside… All the sounds were muffled and I was in complete darkness, my head was covered from shoulders to the top of my face. I could feel her thighs clamping around the lower part of my body…

Megan was giggling… “Oh my Joey where are you.. your head dissapeared between my boobs…..hmm.. let me find you…” Suddenly her tongue found it’s way to my mouth filling it and gagging me, sensing my spasm she pulled back a bit filling my mouth with it pushing my own tiny tongue around like a school yard bully. Good god how long was this thing, That tongue had to reach from her mouth to her breasts and then through them all the way to my tiny throat, and still it wan’t at an end. She could easily kill me right now just by pushing her tongue a little deeper choking me.

I had a sudden surge of panic and then the breast walls opened letting in some air and light.

“Mhmm.. oh even your head is smaller than my boobs..”

Her blue eyes were mere slits, her breathing was shallow and fast, she was completely lost in lust. Her plump red lips descended onto mine her tongue overfilling my mouth mashing my own tongue, pushing it more violently, hungrily like it could fight back.

She used one arm to hold her breasts together around my head and her other hand was firmly pressing my tiny body against her monstrous abs. Her thighs released my body and I could feel my feet leaving the floor Megan’s powerful legs propelling both of us against the wall. Her hands were buried into the wall from the force, and I was now being crushed between her massive body and the wall.

I was fighting for air using every opportunity I found to catch a breath until Megan took a sudden sharp breath in while kissing me and accidentally sucking all the air from my lungs causing me to faint….

I woke up to a massive hand connecting with my face, and before I could protest SLAM, another slap, Megan was trying to wake me up, but her hands were so big she might accidentally Anadolu Yakası Escort dislocate my jaw in the process..

“Megan.. I’m awake..”

She was sitting on the edge of the bathtub, holding me in her hands.

“Oh I was so worried, you scared me.. I’m sorry I will try harder to let you breathe, It’s just that you are making me so horny I have trouble controlling myself. Every time I hug you I want to just press your body against mine with all my might, and I can feel how fragile your bones are and how easily I could break you…”

“Looking at your tiny body makes me so horny.. I cannot help myself…I just want to press that tiny body of yours against myself. Here tiny, feel how wet I am for you, my entire body is trembling for your touch” her eyes mere slits, lost in lust she placed my hand in her panties, she was scalding hot and her panties were completely drenched.

As soon as my hand touched her, she moaned, her whole body trembled and she ripped her panties away with one casual motion, and brought them to my face…

“Can you smell that Joey, that’s all for you. Ohh.. Please Joey..make me feel good.. Please kiss me down there. No one has ever kissed me down

there.” Her other hand was now gently encircling my head and slowly but unyieldingly guiding it to her snatch. Overpowered by her scent I let her

guide me to my knees.

“Oh honey please kiss me, I want you sooo bad..” Her pussy was already gushing with her love juices, I played with her clitoris, Her entire body shook in response to my every touch. Her hand was not gentle any more, it pressed my head against her, hard. I had to suck for my life.. because I knew no breath would come for me until she came. Her thighs gently closed around my head blocking out all the sound, and I could actually hear the blood rushing through her legs, massive veins and arteries supplying those bigger than life muscles.

Suddenly her hand pushed my head down to the floor, I looked up to see her hand frantically working her clit and suddenly her thighs closed with a deafening clap as walls of muscle clashed into each other like waves.

This continued with each wave of her orgasm. I curled near the bathtub and all I could see were two massive legs extending over my head like a living roof growing and pulsing with ferocious power.

Her hands grabbed onto the bathtub edge, her deadly grip digging into the concrete and bending the thin steel plate behind it upwards. All the while roaring a deafening orgasmic roar of pleasure, a lion would sound like a kitty next to her, the entire building could probably hear her. In her last wave of pleasure she got up, turned towards me and put her hands on the ceiling pushing with the last mighty orgasmic roar. The ceiling gave way her hands digging into it, tiles under her heels cracked. All Kadıköy Escort the muscles on her body tense and pulsing, sweat mixed in with the plaster dust from the roof, her body was absolutely incredible, a massive mountain of muscles ranging from the floor to the almost 9 feet tall ceiling. Her face red with effort, muscles at their biggest still spasming at random, her eyes turned towards me.

It was probably one of the scariest moments in my life.. my survival instincts literally took over my head and I quickly crawled by her legs to the bathroom door, which was locked. Before I could even try to open it I could hear her laughing behind me..

I turned around and fell, my back against the bathroom door. The monster smiled at me, she let me run away from her, I was her little toy now, and she was really enjoying dominating and playing with me.

“Where are you going Joey,”


She made a step forward her heels sexily clicking on the bathroom floor, Megan let her humongous thigh shake with the step for a moment and then

tightly clenched it into control making it balloon with muscle.

CRACK..the tile gave way to her power…

She placed a bottle of shampoo between her breasts, and brought them together with her hands, just like they were with my head inside… slowly applying pressure..

“I want something of yours in here and she looks at her cleavage…”


Her tongue slowly crawling towards her cleavage, longer than I though it



“I wan’t to play with it, crush it with my breasts…”

Her forearms huge, mashing her breasts together, and her tongue sliding inside her cleavage like a snake, and coming out again, in a tit fucking simulating motion.

“Why won’t you let me play with you tiny…”


Her huge shadow passes over me as her massive body blocks the light.

“I promise I’ll be gentle with you, I won’t break more than a few.. bones..”


Her massive foot landing between my legs right next to my now surprisingly still huge erection, her powerful body looming high above me, her head obscured by her massive breasts.

“Do you need help with those doors tiny…”

I can see her hand grab the knob and with a sexy grunt and twist of her hips push the whole thing through, ripping the door and door frame in the process Here you go little one. she says with a wide smile as I fall to my back on the floor.

“But are you certain you really want to leave..” she says placing one giant heeled shoe on my chest. She could probably cave my chest in just by resting her weight on me.. I felt like an ant..

“When I can make you feel gooood…” she bends over so I can see her breasts.. her forearms growing massive pressing them together, the shapmpoo shooting out of the bottle hitting her chin and spilling over her breasts… “reeaally good” another spurt of shampoo.. and another and another.. she uses her finger to rub the shampoo over her breasts


This was all together too much for me and I fainted again…

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